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  • I live in Lebanon
  • I was born on March 17
  • My occupation is playing games and editing wikis
  • I am male
  • Bio I am a 17-year-old Lebanese Fandom advisor, councilor and developer who mostly is interested in Pixel Gun, Bloons, and MANY other games. I also am a fan of Let Me Explain Studios and Flow Free, which is why I decided to create a wiki for each of those topics. I also have my own wiki ( if you would like to visit it someday.
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JustLeafy Advisor • Founder of multiple wikis • Developer • Councilor

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  • I am a 17-year-old boy from Lebanon who is passionate about playing video games and editing wikis.
  • I am an advisor (a person who knows a lot about editing on Fandom and that can guide people in that area). I can help with template editing, CSS and wikitext, but I can't help much with JS and Lua. I can also link help pages and explain in detail about some stuff. Choosing me as an advisor will let you receive an upvote from me to know that I saw your post.
  • I am also a councilor (I get access to the Community Council, mainly for sending feedback for early features).
  • I am also a developer, but in my book, that means content moderator on the Fandom Developers Wiki. I have a lot of stylesheets (primarily for modernizing features) there and I also do have dozens of templates available on the Templates Wiki.
  • I am also the founder of the Pixel Gun Conception Wiki, the Flow Free Wiki and the Let Me Explain Studios Wiki. I also edit a lot and I am a staff on the Pixel Gun Wiki (my starting point on Fandom), the Wiki, the SuperMarioLogan Wiki, Wikitubia and the Bloons Conception Wiki.
  • I have a personal wiki for writing down content and code on my own for fun. The wiki can be found in this link:
  • I am active on Discord. My name is JustLeafy#8935 (tag could be different depending on the fact of having Discord Nitro or not).
  • I have a tendency of planning new ideas to build wikis.
  • I am looking forward to being a wiki manager when I turn 18.
  • I natively speak English, French, and Arabic.


ALIASES: Leafy, Adrian
BORN: March 17, 2003 (age 17)
NATIONALITY: Lebanese-American
SPECIES: Human (of course IRL); leafman (fictional)
HEIGHT: 171cm
WEIGHT: 72kg
HAIR COLOR: Black (IRL & fictional)
EYE COLOR: Green (IRL); blue (fictional)

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