Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a great Christmas!  I sure did!  Anyway, it's time to go over what I personally consider to be the top 5 worst SML videos of 2017.  Overall, this was a pretty good year for the channel.  I know Logan is going through a difficult time right now, what with the majority of his videos being age-restricted or demonetized.  But I absolutely give him credit for doing the best he can in this situation.  Despite this, SML has had its flaws this year, and there were 5 videos bad enough to make this list.  Now, out of the 5 I dislike the most, there's actually only 4 I really think are terrible.  Keep in mind that all of this is just my personal opinion, though some of you probably dislike these videos about as much as I do.  Also, if a video comes out between now and January 1, it will be eligible for the 2018 year-end countdowns.  Anyway, let's kick things off with...

5. Jeffy's TV Show! - I remember I gave this video a positive review when it first came out.  But, the more I read into it, the more unlikable it becomes!  I got the impression that the video was trying to portray how reality TV can be very fake, and that's a decent idea for a video on paper.  However, there are just too many things wrong with it.  First off, the title.  This isn't just Jeffy's TV show; Mario and Rosalina were in it too.  Then, there's Dewey Donedidit and Brooklyn T. Guy, the latter of whom I absolutely love!  They were both unlikable in this video, Brooklyn T. Guy for having Jeffy shoot Mario, and Dewey for making Mario work on the show without pay!  This video had so much missed potenial, a lot of which had to do with the title.  I know that might be kind of an unfair criticism, but that's the price you pay when you give a video a misleading title.  Guys, I'll absolutely give you credit for trying to portray that message I mentioned earlier, I really will.  And you actually did an OK job doing that at times, but it was taken way overboard more often than not.

4. Jeffy's Fidget Spinner! - Do I need to?  Just read the title.  Alright, fine!  I'll review it!  OK, I guess I see why Logan made this video; due to the insane amount of requests it received.  And it's awesome that Logan does listen to ideas that fans give to him, but this one was just so uncreative.  And, again, a misleading title!  This video had just as much focus on Bowser Junior than it did on Jeffy, possibly more.  The Joseph-and-Cody-being-jerks-to-Junior subplot was just so uncomfortable to watch.  I mean, I can forgive Cody for it because of how harsh Junior's treated him in the past, but Joseph?  I mean, him and Junior are best friends, so it's definitely hard to watch.  Not just that, but it's just a rehash of Bowser Junior's Nintendo 3DS, but that one was actually kind of decent because of the GameStop scenes and Bowser actually being a good parent.  So, yeah, this video was terrible, but there are a couple of positives.  The scene where Jeffy screams every time the fidget spinner stops spinning was pretty funny, and it was oh so satisfying to see Junior smash a bottle over Jeffy's head.  Still, on the off chance you haven't seen this one yet, please don't.

3. Drawing Jeffy! - I honestly don't get this one?  How is this the most liked SML video of all-time (I don't really know if it still is; but I know it was at least for a while)?  This is nothing but Jeffy swearing and Mario yelling at him and punishing him for nothing!  There's no jokes!  And Mario and Rosalina were just so dumb to not tell the difference between Jeffy and Drawing Jeffy!  It's just so bad, you guys!  The only slight positive I can think of this video is Gumbo's return, but I never really cared for him, so it's just like, "Oh, an old character's back.  Cool, I guess?"

2. Jeffy's Brain! - Here we are!  The bottom of the barrel!  It barely gets any worse than this!  This video was terrible, and I don't even know where to start!  I guess I'll start off with the beginning.  That's really what dragged the video down for me; not only did it not go anywhere nor move the story (if you can call it that) along, but Rosalina was just so stupid!  And not in the funny way, either.  She was well out of character, and yelling at Mario for nothing!  She deserved to be yelled at if she chooses to act like that!  The brain swap scenes were just filler, and there was no story.  The conga line, technically, was funny, but it felt like a build-up toward something that never came, and they just decided to go back to nothing!  The cherry on top of it all, though, is the fact that this video was off the heels of The Bet!  One of the best SML videos ever, I think, or at least the best of 2017 at this point!  What the hell happened?!  We followed a video with a creative, well-paced, and funny plot with a video that does absolutely nothing for well over a majority of it, and when it does, that idea is abandoned within a couple of minutes!  Any positives?  Well, after watching the atrocity that was #1 (we'll get to that in a second), I began to see this video as more enjoyably bad than I originally thought, so maybe I will go rewatch it if I feel like torturing myself.

And before we get to #1, let's go through a few quick...

​Dishonorable mentions:

  • Stuck! - I was almost gonna put this one on the list, mainly because the Cody's mom jokes were just not good, but I think there were enough funny jokes in the video to almost make up for it, so I left it off.
  • Jeffy's New Toy! - I hated Rosalina in this one.  She was a massive hypocrite when she threatened Mario for lying to her.  Well, remember Jeffy's Bad Word!?  Thought so, how could we forget that one?  And even if she hadn't lied to the police, does he really deserve to fear for his life because of such a petty lie?  I mean, I will give it some credit for trying to give the message that even the pettiest lie can affect you the most negatively, that is a pretty good message, but it was conveyed all the wrong ways.  I did really enjoy the horror scenes, though, which were good enough for me to leave this one off the list.
  • The Test! - Undisputed winner of the most underrated (that's an understatement if ever there was one) SML video of all-time contest!  This one was hilarious!  People say this is worse than Jeffy's Bad Word! and Locked Out, and a reviewer who I will not name said it was worse than The Emoji Movie!  Guys, why do you hate this video?  If it's because of the ending, then I can't help you.  Cody got what he deserved for helping Junior and Jeffy cheat at the beginning of the test, and I say this as someone whose favorite character is Cody.  I respect your opinion if you hate this one, but just please tell me what you see that I apparently don't.

And with those out of the way, let's go!  With absolutely ZERO DOUBT in my mind, the absolute WORST SML video of 2017 is:

1. Jeffy's Shirt! - Wow!  And I thought Jeffy's Brain! was bad!  This video is just abnormally abysmal by SML standards!  There was zero direction, the title had zero relevance, Jackie Chu was being stupid beyond redemption when he failed to recognize Jeffy, JEFFY'S DAMN SWEARING, the stupid, childish name that the video was centered around, and Goodman was being exceptionally greedy when he cashed in that check!  I know Mario and Chef Pee Pee were greedy too, but Goodman's richer than (probably) the two of them combined, and he knew Mario wanted that money, yet he still chose to make himself richer rather than give it to Jeffy and Mario, who earned it!  I know Goodman's always a greedy rich dude, but it's usually done in a light-hearted manner.  When he sued Wal-Mart and Domino's, he never went back to the companies to rub it in their faces!  Here, he went back to Mario's to rub it in his face!  And it was not funny!  Man, I used to love Goodman!  But the more I see of him, the more I dread him appearing in videos!  This is the reason!  King Strongbottom's return was the only saving grace of the video, and even I never really cared for him in his earlier appearances.  Know that I say this with no hyperbole when I say that this is 2017's Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1!  No, in fact, it's WORSE than Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1!  WAY freaking worse!  At least for all of Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1's failings, the scene with Craig during the second half was funny.  Here, there was absolutely no funny joke, and nothing but a bunch of characters trying to claim the most childish name in existence for a million dollars!  Don't see this one!  If you liked it, then I respect you completely!

So, there we go, the top 5 worst SML videos of 2017.  Here's my list of the top 5 best videos of the year.  Comment below with your picks, and I'll see you guys later!

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