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WTF Jeffy?! xD

Hello everyone! I'm SMLBowserJunior987 and I'm an admin of the SML wiki!

(NOTE: I'm not the real SML character that acts like a spoiled brat.)

My Top 10 Favorite SML Videos

  1. Bowser Junior's Macaroni
  2. Shrek's Diet!
  3. Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation
  4. Bowser Junior's Pool Party
  5. The Bird
  6. Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!
  7. Cody's House
  8. Bowser Junior's Big Mess!
  9. Shrimpo Hunter Episode 2
  10. Shrek's Hot Cheesecake

My Top 10 Latest SML Videos

  1. The New House!
  2. Jeffy's Parents!
  3. Shrek The Babysitter!
  4. Jeffy's Birthday!
  5. Mario's Hobo Problem!
  6. Bowser Junior Gets His Nose Pierced!
  7. No Crust!
  8. Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise!
  9. The Koopalings! Part 2
  10. Jeffy's Homework!


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