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    The Vandal Buster!

    Hey, everyone! It’s me, Rh390110478! Here is a new series I’m doing called The Vandal Buster! This story will also reveal the identity of the Vandal Buster! But before the stories, I would like to give shoutouts to these users!



    CuldeeFell13 - Supporting my stories, a great friend and an awesome banner designer!

    MarioFan2009 - Supporting my stories.

    Trikkiboy - Being a great admin!

    EndlessPossibilities2006 - Supporting my stories and a really active contributor to my character Q&A!

    KAPFan9876 - Inspired me to start making stories on the wiki!

    And many others! (Except Onion Cream and the trolls.)

    And also,

    WARNING! This story contains swearing, a little bit of gore and questionable content. Viewer discretion is advised! (15+)

    Enjoy the story!


    Synopsis - Vandalism! Trolls and vandals from the SML Wiki have broken into the SML Wiki headquarters and are wrecking havoc! Can Trikkiboy, Agonzo and the fellow users stop them?


    At CuldeeFell13’s House, Culdee is seen playing Big Chungus on PS4.

    Culdee: Yes! Defeat Ugandan Knuckles!

    Ugandan Knuckles: You do not know de wae! There for, I will kill you!

    Big Chungus: Never!

    Big Chungus decapitates Ugandan Knuckles and the You Win! message pops up.

    Culdee: YES! I WON!

    Culdee hears a knock on the door.

    Culdee: Who is that?

    Culdee opens the door and RH is outside.

    Culdee: Hi, RH!

    RH: Hi, Culdee! I just wanted to let you know I 100% completed Spider Man on PS4!

    Culdee: Great job!

    RH: Also, to let you know, next month will be the first anniversary of me joining the SML Wiki!

    Culdee: I’m excited! I’ll ask Trikkiboy to set up the party one day!

    RH: Thanks! Well, I’ll see you later! I’m going to do New Game+!

    Culdee: Ok! See ya!

    RH leaves.

    Culdee: Man! He’s been playing Spider Man a lot ever since he got it on Christmas!

    Culdee enters his house.


    At Veggicorp, all of the trolls and vandals are at their tables.

    Onion Cream: Ok, guys! Today, we are going to launch an attack on the SML Wiki headquarters and take over the wiki!

    Vandalsaurus Rex: Yes! Those noobs won’t know what hit them!

    SquidwardPepe: Can’t we just love them?

    Onion Cream: No! We are meant to bring chaos and devastation to these users! We never show them any respect! Well, time to head out! Everyone! Follow me!

    Onion Cream and the other trolls head out of the Veggiephone building.


    Crash Bandicoot is in his office signing papers until Meggy enters the office.

    Crash: Hi, Meggy!

    Meggy: Hi, Crash!

    Crash: What brings you here?

    Meggy: Well, ever since we can travel from portal to the SML universe, I figured I just drop by your office to check it out!

    Crash: Ok!

    Meggy: I also see the armor MikeLord56 gave you!

    Crash: I know! I really enjoy it! Hang on a second. HUNTER!

    HUNTER: (The armor’s AI) activates.

    HUNTER: Yes, boss?

    Crash: Can you bring me a drink?

    HUNTER: Yes, boss!

    HUNTER exits the office.

    Meggy: That’s really cool!

    Crash: I also have a question!

    Meggy: Sure!

    Crash: When I watched SMG4’s videos-

    Crash looks at the reader.

    Crash: Yes. We watch the videos in this universe.

    Crash turns back to Meggy.

    Crash: Anyways, in the videos, you spoke in squid noises. But right now, you’re actually talking. How did you manage to speak?

    Meggy: Well, here’s how it occurred.

    A flashback starts.

    Meggy (voiceover): Back in the SMG4 universe, the others were starting* to have trouble understanding my language.

    Meggy: “squid noises” (How are you doing?)

    SMG4: What?

    Meggy (voiceover): Eventually, they sent me to E. Gadd’s laboratory where he hooked me to this machine.

    Meggy is hooked onto a machine and E. Gadd activates it.

    Meggy (voiceover): After it was activated, it injected me with a serum that allowed me to speak human words!

    E. Gadd shows a picture saying Houndeye and Meggy says the word in actual language.

    Meggy (voiceover): The test was successful!

    The flashback ends.

    Crash: Ok! I get it now!

    Meggy: So yeah. That’s how I speak in normal language! Well, I’ll see you later!

    Crash: Ok!

    Meggy exits Crash’s office as HUNTER enters with Crash’s drink.


    At the SML Wiki headquarters, Trikkiboy and Agonzo are seen exiting the building.

    Trikkiboy: Ok! I’m going to the store to buy another ban hammer! The old one broke.

    Agonzo: Ok! I’m going to go to Burger King!

    Trikkiboy: Ok! See ya!

    Trikkiboy and Agonzo leave the area just as the trolls show up.

    Onion Cream: Ok. They’re gone! Time to attack!

    Onion Cream and the trolls infiltrate the building and start destroying the place.

    Ollie-Loving Octopus: Take this!

    OLO smashes a table.

    Onion Cream: These moose f**** will be surprised when they see the damage we caused!

    SquidwardPepe: Ok! I’m going to go kiss that painting of Trikkiboy over there-

    Suddenly, a bomb is thrown at SquidwardPepe.

    SquidwardPepe: WHAT-

    The bomb explodes, and SquidwardPepe is trapped in a net.

    Onion Cream: WHAT THE F***?!

    A mysterious black figure wearing a mask enters the room.

    Vandal Clown: It can’t be...

    Jamaican Bird: It’s-

    Onion Cream: THE VANDAL BUSTER!

    All of the trolls shoot at Vandal Buster, but he/she dodges them.

    Vandal Buster: You trolls will wish you never attacked this facility.


    Vandal Buster dodges more blasts and throws more net bombs at the trolls and traps them.

    Onion Cream: FINE! I’LL DO THIS MYSELF!

    Onion Cream battles Vandal Buster, but is overwhelmed and trapped in a net.


    Vandal Buster writes a note and leaves it on the ground, before leaving via smoke bomb.

    A moment later.

    Trikkiboy and Agonzo enter.

    Trikkiboy: Ok! Got a new ban hammer-

    Trikkiboy screams when he sees the trashed facility.


    Trikkiboy notices Onion Cream trapped in a net.

    Trikkiboy: Onion Cream?! What are you doing here?!

    Onion Cream: Trashing the place until the guy with the mask showed up!

    Trikkiboy: What?

    Trikkiboy reads the note and it says,

    Dear Trikkiboy,

    I stopped More of these trolls. You can thank me later.


    Trikkiboy: Another act from the Vandal Buster.



    Synopsis: After sending Onion Cream and the other trolls to the Ban Dimension, Trikkiboy decides to send out the other users to hunt down and identify the mysterious Vandal Buster! Meggy and Tari also join in to help the users, however the trolls escape and are plotting another revenge scheme!


    The next day.

    Trikkiboy and the other users have gathered in the main office.

    Trikkiboy: Ok! As all of you may know, Onion Cream and his gang of trolls have invaded the SML Wiki headquarters and trashed the place!

    RH: Again?!

    Endless: Why do these trolls keep coming back?!

    Trikkiboy: I know! However, they were stopped by the mysterious Vandal Buster!

    Culdee: I’ve heard of him! People reported that he strikes without warning and apparently, no one has ever heard who he is!

    RH: True!

    Trikkiboy: Well, this is like the 10th time this year he has striked and stopped these trolls!

    Endless: Also, what happened to Onion Cream and the others?

    Trikkiboy: After They were caught, I sent them to the Ban Dimension! A massive prison that holds trolls and vandals alike!

    Culdee: Ok!

    InternetProblem: Anyways, who do you think this Vandal Buster guy is?

    RH: Well... That is hard to know.

    Culdee: I think we should try to find out who he is!

    Trikkiboy: Right! We find clues to his identity, and try to find out who he really is!

    MarioFan2009: Right! But he is really prepared for assaults!

    RH: I’d love to join, but I have to focus on my CROSS-ing Over series! So I’ll see you later!

    Culdee: Ok!

    Endless: Bye!

    RH leaves the building.

    Trikkiboy: So, let’s go find out the Vandal Buster’s identity!

    All of the users leave the building.


    At a local bar, The Vandal Buster enters the bar and heads to the booth.

    Vandal Buster: Hi.

    Bartender: Hello! Who are you?

    Vandal Buster: I prefer to remain anonymous.

    Bartender: Um, ok?

    The bartender serves Vandal Buster beer, until Murder Man, Mega Maid, Spider Man, Ice Man And Firestar appear.

    Ice Man: Hey! Those happen to be our seats!

    Vandal Buster: I got here first. Finders keepers!

    Firestar: Are you mocking us?!

    Vandal Buster: You better leave while you can.

    Murder Man: GUYS! ATTACK HIM!

    Vandal Buster suddenly dodges Firestar’s blast and shoots a bomb at her, sending her flying into the roof.

    Ice Man: WHAT THE?!

    Vandal Buster grabs a nearby table and throws it at Ice Man, shattering him.

    Murder Man: KILL HIM!

    Spider Man shoots web at Vandal Buster, but he grabs it and throws it at Spider Man, trapping him.

    Spider Man: NO!

    Murder Man: THAT’S IT! TIME TO BAIL!

    Murder Man and Mega Maid run off.

    Vandal Buster: You better run!


    Chef Pee Pee is in the kitchen, smashing eggs with a hammer, until Tari enters.

    Tari: Hi, Chef Pee Pee!

    Chef Pee Pee: Hi, Tari!

    Tari: What are you doing?

    Chef Pee Pee: Smashing eggs for no reason!

    Tari: Ok!

    Tari notices a sheet of paper on the ground and reads it.

    Tari: Breaking news! Chef Pee Pee’s Family Diner closed down after owner revealed to be a serial killer-

    Chef Pee Pee grabs the paper and throws it into the boiling pot.

    Chef Pee Pee: That was just a story RH wrote!

    Tari: Ok, then!

    Tari leaves the kitchen.

    Tari: Speaking of RH, I wonder what he is doing right now.

    Tari exits the house and encounters Culdee.

    Culdee: Hey, Tari!

    Tari: Hi!

    Culdee: Right now, me and the other users are trying to find out the identity of the Vandal Buster!

    Tari: Who’s he?

    Culdee: Apparently, Vandal Buster is some unknown user who captures vandal and troll users.

    Tari: Cool!

    Culdee: Maybe you can help us out on finding out who he is!

    Tari: Ok!

    Culdee: Thanks!


    Meggy is seen exiting the town hall until she comes across Endless.

    Meggy: Hi, Endless!

    Endless: Hi!

    Meggy: What are you doing?

    Endless: Well, we’re trying to find out the identity of the Vandal Buster! Want to help us?

    Meggy: Sure!

    Endless: Thanks!


    In the Ban Dimension, Onion Cream and the other trolls enter a portal and end up in Pensacola.

    Onion Cream: Finally, we’re out! Now, time to find that Vandal Buster and who he is!



    Synopsis: The users, Meggy and Tari have started the mission of hunting down the Vandal Buster, while the trolls are plotting their scheme. However, the Vandal Buster suddenly starts arresting innocent people for minor offenses! Can they stop him?


    At Veggiecorp, the trolls and vandals enter the main office.

    Onion Cream: Ok! Now that we have escaped, it’s time to set up another plan!

    SquidwardPepe: What will our plan be?

    Onion Cream: I’m trying to think!

    Vandal Clown: I know! Let’s take over the town hall!

    Onion Cream: That won’t work. Crash has his armor. He will blast us to bits!

    Vandal Clown: Oh.

    Vandal-saurus Rex: I have a plan!

    Onion Cream: What is it?

    As Vandal-saurus Rex explains his plan, the screen fades to black.


    Culdee, Meggy, Endless, and MarioFan2009 enter a warehouse.

    Culdee: Ok. There’s probably clues at who the Vandal Buster is.

    Meggy: Right.

    Endless: I wonder who he is.

    Meggy finds an empty box of Buffalo Wild Wings.

    Meggy: Guys! I found this box of boneless wings!

    Culdee: Nice! Wait. Isn’t that RH’s favorite food?

    Meggy: Well, Yeah!

    Endless: Maybe RH was here earlier and left the box in here.

    Culdee: Probably.

    Meggy: I think we should probably leave before the Vandal Buster realizes what we’re up to.

    Culdee: Right. Let’s go.

    Culdee and the others leave the warehouse.


    Trikkiboy, Tari, Agonzo, and InternetProblem enter an abandoned school.

    Trikkiboy: Perhaps, there could be clues in here.

    Tari heads to a nearby locker.

    Tari: I’m going to look in here!

    Tari opens the locker, but Robot Mario form CPPKS jumps out and screams.

    Tari: AHHHHH!!!

    Tari runs off.

    Agonzo: Why is that even there?

    Trikkiboy enters the cafeteria.

    Trikkiboy: I’ll look in here!

    Trikkiboy looks through the window of the kitchen and sees the teenage mutant ninja turtles mourning a moldy pizza.

    Trikkiboy: Um, ok?

    Trikkiboy leaves.

    Agonzo: Trikkiboy! I found something!

    Trikkiboy enters the auditorium and sees Agonzo holding an El Tigre poster.

    Trikkiboy: Nice! I heard that show hasn’t aired for a decade!

    Agonzo: Yeah! RH also talked about it on occasion.

    Trikkiboy: That’s odd.

    Tari: Guys! I found something else!

    Tari shows a poster of Onion Cream with a red X on him.

    Trikkiboy: Ok. This guy must really hate Onion Cream.

    Suddenly, they hear something.

    Trikkiboy: Who is that?!

    Agonzo looks out the door and sees the Vandal Buster.

    Agonzo: It’s the Vandal Buster!

    Tari: Quick! Hide somewhere!

    The four hide in different parts of the auditorium just as the Vandal Buster enters.

    Vandal Buster: Ok! After I dealt with Murder Man and Mega Maid, I have to check to see if there are any trolls around.

    Vandal Buster scans the area for trolls and four dots appear on his sensor.

    Vandal Buster: There’s some in here!

    Tari: Crap. That’s us.

    The Vandal Buster searches the bleachers and narrowly misses Tari who was hiding under one of the seats.

    Vandal Buster: They got to be here somewhere.

    Vandal Buster grabs a nearby trash can and throws it at the wall causing InternetProblem to fall out.

    Vandal Buster: There’s one!

    InternetProblem: Wait! I’m not a troll-

    Vandal Buster attacks InternetProblem and captures him in a net.

    Trikkiboy: RUN!

    Trikkiboy, Agonzo, and Tari run out of the auditorium and Vandal Buster notices them.

    Vandal Buster: COME BACK HERE!

    Vandal Buster chases after the three.


    Agonzo: LOOK OUT!

    Vandal Buster shoots a net at Agonzo, trapping him.

    Agonzo: Run! Get out of here!

    Vandal Buster drags Agonzo away while Trikkiboy and Tari run out of the school.


    Trikkiboy: Right! We need to alert Crash!

    Trikkiboy and Tari run to the town hall.


    In Crash’s office, Crash is seen watching Skylandere Academy on Netflix.

    Crash: Still can’t believe I’m in this show!

    Suddenly, someone knocks on the door.

    Crash: Hello?

    The Vandal Buster kicks the door down, destroying it in the process.

    Vandal Buster: STOP RIGHT THERE!


    Vandal Buster: YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!


    Vandal Buster: STOP LYING!

    Crash: Not if you deal with HUNTER!

    Crash activates his armor and fires an omega beam at Vandal Buster, but he blocks it.

    Crash: WHAT?!

    Crash flies at Vandal Buster, but he punches him out of the air.

    Crash: OW!

    Vandal Buster shoots a net at Crash, trapping him.

    Crash: NO!

    Vandal Buster: You are coming with me!

    Vandal Buster drags Crash away.



    Synopsis: After Agonzo, InternetProblem, and Crash Bandicoot were captured by the Vandal Buster, Trikkiboy, Culdee, Endless, Meggy and Tari try to defeat the Vandal Buster to free the people he arrested! RH also returns to help out, but something unexpected happens!


    Trikkiboy and Tari run to the town hall.

    Tari: We got to alert Crash!

    Trikkiboy: Right!

    Tari and Trikkiboy enter Crash’s office, but it is empty.

    Trikkiboy: Where is he?!

    Tari: He has to be here!

    Trikkiboy: I’ll check the camera!

    Trikkiboy checks the camera and sees Vandal Buster fighting and dragging away Crash.

    Trikkiboy: Vandal Buster got to him!

    Tari: What?!

    Trikkiboy: He must’ve went after him to take him out because of his armor’s advantages.

    Tari: We need to stop this guy!

    Trikkiboy: Ok! But we need to find the others!

    Trikkiboy and Tari exits the town hall.

    A moment later.

    Trikkiboy and Tari encounter Culdee, MarioFan2009 and Meggy.

    Trikkiboy: There you are!

    Culdee: Hi!

    Tari: Wait. Where’s Endless?

    Culdee: We were searching the abandoned Chef Pee Pee’s Family Diner, But the Vandal Buster showed up and captured him!

    Meggy: He just came right in and knocked him out!

    MarioFan2009: Yeah!

    Trikkiboy: Well, we must stop him before he arrests anymore people!

    Suddenly, RH appears.

    RH: Hi guys!

    Culdee: Hi, RH!

    RH: What’s going on?

    Trikkiboy: The Vandal Buster captured Agonzo, InternetProblem, Crash and Endless.

    RH: What?!

    Meggy: I know! We need to stop Vandal Buster and free the others!

    Suddenly, SquidwardPepe appears.

    SquidwardPepe: COME HERE!

    Meggy: Oh geez!

    Meggy blasts SquidwardPepe and he explodes.

    Meggy: What the?! He’s a robot?!

    RH: They seem to be coming from Veggiecorp!

    Trikkiboy: Onion Cream..

    Culdee: He must have broke out again!

    Tari: Well, let’s go stop him!

    Meggy: Then we’ll go after the Vandal Buster!

    Everyone heads off to Veggiecorp.

    Tari: Also, RH? How come your headphones are green? Aren’t they usually red?

    RH: I couldn’t find them. I just got another pair.

    A moment later.

    The six exit the elevator and enter Onion Cream’s office.

    Onion Cream: Mr. Trikkiboy. I’m surprised you actually had the guts to enter this establishment.

    Trikkiboy: By the name of the wiki admins, you are under arrest for sending out troll robots to terrorize the citizens!

    Onion Cream: Are you threatening me?

    RH: The admins will decide your fate!

    Trikkiboy, RH and Culdee pull out their swords while Meggy pulls out her ink gun and Tari activates her arm cannon.

    Onion Cream: I am an admin!

    Trikkiboy: Not. Yet!

    Onion Cream pulls out his own sword.

    Onion Cream: Then it’s treason then...

    Onion Cream leaps at the five and they engage in combat.


    Onion Cream suddenly kicks Meggy into a wall.


    Onion Cream grabs Tari and throws her into the elevator.

    RH: Keep fighting!

    Onion Cream throws a lamp at Culdee, knocking him away.

    RH: NO!

    Trikkiboy: You are so done, Onion Cream!

    Trikkiboy duels with Onion Cream while RH checks on the others. Outside, the Vandal Buster is roaming through the park arresting citizens until he notices the commotion going on at Veggiecorp.

    Vandal Buster: What’s going on over there?

    Vandal Buster runs to the Veggiecorp building. The scene cuts back to Trikkiboy still fighting against Onion Cream, and they eventually fight their way down a hallway and up to the roof.

    Onion Cream: You will never win!

    The Vandal Buster enters the building and runs into the elevator and takes it to the top floor. Back on the roof, Trikkiboy eventually knocks Onion Cream’s sword out of his hand and it plummets to the ground below.

    Trikkiboy: You troll. The rise of the troll army will never return. Your plot to take over the city of Pensacola is over. You have lost.

    Onion Cream: No. No! NO! YOU WILL DIE!

    Onion Cream suddenly raises his hands and inverted lightning shoots out, but Trikkiboy deflects it with his sword.

    Trikkiboy: WHAT THE?!

    The Vandal Buster enters the rooftop with Culdee, Tari, MarioFan2009 and Meggy trapped in a net.


    Vandal Buster rushes at Trikkiboy, but he dodges him.

    Vandal Buster: STOP RESISTING!

    Trikkiboy pulls out the ban hammer, but Vandal Buster grabs it and smashes it in half.

    Trikkiboy: NO!

    Onion Cream: YES!

    Vandal Buster grabs Trikkiboy and throws him to the ground.

    Vandal Buster: It is time for you to join the others I have arrested-

    Suddenly, a large table is thrown at Vandal Buster, knocking him out.

    Onion Cream: WHAT?!

    RH: I took care of him!

    Trikkiboy: Thanks! Now help the others!

    RH: On it!

    RH heads to the others, but instead starts typing on a device.

    Culdee: RH! What are you doing?

    RH: I’ll get you out soon!

    Trikkiboy picks up his sword and deflects more inverted lighting from Onion Cream, eventually knocking Onion Cream to the ground and deflecting all the inverted lighting back into Onion Cream, causing him to be slowly inverted.

    Onion Cream: AGH! IT BURNS!

    Trikkiboy: Time to finish you! RH! Care to finish him!

    RH: Yes!

    RH grabs his sword and heads to Onion Cream.

    Onion Cream: Please don’t!

    Suddenly, RH turns around and slices off Trikkiboy’s left hand.

    Trikkiboy: AAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

    Trikkiboy watches as his hand and sword plummet off the building.

    Culdee: WHAT?!

    Onion Cream laughs evilly as he shoots a wave of lightning at Trikkiboy, electrocuting him.

    Onion Cream: POWWWEEERRRRR!!!!!!

    Trikkiboy: NNOOOOO!!!!


    Onion Cream eventually throws Trikkiboy off the building and he plummets out of sight.

    RH: I did it, Onion Cream.

    Onion Cream: Nicely Done!

    Culdee: RH! WHAT DID YOU DO?!

    RH heads to Vandal Buster and kicks him off the building.

    RH: You guys are under arrest!

    Everyone except Onion Cream: WHAT?!

    Onion Cream: Yes! Take them to the Troll Enclosure!

    RH: With pleasure!

    RH grabs the net and leaves the building.



    RH: Just following orders.

    Culdee: NO!

    Meanwhile, The Vandal Buster gets up from the ground.

    Vandal Buster: Can’t believe he defeated me! I need to go after the others!

    The Vandal Buster runs off.



    Synopsis: After RH has supposedly betrayed the other users, under orders from Onion Cream, RH throws Culdee, Endless, MarioFan2009, InternetProblem, Meggy, Tari and Agonzo into the Troll Enclosure, a massive prison that holds all the people the Vandal Buster arrested. Trikkiboy has also been presumed dead after his duel with Onion Cream. Can the others find a way to escape?


    SquidwardPepe is piloting a helicopter that RH is in, as well as Culdee, MarioFan2009, Meggy and Tari.

    SquidwardPepe: Ok! We’re here!

    RH: Welcome to the Troll Enclosure! This is where you will be staying with the other inmates! Enjoy! And try not to escape!

    RH kicks everyone off the helicopter and they land in the courtyard.

    ???: So nice for you to join us!

    ??? exits the prison and is revealed to be...

    Culdee: COP 5?!

    Cop 5: Users. We meet again.

    MarioFan2009: HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF JAIL?!

    Cop 5: Oh! Well.

    A flashback occurs.

    Cop 5: After I was arrested with Black Yoshi and Shrek after Toad’s Refusion Rampage, I realized I can be able to file an appeal to be released. Eventually, I succeeded and was released.

    Cop 5 is seen walking away from the prison, but suddenly falls into the ocean.

    Prison Guard: The boats are on the other side!

    Cop 5: (flashback) Thanks.

    The flashback ends.

    Cop 5: Anyways, I couldn’t get my job as a cop back for obvious reasons, but I did recently get a job as the warden for the Troll Enclosure. You guys are going to “enjoy” your stay.

    Cop 5 laughs evilly as the others follow him into the prison.

    An hour later.

    Everyone has been put into prison uniforms.


    MarioFan2009: What is this made of?! Dog flesh?!

    Cop 5: Actually, it’s made of squid flesh.

    Meggy: ... DID YOU SAY SQUID?!

    Cop 5: Yes.

    Meggy: OH MY GOD!

    Meggy vomits.

    Cop 5: Anyways, it’s time for you to go mine for rocks!

    Everyone is sent into the courtyard where they take pickaxes and mine for rocks.

    Culdee: I can’t believe RH betrayed us!

    MarioFan2009: I know! Why is he doing this?

    Tari: I’m going to try to break us out.

    Tari attempts to use her arm cannon to blast the chain, but Cop 5 catches her.


    A bunch of guards tackle Tari and drag her away.

    Cop 5: Send her to... The pit.

    The guards throw Tari into a dark room and lock the door.

    Tari: Well, this doesn’t seem bad.

    The lights turn on revealing a bunch of brutes.

    Tari: Oh man.

    All of the brutes proceed to beat up Tari until Cop 5 orders them to stop. He then kicks Tari back into the courtyard.

    Cop 5: Next time I catch you, you’re going to the isolation cell!

    Cop 5 heads back into the prison.

    Guard: Time for breaks!

    All of the inmates start their break. Suddenly, Endless, and Agonzo appear.

    Culdee: Endless!

    Endless: Hi, guys!

    Agonzo: How did you get here?

    Meggy: You won’t believe this, but RH sold us out to Onion Cream.

    Agonzo: What?!

    Endless: It can’t be!

    Culdee: She’s right. But soon, we will find a way to escape.

    Endless: Ok.

    Culdee: Basically, I want all of you to go around and find items that could help break us out!

    Everyone: On it!

    At night.

    Culdee: Ok! What did you guys get?

    Endless: I found a tear gas bomb.

    Tari: I found a sword in the armory!

    Meggy: Found my ink gun!

    MarioFan2009: I got a rock.

    Agonzo: I found some pizza.

    Culdee: Ok! We start our escape tomorrow!

    Everyone prepares for the escape tomorrow.


    Trikkiboy gets up from the ground.

    Trikkiboy: I wonder where RH took the others.

    Trikkiboy heads off to find the others.



    Synopsis: After planning last night, Culdee, Endless, Agonzo, Meggy, Tari and MarioFan2009 plan to break out of the Troll Enclosure and stop Onion Cream and RH! However, Cop 5 is alerted to their escape and sends his army to stop them! Will they escape?


    The next day.

    Cop 5: Ok, everyone! Time for you to head into the courtyard to mime for rocks! After that, you can have breaks!

    After everyone has finished mining for rocks, Cop 5 allows the inmates to have breaks. Culdee and the others meet up.

    Culdee: Ok. Everyone ready to escape.

    Meggy: Yes!

    Endless: Totally!

    Culdee: Ok. Tari! I need you to start a fight among those inmates to distract the guards. Got it?

    Tari: On it!

    Tari heads to the inmates and punches one of them before throwing another behind him just as he turns around.

    Inmate 1: DID YOU JUST PUNCH ME?!


    The inmates beat each other up and Cop 5 notices.

    Cop 5: HEY! BREAK IT UP!

    Cop 5 and another cop runs to the inmates to break up the fight.

    Tari: Ok! He’s distracted!

    Culdee: Alright! Let’s get out of here!

    Culdee and the others run to the prison entrance, but are blocked by Cop 4.

    Cop 4: You can’t go in here till your break is over-

    Tari knocks out Cop 4.

    Meggy: The armory!

    Everyone runs to the armory and grab weapons.

    Endless: Time to escape!

    Meggy: Maybe we can free the other people Vandal Buster arrested!

    The others shoot a lot of guards and Cop 5 notices.

    Cop 5: HEY! STOP THEM!

    Endless ends up knocking over a massive prison tower causing it to destroy part of the fence.

    Jeffy: FREEDOM!

    The inmates rush out of the prison.


    While the inmates are escaping, Vandal Buster watches from a nearby hill.

    Vandal Buster: What have they done...

    Back in the prison, Culdee and the others head to the exit and find a helicopter and a prison bus.

    Culdee: Me, Endless and MarioFan2009 will take the helicopter!

    Meggy: Me, Tari and Agonzo will take the bus!

    Culdee, Endless, and MarioFan enter the helicopter and fly off.


    Tari takes control of the bus.


    Tari accidentally puts the bus in reverse, crushing and killing Cop 3 against the wall.

    Tari: Wrong lever!

    Tari hits the right lever and drives off.


    Cop 5 notices the helicopter flying off.


    Cop 6 appears.

    Cop 6: Should we go after them?

    Cop 5: Yes. But leave them to me...

    Cop 5 grabs a grapple gun and shoots it at the helicopter.

    Endless: WHAT THE?!

    Cop 5 climbs up the rope and clings to the helicopter.

    Cop 5: GOT YOU!

    MarioFan2009: OH S***!

    Cop 5 enters the helicopter and fights Endless.



    Endless kicks Cop 5 out of the helicopter.

    Cop 5: NO!

    Cop 5 grabs the grappling hook and hangs on to the line.



    Endless: CUT THE LINE!

    MarioFan2009 uses a sword to cut the grappling line and Cop 5 falls off.

    Cop 5: AGGHHHHH!!!!

    Cop 5 suddenly lands on a trampoline and bounces back into the sky.

    Cop 5: HERE I COME!


    Suddenly, Culdee turns the helicopter sideways.

    Cop 5: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

    Cop 5 collides with the propeller and is ripped into shreds as a bloody mist rains down.

    Endless: OH! OH GOD! CULDEE! WHAT THE F***?!

    Culdee: That was the only way to get rid of him!

    Endless: OH GEEZ! I TASTE BLOOD!

    Culdee: Well, anyways, now we have to meet up with the others and go after Onion Cream and RH!

    A moment later.

    Culdee and the others exit the helicopter and meet up with Meggy, Tari and Agonzo.

    Culdee: Hi, guys!

    Meggy: Hi!

    Agonzo: So we finally escaped prison!

    Tari: Now we have to go after Onion Cream- Wait. What happened to our clothes?!

    Everyone is shown to be in their underwear.

    Endless: WHAT THE F***?!

    MarioFan2009: Jump cut please!

    One jump cut later.

    Everyone is back in their clothes.

    Culdee: Ok! Much better!

    Meggy: Anyways, time to go after Onion Cream!

    Culdee: Well, actually I’m going to stay behind and look for the Vandal Buster! Find out who he is!

    Meggy: Ok! Me and the others will go after Onion Cream.

    Culdee leaves while the others head to Veggiecorp.



    Synopsis: After escaping from the Troll Enclosure, Meggy, Tari, Endless, Agonzo and MarioFan2009 head off to fight Onion Cream and RH, while Culdee heads off to face the Vandal Buster alone. Who will win for both sides?

    WARNING: SHOCKING TWIST! Please avoid giving spoilers to those who know about the Vandal Buster, but haven’t read the story.


    Vandal Buster is seen looking at his net launcher.

    Vandal Buster: My net launcher seems to be low on fuel. Guess it’s time to head to Hell to get lava for it.

    Vandal Buster enters Dr. Finkleshitz’ laboratory and activates a portal to Hell.

    Vandal Buster: Time to go in.

    Vandal Buster enters the portal, but unknown to him, Culdee is watching him from outside.

    Culdee: Time to see who you are.

    Culdee enters the lab and follows Vandal Buster into the portal.


    Meggy, Tari, Endless, Agonzo and MarioFan2009 have arrived to Veggiecorp.

    Tari: There’s the building!

    Endless: I can’t wait to see Onion Cream so I can beat the heck out of him!

    MarioFan2009: Me too!

    Meggy: Right! Let’s just watch out for trolls.

    Meggy and the others head to the entrance and they come across Vandal Saurus Rex and Jamaican Bird.


    Meggy and Tari quickly knock out the guards.

    Endless: Ok. They’re out of the way.

    The five enter the building. Trikkiboy then shows up.

    Trikkiboy: There’s the others!

    Trikkiboy follows them into the building just as the gates shut.


    Culdee enters the Hell dimension.

    Culdee: Ok. Vandal Buster should be here somewhere.

    Culdee eventually spots Vandal Buster sucking some lava into his net launcher.

    Culdee: There he is!

    Culdee pulls out his sword and sneaks behind Vandal Buster, but he senses him and quickly knocks him down.

    Culdee: Ow!

    Vandal Buster: What are you doing here?! Who sent you?!

    Culdee: I am here to stop you!

    Vandal Buster: Seriously? You will fall just like those other duplicates.

    Culdee: Wait. Duplicates?

    Vandal Buster: Enough. It’s time for you to go to the Troll Enclosure. I had those duplicates those for a reason.

    Culdee: Not if I stop you first!

    Culdee pulls out his sword.

    Vandal Buster: I’d like to see you try.

    Vandal Buster pulls out his sword. He then lunges at Culdee, and they begin a ferocious sword fight.

    Vandal Buster: Look out!

    Vandal Buster uses telekinesis to throw containers at Culdee which he dodges. Afterwards, they work their way into Craig’s lair where he is playing with rocks.

    Craig: Blair! It’s getting hot in here-

    Culdee and Vandal Buster burst through the wall, knocking Craig out of the lair into the lava below.

    Craig: MY ROCKS!

    Vandal Buster kicks Culdee down into a lower level and jumps down.


    Trikkiboy enters Onion Cream’s office and two guards rush at him. However, Trikkiboy simply stabs them to death with is swords. Onion Cream turns his chair towards Trikkiboy.

    Trikkiboy: Surprised to see me, Onion Cream?

    Onion Cream: Trikkiboy! (bitterly) You survived.

    Trikkiboy: Maybe, you shouldn’t have installed a moat around the building.

    Onion Cream: Your arrogance blinds you, Trikkiboy. Now you will experience the true power of refusion!

    Onion Cream raises his arms and shoots inverted lightning at Trikkiboy, knocking him into a wall and he falls to the ground as Onion Cream laughs evilly.

    Back in Hell.

    Vandal Buster and Culdee move their fight to the main control center. As their swords fly, parts of the hallway was sliced off. Vandal Buster and Culdee jump and use every trick in the combat book.

    Back at Veggiecorp, Onion Cream approaches a fallen Trikkiboy.

    Onion Cream: I have waited a long time for this moment, Trikkiboy. At last, the admins are no more.

    Trikkiboy: Not if I have anything to say about it, Onion Cream.

    Trikkiboy uses his admin powers to throw Onion Cream back where Onion Cream collides with his chair and falls to the ground in a heap.

    Trikkiboy: You underestimate the powers of an admin.

    Onion Cream suddenly jumps into the air and aims for the exit, but Trikkiboy strikes him with his sword and blocks the exit.

    Trikkiboy: If you are so powerful with your refusion powers, why leave?

    Trikkiboy pulls out his sword.

    Onion Cream: You will not stop me, Trikkiboy. Soon, the duplicate army will become more powerful than either of us!

    Onion Cream pulls out his sword.

    Trikkiboy: I see you have faith in your new army just like your faith in the power of refusion.

    Onion Cream’s and Trikkiboy’s swords clash. The battle is very fast and furious.

    Back in Hell.

    View screens explode around Vandal Buster and Culdee as they work their way into the Control Room. The fighting is intense. Culdee is on the defensive as he jumps up on the table view screen in the center of the room.

    Vandal Buster: Surrender now. You are no match for me.

    Culdee: Never!

    Vandal Buster forces Culdee back into the Conference Room where the quarters are much closer. Sparks fly everywhere. Vandal Buster jumps onto the conference table. Culdee slides across the table, knocking Vandal Buster over. Culdee grabs Vandal Buster’s net launcher as he falls. Culdee quickly goes over to his dropped sword and grabs it. Vandal Buster does the same.

    Back at Veggiecorp.

    Onion Cream seeks refuge in the Troll Meeting Chamber. He gets onto his throne podium and pushes a button, causing it to rise into the Troll Audience Room. However, Trikkiboy makes a giant leap onto the podium and they continue fighting. The sword fighting becomes intense from the confined space.

    Back in Hell.

    The battle intensifies.

    Vandal Buster: The flaw of power is arrogance.

    Vandal Buster briefly pauses his fighting.

    Culdee: Your flaw of power is hesitance.

    Culdee and Vandal Buster lock swords until Culdee uses his leg to push Vandal Buster away, but Vandal Buster uses telekinesis at that moment, knocking both of them onto the control panels. They regain their footing and the battle continues. Vandal Buster kicks Culdee away. They battle around the room and eventually, the door to the exterior opens. They continue battling out onto the balcony.

    Back at Veggiecorp.

    Trikkiboy unleashes a ferocious assault on Onion Cream, causing him to almost go over the edge. Onion Cream drops his sword but recovers with a bolt of refusion lightning from his hands that surrounds Trikkiboy. Trikkiboy deflects Onion Cream’s lightning. Suddenly, the lightning begins to arc back on Onion Cream as he reacts with a look of horror.

    Onion Cream: That is not possible!

    Trikkiboy jumps to a lower seat. Onion Cream reaches out with one hand, and a seat is released from it’s bolts. Onion Cream uses the power of refusion to throw the chair at Trikkiboy who ducks and jumps from one seat to another. Trikkiboy leaps away from more of the seats that Onion Cream throws at him. Eventually, Trikkiboy uses his admin powers to hold one seat suspended in the air. The seat spins and Trikkiboy throws it back at Onion Cream who leaps away at the last moment.

    Trikkiboy leaps after him, but Onion Cream quickly turns and aims the full force of his refusion lightning at Trikkiboy, catching him in mid-air and throwing him back hard against the throne podium. The shock causes Trikkiboy to drop his sword. Trikkiboy blocks the lightning and throws Onion a Cream backwards off the podium. Trikkiboy is knocked off the podium and falls several hundred feet to the floor. Onion Cream looks down the podium, searching for Trikkiboy.

    Back in Hell.

    Vandal Buster forces Culdee down a narrow balcony outside the Control Room. He rips objects off the wall and throws them at Culdee as he pushes him further and further along the walkway.

    Vandal Buster: I gave you the chance to surrender! But you resisted! NOW, YOU MUST DIE!

    The balcony ends, and Culdee is trapped. He looks over the balcony and spots a river of lava.

    Vandal Buster rips off a piece of the balcony and throws it at Culdee, but he ducks and avoids it. However, the debris collides and destroys a nearby control panel.

    Culdee: Oh crap.

    Alarms sound and a protective ray shield around the castle disappears.

    Vandal Buster: Time to die!

    Culdee kicks the net launcher out of Vandal Buster’s hand and it falls off the balcony.

    Vandal Buster: NO!

    The net launcher falls into the molten abyss and disappears in a puff of smoke. Culdee notices a small pipe connecting the Control Center to the Main Collection Plant. Culdee has no choice but to tightrope-walk across the lava river while fighting Vandal Buster. Vandal Buster, following Culdee jumps down onto the pipe, lands and resumes fighting. Vandal Buster and Culdee work their way across the small pipe, fighting ferociously as they go. Culdee slips, throws his sword into the air, grabs onto the pipe, swings around, grabs onto an upper pipe, retrieves his sword and lands back on the original pipe. They continue to fight across the pipe until they reach the Main Collection Plant.

    Back at Veggiecorp.

    Trikkiboy crawls through a tiny vent and some wires. He then turns on his phone.

    Trikkiboy: Agonzo, hurry! We need careful timing!

    Agonzo is outside on his phone inside of a Jeep.

    Agonzo: There aren’t many trolls on this side. Activate your ringtone when you’re ready!

    Meanwhile, SquidwardPepe and several other trolls climb up to where Vandal Clown and Onion Cream are waiting. Beneath the Throne Podium, about twenty trolls search for Trikkiboy’s body.

    SquidwardPepe: There is no sign of his body, sir.

    Vandal Clown: Then he is not dead.

    Onion Cream: Double your search.

    SquidwardPepe: Yes, sir. Right away, sir.

    Onion Cream: (to Vandal Clown) Tell Ollie Octopus to prepare my elevator for travel into the lower levels of Veggiecorp.

    Vandal Clown: Yes, Master.

    Onion Cream: I sense RH is in danger.

    Onion Cream walks into the Arena hallway. SquidwardPepe descends down to the floor of the Arena, where an intense search is taking place.

    Back in Hell.

    Culdee and Vandal Buster battle on the top of the multispired collection panels, jumping from one to another. At the end of the collection cluster, a huge spray of lava covers the attachments that hold up the collectors. The frame begins to melt as lava rains down upon the area.

    Culdee: OH S***!

    Vandal Buster: EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!

    Culdee and Vandal Buster run for cover under the collection cluster. They continue to fight in the lava rain, darting from cover to attack, then quickly retreating to cover. Support for the entire structure begins to fall away, and the collection cluster falls into the lava river. The two continue their fight, climbing to the highest point on the tower as the rest begins to melt away as it rides the swift current down the river. It bends towards the lava as they get out toward the end. The fighting gets fierce. Culdee gets to the end and is trapped. The tower slowly starts to sink under the lava.

    Back at Veggiecorp.

    Agonzo, in the Jeep parks the Jeep right in front of a ventilation pipe. Suddenly, Trikkiboy falls out of the pipe and lands in the passenger seat. Agonzo then drives the Jeep away from Veggiecorp.

    Trikkiboy: We must find the others. I last saw them fighting RH and ending up at the sewer system.

    Agonzo: On it, boss!

    Agonzo drives the Jeep into the city.

    Back in Hell.

    Culdee realizes he is getting very close to the edge of the lava falls. He grabs a rope and leaps from the collection arm. Vandal Buster follows. Vandal Buster and Culdee continue their sword fight hanging from cables as they swing past each other. From their cables, Culdee and Vandal Buster both spot something that causes them to stop fighting. The lava river ahead drops off in a tremendous lava fall.

    Culdee: HOLY F***!

    Vandal Buster: LAVA FALL!

    Snapping at metal groans are heard as the main part of the collector starts 5o break away and move toward the lava fall. Culdee looks around and sees a small floating platform making its way towards the tower. Culdee does a double hack-flip and lands squarely on the floating platform. He immediately leans to one side and moves away from the tower.

    Vandal Buster: S***!

    Vandal Buster realizes he is doomed as the entire tower heads for the falls. In the distance, he sees some Demonite creatures. Vandal Buster swings back up to the tower, climbs up and makes a running leap and miraculously lands on a Demonite. The Demonite is confused and chatters to his partner. The giant collector goes over the lava flow and disappears into the mist of sparks below.

    Culdee: Finally, he’s gone- OH MY GOD!

    Culdee heads for the bank of the lava river, but Vandal Buster’s Demonite is faster. He catches up to Culdee. Vandal Buster and Culdee continue the sword fight. They battle away, balancing on the tiny platform and puzzled Demonite. Vandal Buster, standing on the Demonite, approaches Culdee on the work problem.

    Culdee: Who even are you?! Why are you doing this?!

    Vandal Buster: You don’t even know what you and the others have caused. All those people I locked up, I kept for a good reason!

    Culdee: What are you talking about?!

    Vandal Buster: Now, it is time for you to be destroyed just like your other duplicates!

    Metallic arms suddenly burst out of Vandal Buster’s back.

    Vandal Buster: Time to be terminated...

    Vandal Buster jumps and flips onto Culdee’s platform. The fighting continues again until Culdee jumps towards the safety of the black sand edge of the lava river. He then yells at Vandal Buster.

    Culdee: It’s over, Vandal Buster! I have the high ground!

    Vandal Buster: You underestimate my power!

    Culdee: Don’t try it!

    Vandal Buster jumps towards Culdee, but Culdee cuts Vandal Buster at his knees, then cuts off his left arm in the blink of an eye.

    Vandal Buster: AAAAGGGHHHH!!!

    Vandal Buster collapses on the ground, no longer able to fight back.


    Culdee: What do you mean by duplicates?

    Vandal Buster: A couple days ago at night, Onion Cream invented a new device that allowed him to scan everyone in Pensacola’s radius and create robotic duplicates. He even made a duplicate of me! That was why I arrested everyone in Pensacola to stop them from attacking the town because Onion Cream captured everyone in their sleep!

    Culdee: WHAT?!

    Vandal Buster: Also, I noticed that there is no symbol of Veggiecorp on you anywhere! Is that you, Culdee?

    Culdee: How did you know my name?!

    Vandal Buster: First, I know where Onion Cream took the others. Follow me.

    Culdee follows Vandal Buster into an underground chamber. Vandal Buster puts in a passcode and enters the chamber.

    Culdee: OH MY GOD!

    Everyone ranging from SML and SMG4 Characters, Titototter Characters, and even users are trapped and in suspended animation inside of glass tubes.


    Vandal Buster: Onion Cream took everyone into this chamber where he locked them into these tubes in suspended animation. I heard the only way to free them is by destroying their robotic duplicates. For example, if we destroy Jeffy’s duplicate, he will be freed.

    Culdee: Wait a minute. RH turned me and the others over to Onion Cream over so was that a robotic duplicate?!

    Vandal Buster: Yes. It was.

    Culdee: But I don’t see the real RH anywhere! Where could he be?

    Vandal Buster: About that...

    Vandal Buster removes his mask and is revealed to be...

    Culdee: RH?!



    Note: This chapter takes place during Chapter 7.

    Synopsis: After entering Veggiecorp, Meggy, Tari, Endless, Agonzo and MarioFan2009 end up encountering RH. This leads into a huge battle. Who will win?


    Meggy, Tari, Endless, Agonzo and MarioFan2009 have arrived to Veggiecorp.

    Tari: There’s the building!

    Endless: I can’t wait to see Onion Cream so I can beat the heck out of him!

    MarioFan2009: Me too!

    Meggy: Right! Let’s just watch out for trolls.

    Meggy and the others head to the entrance and they come across Vandal Saurus Rex and Jamaican Bird.


    Meggy and Tari quickly knock out the guards.

    Endless: Ok. They’re out of the way.

    The five enter the building. Trikkiboy then shows up.

    Trikkiboy: There’s the others!

    Trikkiboy follows them into the building just as the gates shut.

    Meggy: I think Onion Cream should be on the top floor.

    Trikkiboy follows the others through the hallway and spots the elevator to the top floor.

    Trikkiboy: There it is.

    Trikkiboy heads to the elevator just as the others notice him.

    MarioFan2009: Trikkiboy! You’re back!

    Trikkiboy: Yeah. There was a moat.

    Endless: Well, we’re going to find Onion Cream and stop him and RH.

    Trikkiboy: I’ll go after Onion Cream. You go find RH.

    Meggy: On it!

    Meggy and the others head down another hallway while Trikkiboy enters the elevator and goes to the top floor.

    Agonzo: I’ll go provide a getaway vehicle!

    Agonzo runs out of the building.

    A moment later.

    Meggy and the others head to a massive door.

    Tari: I see a sign! It says Troll Conference Room.

    Meggy: Maybe RH is in there.

    Endless: Let’s find out why he is working with Onion Cream-

    Suddenly, the door opens, revealing RH standing in the doorway.

    MarioFan2009: THERE HE IS!


    Suddenly, a crowd of trolls run in and block the other exit.

    Endless: Me and MarioFan will take care of the trolls.

    Tari: We’ll deal with RH.

    Endless and MarioFan2009 pull out their swords and fight the trolls.

    RH: I see you somehow escaped from the prison.

    Meggy: Right! And we’ve come to stop you!

    Meggy and Tari pull out their swords.

    RH: So be it, Inkling...

    RH pulls out his sword, but instead two blades pop out of both sides.

    Tari: What kind of sword is that?!

    Meggy: This might be a tough one!

    Meggy and Tari engage in a fierce sword fight with RH. Eventually, the three move into the center of the Troll Conference room.

    Endless: There’s a lot of trolls!

    MarioFan2009: Well keep killing them!

    Suddenly, two troll robots enter and fire missiles at the two.

    Endless: S***!

    Endless and MarioFan2009 deflect the lasers and eventually destroy the robots. As the fight continues, RH fights both Meggy and Tari at once, flipping into the air, and outmaneuvering them at every turn. Eventually, RH drives Meggy and Tari out of the conference room and into the Sewer Trash Room.


    RH: You must not interfere with our plans!

    RH and Tari’s swords clash against one another. The three then fight their way across the narrow bridge of the Sewer Trash Room. RH jumps onto the bridge above them. The two follow with Meggy in front of RH and Tari behind him. They continue their battle.


    Endless and MarioFan2009 eventually kill all of the trolls in the room.

    Endless: Ok! I think that’s the last of them!

    MarioFan2009: Now let’s go after Onion Cream!

    Endless and MarioFan2009 run upstairs to another floor and eventually find the window of the Conference Room.

    Endless: There’s the conference room!

    Endless and MarioFan2009 watch as Onion Cream and Trikkiboy battle each other.

    Trikkiboy unleashes a ferocious assault on Onion Cream, causing him to almost go over the edge. Onion Cream drops his sword but recovers with a bolt of refusion lightning from his hands that surrounds Trikkiboy. Trikkiboy deflects Onion Cream’s lightning. Suddenly, the lightning begins to arc back on Onion Cream as he reacts with a look of horror.

    Onion Cream: That is not possible!

    Trikkiboy jumps to a lower seat. Onion Cream reaches out with one hand, and a seat is released from it’s bolts. Onion Cream uses the power of refusion to throw the chair at Trikkiboy who ducks and jumps from one seat to another. Trikkiboy leaps away from more of the seats that Onion Cream throws at him. Eventually, Trikkiboy uses his admin powers to hold one seat suspended in the air. The seat spins and Trikkiboy throws it back at Onion Cream who leaps away at the last moment.

    Trikkiboy leaps after him, but Onion Cream quickly turns and aims the full force of his refusion lightning at Trikkiboy, catching him in mid-air and throwing him back hard against the throne podium.

    Endless and MarioFan2009: NO!

    The shock causes Trikkiboy to drop his sword. Trikkiboy blocks the lightning and throws Onion a Cream backwards off the podium. Trikkiboy is knocked off the podium and falls several hundred feet to the floor. Onion Cream looks down the podium, searching for Trikkiboy.

    Endless: Let’s leave before he notices us!

    Endless and MarioFan2009 run away from the window. Onion Cream doesn’t notice them.


    The sword battle continues on the small catwalk around the massive trash pit.

    RH: Give up!

    RH kicks Meggy off one of the ramps and she falls several levels. Tari kicks RH off one of another ramp and he lands hard on a ramp two levels below. Tari jumps down after him. RH backs away along the catwalk into a small door. Tari follows as Meggy runs to catch up.

    Meggy: You won’t win!

    RH: Try me!

    RH, followed by Tari enters a long hallway filled with a series of deadly rays that go on and off in a pulsing pattern that shoots down the corridor every minute or so. RH makes it down several walls of deadly rays before they fall. Tari is one wall away from RH. Meggy is just starting into it and is five walls away from RH. The three must wait until the next pulse to advance down the corridor. RH is impatient and paces, waiting for the wall of rays to open, Tari pulls out and examines a rubber duck and Meggy prepares herself for when the walls open.


    SquidwardPepe and several other trolls climb up to where Vandal Clown and Onion Cream are waiting. Beneath the Throne Podium, about twenty trolls search for Trikkiboy’s body.

    SquidwardPepe: There is no sign of his body, sir.

    Vandal Clown: Then he is not dead.

    Onion Cream: Double your search.

    SquidwardPepe: Yes, sir. Right away, sir.

    Onion Cream: (to Vandal Clown) Tell Ollie Octopus to prepare my elevator for travel into the lower levels of Veggiecorp.

    Vandal Clown: Yes, Master.

    Onion Cream: I sense RH is in danger.

    Onion Cream walks into the Arena hallway. SquidwardPepe descends down to the floor of the Arena, where an intense search is taking place.


    The electric rays cycle as Tari examines the rubber duck. The wall of the deadly rays turn away, and Meggy starts running towards Tari and RH. When the wall between Tari and RH opens, Tari is in a split second fighting RH with a ferocity not seen before. They move into the arena at the end of the corridor called the Shredding Room, a small area that is mostly made up of a deep hole containing a spinning and shredding metal turbine.

    Meggy: Wait for me!

    Meggy runs into the room to join Tari and RH. However, as soon as the walls start to close, RH kicks Tari back into the corridor where the last gate in front of her shuts. Meggy and RH battle around the turbine as Tari watches.

    Meggy: You won’t win, RH! You and Onion Cream are going down!

    Meggy eventually strikes RH in the face with her sword.

    RH: OW!

    Meggy: WHAT THE?!

    RH’s entire face has been ripped off, revealing a metal endoskeleton underneath.

    Tari: THAT WAS A ROBOT?!

    Meggy: THIS RH IS A FAKE!

    Suddenly, Robo RH catches Meggy off guard. Robo RH makes a quick move, bashes his sword handle into Meggy’s chin and impalas her with his sword.


    Meggy collapses to the floor as ink bleeds out of her.


    Onion Cream and some of his trolls are taking the elevator to the Shredder Room until they enter a corridor to find Endless and MarioFan2009.

    Endless: Surprise, Onion Cream!

    MarioFan2009: No where to run!

    Onion Cream: Really? Say that to my new partner!

    Endless: What-

    Both Endless and MarioFan2009 are attacked and knocked out by...

    Onion Cream: Thanks, InternetProblem!

    InternetProblem: Anytime, master...


    Tari screams as the pulsing electron gate opens and Robo RH attacks her. Robo RH is relentless in his assault on Tari. Both Tari and Robo RH throw man objects at each other as they fight, but Robo RH gains the upper hand. Robo RH throws a crate at Tari, knocking her into the turbine pit. However, she manages to grab onto a nearby ledge.

    Robo RH: It’s over, Tari. Now I have the high ground.

    Robo RH laughs evilly as he kicks Tari’s sword into the turbine and it is sliced to pieces.

    Tari: No!

    Robo RH: Now prepare to meet your doom!

    Robo RH goes in for the kill, but Tari spots Meggy’s dropped sword.

    Tari: Hopefully, I can do this.

    Tari uses telekinesis and eventually pulls Meggy’s sword to her and jumps out of the pit.

    Robo RH: WHAT?!

    Tari lands behind Robo RH and slices at his torso with the sword.

    Robo RH: AGH!

    Robo RH splits in half and plummets into the turbine.


    Robo RH lands in the turbine and is violently shredded into bits and is destroyed.

    Tari: Meggy!

    Tari rushes over to Meggy.

    Tari: Meggy! Are you ok?!

    Meggy: Yes. But I’m losing ink.

    Tari: Don’t worry! I’ll get help! Let’s just get out of here!

    Tari grabs Meggy and runs out of the Shredder Room and back into the catwalk.

    Tari: Seems there is nowhere to go but down.

    Tari jumps down the shaft with Meggy and lands in a pile of trash.

    Tari: Ok! I think I’m in the sewer system!

    Tari and Meggy travel down the sewer system until they spot a manhole.

    Tari: I think this goes back to the surface!

    Tari opens the manhole, grabs Meggy and climbs out of the sewer and finds themselves in front of the town hall.

    Tari: Ok. We’re back at the town hall!

    Suddenly, Tari spots a Jeep nearby and Trikkiboy and Agonzo exit.

    Trikkiboy: Woah! What happened to Meggy?!

    Tari: The RH who captured us was a robot! We managed to destroy it, but Meggy is dying! She needs medical attention!

    Agonzo: I think I know where!

    Tari enters the Jeep with Meggy and Agonzo and Trikkiboy drive off to Finkleshitz’ laboratory.



    Synopsis: After discovering RH was the Vandal Buster, Culdee and RH exit the Hell dimension and plot to search for any people who escaped Onion Cream’s plot of capturing everyone in Pensacola and replacing them with duplicates.

    Afterwards, they regroup with Trikkiboy, Tari and Agonzo, but discover Meggy was nearly killed in her and Tari’s fight with Robo RH. Meanwhile, after learning of Robo RH’s destruction, Onion Cream and the other trolls decide to construct another RH duplicate, while getting their duplicate army into position!


    Culdee and RH exit the portal to the Hell Dimension and end up back in Pensacola.

    Culdee: So you were the Vandal Buster the whole time?

    RH: Yes.

    Culdee: What made you decide to become the Vandal Buster?

    RH: Well, I got of got the idea from Batman, Spiderman, and Superman.

    Culdee: Ok. Anyways, I think we should go find the other users.

    RH: Right! Maybe there’s some who escaped from Onion Cream’s plan.

    RH looks in the suit’s map and finds some blinking dots.

    RH: Those dots represent people who are not trolls or duplicates!

    Culdee: Nice! By the way, why didn’t you use that feature earlier when you were trying to capture us?

    RH: It has a glitch that needs to be fixed. Anyways, we just need to head to the dot’s areas and locate the people there.

    Culdee: On it!

    RH and Culdee enter Finkleshitz’ car and drives off.

    Culdee: I sure hope Finkleshitz won’t mind us stealing his car.

    A moment later.

    RH and Culdee arrive to an abandoned building.

    RH: Ok! This is the first location- Oh. Oh no. Not this place.

    Culdee: What do you mean?

    RH: This is Murder Man’s place of residence!

    Culdee: Him?!

    RH: Yes. But I’m afraid we will have to ask for his assistance.

    Culdee: Ok. I hope he agrees.

    RH knocks on the door and Murder Man answers.

    Murder Man: What are you doing here?!

    RH: We came to ask you to help us defeat Onion Cream.

    Murder Man: Help you?! AHAHAH!!! But we’re villains! We can’t help our foes!

    RH: I got Big Chungus for PS4!

    Murder Man: Ok! It’s a deal!

    A moment later.

    RH and Culdee drive to the next location joined by Murder Man, Mega Maid, and Firestar.

    Culdee: Wait. What happened to Spider Man and Ice Man?

    Firestar: They disappeared a few days ago.

    RH: Onion Cream must’ve made duplicates of them then.

    Culdee knocks on the door and KAPFan9876 enters.

    Culdee: Hi, KAPFan!

    KAPFan9876: Hi!

    RH: How did you avoid getting caught by Onion Cream?

    KAPFan9876: I slept in an underground bunker here. Onion Cream couldn’t track me there.

    Culdee: Ok! Anyways, can you help us stop Onion Cream?

    KAPFan9876: Sure! I got my chainsaw sword!

    RH: Nice!

    Culdee: I also wonder where Endless and MarioFan2009 are.


    At Veggiecorp, Endless and MarioFan2009 are thrown into an arena.

    Onion Cream: That’s right! Fight each other to the death!

    InternetProblem throws weapons to Endless and MarioFan2009.


    RH and Culdee as well as Murder Man, Mega Maid, Firestar, and KAPFan9876 arrive to the SML Wiki Headquarters.

    RH: I hope the admins came here.

    RH and the others enter the building, but there are no signs of people.

    Culdee: I think this place is empty!

    Suddenly, Culdee’s phone rings.

    Culdee: Hello?

    Trikkiboy: (voice) Hello? Is that you, Culdee?

    Culdee: Yes!

    Trikkiboy: Good!

    Culdee: Right now, me, RH and the others are at the SML Headquarters-

    Trikkiboy: Wait! Didn’t RH send you to the Troll Enclosure?

    Culdee: That RH was a duplicate! Also, You’re not going to believe what we found out recently!

    Trikkiboy: What is it?

    Culdee: RH is the Vandal Buster!

    Trikkiboy: WHAT?!

    Culdee: Yeah! He arrested everyone because they were robotic duplicates and the real ones are trapped in suspended animation tubes!

    Trikkiboy: Gosh! That explains everything!

    Suddenly, Tari’s voice is heard.

    Tari: Hi! Right now, we’re heading to Finkleshitz’ lab! But come here now! It is not good!

    Trikkiboy: (voice) Right! Come to the lab! And quick!

    Trikkiboy hangs up.

    RH: What’s going on?

    A moment later.

    RH and the others arrive to the lab and encounter Tari.

    Tari: Hi! You made it!

    RH: Right!

    Tari: I’m still surprised you were the Vandal Buster!

    RH: But anyways, what happened?

    Tari: Me and Meggy were fighting your duplicate, but he got Meggy good.

    Culdee: What?

    Tari: Just come look.

    Everyone enters the lab and they witness Meggy inside of a bacta tank in suspended animation and wearing an oxygen mask and bio suit.

    RH: WHAT THE?!

    Culdee: Is that Meggy?!

    Tari: She got stabbed in the chest by RH’s duplicate. We destroyed him, but Meggy was dying. Trikkiboy has her placed in a bio suit which will keep her alive as she heals. However, the process could take days or weeks.

    Murder Man: Man. That’s actually quite messed up.

    Firestar: Yeah. We usually try to rob people! Not kill them!

    Mega Maid: Same!

    Trikkiboy: Since Meggy is currently out of commission, we are going to have to start planning if we want to take down Onion Cream.


    Onion Cream: Guards! Bring these two into these machines!

    Endless and MarioFan2009 are thrown into a machine and are injected with needles that takes samples of their blood.

    Onion Cream: Perfect!

    Onion Cream takes the vials and orders the trolls to take Endless and MarioFan2009 away.

    Onion Cream: Finally, the last two duplicates!

    Onion Cream puts the vials into a machine and it creates robots of Endless and MarioFan2009.

    Onion Cream: Yes!

    Robo Endless: Greetings, master...

    Robo MarioFan2009: At your service...

    Onion Cream: Yes! They work! Go to the room where the army is at!

    Robo Endless: Yes, boss...

    Robo Endless and MarioFan2009 enter another room.

    Onion Cream: Yes! My army is complete-

    Suddenly, Onion Cream collapses as he senses a disturbance in the refusion.

    Onion Cream: Trolls... Get out of the room now...

    The trolls quickly exit the room.

    Onion Cream: AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!

    Onion Cream strikes lightning all over the room until the trolls enter again.


    SquidwardPepe: Maybe you can try building another duplicate!

    Onion Cream: Yes. But it requires his blood and he is out there with the other users so I can’t repeat that!

    SquidwardPepe: Maybe, just build one from scratch!

    Onion Cream: Perfect! He will be my most loyal robot!

    What follows is a brief construction montage.

    Onion Cream and other trolls harvest multiple pieces of vibranium and melt it down into metallic parts.

    This has been a brief construction montage.

    Onion Cream: Perfect! Now time to activate it!

    Onion Cream activates the new RH duplicate which has entirely red circular eyes and is painted entirely silver.

    RH 2.0: Greetings, master...



    Synopsis: Endless and MarioFan2009 plot to escape from Onion Cream’s jail in Veggiecorp! Will they escape?


    Inside the jail cell, Endless and MarioFan2009 are minding their own business.

    MarioFan2009: (using chalk on the wall) 3rd day we’ve been stuck in here.

    Endless: I know! But at least we got pizza-

    Suddenly, SquidwardPepe shoots a grappling hook at the pizza and steals it.

    Endless: Hey!

    SquidwardPepe: Thanks for the pizza!

    SquidwardPepe walks off eating the pizza.

    MarioFan2009: Darn it! He took the pizza!

    Endless: I know! We need to get out of here!

    Endless pulls on the window bars until they break off.

    Endless: YES! WE’RE FREE-

    Suddenly, vibranium bars move into place and block the window.

    Endless: NO!

    Endless flips the bed over but it lands right side up.

    Endless: AGH!

    MarioFan2009: We need to find a way out!

    Endless notices a vent on the ceiling.

    Endless: We can get out through the vent!

    MarioFan2009 smashes the vent open with a chair and he and Endless climb inside.

    Endless: I think we should head to the rooftop.

    MarioFan2009: Right!

    Endless and MarioFan2009 head into the vents just as SquidwardPepe arrives.

    SquidwardPepe: I got penicillin pizza! It’s been moldy for months-

    SquidwardPepe drops the pizza when he sees the cell is open. He then grabs a microphone and screams into it.


    Endless: Crap! They know!

    MarioFan2009: Well, let’s get to the roof!

    Endless and MarioFan2009 climb to the roof and exit the vents.

    Endless: Ok! Now we got to find a way off the roof-

    Suddenly, InternetProblem shoots at Endless, but he dodges.


    InternetProblem: You will never escape!

    InternetProblem fires blasts at Endless.

    Endless: First RH! NOW YOU?!

    InternetProblem: STOP RESISTING!

    MarioFan2009: Over here!

    InternetProblem turns around just as MarioFan2009 knocks him over.

    InternetProblem: AGH!

    Endless: GET HIM!

    InternetProblem lunges at MarioFan2009 and ends up knocking him off the building.

    Endless: NO!

    MarioFan2009 falls into the moat and swims out.

    MarioFan2009: I hope Endless is doing ok up there!

    Back on the roof, Endless is dodging more shots from InternetProblem, until he tackles IP and holds him down.


    Suddenly, Endless pushes too hard on InternetProblem’s chest and it breaks revealing wired circuits.

    Endless: A ROBOT?!

    Endless is thrown off and lands on the surface.

    Robo IP: TIME TO DIE!

    Endless grabs a nearby boulder and throws it at Robo InternetProblem, knocking the gun out of his hand. Endless quickly grabs it and begins firing at Robo IP’s chest.

    Robo IP: AGH!

    Endless fires more bullets into the circuits and eventually Robo IP starts to short circuit.

    Robo IP: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

    Robo IP’s eyes explode into bursts of flame and he collapses in a heap of metal and explodes.

    Endless: Ok! He’s finished!

    Suddenly, an orange portal opens and InternetProblem exits.

    Endless: Is that you, InternetProblem?

    InternetProblem: Yes! Basically, after RH captured us, Onion Cream took me to this room and made a robot duplicate of me! Afterwards, he banished me to Hell where I was put in suspended animation.

    Endless: Oh! Maybe, since I destroyed the duplicate, you got released!

    InternetProblem: Probably! I also saw other people such as Mario, SMG4, Fishy Boopkins, and Spider Man!

    Endless: Well, we need to free them as well!

    InternetProblem: Right! But first, we need to find the other users!

    Endless and InternetProblem jump into the most and meet up with MarioFan2009.

    MarioFan2009: Hi!

    InternetProblem: Pretty much everyone has gotten replaced with robot duplicates! We need to find the other users and then free the people!

    InternetProblem, Endless and MarioFan2009 head off.

    A moment later.

    The three users arrive to Finkleshitz’ lab.

    Endless: There’s the lab!

    The three enter the lab and Agonzo appears.

    Agonzo: Guys! You’re back-

    Suddenly, Endless interrupts.

    Endless: WHAT THE F*** GUYS?!

    Culdee: What is it?


    Culdee: No we didn’t! We didn’t know where you were! And besides, we had a worse problem at the time. Meggy was dying.

    Endless: WHAT?!

    Endless notices Meggy in suspended animation.

    Endless: WHAT HAPPENED?!

    Culdee: She got stabbed by Robo RH before he was destroyed.

    MarioFan2009: Wait! That RH was a duplicate!

    Culdee: Yes, and the real RH is the Vandal Buster!

    Endless: No way!

    RH enters in the Vandal Buster suit.

    RH: It’s true. I’m the Vandal Buster!

    MarioFan2009: Nice!

    Trikkiboy: Anyways, we are trying to come up with a plan to stop Onion Cream.

    Endless: Well, we’re back!

    Agonzo: Right! The whole gang is back together!

    Murder Man: We also joined in because RH promised us Big Chungus!

    One week later.

    Trikkiboy: Ok! I think I got the plan set up! Everyone, let’s go stop Onion Cream! Tari!

    Tari: Yes?

    Trikkiboy: Stay at the lab! Make sure no one gets to Meggy.

    Tari: On it!

    Everyone exits the lab. Tari then heads to Meggy’s container.

    Tari: I sure hope you wake up soon. I miss you, Meggy.

    Tari puts her hand on the glass. Unaware to her, one of Meggy’s hands does the same.



    Synopsis: RH and the other users infiltrate the Veggiecorp building in order to stop Onion Cream from unleashing his robot army! Meanwhile, Tari stays at Finkleshitz’ lab to watch over Meggy.


    In his office, Onion Cream is talking with RH 2.0.

    Onion Cream: Ok! Basically, after we release the robot army, we will destroy Pensacola and build a new city for trolls over it! You got that?

    RH 2.0: Yes, boss!

    Onion Cream: Yes. Now, let’s go check on the army. Make sure we’re all ready to release!

    Onion Cream and RH 2.0 head out of the office.


    RH and the other users arrive to Veggiecorp. RH is in his Vandal Buster suit to hide his identity.

    RH: Ok. Time to stop Onion Cream!

    Culdee: Right!

    Trikkiboy: Hopefully, we can be able to free the other people once we destroy the duplicates!

    RH: Yes! That’s the other thing we have to do! Destroy the duplicates!

    Trikkiboy: Me, RH, Culdee and Agonzo will go after Onion Cream!

    MarioFan2009: I think me and Endless will go after our duplicates!

    Murder Man: What about us?

    RH: You will give us warnings about the trolls!

    Firestar: Got it!

    KAPFan9876: I’ll take care of that!

    InternetProblem: I’ll go into the building’s core so we can blow it up and destory the duplicates!

    RH: Ok!

    Trikkiboy: Anyways, Everyone spread out!

    Everyone enters the Veggiecorp building and spread into different parts of the building.


    At Finkleshitz’ lab, Tari observes Meggy.

    Tari: Ok. It’s been a week. I hope Meggy is still healing. I’d like to help Trikkiboy and the others, but I must stay and watch Meggy. Maybe I can look at some of Finkleshitz’ experiments while they are out!

    Tari looks at Finkleshitz’ experiments and picks up a small metallic box.

    Tari: “The Past Machine 2.0”? What does this do?

    Tari pushes the button and she is suddenly teleported inside of a restaurant.

    Tari: Woah! Where am I?!

    Suddenly, Tari hears someone screaming at another person.


    Tari: Is that Chef Pee Pee?

    Tari follows the source of the noise and witnesses a blood covered Chef Pee Pee staring into an office window.

    Chef Pee Pee: CODY! OPEN THIS F****** DOOR RIGHT NOW!

    Cody: NO!

    Chef Pee Pee: Really?! Well, I’m gonna get you eventually!

    Chef Pee Pee leaves the office hallway just as Tari quickly hides behind a bookshelf.

    Tari: What’s going on?!

    Tari heads to the door and Junior and Cody notice her.

    Junior: Who is that?

    Cody: Maybe we should let her in.

    Junior opens the door and Tari enters.

    Junior: Who are you?

    Tari: I’m Tari. I know you’re Bowser Junior!

    Junior: How did you know my name?

    Tari notices the calendar and it says August 29th, 2018.

    Tari: I’m guessing this is the past! Anyways, I pretty much came from the future!

    Cody: That’s pretty cool!

    Tari: So, what are you doing here?

    Cody: Well, we’re hacking the files so that we can get Chef Pee Pee arrested because he’s a serial killer!

    Junior: True!

    Tari: Ok? Anyways, I might as well get back to my timeline.

    Junior: Ok! See you later!

    Cody: Bye!

    Tari: See ya!

    Tari leaves the office.

    Junior: I wonder what her time is like?

    Tari heads back into the dining room, but is noticed by Chef Pee Pee.


    Tari: OH S***!

    Tari activates the device and is sent back to the present.

    Chef Pee Pee: Um. I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that.

    Brooklyn Bot: Me too!

    Robot Mario: Same!

    Tari is sent back into the lab.

    Tari: Ok. That was insane. What else is there?

    Tari opens a nearby safe and pulls out a capsule like device with a keypad.

    Tari: I see a note on it! It says:

    Dr. Finkleshitz: (voice) Some things were better off not invented.

    Tari: Ok? I wonder what it does.

    Tari types in someone’s name and activates it.


    Endless and MarioFan2009 are heading down a hallway.

    MarioFan2009: We might be getting close to the duplicate room!

    Endless: Right!

    Suddenly, Endless glitches and his eyes turn blue.

    MarioFan2009: What the?!

    Endless grabs a nearby painting of Onion Cream and breaks it in half before turning to normal.

    Endless: Um. I don’t know what happened.

    MarioFan2009: Me neither!

    Back at the lab.

    Tari: Ok. I might as well stop using this before it causes trouble!

    Tari locks the device back in the safe.

    Tari: What is that?

    Tari picks up a blueprint from the table and it shows the blueprints of RH’s Vandal Buster suit.

    Tari: RH must’ve used this to make the Vandal Buster suit! Apparently, the features are Dangerous Alert, Repulsor Beams, Eye Sensors, and Metal Arms. Interesting!

    Tari heads back to Meggy, but notices something she’s holding.

    Tari: What is that?

    Tari enters the bacta tank and takes the object. It turns out to be a journal.

    Tari: I wonder what’s in here! Also, why is there chains on it?

    Tari blasts the chains open and opens the journal.

    Tari: This seems to be some kind of diary, but not secrets. Jan 9, 2017.

    A flashback starts.

    Meggy: (voiceover) Me and my team, The Splat Squad were minding our own business back in Inkville. We recently defeated our opponents in the latest SplatFest and were celebrating our victory! Also, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Inkville’s opening, our founder, Yellow Inkling announced that she and her subordinates are creating a new line of Inkling Droids to help protect the city from our rivals, the Octolings!

    Yellow Inkling activates an army of Inkling Droids and they chase the Octolings out of the city.

    Meggy: (voiceover) It was going great, until one day, she passed off the commands of the army to someone unknown.

    Yellow Inkling hands the command codes to a shadowy person.

    Meggy: (voiceover) No one knew who this man could be. One thing I did heard was that he was a scientist specialized in constructing androids. But then, on June 6, he did the most barbaric act in the city of Inkville. He ordered the executions of all Inklings in the city.

    ???: Execute Order 64.

    Inkling Droid 1: Yes, my lord.

    All of the Inkling Droid’s eyes suddenly turn red

    Inkling Droid 1: BLAST EM!

    All of the Inkling droids start massacring the Inklings.

    Meggy: (voiceover) Me and my team the Splat Squad were fighting them off! But then, they brought out the ultimate one.

    Mecha Inkling appears.

    Mecha Inkling: TARGET FOUND!

    Mecha Inkling blasts a missile at Heavy Squidward, killing him.

    Meggy: NO!

    Kenji fights Mecha Inkling, only to be overwhelmed and incinerated.

    Sam: YOU WILL PAY!

    Meggy: DON’T DO IT!

    Sam battles Mecha Inkling, but is grabbed by the neck and is executed in front of Meggy.

    Meggy: YOU MONSTER!

    Mecha Inkling: Your turn...

    Meggy lashes at Mecha Inkling, but is thrown at a wall.

    Meggy: OW!

    Yang, James, Ruby, and Axel appear and fight the Mecha Inkling.

    Mecha Inkling: AGH! NOO!!!

    Mecha Inkling explodes.

    Meggy: (voiceover) They defeat the Mecha Inkling and eventually the rest of the Inkling Droids. However, my teammates were still dead.

    Meggy observes Sam’s corpse tearfully as the flashback ends.

    Tari: Geez! So that’s why Meggy wouldn’t tell us! I hope she is doing ok after all that.


    Endless and MarioFan2009 arrive to two different hallways.

    Endless: I’ll go this way!

    MarioFan2009: I’ll go the other way!

    The two split up. Endless enters an air hangar area.

    Endless: That’s a lot of planes!

    ???: And also the last thing you’ll ever see!

    Endless: OH S***!

    Endless dodges Robo Endless’ attack and they end up fighting to a nearby plane.

    Robo Endless: TIME TO DIE!

    Robo Endless punches at Endless, but misses and ends up destroying a support block causing the plane to rotate.

    Endless: OH NO!

    Endless ducks down.

    Robo Endless: What?

    Robo Endless turns around and sees the spinning blade right in front of him.

    Robo Endless: AAHHHH-

    Robo Endless gets shredded apart as oil splashes everywhere.

    Endless: Ok. He’s finished.

    Endless enters a nearby elevator and travels to the top of the building.



    Synopsis: MarioFan2009 faces his robot duplicate! RH, Trikkiboy, Culdee and Agonzo battle Onion Cream and RH 2.0! However, a shocking thing happens!

    Warning: PLOT TWIST! Please avoid spoiling the twist to anyone who hasn’t read the story.


    MarioFan2009 travels down a hallway.

    MarioFan2009: Ok! I just need to find the robot duplicate room!

    MarioFan2009 finds a metal door and enters it. He sees a massive army of deactivated duplicates.

    MarioFan2009: Yes! I found the duplicates!

    ???: Yes. It will also be the last you will see!

    MarioFan2009: WHAT?!

    MarioFan2009 dodges Robo MarioFan2009’s attack and runs further down the room being chased by his robotic double, but Robo MarioFan2009 grabs a piece of machinery and throws it at MarioFan2009, knocking him to the floor.

    MarioFan2009: OW!

    Robo MarioFan2009: Now, you will die...

    MarioFan2009 and Robo MarioFan pull out their swords and start fighting.


    Tari is in the lab observing Meggy once again.

    Tari: I sure hope Meggy wakes up. It’s been a few weeks! Maybe I should look at more of Finkleshitz’ experiments.

    Tari looks through more of the experiments, but comes across a blue colored Virtual Boy called Future Boy.

    Tari: Future Boy? Apparently, it can predict the future of whatever someone is thinking. Might as well try it out.

    Tari puts the Future Boy on her eyes.

    Tari: Maybe I should think about how the other users are doing.

    The Future Boy activates and Tari sees the future. However, it’s not a pretty sight. Onion Cream brutally stabs Trikkiboy in the chest, vaporizes Culdee, and decapitates RH.

    Tari: OH GOD!

    Tari rips off the Future Boy and throws it to the ground where it shatters into pieces.

    Tari: I can’t do this. I can’t let them die!

    Tari gathers some equipment and heads to Meggy.

    Tari: I will return.

    Tari rushes out of the lab and into Finkleshitz’ car. She turns the car on and drives off.


    MarioFan2009 is hard-pressed to defend himself against his deadly duplicate. They fight across the control room and eventually make their way up to the catwalk. MarioFan2009 mounts a ferocious counterattack and cuts off one of Robo MarioFan2009’s hands.

    Robo MarioFan2009: AGH!


    InternetProblem sneaks past some troll guards and makes it to the destruction room.

    InternetProblem: There’s a lot of buttons! But which one destroys the building?

    InternetProblem pushes a button causing the balcony with the troll guards on it to explode and sending the guards falling to their deaths.

    Troll: AHHHH!!!!

    InternetProblem: That wasn’t it.


    MarioFan2009 and Robo MarioFan2009 continue battling until an explosion happens at one of the walls causing some debris and crush and destroy a couple of duplicates.

    MarioFan2009: Well, it looks like your army is getting shortened by the destruction!

    Robo MarioFan2009: Army or not, you’re still no match for me!

    Robo MarioFan2009 suddenly dispenses an electric staff out of his hand socket and tries to hit MarioFan2009 with it. MarioFan2009 then hits Robo MarioFan2009 with his sword and sends him falling down onto a lower platform. MarioFan2009 jumps down after him. More debris destroys some more duplicates and MarioFan2009 and his duplicate try to dodge them as they continue their battle. Eventually, MarioFan2009 spots his robotic duplicate running towards one of the fighter jets. Robo MarioFan2009 turns on the jet and takes off into an underground flight tunnel.

    MarioFan2009: COME BACK HERE!

    MarioFan2009 enters another jet and enters the flight tunnel as the chase begins.

    Robo MarioFan2009: TRY TO KEEP UP!

    Robo MarioFan2009 throws a wrench at MarioFan2009, knocking the sword out of his hand.

    MarioFan2009: NO!

    MarioFan2009 sets the speed to max and the two jets take off down the vertical side of the tunnel. As Robo MarioFan2009 reaches the end of the tunnel, MarioFan2009 jumps of his jet and leaps onto Robo MarioFan2009’s jet as his jet crashes in a fiery crash.

    Robo MarioFan2009: HEY! GET OFF!

    The plane flies out of the tunnel and into the city as Robo MarioFan2009 tries to shake off MarioFan2009 by going through multiple sharp turns and knife flights. Tari is on her way to Veggiecorp when she witnesses the chaos in the sky.

    Tari: Geez! He really wants him off the plane!

    Tari grabs a nearby wrench, enters Expert Mode, and aims for a spot on the jet. She aims for the turbine and throws the wrench at it where it collides with the blades and starts to set the jet on fire.

    Robo MarioFan2009: THE PLANE’S GOING DOWN!

    MarioFan2009: TIME TO BAIL!

    Both MarioFan2009 and his duplicate jump off the jet as it explodes in a massive fireball and they land inside of a junkyard.

    MarioFan2009: OW!

    MarioFan2009 has broken one of his legs. However, his robotic duplicate suffered worse damage. His entire arm has been ripped off, half of his face is shattered, his lower jaw has snapped off and he has suffered scratches on his paint job. His voice box also took an amount of damage.

    Robo MarioFan2009: T-time time to d-die.

    Robo MarioFan2009 chases MarioFan2009 up a crane where he activates a button sending Robo MarioFan2009 falling onto a hook and is impaled, before landing in a wood chipper where he is sliced by the torso. However, he is still alive. His voice box now sounds like a demonic entity.

    Robo MarioFan2009: T̷̛̛̤̹̙̗̆͌͊̀̎͂̎͗̾̍͜͝ͅI̸̡̩̝͔͕̝̤͛̊͌̑̓̇͆̊̆́̈́̓͐͘͝M̷̨̮̫̻͉͍̞͕̊͒́͗̍͐E̷̬͓̋͜͠ ̴̨̹̦̩̤̫̭͓̬͔̰̻̤͈̉̚ͅŢ̷̹̣̹̥̭̩̘̱̰̗͉̀̀̄̃̾́̄̃̌̀̒̔̕͝O̴̩̒ ̵̰̜̈́̅̾͛̊ͅD̸̘̈́̔̏̅I̴̡̻̍̋E̵̳̣̤͔͔͕̦̞̮̪͍̓̏̊!̴̛̣̮̘̯͕́̐̏!̷̤̫̘̩̼̲̫̖͇̥̖̻̬̗̉́͗̒̇͌́͐̂͌̆͌̉͗!̷̧̤̪̙̙͐̋̎̄̓͑́̐͆͗̃̄̅͛̏ͅ

    Robo MarioFan2009 chases MarioFan2009 into a trash compactor.

    MarioFan2009: THE BUTTON!

    Robo MarioFan2009: G̶̺͇̍̽͗Ȩ̷͍͚͋̚T̶͖̯̏͌͜͝ ̶̛͉́͒O̸̲̻̓̽̆Ü̷͈͍T̵̡͍̮̍ ̵̧͓͕̑O̸̱͐F̷͓͎́͒͂ ̶͈̈́̀M̴̠̜̃̈́́Y̴͉̿ ̴̡̲̓̆͛F******S̴̛̟̠̓C̵̢͙͎̅̊H̴̞͈̺̍͐O̵̡̿O̴̟͙̎̚Ľ̸͎̲͕͊Ḩ̵̞̘͆͑Ò̸̯͎Ũ̷̞̞̹S̴̱̽E̵̺͝͝ ̴̠̽Õ̸̡͝R̴̺͚̲̾͘ ̶͓̲̏̔E̶̺͙̩̚L̶͚̳̍̚S̴̙̀͗͑Ë̵̲́̿̕ ̸͈̄Ỷ̷͖͎Ô̵͎͝U̴̦̬͌͆͛'̵͔̬̯̈́Ř̸̢̫̮͛E̵̠̊̿̎ ̴̡̈́G̵̠͠O̸̫̣̠͆͊͘N̸̮̠̒̆Ņ̴̦̄̋̃͜Á̷͙͕͕ ̷̦͓̣̀͐͝F̸̡̻̟̐****** ̸̲̩͌D̵̘̎͂̓I̵̺͍̋͋͜͠E̷̺̞̟̓̀͊,̵̨̞̣͗̾̒ ̷̙͒̀M̷̠̰̓̉O̶̧̩͖͆͐̎Ț̵̲̝̌͆H̸̪̾E̶̦͔͂̚R̶̰̽******A̴̱̫͇͆̾̊H̶͓̲̄̉́Ā̶͔̈́̚H̴̺̎͝A̴̳̜͝!̴̨̧̛̓ ̶̗͍̿̊A̷͇̗͒̑̿H̴̝͌̉A̷͖̓̉͂H̴̫̆ͅA̴̠̬̫̓̂!̵̲̐ͅ ̷̼̪̫̈̑Y̶͎̗̱͆̈́É̷̡̧À̸̘̅H̸̜̞̞͒̀̈́,̴̤͈̑̓̓ ̸̘̚B̸͍̍****Ÿ̸̢͇́̓͝ͅÈ̷̖͉͉́͒Ä̷̖̙́͑͂-̸̟́A̸̤̪̖̽̒-̷̣͑A̶̪͂̑-̷̼̟̀A̵̡͕̟̾̃̊-̸͓̊̊Ȁ̸̩̾-̷͇͎͝Ą̶͇̙̚-̷̮̓̂Ạ̷͛̎̿-̵̞̱̜̓͋̋-̸̟͒̈"̸̢́ ̶̙̑͗(̷̹͔̅͒͠ș̸̡́̈́ṫ̸̥͉̀͌ả̵̲̯̫͝t̵́͗͜͠i̴̻͒͜c̵̡̼̙̈́)̶̡̣̋͌ ̴̳̔̈͑"̸̥͂̓Ä̵̢̧̻́̓̕-̷̠̈́Á̵̕͘ͅ-̶͍̻̣̄Å̶̫͘Ạ̷̉̓̕A̸̛̗̬̮͌̅A̴͕̗̬̋̿A̷̛͍̲̼͠À̶̮͕̍̊͜A̴̢̦̓̉!̴̥͂̈́

    MarioFan2009: MADE IT!

    MarioFan2009 pushes the button and the trash compactor starts to close.

    Robo MarioFan2009: Ṅ̶̨̧̛̪̺̱͉̝͉͙͇̳̩̘̂͂͊̆͜͠N̵̝̘̘̐̔̂̓̒͂̋̓́͑̀̐̓́̌̍̽͌͘̕͜͝͝Ņ̵̢̟̱̻̖̤̹͎̠̣̘̱̯̥̼̜͓̥̞̖͚͕̒̈́͂̄̎̒̾͊̄̕͘͜͝͠ͅN̸̡̛̞̤̺̖̞̥͔̮͇͓͇̠͔͎̬͎͂̏̈́̾͐͛̎̀͋͋̉̆́̈́͌̐̕͜͠͠ͅŃ̴̡̧̨̠͓̝̙͖̗̳̬͙̣̥̇̂̉͗̃̎͆̈́̐̾͌̍͒͊̈̑́̒͌͠͝N̵̢͉̠̙̮͚͙͈̭̻̜͔̘͔̦̑͒̃͆̌͛͑ͅN̸̢̜̖̙̲̫̭̣͔̟̭̟͊͆̍͛̀̓͌͜͜Ņ̴̛̥̥͈͎͉̼̫̳̹̭̉͂̉͐̿̉̒Ǫ̶̧͇̳̞̹̩̲̺͎̞͉̯̞̘̲͍̫̞̯̥͔̗̭̬͙̠̈͌̎̌̃̉̐̔́͋̑̔̀͆͒͐̓̆̒͐̒̍̓͒̎͂Ő̶̢̤̫͔̅̑͛̽͗̐̃͛̿͌̓̈̈́̌͂̄̿̉͒͘͘͝͠͝ͅO̷̢̠̠̩͎̳̰̹̱͈̙̼̰̺̲͎̩̝̻̥͍̹͚͇͙̮͂͌͑̔͊̐̂̅̆̀͊̀̑̄̄͌͒͑̍̒̈̎̆̓͛̽͐̈́͜͠ͅȌ̶̢̢̡̤̙̳͚̘̠̩͔̮͍͕͈͙̳͇̪̯̤̜̤͔̟̰̏̇̿́̀͆̂͐̐͌̃̐͒̊̔̇̈́̅͘͜ͅͅȮ̸̺͍͔̣̂̋͊͑̎̈́̽̓̾̅̒͐̿̔̐͜͝͝͝͝͝ͅǪ̷̭̞̫̯̻̖̰͈͇̖̪̩̮̲̦̹̙͖̺̝̣̥͊̊̉́͛̋̑̈́͆̾͝͝Ǫ̸̡̡̳̝̺̣͎̖̟̗̱̻̪̬̮̝̭̖̟̖̦̘̼̟̗̝͍̾͒O̸̙̥͙̝͕͖̗̻͔̥̻̤͚͔̥͇̺̪̓̄̒͑̃̌̐͑̋͑͂͛̄͘̚̕͘͝O̸͚͖̭̲̱̮͔̤̣͍̜͚̜̭̿̇̔͒Ǫ̶̨̞̻͓̬͎̟̟̫̻̫̭̪͇̖͖͕̯͚͔͖̜̮͈̰̀̊͑͋̆̔͂̇͝!̸̢̨̧͎̻͇̞͓͕͔̥̲̭͈̙̳̪̙̜͈̖̩͉̮̗̮̼͕̑̃͂!̸̧̧̨̛͕̬͚̱͇̳̱̱̭̘̇̂̿́̊̽͂̇̉̒̾̽͂̇̓̃͘̚͠!̴̡̨̠̺̞͚̟̮̩̞̟̗̞̹̘̣̑̉̇͆͒̓̑͌̒͆̉̎́͑̒̃́̋̀͂̄̉̚͝͝ͅͅ!̷̳̩̺͎̻͙͙̻̬͚̹͎͍̖̗͒͌̉͛̓͒͆͑̆̏̐́̏̓̉̉̎̏͜!̴̢̜͔̮̥̬̟͇͓̺͑͒̈́͂̅̐̋̔͌̇̽͐̊͑͂͊͆̔̓̃͐̈͗̀͐̚̚͝͝!̸̢̧̛̻̙̣̦̞̩̹̘̼͓̣͉̫̗͉͚̟̝͙̖̰͊̇̄̄͜͝͝ͅ!̸̨̘̯̣̹̦̜͕̺͕͌̿́̾̊́̃͐̍͋̚͝͝ͅͅ

    Robo MarioFan2009 gets crushed in the compactor and is destroyed.

    MarioFan2009: So uncivilized.

    MarioFan2009 starts to leave, until suddenly, Robo MarioFan2009’s carcass explodes.

    MarioFan2009: AHH!! GEEZ!!!

    MarioFan2009 exits the junkyard.


    The four users enter the lobby.

    SquidwardPepe: FREEZE! YOU CAN’T BE HERE-

    RH knocks out SquidwardPepe as the four storm into Onion Cream’s office.

    Onion Cream: You four! I see your back!

    Trikkiboy: In the name of the wiki admins, you are under arrest, Onion Cream!

    Trikkiboy, RH, Culdee and Agonzo pull out their swords.

    Onion Cream: Are you threatening me, Trikkiboy?

    Trikkiboy: The admins will decide your fate!

    Onion Cream: (angry) I am the admin!

    Trikkiboy: You were never one to begin with!

    Onion Cream stands out of his chair and pulls out an inverted sword.

    Onion Cream: It’s treason, then...

    Onion Cream leaps off his desk and backflips in the air as the fight begins.

    Culdee: GET HIM!

    Onion Cream battles all four users at once as RH strikes him with his sword. Meanwhile, Tari parks the car, exits and runs into the Veggiecorp entrance.


    Onion Cream shoots lightning at Culdee, but he dodges it just as Endless exits the elevator.

    Endless: Hey, guys! I made it!

    Endless joins in on the fight as the five users start to overwhelm the troll and eventually pushes him to the ground.

    Trikkiboy: You are under arrest, Onion Cream!

    Onion Cream: You may have stopped me, but haven’t I shown you my new duplicate?!

    Culdee: Wait. WHAT?!

    RH 2.0 enters the room.

    RH: HOLY S***!


    Onion Cream: DESTROY THEM!

    RH 2.0: Yes, master...

    RH 2.0’s left arm morphs into a bazooka.

    RH: OH CRAP!

    RH 2.0 blasts a rocket at Trikkiboy, sending him flying out the building.

    Agonzo: NO!

    Agonzo hits RH 2.0, but only hurts his hand.

    Agonzo: OW!

    RH 2.0: Hurts when you touch vibranium, doesn’t it?

    Agonzo: What?!

    RH 2.0 grabs Agonzo and throws him into the roof where crashes through it.


    RH 2.0 sends Culdee flying into Endless and they both hit the elevator and sent to the lowest floor.


    RH and RH 2.0 battle each other, But RH 2.0 eventually shatters part of the Vandal Buster mask.

    RH: CRAP!

    RH struggles to cover the shattered part of the mask.

    Onion Cream: Don’t brother trying, RH!

    RH: Wait. You knew?!

    Onion Cream: I’ve known you were the Vandal Buster the whole time!

    RH: How?!

    Onion Cream: Words of advice. When sending an admin a picture of a crime a vandal did, never leave the same tabs open!

    RH: Oh. Well, I will still stop you!

    Onion Cream: So be it. 2.0! MURDERLIZE HIM!

    RH 2.0: With pleasure.

    RH and RH 2.0 fight their way down the hallway and back into the office area as Onion Cream laughs evilly as he eats popcorn. RH 2.0 uses telekinesis to send RH flying into a wall and activates a chainsaw arm? However, RH recovers and jumps out of the way before RH 2.0 can cut him down. Meanwhile, Tari runs down a long corridor towards Onion Cream’s office. In the heat of the battle, RH cuts the window behind Onion Cream’s desk and it crashes apart. RH is forced out onto the ledge, which is twenty stories up. They fight over the balcony. Tari enters the office to see RH and RH 2.0 fighting. Eventually, RH slices RH 2.0 into pieces and he collapses.


    RH: What?

    Tari: But you’re both male?


    Onion Cream generates refusion lighting out of his hands and fires at Tari, but she blocks it with a shield she got from Finkleshitz’ lab.

    Onion Cream: DAMN!

    Onion Cream starts to shoot lightning at RH, but he blocks it with his sword and moves closer to Onion Cream as the lighting closes in on the troll.

    Onion Cream: KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!

    The refusion lightning becomes too much and Onion Cream starts to light on fire as his flesh melts off him.

    Onion Cream: UNLIMITED POWER!

    Onion Cream has became an inverted glitching skeleton as he unleashes the maximum capacity of his refusion powers and eventually strikes RH and violently electrocutes him.

    RH: AGGHHHH!!!

    Onion Cream: HA! HAA!! HAAAA!!!

    Onion Cream uses telekinesis to send his sword flying at RH and ends up slicing off his right hand.


    Tari: NO!

    RH collapses as Onion Cream laughs evilly.

    Tari: YOU WILL PAY-

    Onion Cream strikes lightning at Tari and pins her against the wall.

    Onion Cream: You fool. You underestimate the true power of refusion.

    Unknown to Onion Cream, RH 2.0 starts to reassemble himself.

    Onion Cream: Soon, me and my duplicate army will become more powerful than either of us!

    RH 2.0 fully reassembles and sets his sights on Onion Cream’s sword lying next to RH.

    Onion Cream: We will eradicate every single user and good person on this planet until there will be nothing but trolls, vandals and duplicates!

    RH 2.0 focuses on the sword and it starts to levitate.

    Onion Cream: After this war ends, we will form a utopia where trolls and vandals can finally live in peace from the users!

    Tari: Never! You’re just a troll who will go nowhere in life! Also, one of the trolls could take over and use your power for themselves!

    Onion Cream: Seriously?! I can’t be betrayed! I cannot be beaten! I see their mind! I see their every intent! Yes! I see one of them picking up a sword to strike down their true enemy and now, they shall use it TO KILL THEIR TRUE ENEMY AND TAKE OVER THE-

    Suddenly, the sword flies through Onion Cream and bisects him.

    Onion Cream: AAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    The top half of Onion Cream’s corpse slides off and lands on the floor as inverted blood sprays out.

    RH 2.0: Your position is over, master.

    Suddenly, a trio of troll guards enter the office.


    Troll 4: I’m out of here!

    Troll 4 jumps out the window to his death.


    Tari and RH 2.0 battle the guards and eventually kill them.

    Tari: Ok! Onion Cream is finally dead! That means he can’t release the duplicates!

    RH 2.0: That’s what you think!

    RH 2.0 uses his telekinesis to throw Tari and RH out of the building. Vandal Clown then enters.

    Vandal Clown: Master! Our duplicate army is ready to launch- OH MY GOD!

    Vandal Clown witnesses Onion Cream’s bisected corpse before the bottom half falls to the ground and both halves vaporize into inverted ooze.

    Vandal Clown: WHAT DID YOU DO?!

    RH 2.0: He outlived his usefulness.


    RH 2.0 grabs Vandal Clown and begins choking him with telekinesis.

    RH 2.0: I find your lack of obedience disturbing.

    After dying, RH 2.0 throws Vandal Clown’s corpse out the window.

    RH 2.0: Now... the army belongs to me!

    While falling out of the Veggiecorp building, Tari activates a pair of gliders, grabs RH and lands safely on the ground.

    Tari: I better find the other users.

    A moment later.

    All of the users have regrouped.

    Trikkiboy: Onion Cream is finally dead! Unfortunately, RH 2.0 has taken over.

    RH: And my right hand is gone. First my left arm and now this.

    RH is shown to now have a blue prosthetic hand.

    Tari: Well, we should probably plan another assault on the army! This time, to stop them for good!

    Agonzo: Right!

    Endless: Also, I wonder where InternetProblem is.

    Suddenly, the Veggicorp building explodes and InternetProblem appears.

    InternetProblem: I destroyed the building and all the trolls are dead, but RH 2.0 escaped and so did the duplicate army!

    Trikkiboy: Well, at least the trolls are out of the way.

    Tari: We just have the duplicates to deal with!

    Murder Man: Hopefully, this whole thing will finally end!

    Firestar: Right! I’m getting tired off all of this robot duplicate nonsense!

    Endless: Well, soon the army will be stopped!

    Suddenly, a red portal opens and Bob, Fishy Boopkins, SMG4, SML Mario and Black Yoshi exit.

    RH: And looks like we got some reinforcements!


    At Finkleshitz’ lab, Meggy is still inside the bacta tank, until the door to the lab opens.

    ???: Ok. I think this is the place.

    The person who looks like an anthropomorphic sunflower enters the lab and heads to Meggy’s bacta tank.

    ???: She’s probably been in there long enough.

    The flower person heads to the bacta tank control and pulls a lever. All the liquid in the tank drains and the tank opens.

    ???: Yes. Long enough indeed.

    Meggy opens her eyes.



    Synopsis: Meggy has finally healed and is released from the bacta tank. However, the person who freed her is someone she hasn’t met before. Who is this person and what is their motives?


    At Finkleshitz’ lab, Meggy is still inside the bacta tank, until the door to the lab opens.

    ???: Ok. I think this is the place.

    The person who looks like an anthropomorphic sunflower enters the lab and heads to Meggy’s bacta tank.

    ???: She’s probably been in there long enough.

    The flower person heads to the bacta tank control and pulls a lever. All the liquid in the tank drains and the tank opens.

    ???: Yes. Long enough indeed.

    Meggy opens her eyes and sees the person who opened the tank.

    Meggy: Who are you?

    ???: I’ll explain later. You’ve been in that tank long enough. You’re fortunate you’re still in one piece after you fought that robotic clone.

    Meggy: Wait. How did you know?

    A flashback starts.

    ???: Believe it or not, I was actually there when you and your friend were fighting the robot!

    The flower person is seen roaming through the trash pile until she notices Meggy and Tari on top of the catwalk in the air fighting Robo RH.

    ???: Eventually, after you destroyed him, you got nearly killed and your friend had to take you here to keep you alive!

    The flower person quickly hides behind some trash as she watches Tari walk by with Meggy as the flashback ends.

    Meggy: Ok! Also, her name is Tari.

    ???: Interesting. Anyways, what were you and Tari doing there fighting the robot?

    Meggy: The troll leader, Onion Cream has made an army of robots to take over Pensacola.

    ???: Did you say Onion Cream?!

    Meggy: Yes. Do you know him?

    ???: Yes.

    Meggy: For how long?

    ???: Well, back then, I actually came from a planet called Greenhouse where many flower people like me lived in peace.

    A flashback starts showing many flower people on the planet, Greenhouse.

    ???: However, Onion Cream started a plan which is to construct a massive super weapon that had the ability to destroy a planet with one shot! Unfortunately, he chose Greenhouse as it’s target...

    The trolls charge the super weapon as the flower people rush to evacuate.

    ???: Many of us managed to evacuate just before the planet exploded.

    ??? enters a fighter jet and flies off as the planet explodes.

    ???: But then, the trolls started hunting down and killing any flower person that managed to escape!

    The trolls enter fighter jets of their owns and start shooting the flower ships down one by one.

    Flower Person 1: I’VE BEEN HIT!

    Flower Person 1’s ship crashes and he is killed in the explosion.

    ???: I was the only one who managed to escape the massacre, but my ship got shot down!

    ???’s ship gets shot and starts to plummet towards Earth.

    ???: I managed to safely land on the planet Earth, where I started to get adjusted to my new surroundings and eventually ended up finding the city of Pensacola.

    ??? comes across the sign, Welcome to Pensacola! and proceeds to head into the city.

    ???: For about a year, I took refuge inside an abandoned factory and lived off of mud since that is the only thing me and the others could consume. Eventually, last week, I saw you and Tari fighting that robot and then I followed you two to the lab.

    The flashback ends.

    Meggy: Nice! Also, are there any other flower people out there?

    ???: No. They were all killed. I’m the only one left.

    Meggy: Oh. Well, I also went through a similar thing during Order 64. My teammates, the Splat Squad were all massacred by the Inkling Droids. I still don’t know who was responsible for executing it, but I swore to avenge my teammates if I find who it was!

    ???: Man. Looks like both of us went through hard times.

    Meggy: Pretty much.

    ???: Anyways, the name is Sunny Funny by the way.

    Meggy: Ok?

    Sunny: But yeah, I just freed you from the tank since you finished healing.

    Meggy: Thanks! I also wonder where the others are?

    Sunny: Others?

    Meggy: There’s Tari, RH, Culdee, MarioFan2009, Endless, Trikkiboy, Agonzo and KAPFan9876.

    Sunny: Cool!

    Meggy: Anyways, I think I should go out and find them!

    Sunny: I’ll go with!

    Meggy: Ok! Maybe they will be excited to meet you.

    Sunny: Probably!

    After Meggy is back in her normal outfit, she and Sunny exit the lab and head off.


    RH 2.0 is seen observing the robot army.

    RH 2.0: Yes. My army is ready to annihilate this city! Especially, since I have created some of my own!

    RH 2.0 activates a hidden door revealing robotic clones of Culdee, Trikkiboy, Agonzo, Meggy, Tari and KAPFan9876.



    Synopsis: After meeting Sunny Funny, Meggy and her head out to find the other users. However, they end up discovering RH 2.0 has constructed a massive space station that controls all of the robotic duplicates! What will they find?


    At a massive military base, RH 2.0 enters an observation area where Robo Culdee is at.

    Robo Culdee: Boss. Our space station, the Death Creeper has almost finished construction and will be up and running.

    RH 2.0: Perfect. Everything is going according to plan. Soon, we will take over Pensacola and make it our own personal hangout!

    RH 2.0 and Robo Culdee observe the construction of the Death Creeper as more robots use machines to send it into space.


    Meggy and Sunny Funny travel down Pensacola as they search for the other users.

    Meggy: So what other people did you know on a Greenhouse?

    Sunny: There was my brother, Denny. But he got killed in the attacks.

    Meggy: Sorry about that.

    Sunny: Well, we might as well continue looking for the other users-

    Suddenly, robotic noises are heard.

    Meggy: What is that?

    Sunny: I’ll take care of this.

    Sunny pulls out a gun and heads to the source of the noise. Over the hill, MarioFan2009 is cornered by robotic versions of Desti, Spider Man, Bread Monster and Rosalina.

    Robo Rosalina: That’s right! Freeze and come with us!

    MarioFan2009: Ok! I will!

    Sunny shoots Robo Desti, killing her.

    Robo Spider Man: IT’S AN ATTACK!

    The robots attack Sunny, but she shoots and kills all three of them.

    MarioFan2009: Thanks! Who are you?

    Meggy: She’s Sunny Funny. She said she came from the planet, Greenhouse which was destroyed by the trolls. We just went to look for the other users.

    MarioFan2009: Meggy! You’re back! Anyways, nice! I think she will make a great addition to our army!

    Sunny suddenly notices a large object in the sky.

    Sunny: WHAT IS THAT?!

    Meggy and MarioFan2009 notice the massive Death Creeper in the atmosphere.


    Meggy: It doesn’t look like a good sign! They might be using it as a weapon!

    Sunny: Well, we need to stop it someway! I think I can repair my damaged ship that brought me here! Then, I can take us up to the space station and we can find out what we’re up to!

    The three eventually locate the destroyed ship.

    Sunny: I’m actually skilled at mechanics so I can fix the ship in no time.

    Meggy: Ok!

    A moment later.

    The ship has been repaired.

    Sunny: Ok! It’s fixed! But there’s only one seat. I think both of you have to go into the trunk.

    MarioFan2009: Oh dear.

    MarioFan2009 and Meggy get into the trunk and have trouble getting comfortable.

    MarioFan2009: Geez! It smells bad in here!

    Meggy: Right!

    Sunny: Well, this ship hasn’t flown in a whole year. Anyways, let’s get to that station!

    Sunny activates the ship and it flies out of Earth.

    MarioFan2009: This ship is really fast!

    Meggy: Nice! I don’t think I ever went to space before! This is awesome!

    Sunny: Guys! I see the space station!

    The ship flies towards the Death Creeper and starts to get pulled in.

    Sunny: The ship is caught in a tractor beam! It’s pulling us in!

    MarioFan2009: Well, try to get out!

    Sunny: I can’t! It’s at full power! We have no choice but to enter.

    As the ship is pulled into the Death Creeper, Robo Mario witnesses the ship.

    Robo Mario: Clear bay 23. We are opening the magnetic field!

    The ship is pulled in through port doors, coming to rest in a huge hangar.

    Robo Houndeye: To your statins!

    All of the robots run out of the hangar to their stations, while Robo Ice Man and Shrek go to inspect the ship.

    Sunny: There’s some robots coming. Get ready.

    When Robo Ice Man opens the ship, Sunny jumps out and shoots him in the head, killing him.


    Meggy shoots ink at Robo Shrek and MarioFan2009 opens the airlock, sucking Robo Shrek into space where he is destroyed by a meteor.

    Meggy: Ok. The coast is clear.

    Meggy, MarioFan2009 and Sunny Funny head to a hallway where they witness Robo Woody and Robo Tony and quickly hide behind some crates.

    Sunny: We need to take those guards out.

    MarioFan2009: I see a rock there.

    Sunny grabs the rock and throws it at the door behind her creating noise.

    Robo Woody: WHAT WAS THAT?!

    Robo Tony: We better go check.

    Robo Woody and Tony head to the door, but Meggy and Sunny grab them and dismantle them.

    Meggy: Ok. What do we do with them?

    A moment later.

    Both Meggy and Sunny are wearing Robo Woody and Robo Tony’s body parts.

    Meggy: Ok! They’ll think we’re robots if we’re wearing these!

    Sunny: True! I also have a better way on tricking the guards. I got handcuffs here. And I already know who will be the bait.

    Both Meggy and Sunny glare at MarioFan2009.

    MarioFan2009: This better not be what I think it is!

    Sunny puts MarioFan2009 in handcuffs and they head to Robo Luigi.

    Sunny: (impersonating Robo Tony) Hey! I just found a user roaming through the station! I’m taking him to the prison block!

    Robo Luigi: Right this way!

    Sunny heads to the prison block with MarioFan2009 and once there are no robots in sight, they and Meggy rush into a nearby bathroom and Sunny locks the door before she and Meggy take off the robot suits.

    MarioFan2009: It actually worked!

    Sunny: Also, while we were heading to the prison block, I heard from one of the guards that the tractor beam controls are located in the main office. If we can get there and shut it off, then the ship will leave!

    Meggy: Yes!

    MarioFan2009: I see some vents up there!

    The three head into the vents and Sunny pulls out a device.

    Sunny: I managed to swipe this device from one of the robots that shows a map of the entire station! The office should be on the top floor!

    Meggy, Sunny, and MarioFan2009 climb to the main office through the vents and exit.

    Meggy: Ok! We’re here!

    MarioFan2009: Time to deactivate the laser beam!

    Meggy heads to the controls and deactivates the tractor beam.

    Meggy: Ok! It’s off!

    MarioFan2009: Now, we can finally leave!

    Suddenly, a squad of robots burst in.

    Robo Jeffy: Freeze!

    Sunny: GET TO THE SHIP!

    Sunny, Meggy and MarioFan2009 pull out their weapons and begin fighting their way out of the station.

    Robo Bowser: GET OVER HERE!

    Robo Bowser grabs MarioFan2009, but he stabs him to death with his sword.

    MarioFan2009: Got him!

    The three make it to the ship.


    Sunny and MarioFan2009 enter the ship, but RH 2.0 appears.

    RH 2.0: You will never escape!

    Meggy: Wait until we defeat Onion Cream! Then, the plan will go down in flames!

    RH 2.0: Really? HA! Onion Cream is dead! I killed him!

    Sunny: Wait. What?

    MarioFan2009: He’s dead?!

    RH 2.0: Yes! I killed him and took the throne! The army is mine now!

    Meggy blinds RH 2.0 with ink.

    RH 2.0: AGH!

    Meggy: See ya!

    Meggy jumps into the ship and it takes off.


    The ship flies back into Earth and lands back in Pensacola.

    Meggy: Ok! We finally made it back to Earth!

    Sunny: Yes. But Onion Cream is dead. That means my chance of avenge my people is now impossible!

    Meggy: True, but most of the time, it isn’t right to take justice into your own hands.

    Sunny: Right.

    The three make it to the SML Wiki Headquarters.

    Culdee: Hey, Trikkiboy! The others arrived!

    Trikkiboy opens the entrance and the three enter.

    Meggy: Hi, guys! We’re back!

    RH: Welcome back!

    Tari: Nice to see you’re still alive!

    Meggy: Yeah. It was a while.

    Everyone notices Sunny.

    Tari: Who’s that?

    Meggy: Someone who might help us stop RH 2.0 and his army.

    Sunny: It’s Sunny Funny by the way.

    Tari: Well, nice to meet you!

    Sunny: Thanks!

    MarioFan2009: Guys! I found this usb file on me! I think it fell off one of the robots we killed.

    Trikkiboy: Let me see!

    Trikkiboy plugs in the usb and it shows a holographic projection of the Death Creeper.

    Trikkiboy: That’s the Death Creeper!

    Sunny: You know that station?

    Trikkiboy: Me and the other users saw it!

    RH: I think I see a weak spot at the core.

    Culdee: I guess if we hit it, then it will be destroyed!

    Trikkiboy: Right! As we free more people, we can send them out in ships to go into the Death Creeper and destroy it!

    InternetProblem: Where do we get the ships?

    Sunny: I believe I know how!



    Synopsis: After finding the weakness to the Death Creeper, Trikkiboy, the users, Meggy, Sunny Funny, Tari and everyone else finally begin their plan to destroy the Death Creeper, the robot army and defeat RH 2.0!

    Note: Epilogues after the chapter! Please read them. They could set up future stories!


    At a massive military base, all of the users and characters are in it at the meeting room observing the holographic image of the Death Creeper.

    Trikkiboy: Ok, everyone! Ever since MarioFan2009 ended up getting the plans for the Death Creeper, we have discovered it’s weak spot! But there’s one catch.

    Culdee pulls a lever causing the hologram to zoom in, revealing a translucent surface around it.

    Sunny: The battle station is heavily shielded and carries a firepower greater than half the star fleet. It's defenses are designed around a direct large scale assault. A small one-man fighter should be able to penetrate the inner defense.

    Endless: Pardon me, Sunny. But what type of fighters are going to be against that abomination?

    Sunny: Well, the robots don’t consider a small one-man fighter to be any threat, otherwise they would have a tighter defense. An analysis of the plans provided by MarioFan2009 has demonstrated a weakness in the battle station.

    RH: But the approach will not be easy. You are required to maneuver straight down this trench and skim the surface to this point. The target area is only two meters wide. It's a small thermal exhaust port, right below the main port. The shaft leads directly to the reactor system. A precise hit will start a chain reaction which should destroy the station.

    A murder of disbelief runs throughout the room.

    Sunny: Only a precise hit will set up a chain reaction. The entire station is shielded so one of us will have to get their ship into the control trench and destroy the shield generator. When the shields are down, that’s when we go for the reactor system! We will have to use proton missiles because they are small enough to fit down the 2 meter port.

    InternetProblem: That sounds impossible. Even for a computer.

    Meggy: It isn’t. Back in Inkville, we used them to hit targets that were only 2 meters wide. The missiles are not much bigger than 2 meters.

    Trikkiboy: Sunny Funny has already provided us with dozens of one-man ships! The people who will go to attack the station will be SMG4, Tari, Sunny, Endless, Bread Monster, Bully Bill and James. The rest including me will attack any robot troops that try to invade the place! Now, everyone man your ships!

    The group rises and begins to leave.


    At the Death Creeper, RH 2.0 and Robo Culdee observe Earth from the observation window.

    Robo Culdee: I can’t wait to destroy this planet, boss!

    RH 2.0: Right. Get my ship ready. I want to deal with my counterpart.

    RH 2.0 leaves and heads to the hangar where he gets into a ship and takes off.


    Sunny, Tari and Endless enter the huge spaceship hangar and go past a long line of ships. Flight crews are around loading last-minute armaments and inserting the proton missiles.

    Endless: I can’t wait to destroy the Death Creeper!

    Tari: So am I!

    Sunny: Here’s the plan! I’ll go into the trench containing the shield and I’ll destroy it! Tari will lead the others into shooting at the reactor core to destroy the station!

    Tari: Got that covered!

    Sunny and Endless enter a capsule machine and they exit, wearing pilot uniforms.

    Sunny: Aren’t you going in it, Tari?

    Tari: Well, I don’t have lungs since I’m a cyborg. I’ll be fine without it. Also, Meggy is coming with me since mine is not a one-man fighter.

    Meggy: Yes!

    Sunny: Ok! Now, let’s go blow up that station!

    Sunny, Endless and Tari get into their ships joined by other troops and prepare for takeoff.

    Crash: (intercom) This is Prime Minister Crash speaking. Takeoff will start now!

    The hangar exit opens and all of the ships fly out and off the planet.


    Robo Culdee notices the ships approaching on the station map and alerts the other robots.

    Robo Culdee: Attention, fellow robots! Lots of non robots are heading to the station! I think they’re planning an assault on the base! I want all available robots to go into their ships and take them out! The rest remain at your posts!


    The ships have left Earth and making their way to the Death Creeper.

    Crash: (com link) Stand-by alert. Death Creeper approaching. Estimated time to firing range, fifteen minutes.

    SMG4 adjusts his gun sights, looking to each side at his wing men.

    SMG4: All wings report in!

    Ice Man: Blue Ten standing by!

    Tari: Blue Seven standing by!

    Endless: Blue Three standing by!

    Fishy Boopkins: Blue Six standing by!

    MarioFan2009: Blue Nine standing by!

    James: Blue Two standing by!

    Bread Monster: Blue Eleven standing by!

    Sunny: Blue Five standing by!

    Meggy: Blue One standing by!

    SMG4: Lock S-foils in attack position!

    The group of star fighters move in formation towards the Death Creeper, unfolding the wings.

    Bread Monster: We’re passing through their magnetic field!

    Tari: Me and Meggy will go disable the shield!

    Sunny: Good luck!

    Tari’s ship breaks away from the others.

    SMG4: Switch your defectors on!

    Everyone activates the deflectors.

    SMG4: Double front!

    The ships move in formation as complex patterns begin to become visible on the surface of the Death Creeper.

    SMG4: Accelerate to attack speed! This is it, boys!

    The ships begin to move closer to the Death Creeper as the alarm begins to sound.

    SML Mario: Blue Leader, this is Red Leader!

    SMG4: I copy, Red Leader!

    SML Mario: They’ve sounded the alarm! They know we’re going to attack!


    Inside the Death Creeper, Robo Culdee activates a device that emits a holographic figure of RH 2.0.

    Robo Culdee: Boss! The ships from the rebellion have arrived and are planning to destroy the station!

    RH 2.0: Then you and your troops will have to take down the ships one by one. Get the crews to their fighters.

    Robo Culdee: Yes, Boss.

    The hologram shuts off.



    Tari and Meggy are in their ship flying to destroy the shield.

    Meggy: Oh no! They’re here!

    The enemy ships start blasting at the star fighters, starting a massive space battle.

    Tari: Man! This is tense!

    Tari looks forward to see enemy ships approaching head on.

    Tari: I’ll go left!

    Tari turns the ship and dodges the enemy fleet.

    Meggy: Now, to the shield!

    Tari accelerates the ship past the fleet and towards the Death Creeper. Robo Agonzo appears behind them in his ship.

    Robo Agonzo: Time to die!

    Tari: Oh no!

    Tari flies the ship with Robo Agonzo on her tail. She tries evasive maneuvers.

    Tari: Hang on!

    Tari rolls the ship as Meggy screams in fear.

    Tari: I know we’re in trouble! Hang on! We’re getting close to the shield!

    Robo Agonzo: Got you!

    Robo Agonzo blasts Tari’s ship, and it begins to descend.

    Tari: We’ve been hit!

    Robo Agonzo: Yes! Wait. WHAT THE?!

    Sunny fires at Robo Agonzo’s ship, blowing it up and killing Robo Agonzo.

    Sunny: You can thank me later!

    Sunny flies off as Tari and Meggy try to regain control.

    Meggy: PULL UP!

    Tari: I’m trying! The engines are roasted! OH S***!

    The ship flies into the space hangar and crashes against the floor.

    Meggy: AHH!!!

    Tari hits the breaks and the ship slides to a stop. Meggy begins to puke inside of her hat.

    Tari: Ok! Just got to get the engine fixed!

    Tari opens the compartment.

    Tari: Everything’s overheated! All the lights are red!

    Meggy notices some robots heading towards the ship.

    Meggy: You might want to hurry!


    Back at the base, the users and the other SML and SMG4 Characters head outside and prepare for the battle.

    Culdee: There’s the tanks!

    A bunch of robot operated tanks show up.

    Black Yoshi: I can’t wait to kill some robots!

    The robot tanks begin to fire on the troops, but they are protected by an energy shields powered by Jackie Chu’s eggrolls. The tanks stop firing.

    InternetProblem: Why did they stop?

    A bunch of robot transports drive up and the doors open and racks of robots are pulled out and lined up by a squad of Inkling droids. The robots reconfigure into their standing position as the troops get ready for the attack.

    Robo Chef Pee Pee: Forward!

    Thousands of robots begin to march on the troops as they power up their weapons. The robots slowly march through the energy shield and start firing. The troops throw their poles and fire small balls of refusion energy provided by Toad with slingshots.

    Chef Pee Pee: Unleash the balls!

    Cody: Heh. He said balls.

    Chef Pee Pee and the others throw massive balls of energy into tanks that cause their engines to overheat causing them to short out and explode. The battle rages and the troops defend their shield generators against the army of robots. Robo Chef Pee Pee watches from a tank on a hill overlooking the battle.

    Bob: There’s so many robots!

    Bob accidentally gets his foot caught in the wiring of a destroyed robot, and while trying to shake it off, the robot’s arm cannon fires randomly, accidentally blasting several other robots in the process. Robo Chef Pee Pee decides to send in the hedgehog droids and gives them the signal. Hundreds of Sonic, Shadow and Silver droids roll out of the transports and head down towards the battle. They slowly roll through the deflector shields, then transform themselves once they get on the other side. The troops blast the hedgehog droids with energy balls as many members are blasted by brute robots.

    Saiko: They brought out the brutes!

    The troops are no match for the Brute droids. Bob tries to run from the Brute droids.

    Trikkiboy: Retreat! Retreat!

    The troops begin to turn and run, on foot, on their houndeyes, and in wagons. Bob tries to escape on a wagon full of energy balls, but only manages to unhitch the back gate, causing all of the energy balls to roll out of the wagon and down the hill. Bob scrambles to avoid being hit by any of the energy balls. Robo Joseph, Junior, and Cody aren’t so lucky. The troops renew their attack on the robot army as Bob’s bumbling destroys several more Brute droids.

    RH: Yes! We’re winning!

    Suddenly, a Brute Droid blasts one of the shield generators, causing it to explode. The protective shield begins to weaken and fall apart. Robo Chef Pee Pee sees the shield weaken and order his tanks forward.

    Trikkiboy: Retreat!

    All of the troops make a run for it. Bob is blown off of his houndeye and lands on the gun of a tank.

    Endless: Bob! Jump!

    Bob jumps onto Endless’ houndeye as the tank explodes.

    Tari 2.0: Summon the dragonators.

    Robo Shrek unleashes an entire cage full off dragonators and they start to devour many troops.

    RH: S***!

    The troops have been overrun. Some flee into the hills, being chased by vehicular droids. Many others are headed into groups by the other robots.

    Trikkiboy: Bob! What should we do?!

    Bob puts his hands up in the air.

    Bob: Surrender. We surrender everyone.

    Trikkiboy facepalms.

    Trikkiboy: I sure hope the others are doing ok up there.


    Tari peeks over the edge of the cockpit to see many robots surrounding the ship. She ducks back down.

    Tari: Uh oh. This is not good.

    Tari looks down at the compartment to see red lights.

    Tari: The systems are still overheated. Well, time for expert mode.

    Tari enters expert mode and zaps the circuits with electricity. Robo Trikkiboy approaches Meggy.

    Robo Trikkiboy: Where’s your pilot?

    Meggy: Um. I’m the pilot!

    Robo Trikkiboy: You’re the pilot?

    Meggy: Yes!

    Robo Trikkiboy: Let me see your identification!

    Tari sees the lights go from red to green.

    Tari: Yes! We have ignition!

    Tari pulls the lever and the engine starts. Robo Trikkiboy notices Tari.

    Robo Trikkiboy: You! Come out of there or we will blast you!

    Tari: Nope! Shields up!

    Tari pulls a switch and the ship levitates.

    Robo Trikkiboy: STOP HER!

    The robots shoot, but their bullets bounce off of the ship’s shields.

    Meggy: Yes!

    Tari: This should stop them?

    Tari fires lasers as the ship begins to rotate, killing Robo Trikkiboy and several other robots.

    Tari: Quackington says hi!

    Tari fires her proton missiles at the shield generator, causing it to explode.

    Tari: Let’s get out here!

    Meggy: Right!

    Tari’s ship roars through the hangar deck, running over several robots.

    Tari: WHOO!!

    Meggy: YEAH!!

    The entire fleet watches in amazement as the shield around the Death Creeper disappears.

    SMG4: Blue team! The shields are down! Time to move in!

    The fleet begin to fly into the trench of the Death Creeper.


    Robo Culdee talks with RH 2.0 through the hologram projection.

    Robo Culdee: Boss! They took down the shield! They’re heading towards the reactor core! We counted thirty of them! But they’re too small to be hit by the station’s gun power!

    RH 2.0: Well, go with your fleet and stop them!

    Robo Culdee: Yes, Boss.

    Robo Culdee shuts off the hologram, enters his ship and flies off.


    Sunny Funny is leading the fleet to the reactor core.

    SMG4: Sunny! Let me know when you’re going in!

    Sunny: I’m on my way in now!

    SMG4: Watch yourself! There’s a lot of fire coming from the right side of that deflection tower!

    Sunny: I’m on it!

    Sunny swings her ship into a twisting dive across the horizon and down onto the dim grey surface. A shot hurls from Sunny’s guns. Laserbolts streak toward the onrushing Death Creeper surface. Several small radar emplacements erupt in flame. Laserfire erupts from a protruding tower on the surface. The blurry Death Creeper surface races past the cockpit window. The Death Creeper superstructure races past Sunny as she maneuvers her craft through a wall of laserfire and peels away from the surface towards the heavens.

    The thunder and smoke of the big guns reverberate throughout the massive structure. Many soldiers rush about in the smoke and chaos, silhouetted by the almost continual flash of explosions.

    Fishy Boopkins dives through a forest of radar domes, antennae, and gun towers as he shoots low across the Death Creeper surface. A dense barrage of laserfire streaks by on all sides.

    Sunny continues to move her ship to the reactor core, until SMG4 response on her com link.

    SMG4: Squad leaders! We’ve picked up a new group of signals! Enemy fighters coming your way!

    Sunny looks around to see if she can spot the approaching enemy fighters.

    Sunny: My scope’s negative. I don’t see anything.

    The Death Creeper’s surface sweeps past as SMG4 searches the sky for the robot ships.

    SMG4: Keep up your visual scanning! With all this jamming, they’ll be on top of you before your scope can pick them up.

    Silhouetted against the rim lights of the Death Creeper horizon, four ferocious robot X-wings dive on the fleet fighters. Two of the X-wings peel off and drop out of frame. Fishy Boopkins panics when he sees an X-Wing on his tail. The horizon in the background twists around as he peels off, hoping to lose the pursuer.

    SMG4: Boopkins! You picked one up! Watch it!

    Fishy Boopkins: I can’t see it! Where is it?!

    Fishy Boopkins zooms off the surface and into space, closely followed by an X-wing. The X-wing fires several laserbolts at Boopkins, but misses. Boopkins sees the X-wing behind him and swings around, trying to avoid it.

    Fishy Boopkins: He’s on me tight! I can’t shake him! I can’t shake him!

    Fishy Boopkins, flying at high altitude, peels off and dives towards the Death Creeper surface, but he is unable to lose the X-wing, which sticks close to his tail.

    Sunny Funny is flying upside down. She rotates her ship around to normal altitude as she comes out of her dive.

    Sunny: Hang on, Boopkins! I’m coming in!

    Fishy Boopkins and the tailing X-wing dive for the surface, now followed by a fast gaining Sunny. After Boopkins dives out of sight, Sunny chases the X-wing. Sunny eventually blasts the X-wing and watches as it explodes in a mass of flames.

    Sunny: Got him!

    Robo Culdee is in his ship as he sends a message to his fleet.

    Robo Culdee: Several fighters have broken off from the main group! Come with me!

    Fishy Boopkins: Pull in, Sunny! Pull in!

    Bread Monster: Watch your back, Sunny!

    Sunny listens on the com link.

    Bread Monster: Watch your back! Fighter’s above you, coming in!

    Sunny’s ship soars away from the Death Creeper’s surface as she spots the tailing X-wing. The X-wing takes aim at Sunny’s ship. The X-wing scores a hit on Sunny’s ship and fire breaks out on the right side of the ship.

    Sunny: I’m hit, but not too bad.

    Sunny quickly repairs the ship and takes control.

    Sunny: Fixed it!

    Sunny spots the X-wing behind her and soars away from the Death Creeper surface.

    Sunny: I can’t shake him!

    Fishy Boopkins appears and shoots down and destroys the X-wing.

    Fishy Boopkins: I owed you one!

    Sunny: Thanks!


    Robo KAPFan9876 is observing the chaos going on at the surface and Robo Peach shows up.

    Robo Peach: We’ve analyzed their attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by?

    Robo KAPFam9876: Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances!


    Sunny has now started to close in on the reactor core, but is being chased by Robo Culdee and 2 X-wing pilots.

    SMG4: Target is in range! Hold them off!

    Sunny: I’m trying!

    Suddenly, Sunny hears a voice.

    Satoru Iwata: You’re this close. Don’t use the controls. Use the power.

    Sunny: What?

    Satoru Iwata: The power of acceptance. It is what grants the users abilities far beyond those who can imagine. Let go.

    Robo Culdee: I got you now!

    Suddenly, a blast destroys one of the X-wings.

    Robo Culdee: WHAT?!

    As the X-wing searches for the unknown attacker, it is blown up as well.

    Robo Culdee: Who’s doing that?!

    Tari: Surprise!

    Tari shoots at Robo Culdee and lands a hit.

    Robo Culdee: NNNOOOOO!!!!

    Robo Culdee is destroyed in the explosion.

    Tari: You’re all clear, Sunny! Now let’s blow this thing up!

    Sunny concentrates on the exhaust ports and fires her torpedos. The torpedoes fly into the port and down into the reactor core, causing an explosion.


    Robo KAPFan9876 is in a meeting room with other robots.

    Robo Bread Monster: Sir! We’re losing power! There is some problem with the main reactor!

    Robo KAPFan9876: Impossible! I don’t believe-

    The meeting room explodes, destroying Robo KAPFan and the other robots.


    Sunny: Yes! Time to bail!

    Sunny and the other ships fly away from the Death Creeper. Several small flashes start to form all over the station before it explodes into a supernova, creating a spectacular heavenly display.

    Tari: Great shot, Sunny! That was one in a million!

    Satoru Iwata: Remember. The power will be within you. Always.

    Sunny and the others make their way back to Earth.


    Suddenly, all of the robots begin to shake, their eyes turning solid black, then stop. The troops carefully move to inspect the frozen robots. Bob pushes one of the robots and it falls over.

    Bob: The robots are deactivated!

    An hour later.

    The ships arrive back at the hangar and Sunny and the others exit as everyone cheers.

    Mario: Great job on destroying the Death Creeper!

    Sunny: Thanks! This is just my first day working with you guys!

    Suddenly, Sunny gets hit by a syringe.

    Sunny: OW!

    Meggy: What?!

    Someone pulls the syringe away and it is revealed to be RH 2.0.

    RH 2.0: Don’t be celebrating yet! You still have to deal with me and the other robots I built!

    Robo Meggy, and Tari 2.0 break through the roof.

    Sunny: Who are those guys?!

    Meggy: He must have made duplicates!


    RH 2.0: These robots were built by me! Not the duplicator machine! They are not powered by the reactor core!

    SML Mario: S***!

    Meggy: Anyways, you are going to be stopped!

    RH, Sunny, Meggy, and Tari pull out their weapons.

    RH 2.0: You will try.

    RH 2.0 turns on of his arms into a sword and lunges at Sunny and they begin a sword fight.

    RH 2.0: Stop resisting! Your efforts will be futile!

    Sunny: Your’s is not much better!

    While Sunny and RH 2.0 battle, Meggy and Tari fight their counterparts.

    Meggy: Wait. This one is copying my moves!

    RH 2.0: Of course they are! They were built with your DNA! They know everything you’re about to do!

    Meggy attempts to punch Robo Meggy, but she blocks it and punches her.

    Meggy: OW!

    Tari attempts to blast Tari 2.0. but she deflects it and blasts Tari.

    Tari: DANG IT!

    Sunny continues to battle RH 2.0.

    RH 2.0: Take your best hit! Nothing can stop me!

    Sunny eventually slices off RH 2.0’s arm.

    RH 2.0: AGH!

    Sunny: Guys! Fight the different counterparts!

    Meggy: On it!

    Meggy fights Tari 2.0.


    Meggy: Because I’m not Tari!

    Meggy eventually forces Tari 2.0 towards the hangar where she shoots down a chain holding up a fighter jet.

    Tari 2.0: NO-

    Tari 2.0 is crushed and destroyed by the jet.

    Meggy: Got her!

    Tari fights Robo Meggy.

    Robo Meggy: YOU WILL DIE!

    Tari: Never!

    Tari breaks open Robo Meggy’s chest compartment and fires into it, causing her to explode.

    Tari: Got her!

    RH 2.0: YOU FOOLS! THOSE WERE THE LAST OF MY DUPLICATES! Also, look! There’s Greenhouse!

    Sunny turns around!

    Sunny: Where?! I don’t see it!

    Sunny turns back around, but gets stabbed in the left eye.

    Sunny: AGH!

    Meggy: NO!

    RH 2.0 pulls out his sword and Sunny’s left eye.

    Sunny: OW!

    RH 2.0 kicks Sunny away and she lands at the control panel.

    RH 2.0: Forget this! I’ll just have to find a new reactor core to rebuild my army! See ya later!

    RH 2.0 flies off as Meggy runs to Sunny.

    Meggy: Sunny! Are you alright?!

    Sunny: Yes. I’m fine. But I saw through RH 2.0’s location he is heading to the abandoned factory to use its power source to rebuild his army! You must stop him!

    RH: I’ll deal with him. You need medical attention.

    Tari: I’ll take her to Finkleshitz’ lab.

    Tari and Sunny exit the base.

    RH: I’ll go after 2.0!

    RH runs out of the base and steals a fighter jet to follow RH 2.0.

    RH: I see him!

    RH spots RH 2.0 in a train on the monorail and jumps off the jet, landing on the train.

    RH 2.0: WHAT?!

    RH bursts into the window and fights RH 2.0.


    RH kicks RH 2.0 down and runs to the controls.

    RH: Time to stop the train!

    RH breaks off the lever.

    RH 2.0: NO!

    RH 2.0 grabs RH and throws him into the back of the train.


    RH: Who said anything about stopping it?

    RH 2.0: What?

    Outside, Culdee puts some TNT at the monorail track and detonates it, destroying the track leading into the factory.

    Culdee: Yes!

    Back in the train.


    RH: Not me. I won’t kill you. But that won’t mean I’ll save you!

    RH breaks off the back of the train, jumps off, activates the Vandal Buster suit’s gliders and flies off.

    RH 2.0: NNNOOOOOO!!!!

    The train falls off the track with RH 2.0 still inside, crashes through the factory wall and slides throughout the building until it collides with machinery causing the entire factory to explode and RH 2.0 is destroyed in the explosion.

    RH: Yes!

    RH lands back on the ground safely as he meets up with the others.

    Trikkiboy: Yes! RH 2.0 is dead!

    RH: True! No more robot army!

    The red portal opens and everyone exits the portal.

    Meggy: And everyone is finally freed!

    Endless: Yes!

    A moment later.

    RH and Endless head to the destoryed Veggiecorp and arrive to the puddle of inverted ooze that used to be Onion Cream.

    Endless: Looks like Onion Cream got mutated into ooze!

    RH: Well, that means he and the trolls are finally out of the way. But I think Onion Cream is still alive and could restabilize soon so I’m going to make sure he doesn’t return!

    RH seals the ooze inside of a jar and fills it with rocks. He then throws it into the lake behind the SML house where it is eaten by the Loch Ness Monster.

    The next day.

    On a rooftop during sundown, Sunny Funny sits at the edge observing Pensacola before Meggy shows up and joins her.

    Meggy: Hi, Sunny! How are you doing?

    Sunny: Good! Ever since the robots have been destroyed, I’m quite interested to see more of Pensacola and what it’s like!

    Meggy: Yeah. It’s pretty huge! Also, how is your eye?

    Sunny: Well, Tari and Finkleshitz replaced it with a cybernetic that takes on the form of my old eye!

    Meggy: That’s pretty cool!

    Suddenly, Sunny’s phone rings.

    Sunny: Hello?

    Crash: (voice) Hey, Sunny! It’s Crash! I need you over at the town hall right away!

    Sunny: Ok! I’ll be there!

    Sunny hangs up.

    Sunny: Well, I have to go. Crash needs me right now.

    Meggy: Ok! See you later!

    Sunny: See ya!

    Sunny exits the building.

    Meggy: Looks like she’s going to enjoy it here.



    Chapter 16 - EPILOGUES

    Synopsis: After RH 2.0 and his army were finally destroyed, we see what the characters are doing after the Robot War has ended!



    Synopsis: Sunny Funny visits Crash at the town hall to find out why he called her over.


    Sunny Funny enters Crash’s office.

    Sunny: Hey, Crash!

    Crash: Hi! You made it on time!

    Sunny: Thanks! So, what do you bring me here for?

    Crash: Well, ever since you destroyed the Death Creeper, I figured I’d make you my assistant!

    Sunny: Really? That sounds great!

    Crash: Also, I basically gave you something! It’s behind that wall and I’ll leave so you can see it for yourself!

    Sunny: Thanks!

    Crash exits the office as Sunny heads to the painting.

    Sunny: Ok. Apparently, it’s behind the painting.

    Sunny moves the painting and it reveals a button. When she pushes it, a secret entrance opens and inside is a set of armor resembling Crash’s, but with no colors and is in the shape of a flower person.

    Sunny: Nice!

    Sunny observes the armor.

    To be continued in The Election!



    Synopsis: Invertosis makes a deal with a mysterious person.


    At a large warehouse, Invertosis enters with a paper bag.

    ???: Did you bring the jar?

    Invertosis: Yes. I’m here for the deal.

    ???: Nice. If you give me the jar, I promise I will use it to give you your own assistant to help on your plans.

    Invertosis: It’s a deal then.

    Invertosis pulls the jar out of the bag and it is revealed to contain Sunny’s blood after RH 2.0 injected her with a syringe. ??? takes the jar.

    ???: Pleased doing business with you.

    After lightning strikes, the mysterious person has vanished.

    To be continued in The Election!


    EPILOGUE 3 - Big Chungus!

    Synopsis: After getting Big Chungus from RH, Murder Man and the others finally plan to play it. However, they get more than they bargained for.


    Murder Man: Yes! We finally got Big Chungus!

    Ice Man: Nice! I can’t wait to fight Ugandan Knuckles!

    Spider Man: I’m going to play as a Big Chungus of course!

    Murder Man: Well, time to play it!

    Murder Man opens the case, only to trigger a bomb that squirts him with blueberry juice.

    Murder Man: AGH! WHAT?!

    There is a note inside that says: Gotcha! - RH.




    Synopsis: A commercial for Pensacola.


    Announcer: Are any one of you feeling like you want to live somewhere where there is more people, then move over to Pensacola, Florida! There’s a lot of stuff there like speaking to prime minister, Crash Bandicoot, observing the Golden Mario statue, talking to RH and more! So come down and move here today!

    A dog wearing clothes and a hat is seen watching the commercial.

    Parappa: Guys! Pack your things! We’re moving out..



    Synopsis: Bob, Junior, Joseph, Cody, Jeffy and Toad are watching a live concert performance on TV hosted by popular band duo, Ami and Yumi.


    In the living room, Bob, Junior, Joseph, Cody, Jeffy and Toad are watching a live concert performance.

    Bob: This s*** is great!

    Joseph: Yeah! I think Ami and Yumi are the best band duo!

    Cody: They used to have a show on Cartoon Network you know!

    Junior: True! I think they’re awesome!

    Bob, Hey guys. What if we had a band of our own?


    EPILOGUE 6 - Passing the Torch! (Or taking it)

    Synopsis: After hanging up the Vandal Buster suit, RH finally settles down after the robot war has ended. However, someone has stolen the blueprints for the suit and makes their own version of it!


    RH enters his house.

    RH: Finally, I can take this suit off! I’ve been wearing it for the entire week!

    RH puts the Vandal Buster suit in the laundry.

    RH: Well, I’m going to play Big Chungus: Infinity War!

    RH leaves the room.


    At Dr. Finkleshitz’ lab, an unknown person shaped like RH breaks into the lab and spots the blueprints for the Vandal Buster suit.

    ???: There’s the blueprints!

    ??? steals the blueprints.

    One construction montage later.

    ??? puts on a suit similar to the Vandal Buster, but with a purple and yellow color scheme.

    ???: I will follow in your footsteps, Vandal Buster...

    To be continued in SML Wiki: The Movie!


    Hey, everyone! I hope you enjoyed this series! Also, what do you think of the new character, Sunny Funny? She’s going to be a new character in my future projects such as CROSS-ing Over Shorts! I hope you enjoyed this series!

    - RH

    (C) 2019 RH Studios Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

    Characters are owned by Nintendo, DreamWorks, Sega, Sony Interactive Entertainment, SuperMarioLogan, SMG4, and others. All Rights Reserved.

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