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"The Time Machine!" aka Cody's 12th Birthday! is the 496th episode of SML Movies.


Cody makes a time machine!


The video starts with Junior, Joseph and Cody communicating with each other, but Joseph and Junior were initially communicating with each other. Cody repeatedly stated that it was his birthday, turning 12 in this video. Joseph didn't like the number 12 for some reason. Moreover, on TV, there was a Chuck E. Cheese's advertisement that allowed people 10 years or older to go to a party all night.

That very Saturday night, Joseph, Junior, and Cody showed their IDs to Brooklyn T. Guy. Joseph and Junior entered, but Cody didn't, because Brooklyn T. Guy stated that he was three years old because his birthday is on February 29th.

Sometime later, Junior and Joseph came back home with their tickets and prizes. Cody was sad because he didn't get to be in the place as he is apparently 3 when he should be 12. Joseph freaks out again so Junior kicks him out make tells him he's not allowed to be in the rest of the video.

Cody devises a plan to create a time machine so that he won't get born on the 29th of February so he created the T-T-Time Machine which works by inserting quarters.

Junior and Cody go to May 28th of 2007 which is nine months before Cody was born. There, Judy and Tyrone are in bed and Junior says some stuff behind their backs which gets Tyrone arrested. Cody doesn't approve what Junior has done so they travel to May 29th.

Judy and Tyrone are once again in bed and Junior shows up as a prostitute trying to get Judy and Tyrone to break up, but it fails so Junior and Cody travels to February 29th, 2008. The day that Cody was born.

Junior tricks the Brooklyn Guy to leave and comes up with an excuse why Judy shouldn't give birth on the 29th so she's just going to have to hold it in until the first day of March.

However, it turns out that Judy can't give birth so she and Tyrone are just going to have to adopt a child. Junior tells Cody this and Cody explains that he doesn't know his birth parents so the two of them decided to return to the present.

They make it back to the present and Tyrone arrives to pick Cody up. Junior bids Cody a happy 12th birthday and like Joseph, Tyrone throws a fit over it. As Tyrone Freaks out that he's going to do something with- The Scene Cuts to the SML question.



Cody's ID.png

  • This is the second time Cody invents something similar to the "B-B-Baby Machine", in this case it's the "T-T-Time Machine". The first was in "Jeffy's Clone!" when he invented the "C-C-Cloning Machine".
  • Junior, Cody, & Joseph are all turned back into Koopa plushies. This is due to Logan’s confirmation of switching back and forth between them and the human puppets.
  • Desipte SBL supposedly being family friendly, this video contains some non family friendly content, namely with the entire premise revolving around stopping Cody's parents from having sex and Tyrone and Judy at one point being shown about to enrage in the act, granted not with explicit detail but still enough to make the intent obvious.
  • This video confirms that Cody is adopted, making Tyrone and Judy his foster parents. This was previously hinted at in "Cody's Missing!".
    • Also, this video reveals that Judy is sterile, meaning she's not able to produce children or young.
  • This is also the Third SML Movie Where Joseph Outrages and says F Instead of "F**k" Unlike Bowser Junior's Bad News! and First Day Of School!. He says it four times in this video. He also says it censored in Chef Pee Pee's Kids.
  • This video also confirms that Cody's biological father is indeed Kamek, according to Cody's ID.
  • There is a joke on Cody's ID saying "Sex: A lot." which is a clear reference to his sexual habits.
  • This video is the first canon appearance of Roy Gethard.
  • This SML Movie was released in front of Cody's Birthday knowing that he mentioned it in the title.
  • This is the SML Movie of March 2020 that Chef Pee Pee does not appear.
  • This is the last time that Junior and Joseph went to Chuck e Cheese's however Chuck e Cheese's has been closed permanently because of going bankrupt later in 2020.
  • Despite Joseph appearing in the thumbnail, he isn't significant in the episode.
  • This isn't the first time a time machine has been used, two devices in MLSADA and Chef Jeffy functioned the same way.
  • During the commercial, the spokesperson refers to Chuck E Cheese as "Charles Entertainment Cheese" with his older design, this is a reference to Defunctland's "Defunctland: The Failure of Disney's Chuck E. Cheese Ripoff, Club Disney" video at around the 7:30 mark of that video.
  • This is the final Junior video before COVID-19 was declared a world pandemic.
  • Running gags:
    • Junior shows signs of short-term memory loss as he doesn't recall things that happened between him and Cody.
    • Joseph (and Tyrone at the end of this video) freaking out when he hears the number 12, resulting with him shouting "F12", which is slang for cops.
    • Junior and Cody make 'Pew! Pew!' noises when they enter the time machine as if the time machine that Cody made actually made noises when they travelled through time.
    • Junior and Cody finding nearby quarters for their Time Machine.


  • Brooklyn Guy said "What, do I look like I'm adopted?" being sarcastic, even though in "Precious's Pillow Fort!." he stated he was adopted after Stuart Little.
  • Though it was 2008, Brooklyn Guy should have known what coronavirus was, as the type of virus had existed for decades.
  • The thumbnail is somewhat misleading as Joseph gets kicked out by Junior after the first part of the video. However, Joseph is seen on the side of the thumbnail, possibly emphasising the fact that he is only a side character.
  • The address on Cody's ID is actually the SML house/Junior's house, which is incorrect as Cody only visits Junior's house and does not live there.
  • Judy threatens with writing a #Me Too tweet. However, Judy shouldn't be able to do this since it was May 2007 and #Me Too wasn't created until 2017, ten years later.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy's first appearance in SML was in 2011. And in 2007 in this video, he was a police officer when he arrested Tyrone, though Goodman was the first officer before Brooklyn T. Guy. It's possible Logan forgot.
  • When Junior and Cody went from 2007 to 2008, Junior’s girl costume costume came off, and then when they returned to 2020, his doctor outfit came off. It’s likely he quickly took it off while they were being teleported.


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