• Welcome everyone,

    Today we are announcing cleanup operation across the whole wiki. This operation will bring a cleaner, better wiki, the best we've ever had. Your part will be needed in this project.

    At this moment, the following is most likely going to be happening:

    • Deletion of all quote pages
    • Deletion of irrelevant stub pages
      • Templates to be added
    • Better organisation of Infoboxes
      • Manual of style changes and examples
    • Redirection of all fan-fiction, and meta fan-fiction to SML Wiki Fanon.
    • Cleanup of CSS files

    I now have bureaucratic powers in SML Fanon. SML Fanon has now been re-affiliated with SML Wiki, and is now an official SML Partner Wiki. We will be cleaning up SML Fanon to allow your fan-fictions to be added there instead.

    This project may take a lot of work, but we can do it.

    To a better year, to a better wiki.

    Thank you everyone.

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