"The Tarantula!" is the 205th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior's dog runs away so he needs a new pet!


Chef Pee Pee is relaxing and eating oreos after a long day when an episode of Animal Planet about Tarantulas comes on. After being grossed out by the tarantula and remarking how he hates spiders and tarantulas, Chompy shows up and starts annoying Chef Pee Pee. After Chef Pee Pee tells Chompy he can't have an oreo because dogs can't eat chocolate, Chompy poops on the floor, angering Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee calls in Bowser Junior to take Chompy outside to pee and poop. After calling Chompy a "good boy" for "knowing how to poop,"

Junior takes Chompy outside. However, while they're out there, Junior is warning Chompy to stop making messes in the house or else Chef Pee Pee will get rid of him when Chompy sees the squirrel and starts chasing him. Then Bowser Junior goes to Chef Pee Pee for help on finding Chompy. Then they realize it is raining, so they can't find him. So Bowser Junior and Chef Pee Pee go inside the house and Junior starts crying. Chef Pee Pee then tells him that it is time to get a new pet, but he tells him not to get a tarantula.

Junior then asks what a tarantula is. After Chef Pee Pee explains it, Junior decides he really wants one, but Chef Pee Pee tells him not to get it. He gets one anyway after Chef Pee Pee gives him $20. Then, after the Brooklyn Guy drops the tarantula off and leaves and after Bowser Junior names him Terrance, Bowser Junior invites Cody and Joseph over to his house to see him. Cody and Joseph are very scared of him, so Junior puts Terrance back in the cage. Junior then tries to feed him a cricket, but Terrance won't go after it, even when Cody and Joseph cheer him on. Cody and Joseph give their final thoughts on Terrance and then leave. Terrance does not like what they say about him, so he crawls under his cave and stays there until Junior goes to bed.

Then, while Bowser Junior is sleeping, Terrance comes out of his cage and waits right in front of Chef Pee Pee. When Chef Pee Pee wakes up, he sees Terrance and starts cussing and flipping out. He then kills it. Then Bowser Junior then goes looking for him, but he cannot find him. Chompy then comes back. After Junior lets Chompy back in, he goes to Chef Pee Pee to tell him. After that, while Chef Pee Pee is making breakfast, Terrance comes out of the trash can and heads for Chef Pee Pee's back. Bowser Junior then notices Terrance on Chef Pee Pee's back and puts him back in his cage. After that Chef Pee Pee yells at Bowser Junior for getting a tarantula when he said not to get one. Terrance then takes a huge poop and Bowser Junior asks Chef Pee Pee to clean it up, and finally, Chef Pee Pee starts chasing after him.



  • This is the second time that Chef Pee Pee killed a pet of Bowser Junior. However, Terrance didn't die. This time, Terrance survived.
  • Junior might have gotten the name ''Terrance'' from one of the trains from Thomas. He could've made it on the spot, though.
  • When Bowser is talking to Chef Pee Pee about Chompy being missing, Logan's cat Precious can be seen in the background.
  • While Chef Pee Pee was watching Animal Planet, the logo is the 1996 one, because the current logo is not used, despite Animal Planet airing Reality Shows by using the current logo. The show Chef Pee Pee Watches is about Spiders, which is common for a show using the 1996 Animal Planet logo.
  • In the thumbnail, Chef Pee Pee's face is edited to look more scared of Terrence.
  • It is shown that Chef Pee Pee may have arachnophobia.


  • The name "Terrence" could refer to the bird of the same name in the video game, Angry Birds, while characters of that same game have appeared in some videos


  • In the part where Chef Pee-Pee is watching a documentary about tarantulas on the Animal Planet channel on TV, the previous "Animal Planet" logo (1996-2006) is added. They should've added the new and current logo (2008-present) because the old one is no longer used today.
  • At 4:41 the word "shit" is uncensored.
  • When Bowser Junior sees the squirrel that gave him rabies in "Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!". He says "Baby's" instead of "Rabies", but in this episode, he refers to it as just "Rabies", this could be 2 things, either Logan forgot that Junior uses the word "Baby's" instead of "Rabies", or Junior just learned the word somewhere else.
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