• Hi, it's me InternetProblem! welcome to the first ever idea under InternetProblem Pictures, The Woody Arc! so the plot of the arc is that Woody has seen The Asteroid ended a 1 year and 3 month absent from him so he gets magic powers to get him appear more and kill Jeffy & Bowser Junior for making the fanbase on SML more kids then mature audiences what SML targets there will be a lot of roles in this idea so if you are not in chapter 1, don't worry you will have a role in a future chapter.

    InternetProblem Pictures presents

    The Woody Arc!

    CHAPTER 1: Woody's Revenge

    The Woody Arc Episode I

    WARNING: This chapter contains blood, gore and strong language viewer description is advised! and by what is contains, I mean a lot of strong language especially the F & S word there will be no deaths but from the next chapter death will happen:

    Synopsis - Woody has only had one appearence in both 2017 & 2018 Woody is scared he might be absent so he makes a staff (which looks like a sword) to make every single person floss so he can appear more

    Rh39011478: So day 2 of the 12 days of plush-mas is out, CuldeeFell!

    CuldeeFell13: I will read it afterwards, Woody is giving me a phone call

    Woody: Give me more appearances Logan!

    CuldeeFell13: Only in stories

    Woody: Oops wrong number

    CuldeeFell13: You have wasted my time

    Woody arrives at SML's house

    Woody: Ha ha, I am here now it's time to beg for more appearances in videos!

    Door knock bells

    Logan: Can anyone give me ideas for a Jeffy video?

    Lance: Oh someone's at the door

    Lance opens the door

    Lance: Erm, Hello

    Woody: Here's Woody!

    Lance: Logan!

    Logan: Who is it?

    Lance: It's Woody

    Logan: What do you want?

    Woody: I have not appeared in a while

    Logan: JEFFY WILL WIN!

    Woody: No he won't

    Woody: *sigh* well I have friends to contact

    Woody phones Rh39011478

    Rh39011478: Hello?

    Woody: It's Woody!

    Rh39011478: Oh hey, how are you doing?

    Woody: Do you have a sword?

    Rh39011478: I have a user of the month sword I stole from InternetProblem

    InternetProblem: WHAT DID U STEAL FROM ME?

    Rh39011478: the User of the Month sword

    InternetProblem: I guess it's time to call Trikki

    Trikkiboy: Hello?

    InternetProblem: Trikki, I have a problem

    Trikkiboy: Yes

    InternetProblem: Remember the UOTM sword?

    Trikkiboy: Indeed

    InternetProblem: Well why couldn't you make one for each month instead of making one and give one out when someone else wins it?

    Trikkiboy: I didn't have time

    InternetProblem: Well that was a bomb

    Woody: I guess it's time to look cool on the street

    Charleyyy: Hi guys, I'm Charleyyy


    Charleyyy: and Today I will be dancing near the street, wait who is that cowboy near me?

    Woody: Dance Dance Dance Dance

    Charleyyy: Woah, you have sick moves

    Woody: I need to appear more so I'm getting Logan's attention

    Shrek: Hey Woody, Nice dance moves!

    Woody: Thank you!

    Shrek: What do you want?

    Woody: A Sword

    Shrek: Okay a sword

    Woody: Wait not a sword, a staff that looks like a sword

    Shrek: Okay

    MarioFan2009: Oh yeah!

    Woody: I didn't knew people would like my fucking moves

    Black Yoshi: Bitch, Fight me

    Woody: No!

    Agonzo7988: Another day, Another busy day with real life stuff, wait what the fuck is woody doing?

    Logan: He just wants attention Agonzo, just ignore him

    Trikkiboy: I don't feel so good *throws up*

    Agonzo7988: What's wrong Trikki

    Trikkiboy: I ran all the way from the UK from here.

    InternetProblem: I feel bad for you

    Gummy Cow!: Wait, Where's Luigi?

    Luigi: Sorry, Junior has locked me in the closet for years.

    Bowser Junior: I am putting you in the cage next, wait Woody what are you doing?

    Jeffy: Oh Yeah!

    Endlesspossibilites 2006: Woody just wants attention, and Shrek is for some reason helping him

    Shrek: Here you go

    Rh39011478: So what do you have planned

    Woody: I am gonna enable the flossing power and Kapfan, you going down

    Kapfan9876: No!

    InternetProblem: Kapfan, where were you all this time?

    Kapfan9876: I was not talking but now I am here!

    Woody: I am going to give CuldeeFell a mushroom the F Mushroom

    Rh39011478: You guys too loud!

    Woody: What do you mean?

    Rh39011478: My ears are bleeding!

    2epicworlds: My nose is too!

    Shrek: Someone shot me in the fucking privates

    Black Yoshi: The Well is now Cleary blood :(

    InternetProblem: What do you have planned till we return in a few days?

    Rh39011478: I will continue 12 days of Plush-mas

    Trikkiboy: I will stop arguments on the Discord

    2epicworlds: I may just make cringe

    Gummy Cow!: I will wait for MarioFan to message me to delete pages for the 6 MILLIONTH FUCKING TIME!

    MarioFan2009: Your my favorite content moderator though

    InternetProblem: I wish I was an admin

    Trikkiboy: Then fill out the application

    InternetProblem: No

    Trikkiboy: What do you mean no?

    Woody: I feel like he does not want it to be lacklustre

    Trikkiboy: Oh I see

    Woody: Now Computer, Teleport me to the woods

    CuldeeFell13: I will make more ideas.

    InternetProblem: I will actually just watch SML & SMG4 Videos also rise my hate on TLH

    Everyone: Bye!

    Mean while in the woods

    Agonzo7988: What a nice day exploring nature oh look a shadow

    Woody: Hi Agonzo

    Agonzo7988: How are you doing Woody? also nice sword

    Woody: It's not a sword it's a staff

    Agonzo7988: What is this fucking mushroom?

    Woody: Eat the crap out of it

    Agonzo7988: It looks healthy

    Woody: Haha!

    Agonzo7988 turns into flossing zombie

    Woody: I will be the champion!

    The end of part 1

    CHAPTER 2: Woody's Flossing Virus

    The Woody Arc Episode II

    WARNING: This chapter contains death, blood, gore, violence and very strong language viewer description is advised!

    Synopsis - after Agonzo ate the mushroom which made him a flossing zombie in the previous chapter, there has now been a bug where anyone who touches a flossing zombie will become one themselves what will they do to stop Woody?

    Rh39011478: So, Who is ready for the party today?

    Trikkiboy: I am

    CuldeeFell13: Is everyone here?

    ArthurFistMeme: There is no Agonzo

    Trikkiboy: Well then, where is he?

    Gummy Cow!: Look!

    InternetProblem: What now Gummy?

    Gummy Cow!: Agonzo has been there flossing the whole day!

    Trikkiboy: I will try to fix it

    Jeffy: Why is my nose losing red water?

    InternetProblem: Jeffy, it's not red water, your nose is bleeding

    Jeffy: *cries* Jeffy will die?

    MarioFan2009: Where is the cringe 2epicworlds has?

    2epicworlds: MarioFan, I will make it later but look! Trikki is flossing now!

    ArthurFistMeme: There coming inside!

    Rh39011478: Where is Wario when you need him?

    CuldeeFell13: Can anyone just die already?

    Jeffy: Where has my blood go--

    Rh39011478: Jeffy has died!

    KAPFan9876: That's not important, but they have broking our door with more flossing zombies!

    Woody: Hahaha there might be cure but that is impossible!

    CuldeeFell13: Did u guys hear a evil laugh?

    InternetProblem: Yes I think that's woody

    ArthurFistMeme: What u guys fucking talking about?

    Joseph: Woody has been absent for too long!

    InternetProblem: Get into Logan's house

    Logan: What now?

    InternetProblem: There is a flossing virus going on don't go near them or you will be a flossing zombie yourself

    Logan: They look alright!

    InternetProblem: Fortnite sucks

    2epicworlds: My thoughts exactly

    TheShinyLucarioMaster: According to my watch, 99.99% of the flossing virus are trolls.

    Shrek: I helped him, but I made this gun

    Shrek shoots all of the flossing zombies and failed

    Wario: Well, I never knew you were a idiot.

    Waluigi: Yeah

    Bowser Junior: I had to appear even though I am losing blood from my middle finger!

    Wario: Now that Jeffy & Junior is dead, what are we going to do there is blood all over this arc.


    Wario: Let's get out of fucking here.

    Luigi: I like this game of chess

    Mario: You win!

    MarioFan2009: Run fucking now!

    Mario: Why?

    Luigi: AHHHHHHH

    Mario: What now?


    Mario: Let's get out of here!

    Luigi: MARIO!

    Mario: Just go

    Luigi: NOOO

    IsaiahLinsey10: Some breaking news to report, Woody is the cause of the flossing apocalypse

    Woody: I will win no matter what!

    InternetProblem: We only have CuldeeFell, Gummy Cow! and 2epicworlds, where are the others?

    CuldeeFell13: They are now flossing zombies!

    InternetProblem: There has to be a cure, doesn't it?

    SuperSquidwardPepe: Woody is the best and will win!

    InternetProblem: Go

    SuperSquidwardPepe: Why?

    InternetProblem: We fucking hate you so much

    SuperSquidwardPepe: InternetProblem, let me give u a kiss!

    Logan: Get out of here SquidWard/Pepe

    Ast126: Toad, drop the bombs

    Meanwhile outside, it's only CuldeeFell13 & InternetProblem left, the others are flossing zombies!

    CuldeeFell13: Look, Ast126 & Toad to the rescue!

    Goodman: Where is my castle payment

    CuldeeFell13: Mario is a flossing zombie

    Goodman: That is no good!

    Brooklyn T. Guy: Wait I can't floss, I'm alive again!

    Agonzo7988: Ow, my head!

    Trikkiboy: Is it midnight, did my badge reset?

    InternetProblem: There was a flossing zombie apocalypse and Ast126 with help from Toad saved the day

    Ast126: I have just heard Goodman has died!


    Ast126: Is it just me or does Woody watch everything we do?

    Woody: Jesus Christ, Next time, there will be no cure!

    CuldeeFell13: Holy shit

    Rh39011478: Woody has a strange life

    InternetProblem: My thoughts too

    2epicworlds: No! I will now have to make cringe again!

    Toad: Who is the one who started all of this

    Agonzo7988: It was me!

    Ast126: How did the story begin?

    Flashback to the end of Chapter one plays with Agonzo talking over it.

    Agonzo7988: So I was just walking is a forrest till I saw Woody

    Woody: What the fuck is Agonzo doing?

    Agonzo7988: He had a sword but he calls it a staff giving me a mushroom, he told me to eat it!

    Woody: NOOOOO, It's a staff not sword.

    Agonzo7988: I ate it because it was healthy on the outside but I didn't know it was very evil on the inside so yeah that's it.

    Trikkiboy: Discord time!

    InternetProblem: I have nothing to do for now but hate TLH even more!

    Rh390113478: I will make more stories

    KAPFan9876: I am dying on both the inside and outside

    Rh39011478: KAPFan, no!

    InternetProblem: I guess I will have to not be busy and create the alternative endings.

    CuldeeFell13: I will

    InternetProblem: Thanks for saving my life!

    MarioFan2009: This is not really a busy week for me!

    Endlesspossibilites 2006: I have to surpass InternetProblem in edits!

    InternetProblem: WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY?

    Endlesspossibillites 2006: I need to surpass you in edits!

    InternetProblem: I am busy, slow down

    Rh39011478: My character Q&A is giving him a lot of edits.

    Endlesspossibilites 2006: I like it, but at least there is no flossing zombies, were good to go!

    The end of part 2

    CHAPTER 3: Bowser's Job Interview

    The Woody Arc Episode III

    WARNING! This chapter contains blood, gore, violence and strong language viewer description is advised!

    Synopsis - Chef Pee Pee's monthly payment has been skipped for 4 months he forces Bowser to give him a job but he wants to watch Charleyyy all day but Chef Pee Pee said get a job! cause it will most likely not be Woody as his boss, or is Woody his real boss and doing something bad to Bowser.

    Rh39011478: Another day, another chance to surpass InternetProblem in edits!

    InternetProblem: Stop with this fucking surpass me in edits thing

    Rh39011478: I will send you to prison

    InternetProblem: You don't have a phone

    MarioFan2009: Me too!

    Chef Pee Pee: Guys, do you know where bowser is?

    Bowser: Chef Pee Pee make me everything!

    Chef Pee Pee: Where is my payment for the past 4 months?

    Bowser: I hate you

    Chef Pee Pee: BOWSER, GET A JOB!

    Bowser: I'm lazy

    Chef Pee Pee: Please

    Bowser: I want to watch charleyyy all day!

    Chef Pee Pee: Get one please

    Trikkiboy: What about me?

    Chef Pee Pee: Trikki, you are not realted to SML!

    Trikkiboy: I am a bureaucrat on the official wiki, excuse me

    Chef Pee Pee: Don't you dare talk back to me!

    Agonzo7988: It's a good thing you don't have a wikia account, we would block you!

    Toad: Where is Woody?

    Woody: I am watching you all 24/7

    CuldeeFell13: Woody is in my head saying he watches all of us 24/7 like were flying

    Rh39011478: Stop breaking the 34th wall, CuldeeFell!

    CuldeeFell: Fuck u

    Rh39011478: I thought we were friends!

    CuldeeFell13: You told me not to break the 34th wall, it's good for your health!

    2epicworlds: CuldeeFell does have a good point

    Rh39011478: Your a bitch CuldeeFell13, keep that in mind


    Bowser: Calm down, I am going to my job interview for once

    Woody: Hahaha, I am going to dress up as his boss not knowing I am his boss!

    InternetProblem: CuldeeFell & Rh, calm the fuck down!

    Rh39011478: If CuldeeFell has not broken the 34th wall, we wouldn't have started this shit talk


    CuldeeFell13: Sorry it's just that if Rh stops fucking me around

    Rh39011478: It's the 34th wall!

    Trikkiboy: I will ban!

    CuldeeFell13: Okay, I'll stop

    Bowser: Can we please stop going off-topic I need to become a lawyer

    InternetProblem: Good luck

    Woody: Yeah, good luck cause I will pretend he is my boss!

    Mario: Mamma mia! what is going on here?

    Waluigi: Rh39011478 & CuldeeFell13 were having a argument all because CuldeeFell broke the 34th wall

    Cody: Remember wait I am bleeding!

    Wario: Welp, we lost another new character cool

    Waluigi: Noice one!

    InternetProblem: let's hope Woody does not make us a flossing zombie

    Bowser: Let's stay on-topic!

    InternetProblem: Okay

    Bowser: So this is the interview?

    Simmons: Yes

    Bowser: So what questions are there today?

    Simmons: Why do you want to be a lawyer?

    Bowser: Okay so I am like the boss of Chef Pee Pee and I have forgotten to pay him in the last 4 months so I need this job for money

    Simmons: Well did you hear Goodman died today?

    Bowser: Why is my tie red?

    Simmons: Goodman's blood has poured on your tie!

    Bowser: That cost me $50!

    Simmons: That's bad

    Bowser: Keep continuting!

    Simmons: What do you do all day?

    Bowser: Yell at Chef Pee Pee and watch Charleyyy & Friends

    Simmons: Yeah, you look fat


    Simmons: There is no need for those comments

    Bowser: Let's continue

    Simmons: How long have you known Chef Pee Pee for?

    Bowser: 7 years

    2epicworlds: Simmons, meeting in 5 minutes remember

    Simmons: We have time for one final fucking question

    Bowser: Yes

    Simmons: Have you ever been pranked today?

    Bowser: No

    Simmons: Well you have

    Bowser: What?

    Woody: HAHAHA I was Simmons all this time

    2epicworlds: No!

    Bowser: Where is your sword

    Woody: GRRRRR It's a staff not a sword

    Bowser: RUNNNNN!

    Agonzo7988: Holy shit, run!

    Gummy Cow!: Why?

    Agonzo7988: Woody is back

    ArthurFistMeme: Not again!

    Ast126: I think i hurted my toe

    ArthurFistMeme: Ast126!

    Ast126: Don't worry Arthur, I'm coming

    ArthurFistMeme: Hey, that's Master of Memes to you!

    Ast126: That is not your username!

    Shrek: Go Woody, Go!

    Woody: Thank you Shrek for helping me!

    InternetProblem: So wanna play some games?

    Every singe user: YAY!

    Ast126: Run!

    Trikkiboy: What the fuck is going on?

    Agonzo7988: Woody & Shrek are back!

    Black Yoshi: It's a good thing he has not hacked COD yet!

    Woody: Shrek, to Activision Studios!

    Black Yoshi: Oh No!

    The end of part 3

    CHAPTER 4: Woody Hacks Call of Duty

    The Woody Arc Episode IV

    WARNING! This chapter contains blood, gore, violence and very strong language viewer description is advised!

    Synopsis - Woody, Shrek & Bowser have all arrived at Activision Studios to hack Call Of Duty and shut down all of the servers will they do it in time or will Black Yoshi save the game for shutting down

    Rh39011478: HAHA

    InternetProblem: What?

    Rh39011478: I am going to surpass you in edits!

    CuldeeFell13: Rh, please stop

    Trikkiboy: STOP EDIT MILKING RH39011478, I WILL BAN!

    Rh39011478: Fine

    Endlesspossibilities 2006: I am edit milking too!

    Trikkiboy: I am going to ban

    Woody: Please ban Rh39011478, not Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Trikkiboy: Am I hearing voices again

    Black Yoshi: I am playing COD can you see?

    Toad: Me too!

    Ast126: I have lost my job, what the fuck am I going to do?

    CuldeeFell13: I don't know

    ArthurFistMeme: Master of Memes to the rescue!

    Black Yoshi: That's not your name

    Woody: Shrek, Bowser we are here!

    Bowser: It's fucking beautiful!

    Shrek: Yay Activision Studios!

    Gummy Cow!: Hi, I am Gummy Cow what are you 3 doing here today?

    Woody: Where is MarioFan2009?

    Gummy Cow!: He is the the Call of Duty room

    Shrek: Thank You!

    Bowser: Yay!

    MarioFan2009: So Black Yoshi won versus Toad, not surprising!

    Toad: I knew I was going to lose

    Black Yoshi: You can't beat the champion wait why is the game glitching?

    Toad: It says "ERROR 404: Plug in loose will we fix it soon - Team Call of Duty"

    Black Yoshi: Thanks Toad

    Toad: Why did I have to read it?

    Black Yoshi: Cause Toad, I can't count or read

    Endlesspossibilities 2006: Why

    InternetProblem: He dropped out of 4th grade

    IsiashLinsey10: Exacly

    Woody: Where is the computer

    MarioFan2009: Let me unloose!

    Shrek: You get a slap, bitch

    MarioFan2009: My ears are bleeding

    Woody: He is going to die!

    Black Yoshi: IsiashLinsey, where is Activision Studios located?

    IsiashLinsey10: Not far from here!

    Toad: Good, I need to play COD More!

    Bowser: Remove first-person shooter power

    Woody: Done

    Shrek: WE WILL WIN!

    Mario: Stop

    Wario: Black Yoshi, where to?

    Black Yoshi: Fucking Activision Studios

    Wario: Is there anyone with you?

    Black Yoshi: Just drive!

    Waluigi: Wario, Why do I have to watch the powder?

    Black Yoshi: Did Waluigi just say powder?

    Yoshi: Hi Black Yoshi!

    Black Yoshi: Why is my uneeded cousin here?

    Yoshi: Uneeded cousion? really Uneeded?

    Waluigi: I am getting annoyed

    Bowser: One more code

    Gummy Cow!: It's Black Yoshi! what the fuck do you want today?

    Black Yoshi: To see MarioFan2009

    Gummy Cow!: He is in COD Productions

    Rh39011478: Don't put that tape in my mouth!

    Trikkiboy: I will!

    Rh39011478: Dont! (Trikkiboy puts tape in Rh39011478's mouth and sticks it!)

    Trikkiboy: I win! hahahaha

    Black Yoshi: Guess whos fucking here!

    Woody: The COD King

    Black Yoshi: I just need to guess the codes then get it back!

    Shrek: Oh shit

    MarioFan2009: Get me out of here!

    Black Yoshi: MarioFan, There you go!

    MarioFan2009: Who is these three cunts?

    Woody: It's Mr. Flossing zombie creator to you bitch

    MarioFan2009: I QUIT!

    Gummy Cow!: What do you want MarioFan

    MarioFan2009: Gummy, I quit!

    2epicworlds: Come on Black Yoshi!

    Woody: I got the game hacked again!

    Black Yoshi: No, I saved it!

    Woody: You may win, but not next time

    Mario: I feel like we need to go on vacation

    InternetProblem: Yeah nice idea!

    Yoshi: Why does my cousin hate me?

    Trikkiboy: What are you talking about?

    Endlesspossibilities 2006: He means Black Yoshi

    IsiashLinsey10: Yeah

    Yoshi: He said I was "uneeded"

    IsiashLinsey10: That's messed up!

    CuldeeFell13: Exacly

    Woody: Shrek & Bowser This is the airport there are many users & people going to spain tomorrow, wanna be the helpers and crash the plane?

    Shrek: Genius!

    Bowser: No one will stop us!

    Gummy Cow!: Jesus christ, MarioFan just quit!

    Toad: if COD is dead, we can go on vacation and look for a better shooting game

    Black Yoshi: Oh yeah, we have Battlefield and PUBG

    InternetProblem: Let's get to the airport on time!

    Waluigi: Where is Woody now?

    Endlesspossibilities 2006: I think he is in a plane

    Woody: How can they read us?

    Bowser: I have no idea ahhhh Gummy's bleeding

    Gummy Cow!: Help me!

    MarioFan2009: Gummy Cow, no! now who will delete those useless pages?

    TheShinyLucarioMaster: Me

    MarioFan2009: Okay

    InternetProblem: Let's go away!

    Woody: The plane arrives at 06:00 for a 06:35 Launch meet at 05:15 okay?

    Bowser & Shrek: Okay

    Wario: Where do all of you want to go?

    InternetProblem: To the airport

    CuldeeFell13: Trikki, Why does Rh39011478 have tape in his mouth

    Trikkiboy: I don't wanna talk about it

    Agonzo7988: Is there space for me?

    Wario: I have a bus if you like

    ArthurFistMeme: It's for the best

    Woody: I own the airport today!

    Goodman: No you dont!

    Simmons: Goodman's right

    Woody: No you will be flossing zombies you know!

    Simmons: Okay, All hail Woody!

    Goodman: All hail Woody!

    Every single airport worker: All hail Woody!

    Waluigi: I feel tired

    InternetProblem: Well our flight does launch at 06:35AM and some of us have not been to spain before some have been like me


    Trikkiboy: Oh fuck

    2epicworlds: What's wrong Trikki?

    Trikkiboy: Rh is very loud

    Rh39011478: LOOK A MINION PICTURE!

    InternetProblem: Minions are cringy

    Trikkiboy: Agree

    Rh39011478: Okay, no minion pictures

    Wario: The number 1 rule of my bus is no talking about cringy things

    2epicworlds: Since when?

    Wario: Since I first got this bus on September 25th 2006

    2epicworlds: THAT FUCKING LONG?

    Wario: Yes

    Waluigi: WAH

    Black Yoshi: RIP COD 2003-2018

    Toad: Don't forget we need to talk about the brilliant soviet union!

    Trikkiboy: Toad, you rock!

    Toad: Thanks Trikki

    Trikkiboy: Any time

    Woody: So this airport is mine also I am the 06:35 plane pilot with Shrek & Bowser helping me, who is going to stop me?

    Shrek, Woody & Bowser: HAHAHAHA

    The end of part 4

    CHAPTER 5: Mario Plane Crash

    The Woody Arc Episode V

    WARNING! This chapter contains blood, gore, violence, and strong language viewer description is advised!

    Synopsis - After arriving at the airport to go on a plane to visit spain, Toadette has revealed she betreated Toad and wants to kill someone on the plane every 25 minutes because Toadette has joined the Woody group, can Mario & his friends stop the plane crash or at least survive the crash?

    Rh390110478: Are we almost there Wario?

    Wario: We are at Shrek airport

    InternetProblem: What's Shrek airport?

    Wario: It's named after Shrek

    2epicworlds: It's 04:25 we have 2 hours and 10 minutes to get there

    Trikkiboy: I hope our vacation goes well!

    Agonzo7988: Can I stay home?

    Wario: Why?

    Agonzo7988: I need to block the trolls while your gone

    SuperSquidwardPepe: InternetProblem, let me kiss you!

    Mario: Weird

    Trikkiboy: We need to get rid of him for good!

    MarioFan2009: Does blocking work?

    Trikkiboy: Yes but

    MarioFan2009: What about global blocks?

    Trikkiboy: Yes but the dumb kid behind SuperSquidwardPepe has evil ideas

    ArthurFistMeme: Correct

    IsaiahLinsey10: Want to get food from Pizza Hut?

    Endlesspossibilities 2006: Yes, I'm hungry

    InternetProblem: I need a drink of coffee

    Trikkiboy: I need tea

    Gummy Cow!: That was delicious

    InternetProblem: Oh guys, the flight is ready

    Luigi: I don't wanna go

    Gummy Cow!: Luigi, Your going on the flight

    Luigi: I don't feel so good

    CuldeeFell13: Well then go and throw up

    Chef Pee Pee: Oh this looks so cool!

    Agonzo7988: Fine, I will be coming

    Ast126: Turn your phones in flight mode

    Woody: Attention, this is your captain speaking we will have a bumpy ride but I hope you don't die


    ArthurFistMeme: Did someone want us to die?

    Toad: I can't wait to meet Toadette

    Mario: Erm Mr. Toad, Toadettes not here

    Toad: Then where the fuck is she?

    IsaiahLinsey10: It's taking off

    Toadette: Hi Toad

    Toad: This is a secured phone who the fuck is this

    Toadette: It's Toadette, I betraded you

    Toad: WHAT THE FUCK?

    Toadette: Now unless you give me $525, I will kill someone on this plane every 25 minutes

    Bowser: So who is starving?

    Luigi: What Toad?

    Toad: My sister, Toadette said unless I give her $525, She will kill someone every 25 minutes.

    Mario: I got my watch fixed

    Wario: Good

    ArthurFistMeme: He shot my heart

    Toadette: Do I have your attention now?

    Toad: Yes

    Woody: Yes Toadette kill someone every 25 minutes

    Shrek: We don't need the money!

    Endlesspossibilites 2006: We are currently above the pacific ocean

    Toad: Everyone put your hands up!

    Yoshi: Alright

    Toad: Rh, Your not lisening

    Rh390110478: Toad, I have the rights to know what the fuck is going on?

    Toad: I have a sister called Toadette who is going to kill one of us every 25 minuts unless we give her $525

    Rh390110478: Ow, my ear

    Toad: You have been affected

    CuldeeFell13: I guess even though were 40,000 feet high, we are not safe

    InternetProblem: OMG, Toad's behavior is on the news!

    Goodman: Breaking News Mkay, A Plane to spain has been attacked by Toad and I have Simmons reporting this now, Simmons?

    Simmons: Thank you Goodman, Toad has a sister called Toadette who needs $525 of she will kill someone on the plane every 25 minutes

    IsaiahLinsey10: Holy shit there is blood everywhere!

    Black Yoshi: Toadette is killing people

    Woody: Toadette was the only one to accept my party invite

    Toadette: Exactly

    Bowser: We have a helper!

    Toad: We have lost fuel

    Ast126: Ow, my fucking toe

    Simmons: This is going live!

    Trikkiboy: I hope I don't die wait why are we falling

    Mario: AHHH a bit of the plane has broken we could be fling to the sky any momment now

    InternetProblem: That's bad news

    Gummy Cow!: AHHHHHHH

    MarioFan2009: NO!

    2epicworlds: At least I haven't died yet

    Goodman: Now other planes have hitted Woody's plane

    Woody: You guys don't know

    Mario: Have you gotten a bit crazy?

    Woody: NO Toadette is on my side and that's final

    InternetProblem: I'm still alive

    Black Yoshi: We are in LA!

    Logan: Oof, interesting

    InternetProblem: Where have you been all this time Logan?

    Logan: I am trying to think of good ideas okay

    InternetProblem: Cool

    ArthurFistMeme: Hold your breaths!

    Woody: I'm getting out!

    Black Yoshi: Me too!

    InternetProblem: We crashed in the pacific ocean!

    Endlesspossibilites 2006: We have 5 dead bodies what the fuck are we going to do?

    Bowser Junior: I need money

    Black Yoshi: I want to make a movie theatre

    Agonzo7988: What happend to everyone?

    Trikkiboy: A Plane crashed happend

    IsaiahLinsey10: Holy shit!

    Trikkiboy: My thoughts exactly

    Rh390110478: I faked my death!

    CuldeeFell13: You lucky bitch!


    Rh390110478: Alright

    Toadette: I am not joining your group and that's final

    Bowser Junior: I think were home

    Woody: We went the other way!

    Toadette: That was a waste of money


    Shrek: YEAH!

    Woody: I have better ideas

    CuldeeFell13: Oh shit

    Ast126: Why

    Lance: I can't breathe

    ArthurFistMeme: Here we are

    InternetProblem: We are home!

    Waluigi: I have at least 700 burns

    Jackie Chu: I feel bad

    Wario: Me too

    Woody: NOT ME


    InternetProblem: I have to finish this

    Bowser Junior: I am going to make a gofundme

    Black Yoshi: I will need to make a movie theatre to get money in a better way.

    Everyone: Bye!

    The end of part 5

    CHAPTER 7: Black Yoshi's Movie Theatre

    The Woody Arc Episode VII

    WARNING: This chapter contains blood, gore, violence and strong language viewer description is advised

    Synopsis - Black Yoshi opens a movie theatre so he can make money in order to pay for a funeral of the people who died in the plane crash Woody wants to sneak in without paying and turn Black Yoshi to a flossing zombie what can the others do to stop Woody from coming in?

    Black Yoshi: Stop being lazy, Stop being lazy, look at all the movies now showing at my movie theatre open now!

    Rh390110478: Everyone, I just surpassed InternetProblem in edits!

    Bowser Junior: Nobody fucking cares

    InternetProblem: Exacly

    IsaishLinsey10: Everyone, Look at those amazing movies out now!

    Black Yoshi: YES I am gonna get money!

    2epicworlds: I am going to see the limited Eggman Movie!

    InternetProblem: Me too!

    Bowser Junior: I want to see it!

    Joseph: I do as well!

    Cody: Let's have a game for the final ticket

    Black Yoshi: Holy shit, Bowser Junior's Game Night where have you been all this time?

    Logan: No, That will come out later

    Lance: Where's Jeffy?

    InternetProblem: You bitch!


    Endlesspossibilites 2006: It's his opinion

    InternetProblem: Exacly

    Black Yoshi: 30 People? I guess Eggman Soccer Is a popular movie

    Rh390110478: I have been waiting all night to see this!

    Trikkiboy: You mean 500 people there is 6 screenings

    Black Yoshi: Is it gonna make $1 Billion or what?

    Woody: I think so!

    Black Yoshi: Not you

    Toadette: What about me?

    Shrek: And me

    Bowser: And me

    Black Yoshi: Fine, you all get one ticket

    Bowser: YAY

    Shrek: YAY

    Toadette: YAY

    Woody: Flossing zombies, here I come!

    Mario: Rated PG-13!

    Luigi: Can't wait!

    2epicworlds: It's going to be awesome!

    InternetProblem: Quiet!

    Black Yoshi: Look, $757 Million for Eggman Soccer in 12 hours, Jesus Christ

    Yoshi: Wow

    Toad: Why did Toadette have to betray me?

    Toadette: Fuck u

    Rh390110478: No u

    CuldeeFell13: No u

    Rh390110478: No u

    CuldeeFell13: No u

    Rh390110478: Thanos snap

    CuldeeFell13: I don't feel so good *throws up*

    ArthurFistMeme: Yeet

    Ast126: Show some respect!

    Black Yoshi: I love money!

    SuperSquidwardPepe: Where's InternetProblem, I wanna kiss him


    Trikkiboy: Your not a admin, I am warned for minimodding

    Black Yoshi: I am not a user

    Trikkiboy: Excuse me

    Agonzo7988: Listen to him Trikki

    Trikkiboy: Fine


    Theweirdchoosenone: VANDALS RULE!

    Onion Cream: Exacly

    French Bird: I LOVE COUNTRY BIRDS!

    Trikkiboy: Get out of here!

    All the vandals: Why?

    Trikkiboy: You are not welcome here

    Black Yoshi: Trikki's Right

    Woody: This is a good movie

    Rh390110478: AHHHH

    InternetProblem: RH, NO!

    IsaishLinsey10: He's now flossing

    Woody: I am not done yet

    Everyone except Woody Shrek Bowser & Toadette: RUN!

    Bowser: There getting out of here!

    Luigi: No!

    Black Yoshi: What the fucks going on?

    Ast126: Woody & his enemies have made Rh390110478 a flossing zombies!

    Yogurt&Cheese: Are you kidding me?

    InternetProblem: Wait where have you been this whole time?

    Yogurt&Cheese: I've been in but I have not been talking but here we are!

    CuldeeFell13: I am turning into one!

    Waluigi: CuldeeFell, No

    Gummy Cow!: He is one

    Woody: This time around, there is no cure!

    Shrek: Visit Woody's Convention centre at 9.00, you won't be a flossing zombie!

    InternetProblem: I have booked tickets for all of you

    Everyone: YAY

    Yogurt&Cheese: Let's go!

    Endlesspossibilities 2006: YAY!

    Goodman: Oops

    Brooklyn T. Guy: Woody is easily lying!

    Goodman: There gonna have a bad day

    MarioFan2009: Can't wait

    InternetProblem: Where have you been all along this chapter?

    MarioFan2009: Busy with other things

    Wario: I can't wait I bet it's gonna be fun!

    Waluigi: I have a bleeding ear

    MarioFan2009: Hear is a tissue!

    Waluigi: Thanks

    Mario: Not again

    Luigi: Well here we are my nose is bleeding

    2epicworlds: Mine are too!

    InternetProblem: Oh my fucking god, let's just go!

    Everyone else: Alright

    The end of part 7

    CHAPTER 6: Bowser Junior's Scam

    The Woody Arc Episode VI

    WARNING! This chapter contains blood, gore, violence and strong language viewer description is advised!

    Synopsis - While Black Yoshi's Movie Theatre is still getting build, Bowser Junior tries to get money for the funeral of the people who died in the plane crash faster, however his orange stand has gotten shut down due to the fact it costs $600, then he tries a Patreon but has Woody taken over Patreon and will he turn Junior into a flossing zombie? let's find out!

    Rh390110478: I will last the Q&A For 30 versions!

    Endlesspossibilites 2006: Sorry but I am getting bored of it fast!

    Mikelord56: Me too

    InternetProblem: Do you see what he's done?

    Mikelord56: It's only Plushmas

    InternetProblem: The Q&A too!

    CuldeeFell13: Oh Shit

    Trikkiboy: You guys will never be admins!

    InternetProblem: I don't care

    Agonzo7988: Time to make the SML Movies easier to read with more pages!

    InternetProblem: I wonder how they look

    Bowser Junior: I got a airplane from Joseph!

    Joseph: Did you guys see what it said?

    Tyrone: Of course they did they were outside!

    Bowser Junior: Jospeh rocks

    Joseph: Why did we need money again?

    Bowser Junior: To get the money for the funeral of everyone who died in the plane crash last time around

    Woody: That's what you think!

    Cody: Why does Woody always watch us?

    Yogurt&Cheese: I have no idea

    Ast126: My thoughts exacly

    ArthurFistMeme: NANI?

    2epicworlds: Junior, If you need money why don't you make a Lemonade stand?

    Bowser Junior: A Lemonade stand? Bro, remember the last time I had a Lemonade stand?

    Shrek: I am going out Woody

    Woody: Okay, make sure people are Flossing Zombies by the end

    Bowser Junior: Special limited Orange, $600

    Tyrone: Ooh love me some orange

    Bowser Junior: I just got a customer!

    Tyrone: How much is it?

    Bowser Junior: $600

    Tyrone: $600?

    Bowser Junior: Yeah

    Tyrone: I don't have enough money!

    Bowser Junior: I need it to pay for a funeral

    Tyrone: Okay but I don't have enough money

    Bowser Junior: Okay

    Tyrone: I will just get some from the store

    Bowser Junior: Why don't I have any customers?

    Toad: Look, Junior's selling orange!

    Tony The Tiger: Yeah and it's only $6.00

    Toad: Can I have a orange juice?

    Tony The Tiger: Me too!

    Bowser Junior: Nah, it's $600

    Tony The Tiger: Where the fuck's the desonal anyway?

    Bowser Junior: I don't needs it

    Tony The Tiger: Why isn't it $6?

    Bowser Junior: I would not get money and I need money

    Toad: Why?

    Bowser Junior: Plane Crash Death Funeral

    Toad: Okay I would love to buy but I don't have enough money

    Bowser Junior: Maybe I need to lower the price to $350

    Brooklyn T. Guy: Hello, is this a orange stand?

    Bowser Junior: Yes

    Brooklyn T. Guy: Can I have a cup?

    Bowser Junior: it's $600

    Brooklyn T. Guy: Where's your business license?

    Bowser Junior: I need it so I can have this?

    Brooklyn T. Guy: Not for the stand to sell it expensive

    Bowser Junior: Okay

    Brooklyn T. Guy: Where is your license?

    Bowser Junior: I don't have one

    Brooklyn T. Guy: I have shutted your stand down, wait why is my shoe bleeding?

    Bowser Junior: I don't know

    Toadette: Haha I just shot a policeman

    Bowser Junior: I will make a Partreon instead

    Bowser: How did you stand go?

    Bowser Junior: It went horrible it got shutted down!

    Bowser: Why?

    Bowser Junior: I didn't have a business license

    Bowser: Oh, You may need Patreon this time around

    Bowser Junior: Okay

    Trikkiboy: A 13 Year Old who got cancer last week now has

    InternetProblem: Really? I hope he/she gets better

    Trikkiboy: It's a she IP

    InternetProblem: If I get called IP, People will confuse me with the IP Address

    Trikkiboy: Okay Sorry

    Bowser Junior: I can't wait to make some money!

    Woody: What? Bowser Junior Wants free stuff time to make him a flossing zombie

    Shrek: Agree

    Toadette: Yeah

    Bowser: Let's go!

    Bowser Junior: $2 Billion in a hour?

    Mario: It's time to watch TV!

    IsaiahLinsey10: Did you see the news that a kid named Bowser Junior has earned $2 Billion in one hour on patreon?

    Mario: Holy fuck

    Goodman: Patreon workers, open up!

    Woody: Where the fuck is Bowser Junior?

    Mario: Upstairs

    Bowser: Time to get my son out of here!

    Toadette: That little bitch who is a friend of that idiot Toad

    Shrek: He ate my cheesecake once with stupid donkey

    Bowser Junior: What the fuck are you 4 doing here?

    Woody: Time to make you a flossing zombie!

    Bowser Junior: No you wont *Junior gets turned into flossing zombie* ALL HAIL WOODY!

    Goodman: So where is my fucking money?


    Goodman: Okay

    2epicworlds: That was random

    IsaiahLinsey10: Got some scissors?

    Ast126: Not quite

    CuldeeFell13: Well our lifes live on for another day!

    InternetProblem: What about Junior?

    Mario: Look at the TV!

    Everyone: OMG!

    Black Yoshi: I have launched a movie theatre since Junior tried and failed to get money for the funeral of the people that died in the plane crash "Eggman Football" is out now! go today!

    Rh390110478: Wanna go?

    Everyone else: YAY!

    Endlesspossibilites 2006: Let's just go!

    Trikkiboy: We need to save junior!

    Agonzo7988: Let's do it later let's see Eggman Football!

    Everyone: GET IN!

    Woody: Woody Time stirkes back with Junior on our side!


    Shrek: Sweet

    Toadette: Delicious

    Bowser: My son has turned back into my side!

    ArthurFistMeme: Let's go!

    CuldeeFell13: Can't wait!

    Waluigi: I'm coming too!

    Wario: Eggman Football is gonna be the best movie ever!

    Goodman: Patreon is now Fuckon since that's what Junior did to me!

    InternetProblem: Get in the bus!

    CuldeeFell13: There is too many of us!

    Gummy Cow!: I got more buses! don't worry

    MarioFan2009: Thanks Gummy

    Gummy Cow!: Anytime

    InternetProblem: I can't wait!

    2epicworlds: Let's drive off!

    Everyone: YAY!

    Woody: We will win!

    Junior: Let's make everyone else floss!

    Shrek: Exacly, Good one Junior

    The end of part 6

    CHAPTER 8: Woody's Convention Centre

    The Woody Arc Episode VIII

    WARNING! This chapter contains Blood, Gore, Violence and Strong Language viewer description is advised!

    Synopsis - Everyone goes to Youcon (a parody of Vidcon) to see as much fun as there eyes can see and there was a celebrity at the end! but was it Woody disguised just like he disguised Simmons in chapter 3 and turn everyone into flossing zombies with no cure? let's find out!

    IsaishLinsey10: Here we are at Youcon!

    InternetProblem: So this was Woody's Convention Centre?

    Luigi: Yeah, There is so much to do here!

    Baldi: I can't believe it, your incredible!

    Mario: I'm sure there is a lot of fucking food!

    Peach: Your fat

    Bowser: Welcome to the Star Wars area you get to use a lightsaber for the first time

    Rh390110478: Give me a go!

    CuldeeFell13: Me too!

    InternetProblem: Look!

    Bowser: I should warn you all, be careful they are real lightsabers

    Trikkiboy: Ooh, What does this button do?

    Bowser: Ahhh my fucking right hand is in the fucking pool!

    ArthurFistMeme: Erm

    Bowser: Do you see that shit?

    Trikkiboy: Yes, sorry

    Bowser: Apology not fucking accepted

    Woody: Our Star Wars plan failed! now Bowser is bleeding

    Toadette: At least you still have Shrek & I

    Woody: True, Now I am gonna disguise at a celebrity!

    Jeffy: Everyone, Look at my T-Series store!

    Ast126 is left in shock

    Rh390110478: OOOOH!

    Jeffy: We have T-Series pillows T-Series soundtracks T-Series planes T-Series clothes T-Series everything!

    InternetProblem: Subscribe to PewDiePie

    CuldeeFell13: What's wrong

    InternetProblem: It's PewDiePie V T-Series and PewDiePie should win because he is a epic gamer and T-Series is a company

    Ast126: What if someone doesn't like PewDiePie?

    InternetProblem: They should subscribe but don't enable notifications

    Birdo: Welcome to the YPad convention!

    Woody: I am so proud for what I have fucking done, everyone is here!

    Agonzo7988: Hi please play I'm lonely

    InternetProblem: Can I play Tetris Blitz?

    Birdo: Sure!

    Luigi: YAY!

    MarioFan2009: I suck at basketball

    Joseph: I'm good at it just let me teach you and practice you'll get the aim some day

    2epicworlds: I think I should play at the YPad convention!

    Birdo: Off you go!

    Black Yoshi: I need to check the news!

    Goodman: Breaking News Mkay! YCon by Woody has became the most popular convention of all time what's the cure is it a celebrity coming?

    Simmons: Holy shit!

    Endlesspossibilities 2006: Breaking News! it's Mr. Fishy as today's celebrity!

    InternetProblem: Everyone the celebrity today is Mr. Fishy!!!!

    Rh390110478: I need his autograth!

    Toadette: So all cameras are go!

    Shrek: Everyone is coming!

    Rosalina: Look there is the one and only Mr. Fishy

    Mario: I can see!

    IsaishLinsey10: I want his autograth first!

    CuldeeFell13: No me!

    Mr. Fishy: Both, Eat this!

    Agonzo7988: Please don't tell me AHHH It's the flossing mushroom!

    Mr. Fishy: Open wide!

    CuldeeFell13: IsaishLinsey, No!


    InternetProblem: I have some bad news to report

    Trikkiboy: What?

    InternetProblem: There is a flossing zombie!

    Ghost: Run Everyone, Run!

    Logan: CuldeeFell, Eat the 1-UP!

    Lance: It didn't work

    Woody: You little bitch, my power has gotten more stornger, there is now no cure!

    Logan & Lance: NO CURE?

    Mcalel: Can I trust anyone of you in a red ahhhh

    Agonzo7988: Mcalel, What's going on here?

    Mcalel: There is a flossing apocalypse

    Baldi, Ghost, Trikkiboy, Rh390110478, Endlesspossibilities 2006, ArthurFistMeme, and 2epicworlds become flossing zombies

    MarioFan2009: I tripped!

    InternetProblem: MARIOFAN2009!

    Gummy Cow!: We have no time

    IsaishLinsey10: MarioFan2009, CuldeeFell13 I will be back for you all soon!

    6 and a half hours after the YCon flossing zombie apocalypse

    Toadette: We did a good job didn't we?

    Shrek: Yeah let's bring the flossing zombies into our lab!

    Woody: Now, Everyone will soon know what being used once in a year feels like!

    Ast126: It's 12:00AM How long have I been here for?

    Woody: Woody Time!

    Ast126: TRIKKIBOY!

    Woody: You all flossing zombies, you are now my minions

    Loan Dolphin: Let's finish it once and for all!

    Woody: HAHAHA

    Loan Dolphin: This arc is ending!

    Woody: I have been waiting to use this for the longest

    Loan Dolphin: Noo!

    Woody: Here it goes!

    Loan Dolphin: What is this pain?

    Woody: Who is the master now?

    Loan Dolphin: You are now, Woody

    Woody: I have mind control, now I am unstoppable!

    Ast126: I need to save these many people!

    Woody: I have no cure so I am 1000000% Unstoppable!


    The end of part 8

    CHAPTER 9: Woody's Bet

    The Woody Arc Episode IX

    WARNING! This chapter contains blood, gore, violence, and strong language viewer description is advised!

    Synopsis - Woody's Flossing Apocalypse has gone so high, it's on the news he bets the Loan Dolphin $976.2M Everyone in Florida will be flossing zombies in 24 hours will he double the money or will he lost it all by losing it let's see!

    Goodman: Breaking news mkay! Chaos has striked in Pensacola, Florida

    Goodman: The people from there have been turned into flossing zombies!

    Goodman: The zombies are taking over the streets and the heads of Florida warn everyone to stay indoors

    Goodman: Woody is currently on a Too long Absent rampage, it's gone out of hands! (Waluigi, Jeffy, & BNSF1995 get turned into flossing zombies)

    Goodman: We are gonna go live to TheSuperAlmightyDragon for more information, TheSuperAlmightyDragon?

    TheSuperAlmightyDragon: Thank you Goodman, I think we found the source to the drama

    TheSuperAlmightyDragon: It's that pink light or as kids call it "PAIN", But don't get scared policeman TheShinyLucarioMaster is fixing this situation as we speak

    TheSuperAlmightyDragon: How is it going TSLM?

    TheShinyLucarioMaster: WERE ALL GONNA DIE!

    TheSuperAlmightyDragon: I don't see why he's in a pickle

    TheSuperAlmightyDragon: AHHHHHHH (TheSuperAlmightyDragon gets turned into a flossing zombie)

    Goodman: What just happend?

    Mario: Oh No

    InternetProblem: What's Wrong?

    Mario: Everyone we know is now flossing zombies

    Gummy Cow!: I know what the fuck are we going to do?

    Mario: Ahh a knock is it one?

    InternetProblem: Give me a sword

    Gummy Cow!: You can borrow my UOTM Sword

    InternetProblem: Thanks

    ArthurFistMeme: Bitch

    InternetProblem: There you go

    ArthurFistMeme: Stop, It's just me Master of Memes

    IsaiahLinsey10: AHHH It's a ugly ArthurFistMeme

    ArthurFistMeme: Guys, stop

    InternetProblem: We do need to save our friends

    Gummy Cow!: Correct but it's very dangerous out there, We can't go out

    IsaiahLinsey10: Yeah, There is too many flossing zombies

    ArthurFistMeme: That pink beam or PAIN is the source

    IsaiahLinsey10: But Woody, Shrek, Bowser, and Toadette are most likely protecting it

    ArthurFistMeme: I have made a car

    InternetProblem: Just get in the car

    Everyone: OMG That's awesome!

    ArthurFistMeme: Hell yeah

    Gummy Cow!: Don't worry MarioFan2009, 2epicworlds, Rh390110478 and Ghost, We are coming to save ya!

    Loan Dolphin: Jesus christ that is a lot of money!

    Woody: Yeah, I would like to make a bet with all of that

    Loan Dolphin: What are you betting on?

    Woody: I bet everyone in this city will be flossing zombies in 24 hours

    Loan Dolphin: You got yourself a deal!

    Shrek: We have 6000 Flossing Zombies we are half-way through

    Toadette: Repeat that Woody?

    Woody: Yeah I repeat

    Bowser: We will by far win the bet

    Woody: I repeat you all

    IsaiahLinsey10: We can make it to YouCon

    InternetProblem: We can't 7000 flossing zombies

    SuperSquidwardPepe: InternetProblem, Can I kiss your ass?

    InternetProblem: Quick SquidwardPepe's here!

    Gummy Cow!: Oh, She's breaking up!

    InternetProblem: Use the calm down gun

    Gummy Cow!: You mean the emergency only gun?

    IsaiahLinsey10: Yes!

    Mean while at YouCon

    All flossing zombies: ALL HAIL WOODY!, ALL HAIL WOODY!

    Ast126: Look Mariofan it's me Ast, You message me when you make fan-fictions!

    MarioFan2009: ALL HAIL WOODY!

    Ast126: NO! (Ast126 cries)

    MarioFan2009 cries back

    Mcalel: Look a beam!


    Mcalel: Is it important to you?

    Shrek: ITS FOR WOODY!

    Woody: 9000 down, 1000 to go


    Flossing zombies: ALL HAIL WOODY!

    Woody: 500 more left!

    Mcalel: Ooh, Loan Dolphin Dance

    Loan Dolphin dances

    Mcalel: Cool now t-pose

    Loan Dolphin T-Poses

    Mcalel: Stay still, Good boy

    Gummy Cow!: Uh-oh, Driver alert

    Woody: AHHH

    Shrek: Turn them to flossing zombies

    Loan Dolphin: You have 10 to go!

    Toadette: 6 Now!

    Shrek: 5!

    Woody: It took me only 30 minutes after confirming the bet

    Shrek: Loan Dolphin, Grab IsaiahLinsey10 & Gummy Cow!

    Woody: Once I make them Floss, my set will be complete!

    Bowser: Woody, Use the power


    Gummy Cow! Why?

    IsaiahLinsey10 & Gummy Cow! become flossing zombies

    InternetProblem: Fuck you Woody

    Woody: Yeah hate me, Call me names I love it!

    Joseph: You can be strange at times

    Woody: Joseph, Now that you your friends and InternetProblem are here, my set is complete!

    Cody: What do you mean by set?

    Loan Dolphin pulls 70 karts featuring all the other SML Characters and Wiki users

    Bowser Junior: Jesus Christ, It's everyone!

    Woody: Now the whole world will see what being absent for a while feels like!

    InternetProblem: Why the fuck are you doing this?

    Shrek: Oh InternetProblem, Woody, Toadette, Bowser & I all wanna play a game

    Woody: Here you four go

    Woody: HAHAHAHA

    Toadette: Let's join them in the game dimension!

    InternetProblem: Where are we?

    Bowser: Welcome to game land!

    Loan Dolphin: Here is double the money, Woody

    Woody: Thank you so much!

    Loan Dolphin: No problem, You should thank me for remembering

    Woody: Oh yeah

    All flossing zombies: ALL HAIL WOODY!

    Woody: I feel like a billionaire!

    Shrek: That's what you are

    Woody: True, I can't wait to give them games to play!

    The end of part 9

    CHAPTER 10: Bowser Junior's Game Night 8

    Coming December 31st!

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