Hello everyone! It's MarioFan2009 and today I have a collection of stories that will be put in this section. This envolves all of my pervious stories from December 8th 2018-January 6th 2019. Hope you all enjoy!

The Little Grey Mouse

WARNING: This story has swearing and may include violence

(Jeffy sleeping in bed)

Jeffy: Huh, oh it's morning! I'm gonna go see daddy!

(Jeffy enters the living room)

Jeffy: Hey daddy!

Mario: Hey Jeffy, what would you like for breakfast?

Jeffy: Chocalate cake!

Mario : No Jeffy! You will get dessert after! Guess I will have to feed you green beans!


(Mario however ignores and goes downstairs and enters the kitchen)

(Mario opens the fridge)

Mario: Alright let's s-- What the?! What happened to all the food! Jeffy!

Jeffy: Yes daddy?

Mario: Did you eat all the food in the fridge??

Jeffy: Daddy, how high as f#}% can you be right now?

Mario: Well, you couldn't have that big of an appetite...

Jeffy: No sh74 I wouldn't!

(Crunching noises heard on the side of the floor) Mario: Wh- HEY!

Little Mouse: Oh hey there! Thanks for giving me food for the winter! I really needed it!


Mouse: I wouldn't say that!


Mouse: Hey, calm down there chilly pepper!


Mouse: Chilly pepper!

(Jeffy jumps on the mouse but the mouse quickly enters the hole and

Jeffy smacks his head against the rear floor)

Jeffy: Ow...

Mario: Jeffy! Are you alright??

Jeffy: Yeah, I am wearing a helmet!

Mario: Well we gotta get that mouse! He stole all of our food!

Jeffy: Why not just go to the store and buy some?

Mario: I am low on money!

(Knock on the door)

Mario: Who could that be?

(Mario opens the door)

Goodman: oh hey Mario, do you know what time it is?

Mario: Yeah I do! Come in

Goodman: Ok.

(Goodman enters the house)

Mario: Ok, so is it my house payment?

Goodman: Are my balls like watermelon?

Mario: Yes?

Goodman: Exactly! Now where is your house payment?

Mario: Hold on a second, I will be right back.

Goodman: Ok.

(Mario comes back with his hands behind his back)

Mario: Alright I got my house payment! It is behind my hands

Goodman: Oh good! Give it to me then!

Mario Alright! (Smacks Goodman's head with a hammer) THERE! That should take care of him!

(Mario goes back to the kitchen)

Jeffy: Hey daddy what is that hammer for?

Mario: Try hitting the mouse with it.

Jeffy: Ok! (Goes to the mouse hole) Oh Mr. Mouse! Please come out I got food for you!

Mouse: Oh boy! You do?!

Jeffy: Yeah! (Jeffy smacks the mouse but then gets hit in the head because he used a bowl to defend himself) OOOOOOOOH!

Mouse: (Runs away)

Mario: GET HIM!!!

(The mouse keeps running but then finds a apple and black paint)

Mouse: hmmmm...

Mario: Where could he be?

Jeffy: I don't know!

Mouse: here I am!

Mario: GET HIM!

Mouse: (Shows a apple with it's line lit with fire disguised as a bomb in black paint)

Mario and Jeffy: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! (Both of them run away)

Mouse: Heh heh! Such fools! They taught it was real (Points at the apple to the audience but however the apple then suddenly explodes!)

Mouse: WHAT TH--- Aw, guess I am a angel now. :(

IMG 2031


WARNING: This story will have swearing, possibility of gore and violence.

CHPATER 1: A new adventure

Starts off with a Florida bank.

A shadow with bag equipments mysterious appears, it goes inside the bank and a explosion occurs. The mysterious figure disappears.

Goodman as a reporter: Breaking news Mkay! The first Florida bank was recently robbed last night and the police are investigating the crime right now! More information will soon come on this.

The screen then slowly fades to a old house with 5 people waiting for something.

Guy 1: He should be here any moment now...

Guy 3: You don't think he is caught is he?

Guy 1: No stupid! Didn't ya read the news?! They are investigating and he escaped easily!

Screen then cuts to CuldeeFell13 sleeping in bed and then he wakes up.

CuldeeFell13: (Yawns) ah, here comes another day to make more SML wiki fan-fictions! Guess I better start my day out first. (He then brushes his teeth and eats breakfast) I wonder what is on the news today (He sees the report about the robbery) Wha-- The bank got robbed today?! How, I thought they got better security systems! Hmm... I might as well try to investigate this myself...

Screen cuts to Junior sleeping in bed as he wakes up

Bowser Junior: Wha- it's morning time! I better go ask Chef Pee Pee to make me some breakfast!

Chef Pee Pee is awake cooking fried eggs.

Bowser Junior: Chef Pee Pee Chef Pee Pee!

Chef Pee Pee: What do you want Junior?

Bowser Junior: I am hungry! I want some macaroni and cheese!

Chef Pee Pee: Well, I was just making these fried eggs! Cmon Junior!

Bowser Junior: Hmmmm... I guess I can take it Chef Pee Pee...

Chef Pee Pee: Wait, really?

Bowser Junior: Yeah!

Chef Pee Pee: Oh boy! Finally something helpful happened to me!

Bowser Junior: I will go wait at the table.

Chef Pee Pee: Ok.

Screen cuts to MarioFan2009 watching TV until he gets a knock at the door.

MarioFan2009: Who could that be early in the morning?

MarioFan2009 opens the door.

MarioFan2009: Hey Culdee!

CuldeeFell13: Hey Mariofan, may I come inside I have something to explain.

MarioFan2009: Well, sure come on in!

(It then shows the two in the living room)

MarioFan2009: So what seems to be the deal?

CuldeeFell13: Well did you watch the news today?

MarioFan2009: Yeah.

CuldeeFell13: Well about that, did you hear about a robbery?

MarioFan2009: Oh yes I did! The Florida bank just got robbed...

CuldeeFell13: Yeah, they just got heavy security like a few days ago... How is it even possible.

MarioFan2009: I am wondering about that too.

CuldeeFell13: Well, I was gonna go on all by my own to find out what happened but I decided to bring you with me, will you come?

MarioFan2009: But dude, I just got back 6 days ago from a huge fight with the cops to stop Toad from destroying the world! How do you think I will be able to solve a robbery?

CuldeeFell13: Oh come on, it can't be that bad.

MarioFan2009: Fine, I will come... but if I die, that will be your concern.

CuldeeFell13: Alright, I parked my car outside lets go.

MarioFan2009: (Sigh) Fine.

It cuts to Mario in the living room.

Jeffy: Hey Daddy!

Mario: Hey Jeffy, what would you like for breakfast today?

Jeffy: Uh, I don't know. Wait, how about we go fishing today? We haven't done that in forever!

Mario: What?! Fishing?

Jeffy: Yeah!

Mario: No Jeffy! The last time we went fishing I got eaten by a shark!

Jeffy: Come daddy!

Mario: No!

Jeffy: Fine daddy! Your high as f345!

Mario: (Sigh)

It cuts to Jeffy angered walking into the living room.

Jeffy: Stupid daddy won't let me go fishing! (Suddenly he sees a rope and a gun on the table) Hmmm... those look like some cool things! I think I could use them for fishing as well!

(It cuts to the old house again)

Guy 3: He should be here by now.

(They get a knock on the door)

Guy 1: That should be him!

(Guy 1 opens the door)

The Buckaroo: Here (gives them the money bag) it is all yours...


CHAPTER 2: Evil planning

Guy 3: Finally! Now we can actually get some insurance!

Guy 5: We still need to harass this city with our other plans as well though.

Guy 4: Here, (Gives the Buckaroo explosives and digging materials) what I want you to do is go over to the roads find a place where you can dig secretly like a tree over anything, and then put the equipment there and WHAM! Got it?

The Buckaroo: At your service...


MarioFan2009: Hey Culdee, can we stop at 7 11 so I can pick up something to eat?

CuldeeFell13: Ok, but make it quick.

(CuldeeFell13 stops the car and MarioFan2009 gets out and enters 7 11)


The Buckaroo: Hmmmmm, this looks like a good spot! (Hears someone coming) Wait a minute!

Woody: Chee wee boy! I can't wait to hunt shrimpos with my new shrimpo rifle I got today! I guess I will sit next to this tree and get my stuff out!

The Buckaroo! Damnit! I gotta get rid of this clown or else! (Checks his equipment and finds a hammer) Ah ha!

Woody: Alright, now I will get my shrimpo call out (suddenly he gets knocked out)

The Buckaroo: Now, I gotta get rid of this sloppy mess! (The Buckaroo hides Woody's body in a bush) they better not be able to find him in here... (He then starts digging)

MarioFan2009: Alright I am back, would you like some?

CuldeeFell13: Eh, I'm fine...

Back at the old house...

Guy 2: Hey, we should start a terrorist attack!

Guy 3: But how are we gonna do that? We gave away our equipment to the guy to commit crimes already.

Guy 1: I have some bombs in my drawer!

Guy 5: Oh nice! We will be able to give them two now!

Guy 1: (Gets bombs out) Florida is a terrible place, filled with so many crimes and those dirty people walking the streets: humans! We shall take this city out and take over it forever! (Evil laughing) now get in the old dusty car and get the stuff!

Guy 2, 3, 4 and 5: Ok!

The Buckaroo: (Keeps digging until he reach the middle of the road) Yes! Now to release this garbage! (He puts all of the explosives in the middle of the underground of the road) Alright, all set! (Walks back up) Heh heh, goodbye stupid road! (Ignites an explosive line and covers his own ears as a giant explosion occurs)

MarioFan2009: (Hears an explosion) Culdee! Did you hear that?

CuldeeFell13: I think I heard a explosion-like noise!

MarioFan2009: We should go check it out now!

CuldeeFell13: (Stops the car where the explosion happened while the police are investigating it) WHAT THE HECK!

MarioFan2009: What happened over here?!

Goodman as a news reporter: Breaking news Mkay! A giant explosion occurred in the middle of the road! No one knows how this happened and the police are baffled by this! Investigation is currently going on.

My Little Buckaroo III

CHAPTER 3: Almost caught

MarioFan2009: I just want to know who would do such a thing! (Sees a black figure in a tree) HEY! (MarioFan2009 starts running to the tree)

CudleeFell13: Wha-- Where are you going??

MarioFan2009: I will be right back!

The Buckaroo: Oh s#%t! (Runs away)

MarioFan2009: COME BACK HERE!

The Buckaroo: No! Stay away you-- (throws a grenade at him but MarioFan2009 quickly dodges it)

MarioFan2009: Hmmmm... (sees a hammer that The Buckaroo's equipment bag dropped and throws it at him but misses)

Woody: Owww... what ha--- (Suddenly he gets knocked out by the hammer)

MarioFan2009: Uh oh... (sigh)

(The Buckaroo successfully runs away)

MarioFan2009 comes back upset with Woody's body...

CuldeeFell13: Hey, didn't you get the thing you saw?

MarioFan2009: No, but I found one of his victims which accidentally knocked out again who was already knocked out in a bush... (Shows Woody's body)

CuldeeFell13: WHAT TH--- Did you kill him?!

MarioFan2009 I don't know! Maybe we should check his pulse.

CuldeeFell13: We should!

(MarioFan2009 puts his head to Woody's chest)

MarioFan2009: He seems fine to me...

CuldeeFell13: Maybe we should get him to a doctor!

MarioFan2009: Yeah, lets do so!

(Gummy Cow then comes)

Gummy Cow: Hey guys, is something wrong?

MarioFan2009: We where just going to take Woody to the hospital.

Gummy Cow: Why, what happened?

CuldeeFell13: It's a long story... but you can come.

Gummy Cow: I think I will come with you guys to see what is going on...

It then cuts to MarioFan2009, CuldeeFell13 and Gummy Cow at the hospital...

Gummy Cow: Do you think he will be ok?

MarioFan2009: Hopefully...

Brooklyn T. Guy: Alright guys, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that your friend will make it out alive but the bad news is he is going to hospitalized for 6 days or a week because he was knocked out by a hammer twice.

CuldeeFell13: Thank God!

MarioFan2009: Yeah...

Brooklyn T. Guy: So, would you like to meet him or no?

Gummy Cow: Yeah I think we should go see him.

Brooklyn T. Guy: Alright just follow me.

It cuts to MarioFan2009, Gummy Cow and CuldeeFell13 in he room where Woody is at.

Woody: Ah, what happened?

CuldeeFell13: You will be ok, you just got knocked out.

Woody: Where am I? Did you guys do something??

Gummy Cow: No, we just found your body in a bush so we decided to rush you to the hospital.

MarioFan2009: Oh, and I have to apologize to you because I accidentally hit you in the head for a second time...

Woody: Wait, what??

MarioFan2009: Yeah, so what happened was that there was a figure that may or may not have bombed the Florida road today and I found his hammer and threw it at him but failed and it hit you. I'm so sorry about that.

Woody: Eh, I'm fine. I was about to go shrimpo hunting and then for some reason I had a black out. I think it was that blacky old figure!

MarioFan2009: I knew it! Guys we have to find that guy now!

CuldeeFell13: Wait! But what about Woody?

MarioFan2009: He is in medical care so he should be fine.

Gummy Cow: Hopefully...

MarioFan2009: We gotta find him before he terrorizes more of the city!

CuldeeFell13: Yeah!

Woody: Alright, I guess I will see you guys in about how many?

MarioFan2009: Maybe a week or so...

Woody: WHAT? But I was about to go shrimpo hunting today! God, guess it's just not my day. Oh well. Hopefully this hospital has some shrimpos...

MarioFan2009: Sorry Woody. Guess we will see you soon...

Woody: Bye guys...

MarioFan2009, CuldeeFell13 and Gummy Cow walk out of the room and leave the hospital. Meanwhile, back at the old house...

Guy 2: Oh hey guys look! It is our guy!

Guy 1: Hold on! (Stops the car) What are you doing out here?!

The Buckaroo: The deal is done... the road has been bombed...

Guy 1: Well good! You are just in time for our 3rd plan! (Evil laughing)


CHAPTER 4: A large feud

Guy 4: So boss, what is our new plan?

Guy 1: Well, actually, we need to make sure nobody is on our tail. Hey, did you encounter anyone while you where placing your equipment under the ground?

The Buckaroo: I almost got killed by a brown shirted guy with a flower on his shirt and a hat that reads: "2009"

Guy 1: Hmmm, we will make sure his body is next to anyone else who tries to stop us! Anyways, we are gonna start a mass shooting! Pick a weapon fellas!

Guy 3 and 2: Goodness! My oh my! These are some great weapons!

The Buckaroo: Just don't fundle around with them...


MarioFan2009: So, I saw a figure with red-like eyes on the tree. We need to go there to search some clues...

CuldeeFell13: Alright, but which tree?

MarioFan2009: Follow me.

Meanwhile again...

Bowser Junior: Oh boy I can't wait to watch Doofy The Dragon!

Show announcer: Alrighty kids it's time for... "Doofy The Dragon"! (Kids cheering)

Doofy The Dragon: Eh huh, hey kids! I'm Doofy The Dragon! And today, I am going to start a school shooting! Don't try this at home! (Doofy goes inside with a rifle shooting innocent children and teachers before pulling a pistol to his head and killing himself)

Bowser Junior: AH HAHAHA! That's so funny Doofy!! (Suddenly a news report goes on) What the??

Goodman as a reporter: Breaking news Mkay! A civilian thought they saw a mysterious figure on a tree close to the road that was exploded this morning. But since police have been attacking the person ever since Toad started an attack, the person will be doing an investigation. More news as it develops.

At the tree...

Gummy Cow: So, MarioFan2009 do you think we will be able to find some clues around here?

MarioFan2009: Hopefully, now let me see... Wait guys! Look over there! A large hole!

CuldeeFell13: What?!

Gummy Cow: The figure must have done that!

MarioFan2009: To bomb the road!!

CuldeeFell13: We need to go check it out right now!

MarioFan2009: Yeah!

They go check it out but find nothing much but a huge path way dug all the way to the road.

CuldeeFell13: The individual must be sick enough to do this!

MarioFan2009: Neither this city has done something to them or they want to massacre it!


Guy 1: Alright guys! Get your weapons steady! We are taking out the club!

Guy 3: Yeet! This should be great!

Guy 5: And fun!

The Buckaroo: I will wait here and make sure that police will not arrive.

Guy 1: And we are going inside...

They enter the club and start taking hostages


Guy 4: Yeah!

Civilian: Somebody help! These guys have gone insane!

Mexican Civilian: Yeah, they must be loco!

Guy 1: If you all calm down, nobody gets hurt! Now shut up and stay still!

Cuts back to MarioFan2009, CuldeeFell13 and Gummy Cow.

MarioFan2009: (Sigh), I don't know what else we can do...

Gummy Cow: We searched through everything...

Internet Problem comes to them rushing in a panic.


CuldeeFell13: WHAT?!

Gummy Cow: How is this possible?! We just got here for clues about a bombing!

MarioFan2009: Dude! We gotta go there fast! What is going on?!?!

Internet Problem: QUICK!!! You gotta get there fast!!

They all rush to the nightclub to see there is a massive hostile takeover.

MarioFan2009: OH MY GOD!! Who are those people?!

Gummy Cow: I don't know!!

MarioFan2009: Wait a minute, you don't think?

CuldeeFell13: No...

MarioFan2009: That couldn't be the guys who have been causing massacre in this city the whole time?!

Gummy Cow: No freaking way!

MarioFan2009: We gotta investigate now!!

The Buckaroo: Not so fast! You mutineers ain't going anywhere!

My Little Buckaroo V

CHAPTER 5: Meeting the maker

MarioFan2009: Oh no, you can't be...

The Buckaroo: Oh yes I am! I have been working for these guys this whole time! I had to rob a bank, blow up the road, and now, we will be actually killing some people! And YOU will not stop us!

Gummy Cow: You bastard...

The Buckaroo: Heheh, thanks for the compliment!


Jeffy: Alright, I got my rope and my little black stick with a huge hole on it! Now I think I will go fishing! But, how do I go fishing? (Jeffy sees Hansel) Hey mister hobo guy, do you know how to go fishing?

Hansel: Wha-- oh yeah, You just have to find a large one

Jeffy: Where?

Hansel: Anywhere

Jeffy: Gee, thanks for the tip mister hobo!

Hansel: Anytime kid.

Back to the scene outside the club...

The Buckaroo: So, you have been trying to stop us this whole entire time eh? (Looks at MarioFan2009) and YOU! You where the one who has been trying to kill me with my own hammer! I can see why you are a failure! You missed! Ha ha!

MarioFan2009: Hey! I can ju---

The Buckaroo: SILENCE! One false move or anything you say, you will die!

The police arrive...

Cop 1: FREEZE!

The Buckaroo: Looks like we have got some more company... (Throws a stink bomb at the police) that should take care of them! And now for you guys!

CuldeeFell13 sees a rock and throws it at him


Gummy Cow, MarioFan2009 and CuldeeFell13 enter the club...

Guy 1: Oh, some company we got! Hey guys, take care of the hostages while I deal with some friends!

Guy 3: Ok boss!

Guy 1 approaches them.

Guy 1: So, you are trying to stop us eh? (Pulls not a pistol) what did you do with our man?

Gummy Cow: What man?

MarioFan2009: You mean the guy who was wearing a mask and had red eyes?

Guy 1: YEAH!

CuldeeFell13: He is outside what you mean?

Guy 1: Oh so you are hiding that you killed him?

MarioFan2009: We didn't even kill him! We just hit him with a rock!

Guy 1: So, you really want to fight us huh?

CuldeeFell13: Yeah! Put up yo--- (Suddenly he gets punch by Guy 1)

MarioFan2009 and Gummy Guy: CULDEE!!

CuldeeFell13: Owww...

Guy 1: Goodbye Fnaf loving b%#*h! (Guy 1 shoots him but however, Internet Problem comes and saves him by sacrificing himself!)

CuldeeFell13: INTERNET!!

Internet Problem: I had to save you from him... runnnnn...

Guy 1: Heh heh, well at least I got a kill! Now it is your turn! (Guy 1 points his pistol at him and shoots but however the gun is jammed) WHAT?! UGH! DAMNIT!! (Runs away but however Gummy Cow attacks him)

Gummy Cow: This is for bombing the road, (punches him once and then grabs him)

Guy 1: OUCH! HELP!!

Gummy Cow: This is for robbing a bank, (kicks him in bum) AND THIS IS FOR KILLING INTERNET PROBLEM!! (He then grabs his gun and unjams it)

Guy 1: No. No... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (He then gets shot by Gummy Cow, killing him)

MarioFan2009: Gummy! That was impressive!

Gummy Cow: Thanks! He deserves it!

CuldeeFell13: But what about Internet Problem?!

Medics: Don't worry guys! We will make sure he is alive and good!

CuldeeFell13: Oh thank God!

The Medics take Internet Problem to the hospital.

My Little Buckaroo VI

CHAPTER 6: It comes to an end

MarioFan2009: Hopefully he should be ok.


Jeffy: Hmmmm, so mister hobo said I need to find a big one anywhere... (Jeffy sees a mysterious black figure enter in the club) Oh hey! There is a big one now! Hey come here!!

Gummy Cow: Now what?

CuldeeFell13: We need to find the rest of the shooters!

Gummy Cow: Oh yeah! Le---

The Buckaroo: OH NO YOU DON'T! You are not going ANYWHERE! (Pulls a pistol out)

MarioFan2009: This clown again??

The Buckaroo: You guys killed my boss! Now I am going to end you!

Jeffy sees the black figure in the club.

Jeffy: Hmmmm, ok so I am gonna need to get this thing attached! (Jeffy ties the rope to the gun hole) Looks good! Now I should get the big one!

The Buckaroo: Any last words before I end you?

MarioFan2009: Go to hell!!

The Buckaroo: Farewell... (Suddenly a gunshot is heard and The Buckaroo's neck gets choked on by a rope) (Choking) WHA THE?! HALP, MA NECK!!!!

CuldeeFell13: What the heck?!

Jeffy: Cmon big one! Cmon!!!!

The Buckaroo: HELLLLLLP!!!!!

Jeffy pulls harder and harder.

The Buckaroo: (Starts to wheeze)

Jeffy: CMON!!!

The Buckaroo gets his body pulled back by force almost hitting Jeffy but Jeffy dodges him.

The Buckaroo: (Gasping for air) Owwwww...

MarioFan2009: Jeffy!! You saved us?

Jeffy: How did I ever save you? You murdered me before...

MarioFan2009: Welllllll, sorry?

Jeffy: It's ok!

CuldeeFell13: Thank God you saved us Jeffy! We could have died!

The Buckaroo: (Pulls his pistol out) AND YOU ARE NOW ACTUALLY GOING TO DIE!!!!

Jeffy: No we ain't b65@h! (Shoots the gun with the rope attached)

The Buckaroo: AH! NOT AGAIN!!!

Jeffy then goes outside pulling very hard using the gun as a fishing line.


Jeffy then attaches the rope to a tree.

Jeffy: So long my little bi@&$aroo! (He removes the gun from the rope as The Buckaroo falls all the way back with force getting hanged by the tree and dying)

Gummy Cow: Great job Jeffy! You killed him!

Jeffy: Sure I did!

MarioFan2009: But what about the other guys?

CuldeeFell13: Oh yeah! Lets go back to the club right now!

Gummy Cow: See you later Jeffy!

Jeffy: Bye guys!

Gummy Cow: Man, if Internet Problem was here, I wonder if he would have been proud.

MarioFan2009: Maybe. But we gotta get rid of the other shooters now!

They go back to the club finding the rest of the guys.

Guy 4: Oh, look who just arrived!

Guy 2: Nanny nanny boo boo!

MarioFan2009: Your region of terror ends here!

Guy 3: Oh yeah? Well we ain't gonna stop boy!

Guy 5: Yeah! Who are you to stop us??

Gummy Cow: Lets get rid of these guys already!

CuldeeFell13: Yeah I agree!

Guy 4 then jumps and punches CuldeeFell13

CuldeeFell13 then starts hitting and punching him back

Guy 3 and 2 fight Gummy Cow

MarioFan2009 fights Guy 5 but Guy 5 then knocks him by kicking him.

Guy 5: (Pulls out a rifle) Heh heh, any last words? (Suddenly Jeffy comes and jumps on him) WHAT THE?! HELP, GET THIS KID OFF OF ME!!!!

MarioFan2009 then grabs a shotgun and shoots Guy 5 in chest multiple times killing him.

Guy 3: We got you now Gummy Chow!

Gummy Cow: It's Gummy Cow!

Guy 3 then gets shot by MarioFan2009.

Guy 2: WHAT?!

Guy 2 gets shot as well.

Guy 4 then sees all his friends dead.


MarioFan2009: (Shoots him but misses)

Guy 4: HA HA! (He then gets grabbed by the neck by CuldeeFell13 getting choked very hard) Hel... Help... Somebody... (Dies and CuldeeFell13 throws his body hardly)

MarioFan2009: (Gasps for air) Are they... all gone now?

Gummy Cow: Hopefully...

The Police come to investigate.

Cop 2: What happened over here??

MarioFan2009: We... got rid of the shooters... (Falls on the ground exhausted)

Cop 1: Wow, I guess they weren't bad after all ay Joe?

Joe (Cop 2): Yeah George...

CuldeeFell13: Can we go home now? I am so tired...

Cop 1: Yeah, we will let you go since you killed shooters. Shooters are bad!

Gummy Cow: Phew... Lets go home guys...

MarioFan2009: Yeah, I am tired...

Cop 1 sees Jeffy.

Cop 1: Hey, was that guy also a shooter?

CuldeeFell13: No, he was a guy who saved us...

Cop 1: Oh...

They all go home while the police recover the criminals bodies.

Goodman as a reporter: Breaking news Mkay! The criminals, who robbed the bank, bombed the road and started a shooting the nightclub have been finally caught but also killed. There where 6 unidentifiable suspects. Justice has finally been served...

MarioFan2009 and CuldeeFell13 at home.

MarioFan2009: Are you finally happy that we killed those guys?

CuldeeFell13: Yeah... Criminals would have escaped if it wasn't for us...

MarioFan2009: I don't think I will go on a another adventure for a week or so now...

CuldeeFell13: Well I gotta get home now, it is getting late.

MarioFan2009: Alright see you. Bye!

CuldeeFell13: See you soon! Bye!

CuldeeFell13 then leaves MarioFan2009's home and goes to his house to get some sleep.



WARNING: This story may have some swearing.

NOTICE: This is a non-chapter story. So you guys can enjoy this without the chapters!

Troll 3: Ugh! Guys! We need to find a way to out smart these admins!

Troll 6: Yeah I agree! They keep banning and blocking us!

Troll Birds: I also agree! We have been multiple times already!

Vandal Clown: Hey guys! I have an idea! Lets make a admin hunting house! We can try lurking or building a mysterious house and get admins to step in and kill them!

Onion Cream: OMG! I AGREE! Those moose f7@ks will finally get it!

PepeSquidward: But I love admins!

Troll 2: EW! What are you?! Gay?!

PepeSquidward: :(

They start building a huge house and make it look suspicious and mysterious.

Troll 1: All done! It looks great!

It cuts to MarioFan2009 sleeping in bed and then he wakes up.

MarioFan2009: Ah, what a beautiful day! (Looks outside the window) Hey! What is that? That must be a new house! I think I should go check it out!

Troll 9: Hey guys, someone is coming but he is not a admin! Lets go hide!

They hide and MarioFan2009 sees to the house.

MarioFan2009: Gee, this is a very scary building... I should bring someone with me... I know!

MarioFan2009 goes to Trikkiboy's house.

Trikkiboy is seen reading a book until his doorbell rings.

Trikkiboy: Coming!(Opens the door) Well MarioFan2009! What are you doing here!

MarioFan2009: Hey Trikkiboy! I wanted to tell you something.

Trikkiboy: Well, what is it? A vandal? Sockpuppet? Troll?

MarioFan2009: Actually it is a mysterious house...

Trikkiboy: ... A what?

MarioFan2009: You heard me... There is a large house next to mine and I want you to come with me because I am scared...

Trikkiboy: Heh heh! What are you a scaredy cat? Who is even afraid of houses?!

MarioFan2009: Maybe you should come and check it out.

Trikkiboy: Heh, sure I will!

MarioFan2009 takes Trikkiboy to the house.

Trikkiboy: ... Eh, MarioFan2009?

MarioFan2009: Yeah?

Trikkiboy: Come here... (Slaps him 5 times across the face)

MarioFan2009: OW! What was that for?!

Trikkiboy: You REALLY think I would go in THERE?!

MarioFan2009: Oh come on... You aren't a scaredy cat like me are you??

Trikkiboy looks fearfully at the house.

Trikkiboy: No?

MarioFan2009: Then lets go inside!

Trikkiboy: Are you insane?! We might die or get kidnapped!

MarioFan2009: Oh please! Just one time?

Trikkiboy: Oh my God... fine!

MarioFan2009: Yay!

They enter the house.

Trikkiboy: God, this looks new but even old!

MarioFan2009: Eh, I guess we can try finding something in here.

Troll 8: Hey guys! It's the Infamous admin Trikkiboy! What should we do?

Troll 5: I think I have an idea! (Whispers into everyone's ears)

Trikkiboy: Can we leave now?

MarioFan2009: Why?

Trikkiboy: (Tries to come up with a lie) I have some important stuff to do at home.

MarioFan2009: Well what could be more important than this?

Trikkiboy: (Gets more nervous) There could be trolls...

MarioFan2009: Ah! It's nothing! You always come in late to ban them!

Trikkiboy: (Sigh)

They find the basement.

MarioFan2009: Oh boy! The mysterious parts of all houses! Basements!

Trikkiboy: B-b-b-Basements??!

MarioFan2009: Yeah! Your house has one!

Trikkiboy: Oh yeah!

MarioFan2009: Lets go inside!

Trikkiboy: Uhhhhhhhhhhh no.

MarioFan2009: Why not??

Trikkiboy: No.

MarioFan2009: Why?

Trikkiboy: I swear, do you want me to kick you off of SML wiki?

MarioFan2009: No, I am the user of the month remember?

Trikkiboy: So what?!

MarioFan2009: Am I not special?

Trikkiboy: (Sigh) maybe...

They keep walking down a long hallway.

MarioFan2009: Hey this looks like a good long place ain't it Trikkiboy?

Trikkiboy goes missing.

MarioFan2009: Trikkiboy?

Trikkiboy is seen trying to leave the house.

MarioFan2009: Trikkiboy!

Trikkiboy: Uh, uh. Hi...

MarioFan2009: What where you trying to do?

Trikkiboy: Nothing, just... Cleaning the door knob... (Pulls out a tissue) Heh heh...

MarioFan2009: Oh ok! But you see, to be acting strange...

Troll 1: Well, well, well! Look who we have here!


MarioFan2009: Calm down! It's just some guys... oh wait... they look familiar... (Gasp) IT'S THE TROLLS!!!!!

Trikkiboy: Trolls?? Where are they! Let me at em!

Door suddenly closes...

Trikkiboy: Uhhhhhhhhhh, am I meeting them in reality?

Troll 1: Heh heh, you are trapped now! (Pushes MarioFan2009 out of the way)

MarioFan2009: Hey!

Troll 1: You know, we have been looking for you!

Trikkiboy: Who me?

Troll 3: Yeah you!

Troll 8: Don't you remember us?

Troll 6: The guys who keep wrecking the wiki?

Troll 7: And making your life hell?

Troll 4: Yeah!

Vandal Clown 3: Yeah! And what about us?!

Trikkiboy: Uhhhhhhhh, I don't remember any of you...

Troll 1: WHAT?!

Troll 9: How could you forget about us?!

Troll 10: We are the biggest impact on SML wiki!!!

Trikkiboy: I don't care. Even if you wreck the wiki, I can just kick you off and ban you. So f53& off...

Troll 5: That is insulting!

Troll 2: Yeah! Lets kill him!

Trikkiboy: With what?

Troll 2: (Grabs out a troll machine) With this!

Trikkiboy: That looks f65$ing ridiculous.

Ollie the olive-loving octopus: No it isn't!

The weird chosen one: Yeah! It will teach you a lesson!

Trikkiboy: Oh yeah, well let me get on there to see what happens.

Troll 9: Suit yourself!

They put him in the machine and Trikkiboy then becomes a troll as well!

Trikkiboy: Howdy everyone!

Troll 1: Hello stupid admin! (Laughs)

Trikkiboy: Who you calling stupid knuckle face?

Troll 6: Did he just insult him?!

Troll 7: I think we should kill him?

Trikkiboy: Who, him? (Points at Troll 10)


Trikkiboy: For vandalizing the wiki!

Troll 3: Isn't he brainwashed?

Trikkiboy: (Snaps out of it) No! I tricked you all! You must be a fool to think I would ever join you! Your s$&t does not even work on us admins! F2$k off!

MarioFan2009 looks at the drama while eating popcorn.

Troll 4: THAT'S IT! Lets kill him guys!

The Trolls, Sockpuppets and Vandals then attack him but Trikkiboy gets out of the fight fast.

Trikkiboy: (Grabs MarioFan2009 by the hand) Lets get out of here...

MarioFan2009: My popcorn!

They leave the house in one peace.

Trikkiboy: That was the most stupidest shit I have ever seen. No, never again... MarioFan2009: Awwww... But my popcorn...

Trikkiboy burns the house down with a match with the trolls inside.

Trikkiboy: MarioFan2009, next time you invite me to a stupid adventure like this, I will ban you for a month with no pay! I never wanted to be in the f578@ng situation EVER! Now get out of my sight before I ban you right now!

MarioFan2009: Bu---

Trikkiboy: NO BUTS!! OUT!!

MarioFan2009: Ok...

Trikkiboy: Dirty no good for nothing...

MarioFan2009 then comes across Agonzo7988.

Agonzo7988: Hey MarioFan2009, what seems to be the problem?

MarioFan2009: Trikkiboy got mad at me today because I got me and him into trouble with some trolls today in a giant house. He burnt it down with them inside BTW, and luckily he didn't ban me... but if I do this again I will get banned for a month or worse... Forever...

Agonzo7988: Hey, it's no biggie. He is just having a very bad mood with the trolls these days. I have had these adventures too! It ain't that bad. Or kind of is... You should just go home and get some rest and forget about the whole entire thing!

MarioFan2009: Gee! Thanks for the tip Agonzo! I guess I may see you around!

Agonzo7988: Anytime!

MarioFan2009 goes back to his house and watches some TV forgetting about the whole awful adventure and enjoying his time.


Trikkiboy: Ugh! I can't believe that MarioFan2009 actually got me into a horrible adventure like that! I don't want to feel that experience ever again! Ugh! Guess I will continue reading my book and just forget about the whole entire thing! (Sigh) Oooh! This next chapter should be good!

IMG 2047


WARNING: This story will have violence and swearing.

Mario is seen chasing the same Mouse with a broom from "The Little Grey Mouse!".


Mario smashes a vase.


Mario: Not now Chef Pee Pee! I am trying to kill this mouse!

Chef Pee Pee: Well do it outside not in the kitchen! (Chef Pee Pee gets hit in the face with the broom accidentally) Owwww... (Falls on the ground)

Mario: COME HERE YOU!! (Smashes a window) UGHHHHHH!!!

Black Yoshi: Yo folk! What the hell are you doings?

Mario: I am trying to kill this stupid mouse!

Black Yoshi: Why don't you brings a cat?

Mario: A what?

Black Yoshi: A cat!

Mario: Great idea Black Yoshi! Thank you for telling me about that!

Mouse: Heh, what will that do to me?

Mario: You will see...

Mario comes back with a black cat.

Mario: Alright you feline, there is a mouse in the house! Please go kill him!

Cat: Meow. (It goes around to look for the rodent)

Mouse: Uh oh, looks like I've got company!

Cat: MEOW! (It attacks the mouse but however the Mouse is clever and for some reason throws the cat out of the house)

Mario: What the?!

Mouse: Cats don't kill me! What do you think I am? Stupid?


Mouse: Sucker! (Runs back to his mouse hole)

Mario: Hmmmm, how do I get rid of that stupid mouse?! (Thinks about making a robotic cat) Ah ha!

Mario goes to the garage.

Mario: Alright, but how do I build a robotic cat? I know! I will call the guy who keeps coming into our house to help us!

Mario calls Brooklyn T. Guy and he comes.

A doorbell ring is heard.

Mario: That must be him!

Mario opens the door.

Brooklyn T. Guy: Hey you asked me to make you a what now?

Mario: A robotic cat.

Brooklyn T. Guy: Yeah, I don't know if I have the technology to make that...

Mario: But you made all sorts of things in the past! Like a submarine that can shrink!

Brooklyn T. Guy: Huh, I forgot about that! You know, maybe I can try! But if it fails. Don't blame it on me.

Mario: Alright!

They go to the garage and start making the robotic cat.

Brooklyn T. Guy: Alright, he is done!

Mario: Should we try him out?

Brooklyn T. Guy: Yeah, go ahead!

Mario presses a button and the cat becomes alive.

Robotic Cat: (Robotic meow)

Mario: Woah! It's alive!

Brooklyn T. Guy: No s7@t Sherlock!

Mario: Soooo, what do we do now?

Brooklyn T. Guy: Get him to attack the mouse?

Mario: Yeah lets do so!

Brooklyn T. Guy: Ok.

They bring the robotic cat into the kitchen.

Mario: Alright you, there is a small mouse around the house, it has been eating our food! Please get rid of it!

Robotic Cat: (Robotic meow)

It goes and tries to look for the mouse)

Mouse: Oh ha ha, new company! This should be easy!

The Robotic Cat goes to the mouse hole prepared to kill the mouse.

Mouse: This should be good! (Throws a bowling ball at the cat from the top)

However, the cat is still alive!

Mouse: There! That should take care of him!

Robotic Cat: (Growling)

Mouse: What th--- YIPE!!! (Runs to a mouse hole but it gets blocked by the cat's hand) Uhhh... (Runs to another few mouse holes but they get blocked as well)

Robotic Cat: (More growling)

Mouse: Hmmmm, I got it! (He paints a electric hole black and turns it into a mouse hole)

Robotic Cat: (Growling)

The cat sees the electric hole and puts it's fingers in it and gets shocked very badly.

Mouse: (Puts a sign next to the cat saying "Very stupid? Ain't he!" and runs away)

Robotic Cat: (Kicks the sign away in anger and starts to look for the mouse)

Mouse: Yoo Hoo! I am right here stupid!

Robotic Cat: (Growling)

The mouse goes into a hole and the robotic cat is out there waiting for him.

Mouse: (Comes right behind him and starts to melt and overheat the cat)

Robotic Cat: YEOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!! (Sees down his legs)

Mouse: Uh oh! (Runs away but quickly overheats his nose before running away)

The Robotic Cat is seen running and looking for the mouse again only to have his head ripped off from string wires.

He is then seen trying to find his head but then mistakenly grabs a toaster and toasts start coming from his toaster head.

The cat eventually gets his head ripped of again and then his head falls back and then gets his original head back.

Mouse: This will fix him alright! (Makes a robotic mouse with lots of explosives inside it)

The robotic mouse then come outside and the cat chases it constantly.

The mouse stops and the cat sneaks up behind and jumps on it. However it explodes and the house explodes as well!

Mario: What th--- MY HOUSE!! It is ruined!! What will Goodman say about this!?

Brooklyn T. Guy: Don't worry Mario... I will make sure to help repair your house.

Mario: Gee thanks! Hopefully I got rid of that mouse!

The mouse comes out from a piece of broken wood.

Mouse: Should I tell him?

It ends with a iris out.

IMG 2048

Jeffy and the Pig

WARNING: This story may have swearing.

Jeffy is seen sleeping in bed.

Jeffy: (Wakes up) oh, hey! It's morning time! I guess I will find my daddy!

Jeffy goes to the living room.

Jeffy: Hey daddy!

Mario: Hey Jeffy. Would you like anything to eat?

Jeffy: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Mario: Jeffy?

Jeffy: Oh sorry! I was just thinking...

Mario: Alright Jeffy, if you are hungry come tell me I will be downstairs.

Jeffy: Ok daddy.

Mario goes to the living room.

Jeffy: Now, what was I thinking about? Oh I know! I will go outside today!

Jeffy goes outside to take a walk.

Jeffy: Now what can I do today? I am so bored!

He then hears a grunt noise.

Jeffy: What was that? (He sees the bushes) Uhhhhh... did that sound come from there? (Jeffy goes to check the bushes) I'm scared! (Jeffy then pulls the bushes aside)

Piggie: Oink.

Jeffy: (Gasp) It's a Piggie! Hey Mr. Piggie what doing?

Piggie: Oink.

Jeffy: Would you like a ride Mr. Piggie?

Piggie: Oink.

Jeffy: Alright Mr. Piggie come follow me!

The pig follows Jeffy.

Jeffy: Alright Piggie this is my bike!

Piggie: Oink.

Jeffy: Alright lets go! (Jeffy then pushes the bike)

Piggie: Oinnnnnnnnnnnnk.

Suddenly a Poacher stalks them.

Jeffy: Isn't this fun Mr. Piggie?

His bike suddenly gets shot on the tire flattening it.

Jeffy: UuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuAHHHHHHHH! My bike just died!

Poacher: Alright kid! Hand me over the pig!

Jeffy: What? Mr. Piggie?

Piggie: Oink.

Poacher: Yes! Hand it over!

Jeffy: Uhhhhh let me think about that for a second. No.

Poacher: (Shoots Jeffy on the leg)


Piggie: Oink.

Poacher: Guess I will be taking this! Thank you!

Jeffy: NOOOOOOOOOO! Mr. Piggie!

Piggie: Oink.

Jeffy: I gotta save Mr. Piggie! But how? (Jeffy sees a rock) I got it!

Jeffy throws a rock at the Poacher.

Poacher: (Accidentally drops the pig) Hey! You wanna fight kid?! Square up!

Jeffy: I will square up when you square up bitch!

Piggie: Oink. (Sneaks up behind the poacher)

The Poacher punches Jeffy.

Jeffy: OW!!

Piggie: (Ties the poacher's shoelaces to a tree)

Poacher: Guess I will be seeing you kid! Ha ha!

The Poacher grabs the pig and leaves. But however, he slips.

Poacher: HEY! My shoelaces!! Ughhhh!!!

Jeffy then grabs the pig and runs away.

Poacher: HEY!! You get back here!

The tree collapses and falls on the Poacher killing him.

Jeffy: (Gasping for breath) well. Mr. Piggie I gotta go now! I will see you later!

Piggie: Oink.

Jeffy: What is that? You want to handshake?

Piggie: Oink. (Pulls out hand)

Jeffy: Ok! (Jeffy handshakes with the pig but however, the pig spins him around and throws him on the ground)

Piggie: Oink! (Walks away)


DISCLAIMER: The bike in this story is actually a bicycle. Thus this story was actually named as "Jeffy And The Piggie!" but was renamed.


WARNING: This story may have some violence and swearing.

NOTICE: This story will be put in the "Red Ribbon Reissue Program". This story may also have less dialogue unlike by other stories.

It starts on a farm with stereotypical family characters of hillbillies.

It shows a few men and women in a old house called "The Weavers".

They are spending their time doing their own activities.

On the other side it shows another family called "The Matthews". But however, there is no women.

It goes back to other side and shows "The Matthews" again doing nothing but family chores.

A gunshot is heard.

Weaver 3: Hey guys! The Matthews are up!

They then get out their own guns and start fighting "The Matthews".

As the war keeps going on, a sheriff is driving by.

He leaves a poster on a tree and leaves.

"The Matthews" and "The Weavers" stop fighting and hold up white flags to go see the poster on the tree so they don't get shot in the process.

A man on each goes to the poster and goes back to their houses.

Weaver 4: Hey Weavers! There is a boxing match going on!

It then moves to the other side.

Matthew 5: And they are using pigs with our names! If one wins, they get to leave the town!

Goes back to the Weavers.

Weaver 4: So what do you guys think?

Weaver 2: That sounds great! We will all be there!

The next morning.

Goodman as the boxing match announcer: Good morning everyone! As you all may have heard, there will be a boxing match between your names! So, of the pig in your name loses, you will leave this town forever and never come back!

Matthew 9: But how do we tell which one's which?

Goodman: They will be wearing shirts! The Weavers will be purple and The Matthews will be green! Anyways! Round 1 starts so go to your f$&@ing seats!

Weaver 5: Ok!

They all go to their seats and the round starts.

The pigs come out from their cages and look at each other

Green pig: Oink.

Purple pig: Oink oink!

The green one punches the purple one.

Purple: YEEE!!

Purple starts attacking the green one.

Green: Oink oinnnnnk!!!

They both start fighting each other as the audiences cheer.

The green then gets knocked back to it's seat.

A boxing helper comes and cools down the green pig.

Green: Oink!

The green pig is ready again and starts kicking an punching the purple one.

Purple: Oinnnnnnk...

Green: Oink!

The audiences cheers more and more as the fight gets intense.

Purple starts kicking green in the face.

The green one then punches the purple one's neck longering it and then punches him in the throat.

The purple one then gets dizzy and then sees someone holding a monster energy drink.

Purple then drinks the whole entire drink and feels more hyped.

Purple: Oinnnnnnnk!!! Oink oink!!

Purple then comes over to green and starts punching him multiple times before punching hardly pushing him to the wires.

The green pig then starts going back and front also knocking out the purple pig and they both get knocked out.

Goodman comes over to the stand and raises the purple pig's arm.

Goodman: The winner!

The Matthews boo at Goodman and shoot him but miss.

Goodman looks at the green one and holds his hand up.

Goodman: The winner!

The Weavers boo at Goodman and then shoot him but miss.

Goodman then looks at both as they are lying down knocked out.

Goodman: It's a draw!!

The Weavers and The Matthews looks at Goodman with anger and then come to the stage and starts beating him up. But however, they also start fighting each other as well.

The pigs as the audience then look at the fight with excitement and happiness as the story irises-out on the fight on the stage.

IMG 2051



WARNING: This story may have swearing.

NOTICE: This story will be sourced in eastmancolor.

Goodman: Ahhh yes. I love sitting on my chair with my elephant asshole suit! I even like how I commit insurance fraud! I think I have a bright idea! I am gonna steal everyone's money by doubling their taxes! (Evil laughing)

It cuts to Mario in the living room.

Black Yoshi then comes in.

Black Yoshi: Ooo folk! I'm about to play me some call of duties!

Mario: Black Yoshi what are you doing?

Black Yoshi: Oh you know what I do every single day Mario!

Mario: No Black Yoshi I want to watch some TV you always play in her!

Black Yoshi: Man! Why can't you go downstairs folk?

Mario: Bec--- Hmmm, maybe I should have thought about that. But why don't you go downstairs?

Black Yoshi: I don't know folk. I always play up here.

Mario: (Sigh) I guess I will go downstairs...

Black Yoshi: Alright folk.

It then cuts to the bathroom.

Shrek: (Grunts) Oh dear God! That cheesecake hit my butthole every hard! (Grunts even harder while poop noises are heard) Oh well, I guess it's time to wipe. (Sees that their is no toilet paper) Oh, well what do you know? No toilet paper again. Guess donkey forgot to put more toilet paper in here. Oh well, guess I will have to let it crust. (Flushes the toilet and leaves)

It then cuts to the downstairs living room.

Mario: (Calm sigh) I guess I will watch TV here.

A doorbell ring is heard.

Mario: Now who could that be?

Mario answers the door and it's Goodman.

Goodman: Oh hey Mario, you know what time it is?

Mario: Let me guess? House payment?

Goodman: Yes, and doubled.

Mario: What?! I don't have that type of money!

Goodman: Well you better get your house payment by midnight or your balls will be ice cream Mario!

Mario: (Sigh) Fine! I guess I can see what I can do...

Goodman: Ok!

Mario then closes the door and Goodman leaves.

Goodman: Heheh, this is gonna be good! Soon people will go bankrupt, and I will be richer!

Goodman then goes to a unexpected person's house and rings the doorbell.

The citizen opens the door.

Goodman: Oh hey there, do you know what time it is?

Citizen: House payment time. I know it damnit!

Goodman: Doubled.

Citizen: What?

Goodman: You heard me correctly.

Citizen: I don't have that type of money!

Goodman: You better get it by midnight or your bal--

Citizen: I know I know, TESTICULAR VIOLENCE!! That's what you do! (Slams the door on him)

Goodman: Rude!

Goodman then tells Citizens about their payments being doubled.

It cuts to MarioFan2009 and Rh390110478 at MarioFan2009's house in the living room.

MarioFan2009: So, how did your content moderator approval went?

Rh390110478: It was declined. I had spam edits and all I do is make fan-fiction stories.

MarioFan2009: Oh, well. I feel sorry for you...

They get a doorbell ring.

MarioFan2009: I'll get it!

MarioFan2009 answers the door to Goodman.

Goodman: Oh hey MarioFan2009, you know what time it is?

MarioFan2009: House payment...

Goodman: And it is doubled!

MarioFan2009: WHAT?!

Goodman: You heard me correctly!

MarioFan2009: Alright I will have it by 30 minutes or so.

Goodman: Alright then! Good to hear that!

MarioFan2009: Bye.

MarioFan2009 closes the door.

MarioFan2009: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckietty fuck...

Rh390110478: What's wrong?

MarioFan2009: My house payment is doubled...

Rh390110478: What?! How?!

MarioFan2009: I don't really know. Guess it just happened...

Rh390110478: Eh, coincidence?

MarioFan2009: Yeah I guess so...

It cuts to Goodman driving back home.

Goodman: Oh boy oh boy! After a few weeks, I will triple the house payment! And so on I will triple it more!

A few months later...

Goodman: Yes! My cash is boosted up to 10 billion! Goodness this is my day!

Goodman is seen swimming in his own money.

It cuts to MarioFan2009 and Rh390110478.

MarioFan2009: You know, I think something is wrong with the house payments... They have been tripled since December...

Rh390110478: Yeah I agree... maybe we should go to Goodman's house and see what is going on...

They both drive all the way to Goodman's house and peek at the windows to see what is going on.

MarioFan2009: WHAT TH---

Goodman is seen having sex with a money-made girl.

MarioFan2009: What in heavens name is going on in there!

Rh390110478: I think Goodman's been scamming people all along!

MarioFan2009: Oh yeah?! Well I'm getting my money back, and so are the innocent people he has scammed!

Rh390110478: But how do we get inside his house!

MarioFan2009 gets out a shiny key.

Rh390110478: Wooooah... what is that?!

MarioFan2009: Heh heh, magic.

They both quietly open the door and sneak inside Goodman's house.

MarioFan2009: Goodness, the bastard has eaten up so many innocent people's cash...

Rh390110478: This is so much moolah!

MarioFan2009: Ok, so we need to get Goodman arrested for doing such acts. We should just blow our covers and get ready.

Rh390110478: Alright!

They both pop out right in front of Goodman.

Goodman: WHAT TH-- HEY?!

MarioFan2009: Alright Goodman! We know what you did!


Rh390110478: We know what you did and we are here to stop you!

Goodman: FROM WHAT?!

MarioFan2009: Stealing other people's money by fakely doubling their taxes!


Goodman runs away.

MarioFan2009: Rh! We gotta do something fast!

Rh390110478: I think I have an idea! (Whispers into MarioFan2009's ear)

MarioFan2009: That sounds like a great idea!

Goodman is seen running and tries to jump out a window.

Rh390110478 however makes loud and fake police sirens itch his mouth that alert Goodman.

Rh390110478 imitating as a officer: Alright Goodman! You better come out of there! We know what you did!

Goodman: Oh fuck! Fuck oh fuck! I am screwed!

Rh390110478 as another officer: We are giving you the count to 30 and you better come out or we will break into your house!

Goodman: No no no no... FUCK!!!

MarioFan2009 Sneaks up behind Goodman.

Goodman: What do I do I am so fucked right now! WHO CALLED THE COPS I. THE FIRST PLACE?!

MarioFan2009: Nobody did.

Goodman: (Turns around) Huh?

MarioFan2009 punches Goodman in the place and handcuffs him.


MarioFan2009: Something that should always be done to assholes and pricks like you...


MarioFan2009 leaves Goodman cuffed and calls the police.

The police arrive and compromise Goodman's cash and arrest him.

Officer 1: Thank you two for noticing about this guy. We will make sure to get a new insurance guy.


Officer 2: Quit stalling and get in the car!


MarioFan2009: Well I'm glad that's gotten rid of.

Rh390110478: Yeah, lets go home now. I'm tired.

MarioFan2009: Yeah I agree.

They both go home and it irises out.

THE END! A MarioFan2009 production.


WARNING: This story may have violence and swearing.

It starts off with a showing the Florida airline planes.

It shows Rh390110478 sitting close to a plane reading a news paper article.

A short tiny creature is seen walking past by with a hammer.

Rh30110478 sees him but ignores it until loud hammer banging is heard.

Rh30110478 goes to see what is going on.

Rh30110478: Hey, what going on bud?

Tiny Creature: Pardon me, but these warheads ain't spill smoke if you don't hit them hard enough.

Rh30110478: Yeah?

Tiny Creature: Yeah!

The Creature then keeps hitting the warhead.

Rh30110478: Hey, can I give it a try?

Tiny Creature: Sure, suit yourself.

Rh30110478 is about to hit it but then realizes that a warhead is a nuclear bomb.

Rh30110478: WHAT IN THE EVER LIVING FUCK AM I DOING?!?! (Points at the Tiny Creature but he isn't there) WHY Y--- Wait, where did he go?

The Tiny Creature seen on the left side of Rh30110478's headphones.

Rh30110478: Now where did that piece of shit go to?! He was almost about to nuke the whole entire airline!

Tiny Creature: (Screams into Rh30110478's ear) RIGHT HEAR BOYYYYY!!! (Runs away)

Rh30110478 WHY YOU--- COME BACK HERE!! (He then chases him all the way to a plane)

The tiny creature then goes up a plane and trip Rh as he was going up the stairs.

Rh30110478: Why that---

Rh30110478 is seen trying to find the creature on the plane.

MarioFan2009: Hey Rh, what are you looking around for?

OcelotGuys224: Yeah?

Rh30110478: A small little guy was trying to nuke the airlines by hammering a warhead! I stopped him just in time before he could have caused damage.

MarioFan2009: A small guy? You mean a Gremlin?

OcelotGuys224: Boy! Those things are myths!

Rh30110478: Wait, I think I could have saw one...

MarioFan2009: Maybe we should go help him out?

OcelotGuys224: Yeah, lets do so.

They go search the whole entire plane but to no avail. They can't find the Gremlin.

Gremlin: Boy, those guys are gonna have a lot of fun when the plane starts!

Plane Pilot on the announcement: Attention passengers, please be seated as the plane is about take lift off.

MarioFan2009: Yeah Rh, maybe we should go sit down and talk about this...

OcelotGuys224: Yeah.

They go back to their seats.

OcelotGuys224: Oh boy, Canada here we come!

Shrek is seen a few seats back.

Shrek: Oh donkey! I shouldn't have eaten that cheesecake! OH! I think I need to crap!!!

Black Yoshi: Yo Shreky, there is a bathroom in the back.

Shrek: OH REALLY!! THANKS BLACK DONKEY! (Shrek runs all the way to the bathroom)

It cuts back to Rh30110478, OcelotGuys224 and MarioFan2009.

MarioFan2009: So where did you see this creature?

Rh30110478: I saw him outside the plane where I was reading a newspaper, and all of a sudden, I saw him coming but I ignored him. Then I heard banging going on at the back so I decided to check what was going on. When I checked he told me about warheads which I did not know about until I asked for the hammer and he gave it to me. I was about to make a big mistake until I noticed that warheads are actually nukes!

OcelotGuys224: Woah!

MarioFan2009: I think we should just keep an eye out for the creature...

OcelotGuys224: Yeah. We might find him soon.

It cuts to the Gremlin at the back of the pilot's seat ready to cause chaos.

The Gremlin: Hey there gal!


The Gremlin ties her mouth shut and ties her at the back.

The Gremlin: Looks like it's my time to shine!

It cuts back to the passengers seats.

Mario: So Rosalina, where have you been all these months?

Rosalina: Well I---

Jeffy: Uh.

Mario: Jeffy stop that!

Jeffy: Uh!

Mario: Jeffy st---

Jeffy: Uh uh uh uh.

Mario: I guess I will just ignore him...

Rosalina: Yeah...

It cuts to the Gremlin again.

The Gremlin: Boy this is gonna be fun! (He moves the wheel to the right side)

The plane passengers are seen pushed by the plane's force.



Jeffy: Weeeeee! This is fun!

It cuts to Shrek about to use the bathroom.

Shrek: Oh donkey! I can't wait to take a big craaap!!

Shrek sits down on the toilet.

Shrek: Oh donkey!! Here it comes!! (Shrek then takes a huge crap but however, the plane's force then pulls him making him poop all over the plane's restroom) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... What happened don--- OH! Oh my God donkey! Look at this mess!! What will donkey say about this?? (Shrek thinks for a minute) I guess, it is ok. Maybe nobody is going to use the bathroom yet... Oh well, I better start wiping and leave...

Black Yoshi: Yo folk! I can't even play my call of duties if this plane keeps on moving like this!

MarioFan2009: What the hell is going on?!

OcelotGuys224: I DON'T KNOW!!!

Rh390110478: I think I will go check! It must be the Gremlin!!

MarioFan2009: WAI-- Oh never mind!

It cuts back to Shrek again.

Shrek: (Is wiping himself) Oh yeah donkey! Get a load of that! Alright, guess it's time to leave!

It cuts back to The Gremlin causing havoc on the plane.

The Gremlin: Boy this is so much fun! (Sees the panorama tower) Oh goody! It's time to make history resurface!

Rh390110478: OH NO YOU DON'T!! (Grabs the Gremlin and throws him away and moves the plane away from the tower)

The Gremlin: Oh come! I was having fun!!

Rh390110478: You won't be having fun anymore bud! (Grabs the Gremlin)

The Gremlin: HELP! Somebody!!

Rh390110478 is trying to control the plane as the passengers panic.

The Gremlin escapes Rh390110478's hand and tries to jump off of the plane.


The Gremlin jumps off without his parachute killing him.

Rh390110478: Well, I gotta get this plane back to the airlines!

Rh390110478 then drives the airplane back to the airlines.

MarioFan2009: Goodness! You saved us from death!

Ocelot224: Yeah! Thanks a bunch!

Rh390110478: Well, thanks everybody! (He falls on the ground exhausted from all the experiences he has been through that day)

Everybody else then leaves the airplane and forget about taking the trip to Canada and plan it tomorrow.


Bathroom Janitor: Well, looks like I gotta get sweeping. (He enters the bathroom to see poop stains all over the stallment) OH DEAR GOD!! (Throws up and leaves)

IMG 2055

The LittlePlane Hijacker 2! Made by OcelotGuys224 but credited for me

Jeffy: Daddy! What are we doing in this place?

Mario: We are going to Canada, Jeffy!

Jackie Chu: I rather go to China because you all are dumb as shit.

OcelotGuys224: Yeah, we get it!

Jackie Chu: DUMB!!

Shrek: I can’t wait to crap all over the stallment!

Black Yoshi: Man! You dirty shrecky!

Goodman: Did you pay your house payment?

Mario: Not yet!

Goodman: Take your f***ing shirt off right now! AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

Plane Pilot on the announcement: Attention passengers, please be seated as the plane is about to take lift off.

Rh390110478: Thanks goodness! (Rh390110478, Mariofan2009, OcelotGuys224(me) and the SML characters from the franchise go to the plane)

(a few minutes of taking seats later)

Junior: Oh man! I can’t wait to go to Canada! But first, DOOFY THE DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!


Junior: NO, YOU SHUT UP! (Turn on tv)

Guy on tv: Alrighty kids, it’s time for…

Kids on tv: DOOFY THE DRAGON! (Kids cheers while Doofy sits at the table with 2 cookies)

Doofy: Hey kids! I’m Doofy the Dragon! And today, on this plate, there is 2 cookies. But one of them has cyanide. (Doofy chooses the cookie that has cyanide in them and eat the cookie causing Doofy to die, end)

Junior: (laughs hard) THAT’S SO FUNNY, DOOFY!!

(Junior saws Cody humping ken in moaning censored with a bar)

Junior: WHAT THE F**K, CODY!!!

Joseph: I CAN’T LOOK AT THIS! (Shield his eyes)

MarioFan2009: Hey! Can you look at the seats in front of us?

OcelotGuys224: Sure! (gets up and see Cody humping Ken while Cody is moaning censored with a bar) CODY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!?? (Runs quickly to the trash can and throw up)

(OcelotGuys224 get back on his seat)

Rh390110478: What is going on?

OcelotGuys224: (in a nauseous voice) I’ve seen worse… Cody is humping with his doll.

MarioFan2009: Wait what?

(Plane starts and a little creature goes into the plane)

Little Creature: Time to hijack the plane. My brother died and now, revenge! (goes to the plane controller with the 2 pilots and tied the pilot around his body and mouth and screams) AHAHAHA!!!

(At seat section 3-D)


Mario: JEFFY, STOP IT!!!!

Chef Pee Pee: You shouldn’t be mean to him, Mario.

Mario: I can’t help my- (plane pushes everybody by the force) AAAAAAAAAAH!!! (Bump into the wall) Who is doing this again!?

(Cuts to the stallment)

Shrek: (craps over the toilet) Donkey! This is so- (bumps into the wall) DONKEY!! HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!

(At seat section 3-A and Junior, joseph and Cody bumps together into the wall)

Cody: Can I have some privacy time!?


(At seat section 3-B)

OcelotGuys224: Oh no! NOT AGAIN!! (Bumps into the wall)

Jeffy: (flies around) Weeeee!! This is so much fun again!

Rh390110478: WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON!? (Checks the plane controller revealing it’s the gremlin’s brother) Ooooooh, that piece of manure! (busts into the wall) STOP!! (jumps on the little creature to stop the hijack)

(At seat section 3-C)

Goodman: WHAT THE S**T!! (Bumps into the wall) OW!

Tony The Tiger: OOOOOOOOOOH! (Bumps into the wall)

(At the plane controller)

Rh390110478: (fights with the little creature and throws over the plane causing to die) Finally! He’s gone, now all I have to do again, is to control the plane. (go to the pilot controller and lands on the airport)

(while everyone gets off the plane arguing)

OcelotGuys224: Man, we didn’t go to Canada!

MarioFan2009: I give up!

Goodman: Mario, take your shirt off…

Mario: I’m not gonna d-

Goodman: AAAAH!!!

Junior: This suck!!

Cody: Yeah! The first one, we plan again to go to Canada. Now, we give up.

Junior: Give up on calling your mom a pig! (cody beats junior)

Rh390110478: You know what? We are not going to the airport!

OcelotGuys224: True…

(at the sml house)

Mario: I’m glad everything is back to normal…

Jeffy: F**k!

Mario: Stop cussing!

Jeffy: S**t!


(At the kitchen)

Chef Pee Pee: I’m tired, I should go to sleep… (leaves)

(At Bowser’s room)


(At junior’s room)

Junior: (sleeps)



WARNING: This story may have some violence and swearing.

NOTICE: This is my first ever story starting Poopy Butt/Shitass.

NOTICE 2: This story takes place before the events of Jeffy's Bad Dog!.

NOTICE 3: This story will be put in the "Red Ribbon Reissue Program".

It starts with Mario sitting on the couch while Poopy Butt is coughing on him.

Mario: Poopy Butt stop it!

Jeffy comes in

Jeffy: Hey daddy!

Mario: Hey Jeffy! Get your stupid dog off of me he is coughing on me!

Jeffy: Sure! Hey Poopy Butt.

Poopy Butt: (Makes gross noises)

Jeffy: (He grabs Poopy Butt) We gotta go, daddy doesn't like you!

Mario: WHA--- Ugh!

Jeffy: Lets go

Jeffy takes Poopy Butt downstairs.

Jeffy: Alright Poopy Butt, you can stay here! I'm gonna go upstairs and play with Junior!

Poopy Butt stays on the couch making gross noises.

Over through the window can be seen two evil cats planning to break in steal some food.

Cat 1: Hey high! You see that Dog over there?

High: Yeah yeah, I see him Grodo! He looks sick!

Grodo: Yeah, and we are gonna break in and steal some food!

High: But how?

Grodo then pulls out his claw nails.

Grodo: My nails are used like keys often! We shall be able to enter in there!

High: Oh goody!

They silently open the door and enter in the house.

They pass through the living room with wood planks for defense.

Poopy Butt: (Starts making noises because he sees the cats)

Grodo: AHHHHHHHHH SHADDUP!!! (Smacks him with the plank)

Poopy Butt goes unconscious.

The cats then enter the kitchen where Chef Pee Pee is seen cooking.

Chef Pee Pee: (Humming) Ah, these dishes are finally done! Now I can go take a break!

High then knocks out Chef Pee Pee with the plank.

Grodo: Dude! Why did you do that?! We don't need to get rid of everyone!

High: Sorry...

They then open the fridge and take all of the food. (Including Woody's shrimpos, Black Yoshi's leftover KFC chicken and Shrek's cheesecake)

They then leave the house with no food bits left behind.

1 hour later...

Shrek is seen entering the kitchen.

Shrek: Oh donkey! Sara Lee cheesecake!! Here I come baby!

He opens the fridge to find out everything is gone.

Shrek: What the?! OH MY GOD DONKEY!! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHERE IS MY CHEESECAKE!! DONKEY!!! (He runs upstairs to go find Mario)

Mario: Sigh, I guess I will watch some TV.

Black Yoshi then comes in.

Black Yoshi: Oh no you ain't!


Shrek then comes in

Shrek: DONKEY!!!

Mario: What Shrek?? What seems to be the problem?

Shrek: DONKEY! There is nothing in the fridge! My cheesecake is gone!!

Mario: Wh--- ALL GONE?!

Shrek: Yes donkey! Everything is gone! There's is no cheesecake or anything inside!

Black Yoshi: Wait? What about my chicken?

Shrek: It's not in there!


Mario: What?! I think it's that mouse again! Ughhhhh! I'm gonna go check!

Shrek: Hurry donkey!

Mario goes downstairs and he is surprised to find the kitchen empty.


Mouse: (Comes out of his hole) (Sigh) What ya want? I was taking a nap.


Mouse: What are you talking about? I haven't even touched the fridge yet...


Mouse: EMPTY?! OH NO! I'm gonna starve!!

Mario: Wait what? You did not take anything?

Mouse: No!! I did not!! I overslept and I was supposed to go to the fridge today!

Mario: Wh--- then who could have done it?!

Mario then goes to the living room and finds that Poopy Butt has been knocked out.

Mario: What the heck? Poopy Butt?

Poopy Butt wakes up.

Poopy Butt: (Makes gross noises)

Mario: Poopy Butt what happened??

Poopy Butt: (Tries pointing to the leftover tracks the cats left)

Mario: WHAT THE?! Ohhhhhh... It was a robbery! But wait, how could robbers come for food instead of money? I'm gonna go check... (He comes and looks at the tracks to find out they are actually cat footprints) Ah ha. So some sneaky felines came over and stole over food... You know, I could have used them to catch the mouse but... Wait never mind that failed BUT ANYWAYS!! I gotta get me a do-- Oh wait, I think I have Poopy--- NEVERMIND AGAIN. He is paralyzed! I gotta get me a strong dog. Guess I will have to call the pet shop...

Mario then makes a phone call to the pet shop.

Brooklyn T. Guy: Hello, this is the pet shop.

Mario: Hello, can you send me a bulldog please?

Brooklyn T. Guy: Alright, It will be there in 5 minutes.

Mario: Ok.

5 minutes later...

A doorbell ring is heard.

Mario: That must be him. Coming!

Mario answer the door.

Brooklyn T. Guy: Yeah, here is your bulldog. He is very aggressive though so be careful.

Mario: Alright just bring him in!

Brooklyn T. Guy: Ok.

The Bulldog is released and it has a very mean look on it's face.

Bulldog: (Growls in anger)

Mario: He is perfect! I will take him!

Brooklyn T. Guy: Alright, that will be 10 dollars.

Mario: Here, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Brooklyn T. Guy: Guess I will see ya.

Mario: Bye!

Later that night.

Grodo: Alright, lets hope they have more food for us!

High: Yeah!

They silently enter in the house but the Bulldog finds them and looks at them with a angry growl.

Bulldog: (Growls in more anger)

High: You know Grodo, maybe we should leave...

Grodo: Yeah... RUNNNNN!!!!

The Bulldog starts chasing them around the house breaking numerous objects.

The cats eventually get out safely without being killed.

Bulldog: (Growls and slams the door on them)

High: You know, that was a close one!

Grodo: Yeah! I'm never going in that house again!!

High: Me too!

The Bulldog is seen sitting on the couch to which side Poopy Butt is coughing.

Bulldog: (Growls)

Poopy Butt: (Makes gross noises)

The Bulldog however grabs him and starts taking him outside and kicks him out.

The Bulldog then slams the door on him.

Poopy Butt: (Coughs in sadness)

High: You know, that guy just kicked our buddy out!

Grodo: He is not our friend!

High: We gotta get rid of that dog before he starts hurting everyone in the house.

Grodo: But we are stray wild cats. We don't need to be nice or-- You know what? Maybe I think you are right. Lets go break in again but this time, we will stop that dog!

High: Yeah lets do so!

They find a window and open it to get inside.

Grodo: Here doggy doggy! Here doggo! We gotta a nice bone for ya!

The Bulldog comes in angrily.

High: Now now dog, we got a nice bone for you!

The Bulldog sees the bone and gets excited.

Grodo is seen placing a rope.

High: Go get it boy! (Throws the bone)

The Bulldog goes and gets it but however gets caught in the rope Grodo placed.

Bulldog: (Growls for help)

Grodo: There there now, nice and steady.

They throw the Bulldog out and bring Poopy Butt back in.

They also confess to Mario about what they did and apologize for their actions and promise they will never do it again.

Mario: Hmmmm, well. Ok. Since you mean it...

High: We do!

Mario: Alright. There is a mouse in the kitchen. Can you go get rid of him?

Grodo: A mouse??

High: Oh goody!

They go to the kitchen and find a mouse.

Mouse: Oh hey th--- Yipe!

High: So this is the guy eh? Lets get him!

Shrek and Black Yoshi are seen behind them.

Shrek: You know black donkey, I think those are the kitty donkeys that ate my cheesecake!

Black Yoshi: And my chicken!

Shrek: Lets get them!

Mouse: Well, to loo do!

The mouse runs away and the cats start chasing him along with Shrek and Black Yoshi chasing them.

The Bulldog is seen looking at them through a window.

Bulldog: You know, I may be homeless now, but at least I am getting entertained from the outside!

The dog continues looking at the chase and it irises out on him.

IMG 2068

Cross Country Detours

WARNING: This story may have swearing.

NOTICE: This story will be put in the "Red Ribbon Reissue" program.

NOTICE 2: This story does not have a villain in it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It starts with Bowser Junior sleeping in his bed.

Bowser Junior: (Wakes up) It's morning time! Oh boy! I can't wait to have some breakfast!

Bowser Junior goes downstairs.

Bowser Junior: Hey Chef Pee Pee!

Chef Pee Pee: (Sigh) What do you want Junior?

Bowser Junior: What's for breakfast Chef Pee Pee?

Chef Pee Pee: Oh uh, I was just going to make your Doofy Os cereal.

Bowser Junior: Alright Chef Pee Pee, I will go wait in the living room.

Chef Pee Pee: Alright.

Bowser Junior goes to the living room.

Bowser Junior: While I'm waiting, I guess I might watch some TV.

Bowser Junior turns on the TV.

Advertiser: Hey everybody! Today is a special day. We are showing and giving detours to everybody about the whole entire countries of the world! It is only 5 dollars and 25 cents! Bring kids if you'd like!

Bowser Junior: Wh--- A detour for all the countries in the world?! I never knew such a thing like this would ever happen! I gotta go ask Chef Pee Pee!

Bowser Junior goes to the kitchen.

Bowser Junior: Hey Chef Pee Pee!

Chef Pee Pee: What Now Junior?

Bowser Junior: I just saw a advertisement for a detour for all the countries in the world! I was wondering if you can go take me to it!

Chef Pee Pee: Wha-- A detour for all the countries in the world?! What?!

Bowser Junior: Yeah, I know! It kind of sounds crazy but can we go?

Chef Pee Pee: Hmmmmm, I mean, I gotta check this out... Sure we can go!

Bowser Junior: YAYY!!

Chef Pee Pee: I just made your Doofy Os. Eat them and we will go.

Bowser Junior: I will also call my friends!

Chef Pee Pee: Alright whatever.

Bowser Junior finishes up his Doofy Os cereal and then calls his friends about the detouring.

It cuts to Chef Pee Pee and Bowser Junior with his friends in the car.

Chef Pee Pee: Alright guys we are at the boat.

Bowser Junior: Oh boy! I can't wait to go see Canada, and Mexico, and Australia, and Afghanistan, an---

Cody: Hold on hold on. Did you say Afghanistan?

Bowser Junior: Yeah, something wrong?

Cody: Isn't Afghanistan a war zone?

Chef Pee Pee: Yes Cody, but quarter of the cities are safe though.

Joseph: That makes sense!

Cody: Ok then.

Chef Pee Pee: Alright lets go guys.

It then cuts to them in Mexico on the boat as the driver and the person talking tells them all about it.

Bowser Junior: Wow, Mexico looks great!

Joseph: It kinda stinks.

Bowser Junior: No it does not Joseph! You don't know what you are talking about.

Cody: Guys where is the bathroom, Me and Ken need some privacy.

Chef Pee Pee: Damnit Cody! Ugh! You are so gay!

Cody: Sorry Peepers...

It then cuts to them in Canada while the person talking tells everything about it.

Cody is seen kissing Ken.

Citizen 1: Hey kid, you mind taking your doll somewhere else? You are making me very uncomfortable!

Cody: He is not a doll he is my boyfriend!

Citizen 1: Ugh! Walks away.

Bowser Junior: Cody! Stop being gay on the boat! You are going to ruin the trip!

Cody: Fine Junior! (Puts Ken under his underwear and makes grunting noises)

Citizen 4: (Pokes Junior) Hey kid, is he always like this?

Bowser Junior: Nah I think he is just gay over a doll that's all.

Cody: (Grunting) He... is my boyfriend!

It then cuts to them in Saskatchewan.

Person Talking: And over here you see the hills.

Bowser Junior: Hey Joseph.

Joseph: Yeah dude?

Bowser Junior: Should we go somewhere else, Cody is making me feel very uncomfortable...

Joseph: Yeah sure dude. He is grossing me out as well...

They both go to the back where they cannot see the view anymore.

Joseph: You know, maybe we should go a little bit closer to the left.

Bowser Junior: Yeah, I can't see anything...

They then move to the left at the front only to go back to where they were and Cody is there grunting.

Joseph and Junior: AHHH!!

Cody: What guys?

Joseph: Nothing dude. (Frustrated sigh)

It cuts to them in Russia.

Chef Pee Pee: Man, I am getting hungry.

Bowser Junior: I think I heard that there is a cafeteria on the boat.

Chef Pee Pee: Really?! Where?

Bowser Junior: At the back.

Chef Pee Pee: Ok! (Leaves to go and eat)

Bowser Junior: Russia is so cool! I wish I lived here!

Joseph: Yeah me too dude!

It then cuts to them in Germany.

Joseph: Hey dude, maybe we should yell "Nein" oh the boat!

Bowser Junior: Great idea Joseph! It will be so funny!

Bowser Junior And Joseph: NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN!!!

Person Talking: HEY! Whoever is doing that, cut it out! It's not funny!

Bowser Junior And Joseph giggle.

Cody is seen still grunting.

Joseph: Ewwww!

Several more detours to other countries and 3 days later...

It cuts to them back in America.

Bowser Junior, Joseph, Cody and Chef Pee Pee then go home after a very long trip.

Bowser Junior: Ahhhh, home as last! That was very fun though! I wish we can do that again!

Joseph: Me too dude! But without Cody!

Cody: Hey!

Joseph: Well I gotta go home now dude.

Cody: Yeah me too.

Bowser Junior: Alright then guys. Bye!

Joseph: Bye dude!

Joseph and Cody leave the house.

Bowser: Junior!!

Bowser Junior: Yes dad?

Bowser: Where have you been! I haven't seen you in ages!

Bowser Junior: Oh, me and my friends went to see detours on all the countries of the world!

Bowser: Oh really? That's weird! But why didn't you invite me?!

Bowser Junior: You are always watching Charleyyy and friends! But if you'd like I did take videos of it. Here you go!

Bowser: Oh boy! Thanks Junior!

Bowser Junior: Your welcome dad!

Bowser goes up stairs and watches all of the videos that where recorded and it ends.

IMG 2069



WARNING: This story may have violence and swearing.

NOTICE: This story will be put in the "Red Ribbon Reissue" program.

CHAPTER 1: A normal beginning

It starts with 13 old men sleeping in a abandoned house.

Their clock then starts rings.

One of them tries to turn off the clock but fails to and gets pissed and shoots it instead.

Old Man 3: Hey guys, it's time to start out day off.

Old Man 5: Yeah. Gotta kill those birds for food.

They go outside and shoot off a few pigeons and seagulls for their breakfast.

It cuts back to them in their house.

Old Man 7: You know, have you guys heard about that crime?

Old Man 3: What crime?

Old Man 7: That crime which involved the bombing, robbery and club shooting that happened 2 weeks ago.

Old Man 9: Oh yeah! I know that!

Old Man 1: So, what about it?

Old Man 7: Well, I was thinking like uhhhh... You know...

Old Man 6: Go ahead, take your time.

Old Man 7: We do the same thing...

Old Man 13: What? Really? Recreate what they did?

Old Man 7: Not recreate, but actually cause more chaos.

Old Man 12: Florida has been theorized for the past few months. What's the point of it anyways?

Old Man 7: Well, I was thinking we give them a surprise.

Old Man 10: I think I agree with this guys plan.

Old Man 2: Me too.

Old Man 5: Me three.

Old Man 6: Same here.

Old Man 1: I call dibs.

Old Man 4: Me six

Old Man 11: I think we should make a plan if we are gonna execute this.

Old Man 9: I got one!

Old Man 8: I will help him with his plan.

Old Man 9: Alright then!

They take a few minutes deciding how to plan their terror.

Old Man 9: Ok, so everyone got it?

The Rest Of The Men: Yep!

Old Man 9: Alright, tomorrow is the day we go out and start it!

It cuts to MarioFan2009 sleeping in bed.

MarioFan2009: (Wakes up) Ahhhhhh, morning time. Finally. Now I will just go and get myself prepared and finish off the 2016 categories! But first, I need to clean myself and then eat. (He goes to the bathroom and brushes his teeth and goes downstairs to eat) Alright, I just gotta go on my computer and just get through with all of the 2016 categories and I can start my day off!

18 minutes later...

MarioFan2009: Alright. I am ready to get some fresh air. (He goes outside and gets in his car and drives off)

At the SML wiki studio...

Rh390110478: So, Trikkiboy. How is it going with the vandals.

Trikkiboy: I just got rid of a few vandals today.

CuldeeFell13: Who where they?

Trikkiboy: For some reason, "This article is a stub" somehow got unblocked... I really don't know how... and there was yet another sockpuppet of bird accounts called: "Syrian bird".

CuldeeFell13: Why won't they give up?

Trikkiboy: They will get bored eventually...

A door knock is heard.

Trikkiboy: I'll get it.

Trikkiboy goes to answer the door.

Trikkiboy: Hey MarioFan2009! Come in.

MarioFan2009: Thanks.

Gummy Cow: Hey MarioFan2009 buddy! How's it going?

MarioFan2009: It is good. I just finished all the 2016 categories.

Gummy Cow: Good to hear!

MarioFan2009 goes to take a seat.

MarioFan2009: Hey 2epicworlds.

2epicworlds: Yeah, what's up?

MarioFan2009: When is chapter 6 of the sequel of "Soul Catcher" coming?

2epicworlds: It should be here today!

MarioFan2009: Alright!

It cuts back to the old house where the old men are.

Old Man 4: So guys, what crime do we do first?

Old Man 7: I say vandalism. SML wiki sock accounts to that all the time.

Old Man 4: Dude, we are not vandalizing Fandom... we are vandalizing Florida...

Old Man 7: Sorry!

Old Man 4: It's fine.

Old Man 8: I think we should do robbery. It's a classic head start.

Old Man 4: We don't wanna copy the Buckaroo though...

Old Man 8: Ok!

Old Man 13: Guys, I gotta a perfect idea...

Old Man 4: Yes! What is it?

Old Man 13: How about we sneak in bushes and shoot people terrifying them?


Old Man 13: K! Sorry dude! Don't need to get mad!

Old Man 4: Ugh! Whatever! Any other suggestions?

Old Man 9: We should do bombings. Expect not on the road. Somewhere else.

Old Man 4: BRILLIANT! We can do robbery second and vandalism on buildings third. (Pulls out shotgun) who's read for some feuding?!

Old Man 10: I am!

Old Man 3 and 4: We are!

Old Man 1: I am!

Old Man 12: I'm in!

Old Man 7: So ready!

Old Man 6: We all are!

Old Man 13: Then can we do my idea fourth?

Old Man 4 shoots through Old Man 13's hat.


Old Man 13: (Scared) Yes boss...

Old Man 4: GOOD! Now everybody, do what we can do today and lets wait for tomorrow soon!

Old Men: Alright!

They do what they can do for their day and some continue what they where doing.

At night time...

Old Man 4: (Yawns) Alright everyone... guess we can go to sleep now...

Old Man 7: Yeah mate, I am tired as hell...

Old Man 8: Me too.

Old Man 4: Alright fellas, lets go get some sleep and wait for tomorrow. (Sets the timer to 6:30 AM) get ready boys...

They all go to bed and wait for tomorrow

It cuts back to the SML studio.

KAPfan9876: Alright guys, today was a hard days work.

CuldeeFell13: Yep!

MarioFan2009: Alright then, see ya all tomorrow.

Trikkiboy: Bye MarioFan2009!

MarioFan2009: Bye Trikkiboy!

They all go home and close up the studio.


CHAPTER 2: The pre-planning set

Old Man 4: So guys, where should we bomb first?

Old Man 12: How about the northwest?

Old Man 4: Nice! We shall go their by and release our load.

The Rest: Ok!

They go into their car and drive all the way to the northwest.

They finally arrive and place dynamite and TNT all over trees and dig under and put some under houses without being caught.

Old Man 4: Alright men, are you ready?

The Rest: Yep!

Old Man 4: Alright first We bomb the trees. Here goes nothing!

They ignite the string of the bombs and a huge explosion occurs.

Old Man 4: That is one beautiful explosion!

Old Man 7: Yeah! I agree!


MarioFan2009 is seen watching TV.

MarioFan2009: (Sigh) lets check Fandom to see how stories are going right?

He sees that Internet Problem has delayed "The Woody Arc" until Thursday and ArthurFistMeme hasn't continued Chapter 7 of "Bad Company!".

MarioFan2009: UGH!!! This again?! When are the stories gonna finish?! I wanna see what happens next! How can this day get any worse?!

Goodman appears on TV.

Goodman: Breaking news Mkay! A mass bombing in the northwest occurred this evening. Almost all the trees have been destroyed and the police are looking into this situation.

MarioFan2009: ... Me and my big fat mouth...

He then gets a doorbell ring.

MarioFan2009: Now who could that be?

He then answers the door to Rh390110478.

MarioFan2009: Hey there Rh! What brought you here today?

Rh390110478: I just wanted to let you know that "The Hideout" is here!

MarioFan2009: Oh really?! Well I was just watching the news!

Rh390110478: Oh...

MarioFan2009: You can come in if you'd like.

Rh390110478: Alright! Thanks!

Rh390110478 comes inside.


Old Man 4: Alright guys, now we bomb the houses. Are you ready?

Old Man 9: Ready as you are!

Old Man 2: Yep!

Old Man 4: Alright guys.

2epicworlds is seen walking by until he sees that there is some old men destroying buildings.

2epicworlds: HEY! WHAT THE HELL?!

Old Man 4 is about to light the string of the bomb but 2epicworlds attacks him.

Old Man 4: HEY! GET OFF OF ME YOU...

Old Man 5: Guys! Boss is being attacked! We gotta help him.

Old Man 8 tries shooting 2epicworlds but misses and shoots the air instead.

2epicworlds: You are not going anywhere!


Old Man 11 then comes up to grab 2epicworlds by the legs and get him off of the boss.

2epicworlds: HEY! Let go!

Old Man 11 and 10 then tie him up and cover his mouth so he does not scream.

Old Man 10: That oughta keep him from spoiling our business!

2epicworlds is seen mumbling for help and struggling to get out.

Old Man 11: AHHHHHHHHH SHADDUP!! (Hits him with his shotgun)

Old Man 4: Alright, as we where doing. (Lights up the bomb's string and they leave with 2epicworlds as a explosion occurs)

Old Man 5: So long, northwest Florida! (Laughs)

It cuts back to MarioFan2009 and Rh390110478.

MarioFan2009: So, Rh. How's it going with those Cross-ing Over stories?

Rh390110478: The fourth story should come in a few days!

MarioFan2009: Boy am I excited!

The news then comes in again.

Goodman: Breaking news Mkay! Another bombing in northwest Florida happened today again. This time, houses have been bombed and 7 families died. May God bless them... anyways, the police are still trying to look into what happened but no information has come up yet. Also, recently, 2epicworlds has gone missing and it may be that the bombers hostaged him. If you find the bombers, please call 911.


Rh390110478: 2epicworlds has gone missing?!

MarioFan2009: You know Rh, I think this is where we come in to find out who did it...

Rh390110478: I think you are right! Should we bring Gummy Cow and CuldeeFell13 with us?

MarioFan2009: Yeah, lets do so.

They both go outside and get in the car and drive off to Gummy Cow's house.


CHAPTER 3: On the search

Rh390110478 and MarioFan2009 arrive at Gummy Cow's house and knock on the door.

Gummy Cow answers the door.

Gummy Cow: Hey guys! What's up?

MarioFan2009: Hey Gummy! We have a problem...

Gummy Cow: Really? Well what is it?

Rh390110478: I think there is more terrorist attacks going on in the city...

Gummy Cow: Oh, and?

MarioFan2009: We where going to find out who is behind all of this. Would you like to come help us out?

Gummy Cow: Hmmmmm, I don't know... I had a wacky adventure like 2 weeks ago...

Rh390110478: Well, are you sure you don't want another one?

Gummy Cow: Well, ok. You talked me into it.

MarioFan2009: Alright!

Gummy Cow then comes into the car with them and they go drive off to CuldeeFell13's house.

Along the way, OcelotGuys224 is seen.

Rh390110478: Hey guys! look who it is!

MarioFan2009: Should we invite him?

Gummy Cow: Yeah!

MarioFan2009: Ok!

They then stop by OcelotGuys224.

OcelotGuys224: Hey guys! What are you all up to?

Gummy Cow: We where going to find out who did the recent terrorist attacks in the city today. Would you like to come join us?

OcelotGuys224: Well I will be delighted to! Thanks!

Rh390110478: Your welcome!

OcelotGuys224 then gets in the car and then they finally arrive at CuldeeFell13's house.

They ring the doorbell.

CuldeeFell13 goes to answer the door.

CuldeeFell13: Hey guys! How's it going?

MarioFan2009: Hey Culdee! We where going to find out who did the terrorist attacks in the city this day. Would you like to come help us out?

CuldeeFell13: Aww shucks. I guess I may join... I hate it when new villains start terrorizing our city for no reason...

Gummy Cow: Yeah me too...

Rh390110478: I don't even know what is the point of it anyways...

MarioFan2009: Hopefully it stops...

CuldeeFell13: Yeah, now lets get going to see who did this.

They go back to their car with CuldeeFell13 intact and drive off.

Rh390110478: Should we pick up anyone else?

MarioFan2009: Well, we have ArthurFistMeme, Yougurt&Cheese and InternetProblem. Should we bring them.

Gummy Cow: But the seats are almost full.

MarioFan2009 then pulls out a magic remote that extends the seats to 7.

OcelotGuys224: Woah! How do you do that??

MarioFan2009: Magic.

It then cuts to them talking with Yogurt&Cheese, ArthurFistMeme and InternetProblem but with no dialogue.

It cuts to them driving with InternetProblem, Yogurt&Cheese and ArthurFistMeme.

MarioFan2009: You know, I think we have everyone we need. Who could be missing.

InternetProblem: Hmmmm, let me see...

Gummy Cow: IDK?

They then come across TheSuperAlmightyDragon.

MarioFan2009: Ooooo, I know this person! I think he might want to join.

Yogurt&Cheese: Ok!

They then drive close to him.

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: Oh hey guys! What's up?

ArthurFistMeme: We where going to find out who did the recent terrorist attacks in the city.

OcelotGuys224: Would you like to help us out?

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: Hmmmmm, you know. I think I never been on an adventure before... Sure!

MarioFan2009: Alright! Now we got all the people we need!

Rh390110478: Hopefully.

InternetProblem: We could stumble upon anyone else we know.

CuldeeFell13: Hopefully we can add more people to the act!

MarioFan2009: Yeah, you guys are right.


CHAPTER 4: Caught

It shows MarioFan2009 and his friends in the car and then they stumble upon Endlesspossibilies 2006.

MarioFan2009: Hey Endless what are you doing?

Endlesspossibilities 2006: I was just going to the store. What are you guys up to.

Yogurt&Cheese: We where going to find out who did the terrorist attacks in our city today.

InternetProblem: Would you like to join?

Endlesspossibilities 2006: Sure! I will be glad to!

He then gets inside the car and they drive off.

MarioFan2009: Hopefully that's everyone!

OcelotGuys224: I think we have on more left.

MarioFan2009: Who?

OcelotGuys224: Mikelord56.

MarioFan2009: Oh ok, I guess lets go to his house then.

InternetProblem: And hopefully we can see who did the terrorism.

Gummy Cow: Yep.

They go to Mikelord56's house and it cuts to them in the the car him intact.

They stop at a red light giving them time to think about the terror.

MarioFan2009: So guys, who do you think bombed the northwest of Florida?

Mikelord56: Wouldn't it be that so called: "Buckaroo" guy?

OcelotGuys224: He got hanged on a tree and died...

Mikelord56: Oh... then IDK.

Gummy Cow: I think it would be some vandals from the wiki.

ArthurFistMeme: Those guys vandalize wikis. They don't terrorize real life.

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: What about Badman?

Rh390110478: He's deceased. Tells the audience while breaking the fourth wall: But he will be back!

Endlesspossibilities 2006: I am thinking about Robots. Could they have done it?

CuldeeFell13: Robot Chef Pee Pees? Meh, IDK.

Endlesspossibilities 2006: I guess not then...

They then hear a bank alarm going off.

InternetProblem: WHAT IS THAT?!

OcelotGuys224: I don't know!!

Gummy Cow: Chill guys, it's just the bank alarm... WHA--- THE BANK ALARM?!?!

MarioFan2009: Should we go investigate?

ArthurFistMeme: I think we should!

Yogurt&Cheese: Yes!

Rh390110478: Totally!

MarioFan2009: Alright!

They go to the bank to see what is going on.

It then shows inside the bank.

Old Man 3: Yeah! And stay down!

Old Man 12: Come on guys! We gotta get going!

They leave the bank but to only get caught by the wiki users.

OcelotGuys224: Guys! It's the robbers!

Endlesspossibilities 2006: Lets get them!

They pull out guns.

Endlesspossibilities 2006: (Raises hands up) or not...

Old Man 6: You guys stay back and don't come near us!

Old Man 1: Yeah!

They all raise their hands up and the Old Men slowing take steps back and walk away and go to their car and drive off.

Gummy Cow: We can't let them get away!

CuldeeFell13: Yeah!

MarioFan2009: Everyone, to the car! We are following after them!

They go to their car and follow after the robbers/old men.

InternetProblem: Where do you think they went?

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: I saw them take a left turn.

ArthurFistMeme: Me too.

MarioFan2009: Alright then.

They go to left side to see a car going right.

Rh390110478: That must be them!

Mikelord56: Follow them!

They also take a right turn to find out it is the same people they encountered.

MarioFan2009: Yep, that is them alright.

Gummy Cow: I took a pic of their license plate just in case we lose them.

Yogurt&Cheese: Smart idea!

MarioFan2009 sees a mysterious figure in the back of their car moving as if it is in pain or something.

MarioFan2009: Guys, I think they might have a hostage...

OcelotGuys224: What?!

ArthurFistMeme: We gotta be careful then! They can shoot them if they like!

Yogurt&Cheese: Yeah!

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: (Sigh) This is fine...

InternetProblem: WHAT DO YOU MEAN "THIS IS FINE"?!

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: I can think about the future of my own life and how it will end.

CuldeeFell13: Wtf?

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: Nevermind, you guys don't understand the meme...

Mikelord56: Ok??

It cuts to the Old Men driving.

Old Man 11: Guys, I think a car is following us...

Old Man 8: Is it the cops?!

Old Man 11: No, it is a red car just following after us...

Old Man 4: It must be those guys that caught us when we left... we warn them alright. Now they are gonna get it!

Old Man 4 gives the rest weapons to shoot the wiki users.

Old Man 7: Oh boy, this is gonna be so much fun!

They start shooting at the car.

MarioFan2009: WOAH! (He moves the car away from danger)

Old Man 5: Quit moving so we can shoot ya!

Shoots at the wind shield but misses the uers.

MarioFan2009: Is everyone alright?

Wiki users: Yep!

MarioFan2009: Alright...

Old Man 9: Guys! We gotta aim at the tires or the driver! It is the only way we can stop them.

Old Man 13: Oh yeah! I forgot!

Old Man 10: Thanks for reminding us bud.

They starts to aim for the tires but keep missing.

OcelotGuys224: Guys! They are trying to flatten our tires!

MarioFan2009: Good thing I have a magic car. (Pushes a button that covers the tires with metal)

InternetProblem: Beautiful...

Gummy Cow: MarioFan2009, where do you get these magical things from?!

MarioFan2009: Brooklyn T. Guy.

Mikelord56: I thought he never made those kinds of things.

MarioFan2009: Then explain that in "The Warp Pipe" He made a warp pipe and in my story that I made a few days ago called: "The Mouse And The Menace!" He made a robotic cat? Oh, and also, explain how in "Jeffy Gets Stung By A Bee!", he made a shrinking submarine.

Mikelord56: Hmmmmm, I guess I'm baffled now...

Old Man 2: DAMNIT! They covered their tires with metal!

Old Man 1: What?!

Old Man 7: Remember what our fella told us, aim for the driver!

Old Man 8: Oh yeah!

Old Man 2: Lets do so then!

They then start shooting at MarioFan2009.

MarioFan2009: WOAH! (Dodges every single bullet) What are they trying to do kill me?!

They accidently shoot Endless's arm.

Endlesspossibilities 2006: OUCH!! HELP!! I HAVE BEEN SHOT!!!

OcelotGuys224: Endless is bleeding! Someone help him!!

MarioFan2009: Good thing I brought a medic kit just in case. Here. (Gives OcelotGuys224 a medic bag)

OcelotGuys224: Thank God! (Patches up Endlesspossibilities 2006)

Endlesspossibilities 2006: Thanks OcelotGuys...

OcelotGuys224: Anytime!

ArthurFistMeme: When will they arrive at their stop already?! I am tired of dodging when they keep shooting at me!

Rh390110478: Yeah! Me too!

CuldeeFell13: Same here!

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: (Whistles)

Old Man 4: Guys! We are here get off now!

Old Man 13: Ok boss!

They all get off while still shooting at the car while running.

MarioFan2009: Alright guys, they stopped at their destination. I guess we can now stealthily go to their house.

Mikelord56: Thank God! My head is tired of dodging from all those bullets!

Yogurt&Cheese: Mine too!

Gummy Cow: Same here.

InternetProblem: But how do we stealthily go to their house? I think they will be up all night.

ArthurFistMeme: Guys, I got an idea!

CuldeeFell13: Really what is it?

ArthurFistMeme: Well, come close and I will tell you!

Everyone: Ok.

They all come close in a circle group.

ArthurFistMeme: Alright, so here is the plan. (Whispers into everyone's ears) Alright?

MarioFan2009: Brilliant! I guess we will have to wait for them until they sleep.

ArthurtFistMeme: Yep!


CHAPTER 5: The plan that ends it all

At night time...

ArthurFistMeme: Alright, everybody remembers what I told them?

Gummy Cow: Yep, We know. Lets just get this through. I really wanna go home.

InternetProblem: Me too.

MarioFan2009: Guess I will be the leader while ArthurFistMeme gives us the directions.

ArthurtFistMeme: Alright.

They walk through some trees and bushes.

Yogurt&Cheese: I still don't know how I got into this situation in the first place.

TheSuperAlmightDragon: Agreed. But this is just fine.

InternetProblem: Me too.

Rh390110478: Hopefully we can finish this adventure up and go home.

Endlesspossibilities 2006: My arm is still hurting.

OcelotGuys224: You'll be fine. You just have to through this. We will be done eventually.

Mikelord56: Guys! I see the house.

They stumble upon The ShinyLucarioMaster, KAPFan9876 and Ast126.

MarioFan2009: Hey, what are you guys doing here?

Ast126: We where just going home. What about you guys?

CuldeeFell13: We where going to that house over there. It has some evil men who have been terrorizing the city and we are going to stop them.

KAPFan9876: Really? Can we join?

Rh390110478: Sure! You can help us out!

TheShinyLucarioMaster: Alright!

Ast126: So, how are we going to do this?

MarioFan2009: ArthurtFistMeme is giving us all some directions.

KAPFan9876: Ok. Guess we will follow.

They follow the wiki users to keep intact with them.

Rh390110478: I wonder where the men are right now.

CuldeeFell13: In the house duh.

Gummy Cow: I called the police so they will be able to help us out.

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: Smart choice!

InternetProblem: I think I see a shadow through the window.

Suddenly a shoot is heard but Internet Problem dodges it at the second.

Mikelord56: WHAT THE HELL?!

Old Man 8: Heh heh, we knew you guys would be coming along!

Old Man 4: Now prepare to meet your doom!

ArthurtFistMeme: Oh shit...

MarioFan2009: What do we do?!

ArthurtFistMeme: Alright. New plan. HIIIDDDEEE!!!

They all get to cover in trees and holes to save themselves.

Gunshots are being heard through out the whole entire scenery.

Gummy Cow: Guys! The police should come any minute now!

OcelotGuys224: YOU THINK?!

CuldeeFell13: These guys are not gonna leave us alone!

Rh390110478: Well, what else did you expect?

Police sirens are being heard.

MarioFan2009: Guys, I think we should get out of here right now. The police will deal with this.

Yogurt&Cheese: Good thinking!

They all leave and they let the police do the work.

Old Man 13: Guys. The coppers are here!

Old Man 5: Good thing we have insta-reloadable rifles!

Old Man 9: Nice! We shall be able to take them out in a few minutes!

The old men then pull out insta-reloading rifles.

Old Man 1: Get ready for some fun guys!

They all start shooting at the police.

Officer 3: There is too many of them!

Officer 5: We may never get rid of them in time.

Old Man 2: Run along you coppers! I hate em police! (Breaks the fourth wall) Is anyone in the audience a stupid pig known as a cop?!

Audience member: Yeah you skunk! (Pulls out a rifle and shoots through the old man's hat)

Old Man 2: YIPE! (Takes cover in a table) (He then peeks again only to get shot through his hat again)

Old Man 4: Guys! Them piggies are retreating!

Officer 1: Retreat! Everyone retreat!

Officer 4: Yeah! We will be back for them later!

The police then retreat to call for more units to help them out.

Old Man 6: Guys, nows our chance to destroy em dirty people who called the police on our lawn!

Old Man 5: Yeah!

They all go outside and see that the wiki users are driving away from the scene.

Old Man 10: AFTER THEM!!

They get into their own car and start shooting at them.

MarioFan2009: Ugh! They won't leave us alone now!

ArthurtFistMeme: They are too pissed off at us!

KAPFan9876: Good thing I stole a grenade somewhere from a abandoned WWII place. (Throws the grenade at the old men but misses) Fuck! That was my only defense tool! Now I have nothing!

MarioFan2009: Hey Gummy Cow!

Gummy Cow: Yeah?

MarioFan2009: I have a pistol in my car pocket. Take it and shoot at the men!

Gummy Cow: Uhhhhh. Ok?

MarioFan2009 gives him the pistol.

Gummy Cow: (Shoots at the old men)

Old Man 11: Guys! They got their own defense material!

Old Man 12: We'll have to be very careful!

Police sirens are heard from the back.

Old Man 1: Uh oh!

Old Man 1 looks back to see a SWAT truck following them.

SWAT Officer 3: Stop in the name of the law!

Old Man 6: Guys, we are totally fucked!

Old Man 7: Chill. Remember that we got our rifles?

Old Man 6: Oh yeah!

They start shooting at the SWAT truck but it does not do any damage to it.

Old Man 3: Boss! The SWAT truck is too powerful for our rifles!

Old Man 4: Fuck...

The SWAT truck then pulls out a turret that starts shooting at the old men.


Old Man 4: I am trying my best to keep out of their fire!

They make a illegal U-turn and then make another one only to make the turret reload it's self giving them time to think.

Old Man 5: Smart going!

Old Man 9: Now we can think about the situation!

Old Man 10: We still gotta focus on those busters who busted us out!

Internet Problem: Guys, the SWAT truck is doing much to them.

Gummy Cow: And I am all out of bullets from my pistol!

MarioFan2009: We will make a left turn and think about it for a second.

They make a left turn.

OcelotGuys224: So what do we do?

MarioFan2009: We will have to leave our car so we can run away from them. They will always keep phase with us.

TheSuperAlimghtyDragon: Alright!

They park the car somewhere and leave and hide behind buildings.

Old Man 3: Guys! Look! Their car!

They park their car and Old Man 13 carries the bag that has 2epicworlds in it.

Old Man 4: Where do ya think they went?

SWAT Officer 6: FREEZE! You are under arrest!

Old Man 9: Oh no we ain't! (Pulls out a rifle)

However, a lot of more officer units like a heilcopter, FBI units, and more police come to apprehend them.

Old Man 2: Oh fuck. We are fucked...

1 hour later...

The wiki users come out from their hiding spots.

Gummy Cow: Where do you think they went?

MarioFan2009: IDK.

TheShinyLucarioMaster: Maybe they went home?

Ast126: I guess so.

TheSuperAlmightyDragon: Lets go home guys. I am very tired...

Yogurt&Cheese: I agree...

Mikelord56: Me too.

OcelotGuys224: Same here!

MarioFan2009: Alright guys. To the car. We are leaving...

They go to the car and drop everyone off at their homes.

It cuts to MarioFan2009, CuldeeFell13 and Rh390110478 at MarioFan2009's home.

CuldeeFell13: What a bizarre day I had today...

Rh390110478: Me too.

MarioFan2009: Lets watch some TV and forget about it I guess...

They turn on the TV and the news comes up.

Goodman: Breaking news Mkay! The terrorists, that have destroyed our buildings and robbed the last bank of Florida have finally been caught. There where 13 old men in the situation and a large body bag they where holding has 2epicworlds inside of it, here he is. (2epicworlds comes to the session) So tell me 2epicworlds. Why where you in that bag?

2epicworlds tells his story on TV live and it cuts to the 3 looks at each other and fist-bumping.

It cuts to the Florida prison.

Old Man 12: Damnit guys! We could have run away!


Old Man 9: I never wanted to be in this problem! Let me outta here!! (Bangs the jail bars) COME ON!! LET ME GO!!

Old Man 3: Oh welp. I guess we are here for a looooong time...

Old Man 1: Goodnight everyone...

Old Man 2: Ok! goodnight fellas!

Audience member: GOOOODNIGHT! (Shoots Old Man 2 on his rear end)

Old Man 2 then looks back to see what happened as it irises out on him.

IMG 2123


The Night Watchman

NOTICE: This story is non-canon in the SML wiki universe but still counts.

NOTICE 2: The mouse in the story is not my mouse that appeared in "The Mouse And The Menace!", "The Little Grey Mouse!", and "Doggone Cats!".

It starts off at a house with a cat and his father.

Father Cat: Now son. (Coughs) I am very sick, and I need someone to be my hand as the night watchman. Please. Can you help your own father out?

Tommy Cat: Oh yes I can daddy!

Father Cat: Good. There is mice that always like to come here and cause drama. Please take care of the place while I am sick...

Tommy Cat: Ok!

He wears the hat and takes the flashlight and goes outside of the room.

Tommy Cat: Ok. So. I guess I will go to the kitchen.

He goes to the kitchen and finds a strange looking mouse wearing a mask.

Mouse: Hey bud. You the night watchman?

Tommy Cat: Yeah! Would you like anything?

Mouse: Well uh. No not really. Just needed to know.

Tommy Cat: Ok then!

He goes and minds his own business.

The mouse goes inside his hole and tells his mates that the night watchman is just a kid-cat and they all go outside.

Mouse: Alright guys! It is time to have some fun!

The Rest: Ohhhhhh yeah!

They all go outside while Tommy Cat is away and make a huge mess while eating up all the food.

Tommy Cat comes back to see the noise that is going on.

Tommy Cat: Hey! You can't do that!

They all start throwing food at him to make him go away.

Mice: (Laugh while eating)

The leader mouse then comes close to Tommy Cat, punches him and takes one of his pant buttons off.

Mice: (Laugh even harder)

The leader mouse then punches Tommy Cat making him fall a few meters away past them.

He then gets upset and walks away.

Tommy Cat's Angel: Come on now, you can't just let a prick do that and get away with it would you?

Tommy Cat: I am no use. I just don't know how to be a watchman.

Tommy Cat's Angel: (Grabs Tommy Cat by the shirt and slaps him) Seriously now! You would not allow them to bully you! What are you huh? You are being nothing but a mouse! What are you a cat or a mouse?

Tommy Cat: (Thinks about it) I'm a cat!

Tommy Cat's Angel: Then get back there and fight!

Tommy Cat: Ok!!

He then goes back all prepared and angered as his angel goes back inside his body.

Mouse: Fellas! Look who it is again! Come on! You should just give up! Your nothing but pathetic!

Tommy Cat: Oh yeah? (Punches the mouse and he falls meters past away)

Mice: (Gasp)

The mice then get mad and are ready to fight him.

Tommy Cat however, bests all of them out and starts punching them.

After a minute or so the mice are to their defeat and Tommy Cat comes closer to them.

The Mice then go backward and Tommy Cat makes a small "boo!" noise that scares them and they go back to the hole.

Tommy Cat done with the mice goes back to his work only to remember what the leader mouse previously did to him.

He goes to the hole, finds a plunger and plunges him out.

Mouse: Ohh! What are you doing! Stop!

He then punches him and takes of his pant button only for them to fall down.

The mouse then gets embarrassed and puts his hands on his underwear looking at the audience as it irises out on him.

IMG 2124

And as a part of a bonus feature in this collection, I proudly present you all a story from Rh390110478! A Crossing-Over minisode!



Synopsis: Both Bowser Junior and Bob decide to order a pizza from Long John’s Pizza. However, they realize they are having a campaign where if the pizza is delivered over minutes, it is free! Both Junior and Bob start to sabotage the delivery in hopes of getting the pizza for free. However, the delivery guy, Brooklyn Guy will get fired by Badman if he fails! Can he make it in time?


In the SML House, Bowser Junior and Bob are watching Doofy the Dragon.

Doofy: Hey, kids! It’s Doofy the Dragon! And today, I’m going to jump into a plane turbine! YEEE!!!

Doofy jumps into the turbine and is shredded apart, killing him.



Chef Pee Pee: Junior! Dinner is ready!

Junior and Bob enter the dining room where Chef Pee Pee serves dinner.

Chef Pee Pee: Here’s your food!

The food turns out to be cookies.

Junior: Nice!

Chef Pee Pee: The flavor is guacamole and anchovies!

Junior: EWW!

Bob: That’s my favorite flavor!

Suddenly, the Bread Monster appears.

Bread Monster: COOKIES!

The Bread Monster devours the entire tray of cookies.

Chef Pee Pee: Hey!

Bread Monster: More.

Chef Pee Pee: There aren’t anymore!

Bread Monster: More!

The Bread Monster pushes a vase off the table, breaking it.

Chef Pee Pee: THE VASE!

Bread Monster: MORE!

Chef Pee Pee: AHHHH!!!

Bread Monster: MOORRREEEEE!!!!!

The Bread Monster chases Chef Pee Pee out of the house.


Junior: So what should we eat, Bob?

Bob: I think we should order a pizza!

Junior: Good Idea!

Junior brings out his phone and calls Long John’s Pizza.

Brooklyn Guy: Thank you for calling Long John’s Pizza. What may I do for you, today?

Junior: Yes. I would like to order a pepperoni sausage pizza-

Bob: With buffalo chicken wings!

RH: Fun fact! Buffalo wings are my favorite kind of chicken wings!

Brooklyn Guy: Ok! If your pizza is delivered in over 30 minutes, it’s free!

Brooklyn Guy hangs up.


Bob: I know! We need to delay the order!

Junior: Right! I know who can help!

Junior and Bob run off. Meanwhile, at Long John’s Pizza, Brooklyn Guy is in the office of his boss, Badman.

Badman: Ok, Brooklyn Guy! You need to get the pizza delivered on time. You got that?

Brooklyn Guy: Yes, boss!

Badman: Good. Now hurry!

Brooklyn Guy enters the car with the pizza and drives off.

Brooklyn Guy: Time to turn on my GPS!

Brooklyn Guy sets his GPS to the SML house. Meanwhile, Junior is talking with Tari.

Junior: Basically, I need you to use your database to hack the GPS system.

Tari: Why? It’s illegal!

Junior: If you help us, I’ll add Waluigi to Smash Bros!

Tari: Deal!

Tari scans her database and enters the GPS system.

Tari: Ok! Hacking!

Tari hacks into the GPS system. Meanwhile, Brooklyn Guy is getting close to his destination, but the GPS suddenly changes direction.

Brooklyn Guy: What the? Turn right? Ok.

Brooklyn Guy drives the car to the right direction of the road. He ends up at an abandoned building.

Brooklyn Guy: This must be the place!

Brooklyn Guy knocks on the door and Murder Man answers.

Murder Man: Hello?

Brooklyn Guy: Did you order a pepperoni and sausage pizza with buffalo wings?

Murder Man: No. I know Mega Maid wouldn’t order a pizza because she’s vegetarian. Hey, Spider Man! Did you order a pizza?

Spider Man: No!

Firestar: Me neither!

Ice Man: Same!

Brooklyn Guy: Oh. I must be at the wrong place!

Meanwhile, Tari hacks into every pranking device in the city. Back at Murder Man’s House.

Brooklyn Guy: Well, I must be going then-

Suddenly, a hose pops out of Brooklyn Guy’s outfit and sprays Murder Man with ketchup.



Murder Man: YOU ARE SO DEAD!

Spider Man hits Brooklyn Guy with his webbing and drags him inside as Murder Man shuts the door.

Brooklyn Guy: NO!

Meanwhile, Meggy is at the park talking with Crash Bandicoot, while Bob sneaks behind them.

Bob: This will be good!

Bob steals Meggy’s ink gun, sets it to glue, and sprays the ink all over the road before sneaking the gun back to the bench.

Bob: Now for the other!

Bob sneaks into Crash’s office and finds Crash’s armor.

Bob: Perfect!

Bob hacks into Crash’s armor and it activates.

Bob: Your objective! Stall Brooklyn Guy!

HUNTER: (The armor’s AI) Your wish is my command, Crash!

The armor flies out of the town hall.


Back at Murder Man’s House, Murder Man, Mega Maid, Spider Man, Ice Man, and Firestar are still beating up Brooklyn Guy.


Brooklyn Guy escapes and eats a TV dinner tray.

Brooklyn Guy: TV DINNER POWER!

Brooklyn Guy grows muscles as the Popeye theme plays in the background.

Ice Man: GET HIM!

Firestar attacks Brooklyn Guy, but he grabs her and throws her into Ice Man, shattering him.


Spider Man shoots web at Brooklyn Guy, but he grabs it and traps Spider Man in it.

Spider Man: NO!


Mega Maid sneaks behind Brooklyn Guy, but he grabs her and throws her into Murder Man, knocking him out.

Firestar: TIME TO DIE!

Firestar throws fire at Brooklyn Guy, but he dodges it and it hits a stack of TNT.

Firestar, Spider Man, and Mega Maid: NOOO!!!

Brooklyn Guy runs out of the building with the pizza as the building explodes.


Brooklyn Guy speeds off, but Crash’s armor spots him from the sky.

HUNTER: Target Found!

The armor flies after Brooklyn Guy and lifts the car into the air.

Brooklyn Guy: WHAT THE?!


Brooklyn Guy: PUT ME DOWN!

Brooklyn Guy grabs his soda and throws it at the armor causing it to short circuit.


The armor explodes and the pieces and Brooklyn Guy’s car plummet to the ground.

Crash: So Spyro recently got a remastered trilogy! I think it is very nice-

The car lands on Crash, knocking him out.

Meggy: WHAT THE F***?!

Brooklyn Guy: SORRY!

Brooklyn Guy drives off, running over Meggy’s ink gun in the process.

Meggy: HEY!

Brooklyn Guy drives towards the house.

Brooklyn Guy: 1 MINUTE LEFT!

Brooklyn Guy ends up driving into the puddle of ink and gets stuck.

Brooklyn Guy: OH NO! I’ll have to continue on foot!

Brooklyn Guy gets out of the vehicle and runs to the house.


Brooklyn Guy runs to the door.

Brooklyn Guy: YES!

Suddenly, Brooklyn Guy starts to sink.

Brooklyn Guy: WHAT?!

It turns out Brooklyn Guy stepped into a puddle of quicksand.

Brooklyn Guy: QUICKSAND?!

Brooklyn Guy’s timer beeps indicating time is up.

Brooklyn Guy: I’M TOO LATE!

Junior opens the door with Bob behind him.

Junior: 31 minutes. Sorry.

Bob takes the pizza and wings and Junior shuts the door.

Brooklyn Guy: NO!

Suddenly, Brooklyn Guy’s phone rings.

Brooklyn Guy: Oh no...

Brooklyn Guy answers the phone and Badman’s voice is heard.


Brooklyn Guy: Y-Yes boss?

Badman: I need to see you in my office, IMMEDIATELY!

Brooklyn Guy: Yes, boss.

One moment later.

Brooklyn Guy enters Badman’s office and sits down.

Badman: Supply and Demand, Brooklyn Guy. Supply and demand. People demand Long John’s Pizza. And we supply them. If you, Brooklyn Guy, can’t supply Long John’s, the system breaks down. Do you follow me, Brooklyn Guy?!

Brooklyn Guy: Y-Yes Boss..

Badman: If the system break down, I don’t make a profit! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!

Brooklyn Guy: N-no.

Badman turns around with a look of pure rage on his face, scaring Brooklyn Guy.


The force of Badman’s yell sends Brooklyn Guy flying out of the pizzeria and he hits his face on the pavement.

Brooklyn Guy: Ow.

???: Are you done, yet?

Brooklyn Guy looks up and screams when he sees Crash, Meggy, Spider Man, Firestar, Ice Man, Murder Man, and Mega Maid with pissed looks glaring at him.




Mega Maid, Spider Man, Firestar, and Ice Man: YEAH!


Firestar: GET HIM!

Brooklyn Guy: NNOOOOO!!!

Crash, Meggy, Firestar, Spider Man, Murder Man, Mega Maid, and Ice Man brutally beat up Brooklyn Guy as the scene irises out.


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