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Wendy Wallace Jordan is the owner of the crew’s local Jimmy John’s and Logan and Lance's business manager who helps him film SML videos, gathers props and equipment for videos, does some errands for/with Logan, manages the channel and Logan’s bank account, and discusses concerns and undisclosed video ideas for SML Movies. She first appeared in Chilly’s vlog: “HE CHALLENGED SML TO A RUBIKS CUBE COMPETITION.” Although she doesn’t appear in SML Movies, she is commonly shown in Lance’s videos on his vlog channel where she discusses about any details and information on videos. She is known as the cashier of the Footlong Bangers (a fictional name for Jimmy’s John in SML Movies for legal reasons) restaurant in Junior's Lucky Penny! where her character gave Junior a cake and offered free submarine sandwiches for life for being the “one-millionth customer.”



  • Adriana Fajardo
  • Getting lunch when she is not in the mood
  • Logan still with or hanging out with Adriana
  • Being accused of lying
  • Being harassed (mainly by Adriana)
  • Logan buying unnecessary things from his bank account
  • Being accused of starting the drama and encouraging break-ups
  • Mr. Goodman (possibly; only as her cashier character)
  • Cody (possibly; only as her cashier character)
  • Kayla Jean
  • Rebecca
  • Liars
  • Being disrespected
  • disrespectful people
  • People Misbehaving
  • Sml Drama
  • Logan and Chilly Fighting

Controversy, Rumors, and Speculations About Her in the SML Drama

Adriana’s Side of the Story

On March 14, 2021, Adriana Farjado stated on her Instagram Story that Wendy was using Logan to control his money and that stated that she would "kill Logan" just to get the money. It was after she and Logan went and meet up with the running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Leonard Fournette. When arriving to the airport, Adriana claimed that Wendy thought Logan wasn’t paying her enough to wait at the airport for an hour (even though Logan pays her $30,000/month as confirmed by her) and then later cussed him out after Logan wanted lunch. She then asks a question and says: “... who’s the money hungry one in this situation??? 🤔🤔🤔” and then included a poll below with “WENDY” on the left, and “WENDY BITCHASS” on the right of the poll box. She later explains more of the situation in a video recording. She then claims that Wendy is threatening to file a restraining order against her and will make Logan say that none of what she said was true, or else she will “take all of his money.” Then later that day, Adriana leaked a video recording of her and Logan talking to Wendy after this situation. At the end of the video, it was confirmed that Wendy at one point tried to seduce Logan. Adriana told Wendy that Logan told her that after Wendy claimed that Logan was her main “ride or die” and would do anything for him. One time, while Logan was on the phone with Chilly, Chilly was cussing Wendy out, saying “Wendy sucks,” etc. Then Wendy barges into the kitchen since she was in the garage hearing everything, and then said to Logan “I thought we could have something” and Logan said “Don’t you have a husband, a 16-year old kid, own a Jimmy John’s together, etc.?” Wendy then replied, “You know what? I’m sorry.” After Adriana explained everything to Wendy, Wendy asked, “Who told you that?” and Adriana said that Logan did. Wendy then said “That never happened” and “Logan!” and then began to burst in tears. Logan then tells Wendy that he needs to talk to her in her room privately since Adriana was recording, and Adriana immediately cuts the video off.

Lovell’s Side of the Story

Even though Adriana’s side of the story may be a bad look for Wendy, Lovell mentioned in one of his livestreams that Adriana, in fact, lied about the whole situation and that her and Logan didn’t got back together as fans thought since he said she is still living in Miami after moving out and hasn’t moved back to Pensacola where the entire crew lives in, and only came back to help Logan take care of Precious who was sick after her thyroid surgeries. It is however unknown whether or not all of this was true. But as of right now, Wendy seems that she hasn’t been affected by this event since she wasn’t fired, suspended, punished by the law, etc. since she was seen in the BTS/vlogs and those videos where shot in her locations in Jeffy’s Text Message! (with the video being shot in her house) and Cody’s Evil Twin! (with the video being shot in her restaurant she owns, Jimmy John’s, shown as “Footlong Bangers” for legal reasons in a few scenes). It’s possible that Lovell was right saying Wendy didn’t do anything Adriana mentioned (but her trying to seduce Logan did seemed to be possibly true as confirmed in her leaked video)..



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