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    Hey Guys! CuldeeFell13 here! First of all I would love to thank every single one of you who read my first story, Robot Invasion. I'm definently gonna make more stories for this wiki because you guys seam to like them. With Robot Invasion now officially ended, I am doing my own character Q&A. You can ask questions to the SML characters and Me!

    Here is an example

    "User asks: To Mario, Do you love spaghetti and meatballs"

    Mario: Yes! I do love Spaghetti and meatballs!

    I hope you enjoy this character Q&A!

    "Endlesspossibilities 2006 asks: To Toad, Did I even killed you (or caused your death)"

    Toad: Well I kinda forgot if i died in your story or not. But i'm still mad! Keep an eye out, on December!

    "Rh390110478 asks, To Mario: Are you excited for my SML and SMG4 Crossover Series? Because guess what? SEASON 1 IS NOW IN DEVELOPMENT! Episodes will come on January 2nd."

    Mario: That counds awesome! I can't wait for the first season to come!

    "Kapfan9876 asks, To Mario: Can you have Rosalina babysit Jeffy and have her go through what you’re going through right now?"

    Mario: I already had Rosalina babysit Jeffy a couple times while I was gone. It was going good at first, now shes paranoid.

    (Mario points to the corner where we see Rosalina in a panicked state)

    Rosalina: Why is life so complicated?!!

    "Kapfan9876 asks, To Jackie Chu: Is Principal Steinbeck the principal of Y U DUMB elementary school? While your the teacher?"

    Jackie Chu: Of course we are! Are u dumb! Have you been watching the sml videos?

    "Endlesspossibilites 2006 asks, To Rosalina: Why do you keep being gone for long periods of time?"

    Rosalina: Well reasons ive been gone alot is because of traffic, i had to tutor kids at school, I had to look for luma because he is always going crazy! So yeah!

    Rh390110478 asks, "To Toad: In my SML and SMG4 Crossover Series, you won’t die! Even if you do, you will be a t pose zombie and you will be back to normal in the season finale."

    Toad: Sounds fair. But the idea of being infected does not go good with me. DECEMBER!

    Rh390110478 asks, "To Chef v2: Do you drink oil since you are a robot?"

    Chef v2: Well we are technically robots so we don't need eat or drink. But oil is tasty!

    Endlesspossiblilities 2006 asks, "To Joseph,Jeffy,and Junior: Are you a Sociopath,Psychopath,and or insane"

    (Junior Jeffy and Joseph just sit in silence)

    Junior: What?

    Endlesspossiblilites 2006 asks, "To Badman: Did you clone yourself"

    Badman: Never once in my life did I clone myself. I was always just me. I appeared in many stories. I'm practically famous. Do want to hear the time when-

    Tails: Badman! Shut up!

    Badman: Ugh...

    Kapfan9876 asks,"To Brooklyn T. Guy: Shouldn’t you be the one to receive the house payments instead of Goodman because your evil twin brother was the one who sold the house to Mario and his family?"

    Brooklyn Guy: Well Mario does now own the house and i tried talking to goodman but all he would do was just say "If you say that one more time, I'm gonna do playtime, with your nipples. I don't want to loose my nipples so, yeah!

    Rh390110478 asks, "To Badman: What was the time you were going to say before Tails interrupted you? If Tails tries to interrupt you, give him a damn good beating or kill him."

    Badman: Yeah I guess i'll do that next time. So what I was saying was-

    Tails: Shut up Badman!


    (The camera then turns off with the words, technical dificulties. Please stand by)

    (The camera then turns back on showing Badman walking up to the camera with blood on his face and shirt along with Tails' head)

    Badman: Alright. Now let me continue! So what happened was, I was- Sh@t I forgot!

    Rh3901104678 asks,"To Badman: Here is a potion that will let you remember what you forgot about!"

    Badman: Hopefully this will work! *drinks potion* Oh hey I remember now! Appearently I all happened so suddenly...


    Badman: I used to be poor and being jealous of my brother goodman! I was born 12 seconds before he was born! Anyway, I was having dinner with my friend, DBT guy, and he said he knew a way to get revenge on my brother. All i needed to do was ambush him and then I got my money! So i locked him in the basement! And what happened next? Well... DUMB@$$ MARIO DECIDED TO LET HIM GO!!!! THEN I GOT ARRESTED! AND AFTER THAT, I GOT KILLED 3 TIMES. TWO BEING IN RH'S STORIES, AND ONE BEING IN SUPID CULDEEFELL13'S STORIES! JUST BECAUSE I'M THE BAD GUY, Doesn't mean.... i should die alot... man what was in that drink?

    (Badman then falls to the ground asleep. It was then revealed Zombie Tails shot him with a sleeping dart.)

    Zombie Tails: Nighty Night bucko!

    Rh3901104678 asks, "To Crash Bandicoot: What is your armor made of? "

    Crash: My armour is made of the most powerful substance out there! Which is.......... titanium.

    Rh3901104678 asks, "To Junior: Did you know they are giving Big Hero 6 a tv show? I saw the movie on Hulu! It was great!"

    (Junior puts a gun to his head)

    Kapfan9876 asks, "To Jospeh and Cody: Are you guys self aware that Junior’s full name is Bowser Junior and you guys never call him by his full name?"

    Joseph: Yes we are!

    Cody: We just like to call him by his nickname because it saves time.

    Joseph: We are also aware that we are written by a loner on his pc.

    Culdeefell13: ... You guys are jerks!

    Rh390110478 asks, "To CuldeeFell13, who do you think will get T-Posed in Season 1?"

    CuldeeFell13: I honestly think To- (Toad looks at CuldeeFell13 with a death stare) I personally think it might be Joseph!

    Endlesspossibilities 2006 asks, "To Joseph: Who is your father like"

    Joseph: My dad was an alchaholic. He would always come home late at night, and then mom comes up and be like, "Honey can you wash the dishes tonight" and hes like "No i wanna watch TV" and then shes like "But i wash the dishes all time time!" and hes like "I dont care! Do it woman" and shes like, "you are gay" and hes like "THATS IT" and starts beating her! And I would be like, "Dad, can you beat mom a little quieter i'm trying to play Call of Duty!"

    "To Junior: How do you keep on returning after supposedling dying I know 1 ups but remember there times where you by that means would not be revived (being sent to the sun)"

    Junior: Thats easy! Every time before we record an episode, we eat lots of 1 ups to keep us alive!

    "To Goodman and Badman: Who is your family"

    Goodman: Oh thats easy!

    Badman: Our family lived a long time ago. We won the lottery and everyone was jeleous!

    Goodman: They were chasing us with pitchforks and torches. We managed to escape and make a big mansion!

    Badman: Yep! Now our family is dead and Goodman is gay!

    Goodman: Why you little!?!

    (Goodman and Badman start fighting. Then CuldeeFell13 and Zombie Tails come up)

    CuldeeFell13: Guys stop fighting! This is a q&a!

    Zombie Tails: Badman! SHUT UP!

    Badman: How about you shut up tails!

    Goodman: Get the fox!

    (Goodman and Badman chase after zombie tails)

    CuldeeFell13: Why is life so complicated?

    "To Bowser and Mario: What went down when you went to high school"

    Mario: It was a group project! We were supposed to make a model valcano!

    Bowser: We thought it would be cool if we poured actuall lava in there!

    Mario: So we went to Mt. Pensecola and got a bucket of lava!

    Bowser: And when it was our time to showcase, we burnt most of the class room!

    Mario: We were sent to the principal's office.

    Mario and Bowser: Ahhh. Good times!

    "Chef V1,Chef V2,And Chef V3: Thoughts on the terminator series"

    Chef v1: It was really nice! The terminator series was entertaining.

    Chef v2: I liked the part when-

    Zombie Tails: Shut up Chefs!

    Chef v3: Oh you wanna go!?

    Chef v1: Get him!!

    (Chef v1 and Chef v3 chase after Zombie Tails along with goodman and badman. Leaving Chef v2 behind)

    Chef v2: My favorite part was the ending!

    Internet Problem asks, "To Toad: Are you excited for the SML & SMG4 Crossover or not?:

    Toad: Well even though Rh told me I wouldn't die i'm probably excited. But Rh listen! If you kill me off, i'll kill you off. Or i might end you any way!

    Rh390110478 asks, "To Toad: Back in the early days of SML, there was a video called Toad is Cool, and it said to be continued at the end, but where is Part 2?"

    Toad: Logan cancelled it! I swear im gonna kill that b%tch!

    "To Badman: You are going to be in Season 1 of the SML and SMG4 Crossover Series! Well, let’s just say Waluigi is going to turn you into your “Ultimate Form”..."

    Badman: Sounds cool! I saw your teaser and it turns out its some sort of lava golem! I'm looking forward to being in your series more than being a messed up robot.

    CuldeeFell13: *sigh*

    "To Zombie Tails: Here is a 1UP to bring you back to life. Also, look into my watch. When you watch it swing back for forth, you will no longer tell anybody to shut up... When you fall asleep and I snap my fingers, you will never say shut up to anybody ever again..."

    Tails: Wow! What happened! Oh hey i'm back to normal. Well time to go and...

    Chef v3: There he is! Get him!

    Tails: What the-

    (Chef v3, Chef v2, Goodman and Badman chase after Tails)

    Kapfan9876 asks, "To Brooklyn T. Guy: When you said rapists have mustaches, you do know that you, Goodman, and other people have mustaches too, right?"

    Brooklyn Guy: Well that mustache thing was just a typo! I mean to say we don't trust people who must asks questions to get out of jail! Friken!

    Rh390110478 asks, :"To Mario: What did you think of the Nintendo Virtual Boy?:

    Mario: The virual boy is kinda bad but since its an nintendo console, I like it! After all it was made in the old days so I can't blame nintendo!

    Kapfan9876 asks, "To Bowser Junior and his friends: Did you guys here that Toys R Us is opening back but is going to have a different name?"

    (Junior, Jeffy, Cody, and Joseph sit in silence)

    All 4: YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    (the four run around making messes and then run off. CuldeeFell13 then comes in with a mop.)

    CuldeeFell13: People these days!

    Rh390110478 asks, "To Chef Pee Pee: What do you think of yourself from my Chef Pee Pee's Killing Spree! idea?"

    Chef Pee Pee: Your story was great but i'm not a killer. If that actually happened, I would run!

    EndlessPossibilites 2006 asks, "To Cody: What happened to the baby machine and more importantly the clone machine"

    Cody: Threw them in the trash. That's where I put everything useless!

    "To practically all: Any regrets from your actions over the years"

    (Everyone justs sits in the room and thinks for a bit)

    (it then shows a flash back of all of the things that went wrong in the SML yt channel, Rh's stories, Kapfan's stories, Endlesspossiblilites stories, and CuldeeFell's stories)

    Mario: No. None that we can think of!

    "To Toad and Jeffy: During Jeffy the rapper and it’s sequel A. Jeffy How were you able to steal the money with basically no one knowing B. Toad how were you not caught from the police after the shootout"

    Jeffy: That was easy, I just stand still. So still so that no one can notice me.

    Toad: I can still see you dumb@$$!

    Jeffy: Sh%t!

    Toad: The answer to your next question is because no one likes Jeffy.

    Jeffy: Shut your fu-

    (Toad then decapitates Jeffy)

    Toad: Don't expect more answers from him!

    "To the main characters: Thoughts on Stan Lee death"

    Mario: Stan Lee was a great person! We will miss him!

    "To Toad and Joseph: How does it feel that you two are the mostly killed than the rest"

    Joseph: Honestly dude! I'm not a big fan of being in videos or stories. Being killed off early in the story gives me a big break. We also get fed one ups to keep us alive and well!

    Toad: Dying sucks! One day all of you are gonna feel my pain. Hahahahaha, hahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAH!

    Joseph: Are you done?

    Toad: SHUT UP TURTLE!!

    (Toad stabs Joseph in the heart killing him)

    (Toad then runs away laughing. CuldeeFell13 then comes in)

    CuldeeFell13: Hey Rh390110478! We might need more 1 ups!

    Kapfan9876 asks, "To Mario: What are your thoughts on Logan making Mario torture videos? Would you get revenge on him for making you suffer?"

    Mario: It sucks! Period!

    Toad: Thats why you should join me! And together, we will show the wiki what it feels like to be killed of-

    Mario: Shut up Toad!

    (Toad tries to stab Mario but then CuldeeFell13 comes in and slaps him)

    CuldeeFell13: Stop it! Stop it! Okay? Alright!

    (CuldeeFell13 walks away)

    Toad: I'm watching you! I'm watching all of you!!

    Rh390110478 asks, "To Toad: Well, Toad. The series will begin in January 2nd so you’re Toad’s Revenge Series Might End before that Anyways."

    Toad: Did Culdeefell13 ever say that Toad's revenge will end by then? I dont think so!

    CuldeeFell13: Toad! Shut up! A sequel for Toad's revenge didn't even come to mind!

    Toad: Well then make plans for a sequel dammit!

    Culdee: No! F@CK YOU!

    Toad: That's it! Your dead!

    (Toad is about to attack CuldeeFell13 but then gets trampled by Tails being chased by Goodman, Badman, Chef v1 and Chef v3)

    Culdee: Had enough!

    Toad: F@ck you Culdee! Just f@ck you!

    Endlesspossiblilites 2006 asks, "To Bowser: Who was your wife or person who carried Junior"

    Bowser: Well it isn't peach for obvious reasons. I mean there was Sheila, but shes not cannon so it doesn't matter!

    "To Jeffy and Joseph: Thoughts on the Star Wars prequels (episode 1,2,and 3)"

    Jeffy: Do we watch star wars?

    Joseph: I dont think so dude?

    CuldeeFell13: Wait how are you guys alive? You were killed by Toad!

    Jeffy: Well you were the one that told us to eat 1 ups before recording!

    CuldeeFell13: True true!

    Rh390110478 asks, "To every SML character: You have been fingersnapped by Thanos. Who will disintergrate?"

    (Everyone points at Toad)


    Mikelord56 asks, "To Badman: i did not pay my house payment and if you dare to bit off my nipples if will beat you with a baseball bat."

    Badman: Well then I will kill you! But now that my brother has returned to his normal state it just doesn't matter..

    Goodman: Jokes on you!!!

    Badman: Shut up.

    (Tails is seen sneaking in the backround but then Badman sees him)

    Badman: Dont think we dont see you fox!

    Goodman: Get the fox!!

    (Badman and Goodman chase after Tails)

    CuldeeFell13: Um Rh! I think i might need help from you again!

    "To Mario: I Dare you to Punch Badman in the face"

    Mario: Wha- This is character Q&A not character truth or dare!

    CuldeeFell13: You know a truth or dare might not sound bad!

    Mario: SHUT UP!!!

    Kapfan9876 asks, "To Jeffy: What were your thoughts of me writing endings that have Mario and any other character killing you in gruesome ways?"

    Jeffy: Oh thats an easy question. I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!! I'M GONNA MOTHER F@#KING END YOUR LIFE B@#CH!

    (Toad is then seen behind Jeffy possibly controlling him)

    Toad: Yes Jeffy! Be angry! And fight the creator!

    CuldeeFell13: Oh no you dont!

    (CuldeeFell13 grabs Toad and puts him in a cage backstage)

    Endlesspossiblilites 2006 asks, "To Junior,Joseph,And Cody: RUN Murder Man,Mega Maid,and their merciless friends are out to get you!!"

    (Junior Joseph and Cody sit in complete silence)

    Junior: What?

    "To the main cast: Thoughts on my Beyond the Grave! Idea"

    Mario: It was a good story!

    Goodman: But the part that bothers me is at the begining when i say "Ready to this?" How does that make sense?

    Mario: It's one of his firsts, dont blame him!

    "To Junior,Cody,and Joseph: Thoughts so far on my World War Nerf"

    Junior: It was a great and funny story!

    Cody: Although there wern't much deaths like Beyond the Grave, It was fun to read!

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