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"The Warp Pipe!" is the 148th video of SML Movies.


Mario is sick and tired of walking up three stories to get to his apartment, so he thinks he has a solution to his problem!


The video starts out with a really tired Mario carrying some groceries out of his car; the groceries are very heavy. He then has to climb up the stairs to get to the apartment. He's almost there when his bags rip and the groceries fall out. He becomes really annoyed and depressed. When he arrives at the apartment, Chef Pee Pee is waiting for him with the groceries. Mario tells Chef Pee Pee that the groceries fell out and he is done with the stairs. Chef Pee Pee says he is dealing with the same thing. Sooner or later, he gets an idea to fix this. He tells Chef Pee Pee they can get a warp pipe. Chef Pee Pee asks what is a warp pipe. Mario responds that it is a pipe that can transport them to one place to another. Mario calls a construction worker to help them built a warp pipe.

Soon there is a knock on the door and Mario opens the door. Brooklyn T. Guy asks him why is there groceries all over the stairs. Mario explains that to him about that and soon he brings him inside the house. Brooklyn T. Guy asks what he wanted him to built again. Mario tells him about a warp pipe but he is confused. He tells him that can transport a person to one place to another and shows him the blueprint of it. Brooklyn T. Guy thinks that he is talking about a teleporter and Mario says it is something like that. Mario tells him that he saw them in his own video games and it was real to him but Brooklyn T. Guy is still confused. Mario also gives him all the things he needs to make the pipe. Mario also asks Chef Pee Pee to bring the drill. He does so. Brooklyn T. Guy says that can't be physically possible to make this but he will try and then he starts making it.

Brooklyn T. Guy says that all of these instructions do not make sense to him. But when he looks at the material, he tries to get an idea to make it. He says he will need some montage music for this and he starts doing some weird things with the material. He then makes a mess with a water bottle when he tried to get a drink he then breaks the fourth wall again and tells to stop the music and says that it is an awful mess. He then looks at the empty paper towel and gets another idea. He eventually finishes the warp pipe and is very surprised to look at his own work. He calls Mario and Chef Pee Pee to come look at it and they are both surprised as well. Chef Pee Pee thinks it looks like a hat but Mario is certain that it is a warp pipe. Mario also thanks Brooklyn Guy. Brooklyn Guy also tells him to come outside with him and shows him that he also built a warp pipe by his car. Mario then goes inside and tells him that they should try it out.

Mario then goes inside with him and says that he will jump in to try it out. He does this but however, he is sent to a video game and killed by enemies. Brooklyn T. Guy and Chef Pee Pee then check the warp pipe but there is no response. Chef Pee Pee says he will go outside and check for him. They see no one outside and he tells him to come back inside. Almost panicking, they don't know what happened to him. Brooklyn T. Guy also says he does not know how these things work. Chef Pee Pee says that he should go in there but Brooklyn T. Guy does not want to but he decides to put his head in there. Trying to look for him, he witnessed what happened to him. Chef Pee Pee asks what happened and Brooklyn T. Guy tells him that he is dead. Chef Pee Pee questions it and decides to stick his head in there as well. He witnesses it as well and says he is pretty much dead.

Brooklyn T. Guy decides to destroy the pipe just in case nothing else happens but Chef Pee Pee gets an idea. He gets Thomas and briefly tells Brooklyn T. Guy what he is about to do He calls Bowser Junior in and asks him if he wants to play hide and seek with Thomas. Junior agrees with it and he tells him to turn his head around while he hides Thomas. He throws Thomas down the pipe and then tells him to turn his head back to him. He tells him that Thomas is down in the warp pipe. He jumps into the pipe and then dies and the video ends.



  • Mario: Eaten by Piranha Plants, crushed by Thwomps, hit by multiple hammers from Hammer Bros, and blasted in the face by Bullet Bills.
  • Bowser Junior: Same as Mario.


  • This is the 9th time Bowser Junior dies, the first being "Baby Mutant Turtles", the second being "Bowser Junior's Bubble Bath", the third being "Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 4", the fourth being "Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack", and the fifth being "Bowser Junior's Addiction".
  • The Brooklyn Guy and Chef Pee Pee 8-bit sprites in this video, were made by Logan on an iPad.
  • While Junior is brutally murdered, an 8-bit Thomas can be seen on top of the Bullet Bill launcher.
  • Mario, the Thwomp, and the Bullet Bills use their sprites from Super Mario World. Bowser Junior, the Piranha Plant, and the Hammer Bro. use their 16-bit sprites from Super Mario Maker, though, since Bowser Junior and the Hammer Bro didn't appear in the former game, although a fire-spouting Piranha Plant appeared in place of the classic one.
  • This is the first time Mario and Bowser Junior die in the same episode, second time was Among Us.
  • This is the first time the pixel 8 bit art animation was used.
  • At 4:16 when Brooklyn Guy says "Damn it, everything is wet, and turn that music off", the music syncs with what he was saying which makes him sound like he was about to rap. Logan and Tito even pointed this out in the reaction.
  • This video was age-restricted because of the gore.


  • When Chef Pee Pee gives Brooklyn Guy the power drill and says "Here it is," his mouth doesn't move. This is likely due to Lovell holding the drill while also Chef Pee Pee was carrying it over and didn't notice he didn't have Chef Pee Pee's mouth move.


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