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Toad's Music Videos are a series of comical novelty songs created by Logan Thirtyacre, and produced by Lovell Stanton, starring Toad and Ray Cheesy.

Toad Songs:

  1. I'm A Star
  2. Playground
  3. Party in the Tub
  4. 12 Days of Christmas
  5. Nerf Gang
  6. Toad is Cool
  7. Pink Escalade
  8. Milk and Cookies
  9. Hyped Up on Sugar
  10. Twerk It, Shake It (Remaster)
  11. Vroom Vroom
  12. Pepperoni Pizza
  13. I Gotta Pee
  14. Bed Bugs
  15. Pee in the Hole
  16. Dealing with Ghosts
  17. Man I Hate My Life (Ft. Chef Pee Pee)
  18. Toad's The Best (J-Fee Diss Track)
  19. Chef Pee Pee Your Cooking Sucks!
  20. Boy You Know You Gotta Get An A
  21. Freeze Tag
  22. Brush Your Teeth
  23. Patty Cake
  24. Bed Squeak