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"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Episode 3" is the 193rd video of SML Movies.


Rosalina and Jeffy play Who Wants To be A Millionaire!

The Questions

The episode starts off with Rosalina on Millionaire. These are the following questions:


X = Incorrect
A = Correct
V = Chosen Answer
Money earned: $100 USD

Rosalina's Questions

Which candy bar is in Outer Space?

  • A: Snickers (X)
  • B: Baby Ruth (X)
  • C: Milky Way (A) (V)
  • D: Twix (X)

About how many stars are in our galaxy?

  • A: N/A (X)
  • B: 200 Billion (A) (V)
  • C: N/A (X)
  • D: N/A (X)

Which is the closest star to the sun?

  • A: N/A (X)
  • B: N/A (X)
  • C: Alpha Centauri (A) (V)
  • D: N/A (X)

Which quasar is the brightest as seen from Earth?

  • A: 3C 273 (A) (V)
  • B: OQ 172 (X)
  • C: PKS0405-123 (X)
  • D: PSR0031-07 (X)

Is the Earth flat?

  • A: Yes (X) (V)
  • B: No (A)
  • C: N/A
  • D: N/A

Jeffy's Questions

How Many Crayons Are in a 64 Pack of Crayons?

  • A: 35 (X)
  • B: 64 (X)
  • C: 73 (X)
  • D: 7 (A) (V)

In Toy Story Who Is Woody's best friend?

  • A: Buzz (A) (V)
  • B: Vibrate (X)
  • C: Ring (X)
  • D: N/A

Where Does A Fish Live?

  • A: Water (A)
  • B: Under The Couch (X)
  • C: In A Can Of Soda (X)
  • D: In The Dirt (X)


Background Characters


  • Woody's scene is not continued from episode 2.
  • This is the first time Jeffy doesn't cry/throw a tantrum from being called bad.
  • This is the first Who Wants To Be A Millionaire episode in over a year.
  • This was made exactly 100 SML movies after episode 2.
  • This is the only video of 2016, as well as the last video overall, not to use a custom thumbnail.
  • This is Jeffy's third overall appearance.
  • It's unknown if episode 4 will be released.


  • When Mario looks online for the answer, this is a reference to how in reality, the Phone-a-Friend lifeline got cancelled due to people searching the answer online.
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