Toad's Mistake is an SML Short mini-series centers the variety of Toad's goofiest, bazaar and humorous mischievous mistakes. It has three episodes. The series ran from 2009-2017.

Toad's Mistake (Original)

Mistake: Toad touches Mama Luigi's Nickel.

Punishment: Mama Luigi beats up Toad in a bunch of different ways, that includes hitting him with a bat and cooking him in the microwave.

Toad's Mistake 2

Mistake: Toad plays with Black Yoshi's Call of Duty.

Punishment: Black Yoshi kills Toad with a team of battleships.

Toad's Mistake 3

Mistake: Toad eats Shrek's cheesecake.

Punishment: Toad hides in the blender, but Shrek turns on the blender and kills Toad.

Toad's Mistake! (The Remake)

Mistake: Toad touches Mama Luigi's nickel again.

Punishment: Mama Luigi hits Toad with a crowbar, bakes him on the oven, and cooking him in the microwave where he explodes, killing him.