Just Mama Luigi

It's-a-me! Mama Luigi!

Hello, MamaLuigi22 here! I am an avid fan of SuperMarioLogan, I want to make this Wikia a better website, one piece at a time.

~Love Mama Luigi!

Notice: I've moved to a new account. User:TheEdgySquidward

About me:

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My History with Weegee:

I am a Weegee Character on Weegeepedia, which has the same name as my username. I also am an admin on one of its spinoff wikis "Freegee's Wiki". I even posted my avatar here to show me in "Weegee Form"


My Top 10 SuperMarioLogan Characters:

10. Joseph
9. Mama Luigi
8. Cody
7. Woody
6. Shrek
5. Black Yoshi
4. Mario
3. Bowser Junior
2. Chef Peepee
1. Bowser


  • Interact with Logan - Done
  • Become a admin or above - Done
  • Meet Logan in person - Not Done

My favorite pages

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