"Yoshi Takes Mario to McDonald's" is an early video of SuperMarioLogan.


Feeling bad about eating Mario's Limited Edition Super Mario Galaxy Coin, Yoshi takes Mario to McDonald's.

Mario complains about the cheap nature of Mcdonalds, but Yoshi justifies his choice because he didn't have a lot of money on him.

Once they get out of the car, they see Wario crash into the wall with his BMX bike. They go inside, and are served by Hello Kitty. Mario orders a quarter pounder, and Yoshi doesn't order anything because he doesn't like Mcdonalds.

Hello Kitty goes an tells Luigi the order, and Luigi goes to get it. Luigi accidentally drops it in the trash, but Hello Kitty tells him to give it to her anyways (to not waste). Hello Kitty coughs on the burger, but just wipes it off and keeps going.

Hello Kitty brings it to Mario, who eats it. Hello Kitty tells them the price, but it turns out Yoshi can't afford it. Hello Kitty says that they will be washing dishes to pay for the burger.

Yoshi then starts eating Hello Kitty, and tells Mario to run. Yoshi drives away without Mario, so Mario is forced to steal Wario's BMX Bike and ride off.



  • Yoshi rides a Custom 'Gator.
  • Yoshi doesn't like the food served at McDonald's, and presumably other similar fast food chains.
  • It takes place in the aftermath of Mario Saves Someone "Part 1".
  • At a runtime of 3 minutes and 17 seconds, this is the longest video Logan uploaded in 2007.
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