"Zombie Bowser!" is the 49th episode of SML Shorts.


Bowser eats a rotten cheeseburger!


Chef Pee Pee is seen sleeping next to a huge mess in the kitchen. Bowser comes in yelling at Chef Pee Pee and says he wants a cheeseburger. Bowser notices the mess and asks why is there a dirty mess and tells him to not only clean the kitchen but the entire house. Chef Pee Pee then asks if he wanted to clean the house first or make the cheeseburger. Bowser tells him to do both.

Chef Pee Pee cooks the burger while mocking Bowser and devices a plan to get back at Bowser he throws the meat in the red pot which is filled with green water. He proceeds to drop the meat on the floor, casually saying “Five Second Rule”. He then does many things to make the bun and the ingredients dirty, such as cleaning the toilet with the top bun, up to the point where the burger turns green.

Chef Pee Pee then gives the burger to Bowser. Bowser asks why it is green, and Chef Pee Pee says that is a veggie burger (which Bowser took offensively, thinking that Chef Pee Pee was mocking him because of his obesity). Chef Pee Pee walks into the living room, only to find Junior watching TV. Junior then watches a show where Tyrone shows what to do during a zombie apocalypse: grab your bat and strike a home run. The zombie then flies to the other side of the lawn. Junior asks if zombies are real, Chef Pee Pee says no, and Junior asks, “Well, then why are we talking about them?” This makes Chef Pee Pee walk off somewhere.

Bowser walks out of his room, his face and stomach green. Junior sees Bowser and, thinking that he is a zombie, whacks Bowser down the stairs, triggering several ROBLOX death OOFs. Chef Pee Pee walks in and tells Junior that he gave Bowser food poisoning, but Bowser heard that without Junior or Chef Pee Pee noticing and forced Chef Pee Pee to eat the leftovers.

Chef Pee Pee then also turns green and Junior whacks Chef Pee Pee (alongside Bowser) several times with the bat, thinking that Chef Pee Pee is a zombie.



  • This is the second time where a video revolves around a rotten burger, the first being "The Burger!".
  • Coincidentally, 4:20 is a reference to the X-Files And The Illuminati.
  • This is the second SML Short in a row.
  • Zombie Chef Pee Pee is actually Chef Poo Poo or another Chef Pee Pee stunt double painted green.
  • This is the second SML Short of 2018.
  • This is the second time the ROBLOX death sound is used for a character getting injured or killed.
  • However The ROBLOX Death Sound has been Removed In SML Video.
  • The X Files And Illuminati was removed in the SML Video due to copyright by FOX for the theme song.
  • This is the first video where Junior appears without any of his two main friends (Joseph and Cody) since "Chef Pee Pee's Cooking Sucks!".
  • Bowser calls Chef Pee Pee a puppet since Chef Pee Pee is a puppet/has no Legs.
  • The zombie puppet is actually the Logan puppet with makeup on.
  • This is the second time Tyrone appears in a TV show, the first being "Jeffy's Dog!".
  • The Green Burger used in this video was in a Chilly Vlog where Logan tried it.
  • This is the first time someone is thought to be an undead being.
  • Back in early 2018, Logan said that this video got age restricted because of the word ”Zombie” in the title and a scene shows a dead body (which is a puppet that was covered with a sharpie marker).
    • However that not what Logan said, He said that the worse thing that got this video age restricted is when Chef Pee Pee cleans the toilet with a burger or a scene shows a dead body (which was a puppet that was painted with a marker) before Tyrone begins to hit it with a bat. Those two scenes are something that people (as well a YouTube) find it inappropriate and terrifying.

Cultural References

  • This episode is similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "The Nasty Patty".


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