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"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Episode 2" is the 93rd video of SML Movies.


SML characters try to win a million!


Craig gets two questions right, but he decides to walk at the third question. Brooklyn T. Guy also gives a hint o the first two questions, this is because those two questions were too high and too low. He was also mad and confused why would anyone add these answers, so that’s why he gave a hint to Craig. He also gets mad at the third question; However, he doesn’t give a hint to the third question.

Toad gets his first question right, but he answers the second one incorrectly.

Woody only gets one question right, but he only had time for one question.

Along with that, when Toad gets his first answer correct, the episode also gets a live recording from Tom Brady, when the unexpectedly appears on the game show causes trouble with Brooklyn T. Guy and Woody. This then proceeds Brooklyn T. Guy to choke Tom Brady and end the show.



  • X = Incorrect
  • A = Correct
  • V = Chosen Answer
  • Money earned: $100 USD

Craig's $100: 1. How many planes were hijacked during the September 11th terrorist attacks?

  • A: 2 (X)
  • B: 4 (A) (V)
  • C: 7 (X)
  • D: 45 (X)
  • Lifelines used: None.

Craig's $500: 2. How many people died during The Holocaust?

  • A: 11 million (A) (V)
  • B: 6 million (X)
  • C: 17 trillion (X)
  • D: 12 (X)
  • Lifelines used: Phone-A-Friend, 50/50

Craig's $1,000: When written in lower case, which one of these letters in the English alphabet has a dot on top?

  • A: C (X)
  • B: J (A)
  • C: L (X)
  • D: T (X)
  • Lifelines used: Pull the Audience.
  • Went home with: $500 (walked)

Toad's $100: In the children's book "Charlotte's Web", what sort of animal was Charlotte?

  • A: Pig (X)
  • B: Spider (A) (V)
  • C: Sheep (X)
  • D: Honey Bee (X)
  • Lifelines used: None.

Toad's $500: How many wheels does a Unicycle normally have?

  • A: 1 (A)
  • B: 2 (X)
  • C: 4 (X)
  • D: 18 (V) (X)
  • Lifelines used: None.
  • Went home with: $0

Woody's $100: According to the old saying "Don't throw the baby out with the _________?"

  • A: Trash (X)
  • B: Diapers (X)
  • C: Bath Water (V) (A)
  • D: Baby Carriage (X)
  • Lifelines used: None.
  • Went home with: $100


Background Characters


  • This is the first appearance in 2015 of Toad, Brooklyn T. Guy, Craig the Devil and Woody.
  • This is the first appearance of Tom Brady.
  • The Loan Dolphin is mentioned as the loan shark, who later appears in "Black Yoshi's Money Problem!".
  • It is revealed that Toad's father was a truck driver and an alcoholic.
  • It is revealed that Woody had a baby and wash his baby with the same water as his truck.
  • The puppet used for Kevin is the same as the puppet for Doofy the Dragon.
  • It is unknown who voiced Hitler in this episode or if his voice was from the movie Downfall or recording from the early 1940's. It could be from the 1940's though, as Hitler from Downfall was voiced by the late Bruno Ganz.
  • This is the only episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? that was released in 2015.
  • This episode was uploaded on Stephen Hawking's 73rd birthday.


  • Toad gets robbed and gets nothing even after correctly answering the first question.
    • However, this is probably because Toad didn't reach a checkpoint, where a contestant is confirmed to go away with a certain amount of money even if they get a question wrong, the only way Toad could have walked away with his $100 is if he decided to walk away.
  • It is unknown how could Tom Brady get to Pensacola, FL, from Boston, MA, that quickly. Clearly it would have been impossible to do so.
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