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"Toad's Mistake 2" is the 6th episode of SML Shorts, and is the sequel to Toad's Mistake.


That Toad keeps screwing up, do you think Black Yoshi over-reacted?


The episode starts with Black Yoshi playing Call of Duty when he has to "take a leak."

As Black Yoshi enters the bathroom, Toad walks down the hall singing an generic tune. He goes into Mario's room and notices the Xbox 360 with Call of Duty.

Toad starts to play it when Black Yoshi leaves the bathroom and goes into the room to the horror of Toad playing Call of Duty. Black Yoshi takes his Glock (NES Zapper) and interrogates Toad.

Toad denies playing it but Black Yoshi reminds him of his one rule of the house: "Do not touch a black man's Call of Duty, especially Modern Warfare 2."

The interrogation continues and Black Yoshi threatens to shoot him. Ballsilly, Toad punches him and runs away. Insanely pissed off, Black Yoshi rapid fires at Toad multiple times.

He catches up to To

ad and tackles him. He begins smashing Toad against the wall, all but ignoring the fungus turd's pleas. He then uses Toad as a pogo-stick (more accurately, Pogo-Toad), bouncing Toad's head off of the ground. Attempting to snap Toad's neck, Toad kicks him and escapes, hysterically screaming all the way.

He finds himself cornered between Black Yoshi (with his Zapper) and a cliff (kitchen island). Black Yoshi dementedly gleeful, shoots Toad in the face and he falls off the cliff. Despite having lost a big portion of blood (ketchup) coughing it up, he is still alive, muttering that Black Yoshi shot him, to which Black Yoshi keeps asking how he's still alive.

He tries to escape but Black Yoshi sets him on fire with a spray can and a lighter (musing "Imma burn you like I burnt my fried chicken last night"). As Toad is dying, Black Yoshi prepares to put him out of his misery, Mario is on the cliff with a giant mushroom with plans to eat it with milk and become the most powerful person in the world (don't ask, it's funny). Not paying attention at all, he drops it. The mushroom falls into Toad's mouth.

Healed and galvanized, Toad happily declares

can't get him. Black Yoshi mellowly says "Get back here, Toad", and pursues him. He attempts to shoot him multiple times, but Toad runs outside, hoping Black Yoshi can't get him now he has mushroom power.

Not going down without a fight, Black Yoshi goes to his laptop and calls an AC-130 plane. The AC-130 begins blast artillery missiles at Toad, who barely manages to dodge them. As Toad misses them all, Black Yoshi calls in a Tactical Nuke. Toad is horrified and screams as the nuke hits him, causing a massive explosion, ultimately annihilating him.

Black Yoshi returns to CoD when Mario asks him about the explosion. He says he called a nuke on Toad for playing his Call of Duty. They get into a discussion about Toad and his black man system. Mario leaves and Black Yoshi continues, proud of his murder.



  • The AC-130 and Tactical Nuke voices and sounds are from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • This is the first video to be in 16:9 widescreen not be letterboxed into 4:3 fullscreen.
  • This is the first SML video of 2010, as well as the 2010's decade.
  • This is the second Toad's Mistake video.
  • This episode was uploaded 2 years after "Everybody Hates Toad "Animation"".


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