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This article is about the former cast member. You may be looking for the character named Tito Brown.

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Puppet Tito.

Minelli Chavez Jiménez II (or Jr.), known as Tito and Teeds, or by his online persona Titototter, is an American actor and comedian, puppeteer/plusheteer, a former SML cast member, and notably Chilly Jimenez's older brother. Tito was most known for appearing in Chilly's vlog channel and he held a strong friendship with his former friend, Logan, but after Chilly and Logan broke up in the late-2019 due to Chilly cheating, Tito took his sisters side so he and the rest of his family were kicked out of the house by Logan and the rest of the SML crew.

In the vlogs, Tito usually performs funny and comedic skits with Logan and they hang out together.

Tito is also known for his plush channel, Titototter, which revolves around Sonic and his daily, unusual lifestyle.

A video on Chilly was posted June 12, 2020 of Tito breaking and entering into Logan's house, near the end of the vlog it is revealed that it is a skit. Which could mean Logan and Tito are friends again. This is later confirmed when Logan posted a Tiktok featuring Tito which means Logan and Tito are on good terms now.


Tito's most common job in making SML videos was holding and portraying characters who have the same voice actor for multiple characters in the scene or performing background tasks that are meant to seem possible in the video.

In Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack!, Tito made his first-ever appearance in an SML video, playing Minelli, who was a Gas Station Clerk. He also later appeared in Nintendo Switch in a commercial for the light switch and served as a secretary for a Fidget Spinner Business. Tito used to loved playing video games against Logan and the SML crew and enjoyed hanging out. He also appeared in most Chilly vlogs and has moved in and lived in Logan's house along with his siblings until Logan broke up with his sister. His bedroom was Bowser's room. Tito is best known for his appearance in Chilly's vlogs.


Logan has hinted the idea of bringing Sonic the Hedgehog back and having Tito as the new voice actor, due to Tito's mild obsession with Sonic. This later led to the creation of Titototter and started a series called TT Movies (Titototter Movies). TT Movies are similar to SML Movies that Logan, Chilly, and JJ often voice in (Anthony is also a member of the TT Movies cast).


Tito lived in the house with Logan and Chilly, along with JJ. Tito loved playing video games against Logan and the SML crew and enjoys hanging out. Tito is best known for his appearance in Chilly's vlogs.

However, after Logan and Chilly's break up in late 2019 and subsequent end of friendship with Logan, Tito moved out with the rest of his family and has maintained a private life. Later in 2021, Tito returned to the SML house to give Logan his old gaming channel meaning the two must have moved on from the past.

Social Media


Likes and Dislikes


  • Sonic The Hedgehog franchise
  • Making Videos
  • His Fans
  • Tackling people that attempt to steal from Chilly and Logan
  • Chilly Jimenez (his sister)
  • Charleyyy and Friends (formerly)
  • Pranks
  • Pranking Chilly
  • Getting His Braces Removed
  • Logan Thirtyacre
  • Milk
  • Naruto series
  • Dragon Ball series
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Anime
  • Having Facial Hair
  • Brooklyn T. Guy


  • Crazy fans trying to steal stuff from Chilly and Logan.
  • Charleyyy and Friends (currently)
  • Lance (the Crazy Fan)
  • Going outside (formerly)
  • Getting his Mustache Shaved (As shown) (But it was for a prank)
  • His haters

YouTube Channel

Titototter (the sister channel of SuperMarioLogan)

Character Roles

Tito has played several characters with minor roles in SML videos. Most of the characters he plays as are usually with himself dressed as the character.


  • His real name was leaked in the episode Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack!.
    • As the name tag reads ‘Minelli’ it can be assumed that Tito's real name is Minelli Jr. (as his father's name is also Minelli).
  • According to (dead link) Tito is affiliated with the Republican Party.
  • Tito wanted his hair dyed blue, but it came out purple instead.
  • Tito has his own song, and it is called Tito Come Outside!
  • Despite being a grown man, Tito still had braces until April 2018.
  • Tito is the Tagalog word for uncle.
  • In one of Chilly's vlogs, Chilly and Logan pranked Tito by ripping his AFC Championship Playoff tickets. This caused Tito to get really angry and he punched a wall so hard, it broke.
  • His SLL Reaction signing-off catchphrase is “Reese’s... Peaces (Pieces).”
  • Tito's favorite football team is the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • Tito once stopped a "fan" who tried to steal Chilly's purse and golden watch. Tito hates crazy fans that try to steal stuff from Logan Thirtyacre, and Chilly Jimenez.
  • In February 2019, Logan and Pablo (a cast member) shaved off Tito's mustache while he was sleeping. This caused Tito to get mad and Tito earned the nickname; Andy.
  • It's shown in this Chilly vlog,, that Tito is a very heavy sleeper.
  • After Logan and Chilly's break up in late 2019, Tito and Logan are no longer friends. According to Tito, Logan also had destroyed many of his plushies he had yet used for Titototter videos.