• I live in Stevenage, England
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is Gamer, Youtuber and Admin
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The first ever video that I watched was Stuck In A Tree. I'll be working on a transcript article for a different episode every week.
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My favorite characters

My Least Favorite Characters

My top 20 SML Videos

  1. Bowser's Dinner Date
  2. A Bird Problem
  3. The Bird
  4. Toad is Cool
  5. Shreks Crappy Wish
  6. Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake
  7. Bowser Junior's Macaroni
  8. Bowser's 4th of July
  9. Shrek's Bath Problem
  10. Bowser's Milkshake
  11. Bowser's Christmas Problem
  12. Ghost Shrimpo
  13. Bowser Junior's Happy Meal
  14. Black Yoshi's Money Problem!
  15. Toad's Stupid Idea
  16. Black Yoshi's New Call Of Duty
  17. Shrek's Diet!
  18. The Car
  19. Chef Pee Pee's Clone
  20. Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Black Ops 3!
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