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Hello. I am Loveable Cats, a creative and reasonable user. I am here to make sure users do not add fake date of births and I'm also going to make sure users stop edit-warring on the alignments on articles about most of the SML characters. I'm also making sure there is no trolling or vandalism and I'm here to make sure that no one is being rude.

If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, or if you want a conversation with me, just post a message on my message wall. Don't be too shy to message me.

I am not an admin on this wiki but I can still help you if you need anything.

Please respect me, be nice, don't say mean things, don't annoy me and please respect my opinions as I am sometimes strict and I easily get annoyed.

Ways to make me angry

  1. Arguments: I really do not like arguments. So, don't even bother arguing with me. Thanks.
  2. Changing alignments on articles about most of the SML characters: I've noticed people keep changing characters' alignments over and over again which I find annoying, ridiculous, pointless and unnecessary. For example, there are so many users changing the alignments to neutral, bad and good over and over again. However, I agree with the term "bad and good" because if someone is a hero, his/her alignment should be good and if someone is a villain, his/her alignment should be bad. "Neutral", on the other hand, means someone is not a villain or a hero. So, I disagree with the term "neutral" unless the character is not a hero or a villain. However, I also disagree with the term "bad" if the character is not evil.
  3. Removing the antagonists and villains categories from articles on multiple wikis: I kind of get annoyed when someone removes the antagonist and villain category even when it is explained why he/she is an antagonist or a villain.
  4. Whining, complaining and throwing tantrums: I find people whining, whinging, complaining and throwing tantrums very annoying! So, don't even think about whining.
  5. People being rude: When people or users on this wiki are rude to me, I get easily angry. So, don't be rude. Be nice to me! Thanks.
  6. Telling lies: Another thing that makes me frustrated is people telling lies. So, please be honest. Do not lie.

SML characters that I like


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SML characters that I hate.

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