"Where's Jeffy?" is the 202nd video of SML Movies.


Rosalina goes out of town and leaves Mario in charge of watching Jeffy and her necklace. Mario takes Jeffy to the park and can not find him!


The episodes begins with Jeffy loudly playing with many toys,(which are a unicorn pinata, a rubber chicken, maracas, and his cat piano) annoying Mario in the process. Rosalina shows up at the door with a necklace and telling Mario that she is heading out of town for three days and Mario has take care of Jeffy. Mario doesn't want to babysit Jeffy, because as soon as Rosalina leaves, Jeffy starts playing with all his toys from before. So he decides to bring him to the park.

Mario buys Jeffy a Happy Meal and they go to the park together. Mario says that he had to go back to the apartment to use the restroom, leaving Jeffy alone.

When he gets back to the apartment, Mario looks for Rosalina's necklace and cannot find it. He starts panicking and calls Rosalina, asking her where it is. Rosalina states that she saw Jeffy put it around his neck, and Mario rushes back to the park looking for Jeffy. Mario thinks that Jeffy drowned in the ocean nearby when he saw Jeffy's helmet on the ground. Mario starts to cry, when a nut falls from the tree above and hits him. Mario looks up and spots Jeffy on the tree.

Mario says for him to get down, but he refuses and starts pretending to be a squirrel squirrel. Mario attempts to get Jeffy down by telling him that he's a bad boy if he was up there. Jeffy starts crying, but yet he does not come down. Mario said that Jeffy's helmet misses him, so Jeffy jumps down the tree and Mario realizes that Jeffy doesn't have the necklace. Jeffy tells Mario he gave it to a squirrel, and the squirrel is seen running away from Mario and Jeffy.

Rosalina then calls Mario and tells him she will be home tonight, so Mario goes back to the apartment and starts sobbing, knowing that their relationship is ruined, Rosalina comes back and Mario tells her what happened but she merely thinks of it as a joke. Rosalina says she has to go back out soon, But she plays with Jeffy and all his toys from the beginning of the video before doing that and the video ends from there.



  • This video marks the return of a happy meal since Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation!, except for a parody version that appeared in Bowser's Drivers License!
  • Mario is shown to have a cruel and evil side by trying to abandon Jeffy at the park.
  • Mario says that he will probably meet Rosalina's parents in another video, which actually happened.
    • He also breaks the fourth wall by saying this.
  • This video marks the first appearance of Jeffy without his helmet.
  • It's been one year since Tony The Tiger has not made a single appearance in a video.
  • It's also one of 2 videos where a character's body parts are edited like Mario's eyes are small when Rosalina told him that Jeffy had the necklace.
  • If you look closely in the thumbnail, you can see that the blue sunburst background has a dreamstock watermark.
  • After Mario abandons Jeffy at the park, he went home happily, but originally has to tell Rosalina that his real parents come and pick Jeffy up. This would foreshadow the video, Jeffy's Parents! 9 months later.


  • It is unknown why Rosalina trusted Jeffy with the necklace, since she didn't trust herself with him.


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