"Toad's Girlfriend!" is the 160th episode of SML Movies.


Toad gets a girlfriend! And she has a problem.


The movie starts with Bowser Junior about to watch the latest Doofy the Dragon episode, which had Doofy's ex-wife announcing that she had broke up with Doofy because he had cheated on a game of cards, but Doofy then ends up beating up his ex-wife, which Junior enjoys. Toad arrives texting his girlfriend.

Toad talks to Bowser Junior about his girlfriend Toadette, and Junior asks Toad to invite her over. Toadette finds Junior hot and Junior makes Toad leave by asking him to go to Cody's house to get his Thomas toy.

Toadette then kisses Junior and Toad returns from his trip. Toad mistaked their kissing for a game of Tag. Junior then asks Chef Pee Pee about girl advice, and Junior tells Pee Pee about Toadette being a cheater. And so Pee Pee tells him to tell the truth because if he dosent tell Toad, their friendship would get broken.

Junior then asks Toad to talk to him in private. Before they were going to talk, Toad points out if Toadette were to ever cheat on him, that he would kill her and the man who she is dating. This scares Junior so he changed what he was going to say for a game of tag.

Junior returns to Pee Pee. Junior admits that he did not tell Toad, so Pee Pee tells Junior to not tell him ever. Bowser Junior then fears that Toadette might tell on Toad about their kissing.

It then shows Bowser Junior kissing Toadette again. Junior returns telling Pee Pee that he could not tell Toadette. Pee Pee then questions him about his friendship with Toad. Pee Pee advises Junior to tell Toad again or else he would have to.

Bowser Junior then tells Toad about Toadette and how she is cheating. Toad, in a fit of rage, said he thinks that it's all a fantasy made up by Junior. Toad does not believe Junior and Junior promises to never talk to Toadette. The next Scene shows Junior and Toadette having a phone call. Toadette then asks Junior what he is wearing and Junior responds back by saying he wears a bib.

Junior asks her what she is wearing and she responds with being naked. Junior is disgusted by this. Toad then walks in to apologize about him getting angry. Toad then asks Junior who he is talking to. Junior says he is talking to his grandma. Junior then tells Toad to stop bringing Toadette over to his house because he believes that she is a bad person to Toad and he suggests to him to break up with her.

Junior then invites Toad to play some videogames as Junior asks Toad about what Toadette is doing. Junior then brings up about Toadette's antics. Toad then wants proof about Toadette being a cheater.

So Junior tells Toad to invite her over and for him to hide behind the pillow of the couch so he could catch Toadette kissing Bowser Junior. Toadette arrives and Junior tells her that Toad is gone to do some errands and he will be away for awile. Toadette thinks that Toad is behind the pillow but Junior says that he is not and Toadette believes him. Junior then asks Toadette if she wants to kiss. Toad comes out and calls Toadette out and thanks Junior.

Toad then breaks up with her and then Toadette wants to date Bowser Junior Toad tells Junior to make his choice, Friend or Hoe. Junior then thinks about it and he finds this a tough decision. Junior is pressured and picks Toad and shoos Toadette. Bowser Junior promises to never have a girl come between their friendship. They hear a knock on the door and Joseph appears with his girlfriend. The video ends with Junior kissing Joseph's Girlfriend.



  • The game Bowser Junior and Toad are waiting to update is Super Mario Maker.
  • This is Doofy's ex-wife's first visual appearance in a video after being mentioned in previous videos that feature Doofy.
  • This is Toadette's first major appearance in an SML Movie.
  • When Junior is talking to Chef Pee Pee, you can see custom SML and YouTube signs in the background. These signs are part of Logan's fan mail post-video.
  • The poster from The Perfect Plan! is seen once again.
  • This video is tied with Bowser Junior's Candy Bar! for the most lessons in one SML video with 3.
  • Toads Girlfriend was uploaded one day before the Paris,France terror attacks happened.
  • Toadette's name highly refers to Odette, the tough female custodian with a limp from the 2017 film Leap!
  • The video's original ending was supposed to end with Junior ending up sitting between Toad, Toadette, Doofy, and Doofy's ex-wife, while Chef Pee Pee is supposed to throw them out of the house, but this was cut due to time restrictions and matured behavior that is inappropriate for kids.


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