"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" is the 89th episode of SML Movies.


The SuperMarioLogan plush version of the hit game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"


Mario was the first contestant, and he had to answer the question "When did the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES come out." Mario picked 1942, and got it incorrect, and goes home.

Black Yoshi was next, and he got the first question right by using all of his lifelines. The next one, he didn't hear all the answers and just yelled "B. Burglary, final answer." He lost, but he wanted his 100 dollars, so he robbed the host by pointing a gun to his head.

Next up was Jackie Chu, he got all the questions correct without using any lifelines, and got 1 million dollars.

Craig The Devil was next, but the show ran out of time, so the host told him to come back tomorrow.



Mario $100: 1. What year was the game Super Mario Bros. released for the NES?

A: 1994 B: 1991 C: 1985 D: 1942. Lifelines used: 50/50. Answer chosen: D. 1942. Correct? No. Went home with $0

Black Yoshi $100: 1. How is a Popsicle generally served?

A: In a cone B: In a bun C: On a stick D: On Wheat Toast. Lifelines used: All. Answer chosen: C. On a stick. Correct? Yes.

Black Yoshi $500: 2. A Sprinkler system protects a building against what?

A: Fire B: Burglary. Lifelines used: None. Answer chosen: B. Burglary. Correct? No. Went home with? $100

Jackie Chu $100: 1. What letter comes fourth in the alphabet?

A: B B: D C: A D: C. Lifelines used: None. Answer chosen: B. D. Correct? Yes.

Jackie Chu $500: 2. Which of these words appears in the title of a 1999 best-selling "Harry Potter" book?

A: Abrakazaam. B: Azkaban. C: Azerbaijan. D: Alacalaban. Lifelines used: None. Answer chosen: B. Azkaban. Correct? Yes.

Jackie Chu $500,000: 3. Oberon is a satellite of which planet?

A: Mercury. B: Neptune. C: Uranus. D: Mars. Lifelines Used: None. Answer chosen: C. Uranus. Correct? Yes.

Jackie Chu Million Dollar Question: 4. Who delivered the less famous two-hour speech that preceded Abraham Lincoln's two-minute Gettysburg Address?

A: Wendell Phillips. B: Daniel Webster. C: Robert G. Ingersoll. D: Edward Everett. Lifelines Used: None. Answer Chosen: D. Edward Everett. Correct? Yes. Went Home with: A million dollars.


  • It is revealed that Black Yoshi was born in Compton.
  • The episode Bowser Juice Informercial makes an appearance as a commercial.
  • We learn that Jackie Chu's favorite book is Harry Potter besides a calculus book.
  • When the host is introducing himself, if one looks closely in the background, the characters that appear in the audience are Wario, Sonic, Paul/Goomba, Petey Piranha, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Logan, Cody/Kamek, Birdo, Kirby, Chilly, and Joseph/Koopa Troopa.
    • Also, when Mario, Black Yoshi, Jackie Chu, and Craig appear, if one looks at the audience, the characters that appear are a Boo, Monty Mole, Rosalina, Luma, Tanner/Shy Guy, Peach, Link, Yoshi, Luigi, and Pikachu.
    • Jackie Chu and Jeffy(appearing in episode 3), are the only characters in the series to have won the $1.000.000, (however, Jeffy won the prize by smacking his diaper)
    • Jackie Chu's One Million Dollar Question was on the actual Millionaire show. It was asked to Robin Schwartz, she decided to walk away and did not answer the question.