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"The Switch!" is the 399th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and Chef Pee Pee Switch Positions for a Day!


The Video starts with Chef Pee Pee baking a pizza but he overcooked it causing it to be burnt. Then, Chef Pee Pee served the pizza to Junior. Junior find it disgusting since it is really burnt but Chef Pee Pee yelled at him for the racism. Then the burnt pizza starts to talk, and Chef Pee Pee disposed it.

Then Bowser Junior and Chef Pee Pee start to argue with each other. Then Bowser comes and yells at them saying that Bowser Junior has to be Chef Pee Pee for a day, while Chef Pee Pee has to be Bowser Junior for a day. Bowser Junior was eager to be Chef Pee Pee, then Chef Pee Pee approaches the counter, pretending to cry. Then Chef Pee Pee begs for macaroni and cheese, and then he asks for the Pepsi and spills it on the stove.

Then Joseph and Cody come, and Chef Pee Pee dashes towards the door. Chef Pee Pee lets Cody and Joseph inside. Cody said that Bowser Junior would give him a big kiss. Then Cody said he would pay Chef Pee Pee if he gives him a big kiss. Both Joseph and Cody returned home with 20 dollars. Chef Pee's Pee then went back in the kitchen yelling but Junior had already finish the delicious macaroni and cheese. Chef Pee Pee gave it a taste and he likes it but he denies that. Junior said that his dad likes it though and Chef Pee Pee and Junior start arguing again. This cause Bowser to come back yelling and locking them in the closet. Junior and Chef Pee Pee both want to get out leading the video to end with Logan in the post-video talking about SML's channel getting back monetization.



  • This video is quite similar to "Switching Bodies!", but the characters don't change their bodies.
  • This was the first video of September 2018.
  • This video breaks the long streak of Brooklyn T. Guy
  • This is Chef Pee Pee's 4th appearance in a row.
  • In the post-video, Logan announced that SuperMarioLogan has been re-monetized, and that The SuperMarioLogan Movie! is coming very soon.(As if that will ever happen this century!!!)
  • Chef Pee Pee telling Junior that his friends like Jeffy more is a reference to how Jeffy is the reason why Logan gets more popularly overtime.
  • The video was called "The Snack!" before. But then, it was renamed. [citation needed]


  • The title says it's an SML Movie, but it has the length of an SML Short.
    • It could be that it's called an SML Movie because of Logan's announcement.


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