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Toad is former main character in the SuperMarioLogan series. and also the secondary antagonist of Mario and Luigi Stupid and Dumb adventures Season 1 and the main antagonist of Jeffy the rapper 1 and 2

In earlier videos, he was the most unlucky character in the series and was often brutally beaten (or even killed) by the other characters as a running gag but in recent years he became Bowser Junior's best friend, however, he was later replaced by Cody and Joseph.

In recent videos, he has a new look and says his nickname/rap label is MILK. Toad also has a sister named Paulina, who was introduced in Bowser Junior's Summer School. He was originally voiced by Luke and now voiced by Lovell.


In Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures, he secretly worked for Bowser and was Mama Luigi's lawyer. 

The only people who like or tolerate Toad are the Angry Birds, due to Toad's relationship with Tony, and Ray Cheesy, Toad's rap partner.

He was also once known as the world's best rapper along with his partner Ray Cheesy. Until the rapper J-FEE (Jeffy) was introduced in Jeffy The Rapper! and Jeffy The Rapper 2 Toad had no rival in the rap industry.


He appears in many episodes and is usually a jerk on many occasions in some episodes. He even shot Chef Pee Pee with a Nerf Gun but is later killed.  

He may be clumsy and a pervert. In 2011, Toad looked different because Logan stopped using his Mario Party 5 Toad (rare) and he started using the Goldie Marketing one.

Nowadays, he hangs out with Junior and his friends. It is implied that Toad might be homosexual or bisexual, since Toad had started to have a love desire for Mario when Toad's plush changed to the Goldie Marketing Toad plush.

Likes and Dislikes





Bowser Junior

While Toad tends to be one of Bowser Junior's closest friends, he is a very bad influence on him. He always encourages him to do bad stuff which would often get him in trouble.

Chef Pee Pee

Although he doesn't hate Chef Pee Pee, Chef Pee Pee extremely hates him because Toad stabbed Chef Pee Pee in his eyes in Bowser's Cookies with a knife, made him knock over Junior's cake in Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake, bothering him when he lights up the firework in Bowser's 4th Of July, and annoying him when he try to put the horse in the oven in Bowser's Salad Wrap. and he constantly pesters Chef Pee Pee in some episodes.

He even tried to strip Chef Pee Pee's shirt in Chef Pee Pee's Birthday.

Black Yoshi

Even though Toad has shown to like Black Yoshi. Black Yoshi despises Toad and he constantly kills him with his Glock 17. Toad usually interrupts Black Yoshi while he's playing Call of Duty. At very few times, Black Yoshi helps Toad.

Most of the time, Toad does something that Black Yoshi doesn't like to him which forces Black Yoshi to kill him, like in Toad's Mistake 2, he played Black Yoshi's Call of Duty forcing Black Yoshi to kill him with an aerial attack and a nuke.


They have a slight rivalry together as Toad sometimes rivals about who's better at sports and Joseph rivals about who can make better raps.


Another friend of Toad who is a stereotypical nerd at school. They get along pretty well with each other. However, in Cool Cody!, Toad didn't invite Cody to his party, because he's weird.

Jeffy (J-Fee)

When Jeffy's rap song became a hit, Toad became jealous and made a song about how much Jeffy sucks compared to him. He also shot Jeffy, when they settled by the streetlight.

Their rivalry started again in Jeffy The Rapper 2, where they each make a rap song, Jeffy rapping 'Wanna See My Pencil?' where Toad sings 'Do it for the hundreds baby'. Eventually Toad wins, but Jeffy steals 10,000 dollars from him.


Toad's little sister who for some unknown reason talks in a man's Brooklyn accent. Some people think that somehow their voices got swapped and Toad is supposed to sound like Paulina.

Principal Steinbeck

Toad's ultimate enemy because he beat up Toad in Bowser Junior's Summer School and because he is very mean.

Ray Cheesy

Ray Cheesy is Toad's rap partner.


Toad hates Shrek because Shrek killed him and put him in the toilet while he crapped on him. Toad also ate Shrek's cheesecake causing him to get shredded in the blender by Shrek in Toad's Mistake 3.


He likes Bubbles because he told him all about jail and he also made a music video with him called Party in the Tub.


  • Toad has currently lost his main character status due to the fact that junior and especially Jeffy are more beloved and popular among younger viewers . As well Cody and Joseph being juniors main friends. its unknown if he will regain his major status.
  • He may have an "immortality" ability just like Kenny McCormick from South Park, due to coming back to life in the videos after he dies, which gives him a lot of ways to die.
  • It is unclear whether Toad still lives with Mario. When he moved into the apartment, Toad was shown moving out of the old house with Mario. However, he shows up at the front door of the new house as though he does not live there in Jeffy The Rapper 2.
  • Toad is no longer the unlucky person of SML. Mario, Chef Pee Pee and even Cody are now the unluckiest people. 
  • Over the course of the series Toad has shown to have become less smart and more retarded. This could be because he is physically abused by almost every character on the show and everyone always keeps giving him hits to the head which could have caused him massive brain trauma.
  • Toad likes to help people but his involvement in anything always ends up with people either killing him or beating him up senseless because of him being a major idiot and an annoyance, having more stupidity and dumbness than anyone else in SuperMarioLogan besides Mama Luigi.
  • Toad is now a rapper thanks to Ray Cheesy and has starred in many different music videos featuring either Ray Cheesy or Bubbles.
  • Toad loves milk and cookies and has even devoted a rap to it. Though he likes them he has no clue how to make cookies and usually burns them by setting the cookies to 550 degrees. This was shown in Bowser's Cookies where he was kind of helping Chef Pee Pee make cookies.
  • Toad is the most hated person by everyone for different and many reasons. Mario hates him possibly because he helped Bowser a lot, got Mario arrested for an unknown reason, and went against him in court in Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures. Mama Luigi hates Toad because he touched his nickel in Toad's Mistake, and refused to buy him lemonade. Black Yoshi hates Toad because he interrupts him in his game of Call of Duty, and annoys and begs to him while he was playing Call of Duty. Shrek hates Toad because he ate his Doritos at the Super Bowl, and he also ate Shrek's cheesecake, which caused Shrek to kill him by putting him in the blender. Chef Pee Pee hates Toad because he annoys him, and ruins his orders and stabbed him in the eye while making Bowser's cookies. He also likes to be gay around him, as seen in Chef Pee Pee's Birthday, because he was in his underwear and tried to strip Chef Pee Pee of his clothing, but now Toad has the fame and the es.
  • He has a high pitch voice that is similar to Elmo from Sesame Street, Tutter from Bear in the Big Blue House, and Wubbzy from Wow Wow Wubbzy.
  • Toad has been hated by Mario (in most cases), Mama Luigi, Black Yoshi, Shrek, and Chef Pee Pee which means he has been hated throughout the World and The SuperMarioLogan Universe.
  • Toad has the most amount of songs out of any SuperMarioLogan character.
  • Toad had used to start his life of crime getting revenge on someone who pushed him to far, but now is best friends with Bowser Junior and his friends.
  • Toad implies that he cuts himself when Ray Cheesy finds a knife in his room in Toad is Cool.
  • Toad has had more separate character roles in Bowser Junior's Playtime videos than any other character.
  • Even though Toad met Jeffy in Bowser Junior's Nerf War!, it is unknown if he ever met Jeffy prior to the events of that episode.
  • In Bowser Junior's Playtime 2, Toad may have revealed that he has a squashing fetish.
  • Toad might be bisexual since he occasionally loves both girls and boys.
  • Toad claims that he is the master of Nerf guns, even though Jeffy won the match in Bowser Junior's Nerf War!.
  • Toad also has a reaction series in Lovell's YouTube Channel.
  • Toad was Bowser Junior's only friend prior to the introduction of Cody and Joseph.
  • Toad has the second most deaths, only beaten by Bowser Junior.
  • Even though he owns a gun, appear in some of the earliest episodes, and be able to drive a car, he was confirmed to be 8 in Bowser Junior Goes To The Future!.
    • He may even be 17 or 18 at this time.
  • Toad's age is unknown, but is possibly older than Junior by a few years.
  • It is revealed in Bowser Junior Goes Bowling!, that Toad used to have a gambling addiction.
  • It is revealed in The Sticky Situation, that his favorite color is green and that he loves music.
  • He is a police officer in all of the Bowser Junior's Playtime videos except Bowser Junior's Playtime 5.


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