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This article is about the original Toad's Mistake. If you were looking for the remake, see Toad's Mistake! (2017 Version).

"Toad's Mistake" is the 2nd episode of SML Shorts.


The episode begins with Toad singing a tune while walking around. Toad then encounters a nickel on the carpet, being his usual self, he touches the nickel, and promptly gets ambushed out of complete nowhere by both Mama Luigi and Mario whilst wielding a baseball bat and a shirt hanger, respectively.

Mama Luigi then throws the bat away to use his fists to pummel Toad. While he does this, Mama Luigi repeatedly asks if Toad likes it, to which Toad demands Mama Luigi to quit; Mama Luigi continues to pummel Toad anyway.

Mama Luigi, sick of Toad's quarreling, threatens Toad by saying he will put a bar of soap into a pillowcase and use it to "beat the f***" out of him. Subsequently, Mario agrees with the idea, which leads Mama Luigi to actually do so, and begins to pound Toad with the soap-filled pillowcase whilst Mario holds him in place.

Toad eventually yells "stop f***ing hurting me!", and his swearing provokes Mario to begins spanking his ass. Mario and Mama Luigi then proceed with a series of particularly brutal methods to thrash Toad: Mama Luigi choking Toad, and Mario bashing his head on the floor, Mario slamming Toad's head in the door, and Mama Luigi super duper duper double deluxe body slamming Toad.

Thereafter, Toad questions Mario and Mama Luigi on why they are beating him up, to which Mama Luigi responds that he already knows why, to which Toad hysterically denies. Mario asks Mama Luigi what they should do next, and after a few seconds of pondering (to the Jeapordy theme), he suggests burning Toad in the microwave.

Mario dementedly and gleefully tosses Toad in, and turns it on. The intense heat causes Toad to combust into a horrible, gory mess, killing him.

2 hours later after the murder, Mario and Luigi are playing a video game (presumably Sonic the Hedgehog 2) together. After they finish their game, Mario brings up the question Toad asked about why they attacked Toad. Mama Luigi answers saying that Toad touched 'his' nickel.



  • This has the most views out of any SML Short on SuperMarioLogan.
  • This video has a 2017 remake of the same name, called Toad's Mistake!. Which got removed, most likely because of the gore and blood in the scene.
  • Several unknown cuss words are censored.
  • This video is often considered to be the most well-known SML Short in SML's history.


  • Takes place after Mama Luigi replaced Luigi.
  • Takes place before MLSDA Season 2 or in the main series timeline. (as Mama Luigi is here)
  • Takes place before Mario's Family Moves Out!


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