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"WHAT THE F*CK" is the 4th episode of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


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The Evil Croco finds an unprotected Peach and sniffs Peach's bottom. Five minutes later, he suggests that they should play "a game".

Meanwhile, back at Seaside Valley, Bowser finds Yoshi, who was beating up Donkey Kong. He then finds an unresponsive Mario, who then rushes to find a 1-UP Mushroom.

Back with Mama Luigi, he runs all the back to the house to get mushrooms. He finds one, but then he gets mesmerized by a Rubik's Cube, forgetting all about it. He then overhears Peach and Evil Croco saying some rather suggestive things to each other. He opens the door and it turns out Peach and Evil Croco were trying to put batteries and the Wii Remote Jacket, or "protection" in a Wii Remote, with failed attempts. Mama Luigi attempts to help them get a battery on the Wii Remote, and he did, while also putting the back case on. He leaves them alone afterwards. Back at the Dark Creek, he completely forgets that Mario needed the mushroom, and instead gives it to the Brown Elephant.

Five minutes later, Bowser runs back to the Dark Creek to get a mushroom, only to find the Brown Elephant with the same mushroom Mama Luigi gave him still on his mouth. He kills him, takes the mushroom, and goes back to Seaside Valley to feed Mario the mushroom. Bowser revives Mario, and Bowser tells Mario the truth that Mama Luigi paid him to kidnap Peach. We are then treated to another flashback to A Retarded Beginning. The two then work together with Yoshi to fight Donkey Kong, who then knocks out. Mama Luigi appears, and Mario confronts Mama Luigi about the whole situation regarding Bowser. The four then head back to find Peach.

Mario, like Mama Luigi, overhears Peach and the Evil Croco saying suggestive things to each other. He then walk in on them playing Rubik's Puzzle World on the Wii. Mario warns Peach that Bowser tried to kidnap her, and that he's here to save her, but Evil Croco then punches Mario and steals Peach away with him while they go down on a warp pipe. The four then follow them using the warp pipe. The Brown Elephant is revealed to be actually alive.



  • It is one of the SML videos with a swear word in the title.


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