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"Toad's Mistake!" is the 44th episode of SML Shorts and a remake of the original Toad's Mistake.


8 Years after the original! Made with the goat Zeke!


The video is exactly the same as the original, but with a few changes. It starts off with Toad finding a nickel on the ground, and he thinks it's his lucky day. He is then hit by a baseball bat down the stairs, and the one with the baseball bat is revealed to be Mama Luigi, making his return after 3 years. He then starts beating Toad up, by smashing him into the wall, then dropping Toad into the ground. Mama Luigi then stares at a hoop, then throws Toad into the hoop like a basketball.

Mama Luigi then goes to the couch to get a weapon. He grabs a tennis ball, and throws it a Toad. He then grabs a blue pen, saying that he will draw a mustache on his face. Mama Luigi does draw a mustache on his face, making Toad freak out. Mama Luigi goes back to the couch, grabbing a crowbar, beating Toad in the head with it.

Mario comes in and asks Mama Luigi what he's doing. Mama says he's been a bad boy, and needs some spanking. Mario starts spanking Toad. Then Mama gets a pillowcase filled with bars of soap and starts beating Toad with it. They then go to the bathroom to beat Toad with the toilet lid.

Then the two go to the kitchen to burn Toad's face on the stove. Toad later gets thrown into a microwave and explodes. Mario asks Mama why they did all those things to Toad. Mama says it's super simple. He touched his nickel. Mario then says no one should ever touch his nickel. Mama Luigi agrees. The two then leave, ending the episode.




  • Toad finds Mama Luigi's nickel and touches it.
  • Toad gets spanked by Mario.
  • Both were uploaded on May 23.
  • Toad dies due to being put in the microwave and exploding.


  • This was filmed with Lovell as the voice of Toad rather than Luke.
  • The remake was filmed in The New House!.
  • The remake is in HD.
  • Mama Luigi uses more weapons on Toad such as a crowbar.
  • The scene where Toad gets burned on the stove never happened in the original, most likely because this was before Logan had stunt doubles of all of his characters or his mother didn't let him use it.
  • Mama Luigi did a body slam on Toad in the original.
  • In the original, Toad can be heard saying "Ding!" while touching the nickel.
  • When Mama Luigi attacked Toad, Mario can be seen coming to hit Toad with a hanger. In this video, Mario does not join Mama Luigi until later.
  • In the original, Mama Luigi beats Toad with a bar of soap inside a sack, while in this version, Mama Luigi beats to Toad, with a bar of soap inside of a pillowcase.
  • When Toad gets a hit by Mama Luigi's baseball bat, the impact causes Toad to reach a sector of the room. In this video after the baseball bat's hit, Toad falls off the stairs.
  • In the original, Mario hit Toad with the door. In this video, this scene does not happen.
  • In the title, this remake ended with an exclamation mark but the original didn't.
  • Mama Luigi has new buttons.


  • This video is a HD remake of the original Toad's Mistake.
    • This is the first SML Video that was remastered, not rebooted.
  • This is the second 2017 video Mario appears without Jeffy.
  • This video was uploaded exactly 8 years after the original Toad's Mistake.
  • During the Chilly vlog, "She Hates Us", Toad could be seen in the microwave.
  • This is one of the moments where Mario spanks Toad and puts his face on the stove which was turned on, because he wants revenge and payback on him for shooting Jeffy in the chest (Which was mentioned in Jeffy the Rapper!).
  • This remake is shorter than the original by 12 seconds.
  • "S**t" is censored.
  • Chilly confirmed that there will be BTS clips for this video.
  • This marks the return of Toad getting spanked.
  • This is the first time Mama Luigi has appeared since 2014 in The Big Thanksgiving as a cameo. If referring to actual appearances, this is the first of him since 2009 in The Nintendo DSi.
  • As of August 2017, this is Toad's latest non-cameo appearance, bringing down his status as a main character.
  • This is the shortest SML video of 2017.
  • This video marks the return of Mama Luigi. Zeke came to visit Logan for the week to film this video and The SuperMarioLogan Movie!, However, Luke did not come and voice Toad. He was presumably too busy to visit.
  • This video confirms that the reason Mama Luigi hasn't appeared in the main series in years (as MLSDA is a spin-off series and therefore not canon, meaning his death isn't canon as well) is because he moved away from Mario and the gang some time ago. Where he lives now is unknown.
  • During the period of when this video was uploaded, it was attacked by Jeffy fanboys, complaining that it wasn't a Jeffy video. In response, Logan released the video Chef Pee Pee the Babysitter! early. As of March 2018, the hate comments had died out.
  • This video has been deleted as of August 22nd, 2019. It may possibly be because of the gory explosion at the end.
  • This video is age restricted due to the strong violence.



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