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"The SuperMarioLogan Movie" is an upcoming YouTube film directed by Logan Thirtyacre. A teaser trailer was released on July 9, 2017.


Logan Thirtyacre confirmed in multiple vlogs that the movie will center around the main protagonist of the SuperMarioLogan series, Mario. Logan also confirmed that the main antagonist would be Nancy. According to the trailer, it was revealed that Mario was kidnapped. Before the release of the trailer, some fans thought it was Jeffy that was kidnapped but Logan pointed out that if Nancy were to kidnap and kill Jeffy for the inheritance money left by Jacques Pierre François, Mario would still get the money since he still had custody of Jeffy. It has been also said that a desert will be involved, and Logan could have secretly gone there to film without telling his fans. The possible plot of a rescue mission is in hand. According to a Chilly vlog, Logan visited a prison type place with Chilly Jimenez, Tito Jimenez, and James Campbell. It is most likely going to be the prison that Nancy was in when she was arrested back in January 2017. Also on Instagram, Logan posted a picture with Chris Netherton and Nancy at the prison type place that he visited, so there will be scenes taking place there.

According to Logan, almost every single character that has appeared in an SML video will appear in the movie in some capacity. He has also said that most of the appearances will contribute to the plot, rather than being pointless cameos. The movie will partially take place in a desert, and there will be a scene with an ice cream truck. The movie will be based around Mario and be about one hour in duration. Logan has stated in a Chilly vlog that he tried to get most of the movie recorded before June 27, because Lance will be in Hawaii and Las Vegas, but the weather in Cantonment, FL (where Logan and the crew live) kept Logan back. However, in another vlog, Logan states that the movie is being delayed due to the rainy weather, Lance being in Hawaii, and still having to make the two videos a week (though he did miss a video due to that one taking a long time to edit). In the comment section of Chef Pee Pee's Accident!, he has stated that he will be uploading a short trailer for the movie the weekend of July 1, which has since been uploaded on Chilly's channel. As of July 17, Logan visited a fort in Florida to film a scene that takes place in a prison. Logan also said that he made prison outfits for the movie.

Lovell's Absence

On Chilly's vlog channel, there was a video uploaded on July 30, 2017, where Logan explained why the movie is taking so long to make. He also stated that the movie is about 3/4 done (75%). But the problem is that Lovell, the voice actor who plays important characters like Chef Pee Pee, Bowser, Joseph, etc., wasn't with the filming crew, the reason being that he's finally getting help for something that he's been dealing with for a long time. Over much of August, there was not any Chef Pee Pee, Joseph, Toad, etc., until Chef Pee Pee The Octopus! was released. And also, according to Logan, the fans decided to wait for Lovell to return, rather than cutting most of his scenes out of the movie, in an attempt to get it released by Mid-August.

On August 16, 2017, Logan took to Instagram to share the good news that Lovell is back earlier than expected and that they are going to be filming the rest of the scenes.


As of May 2019, almost 2 years after the planned release of the movie, there are rumors that the movie has either been cancelled, shelved due to monetization, or it's just taking Logan a really long time to make the movie. Nobody knows what is actually happening concerning the movie as Logan won't give any updates. in July 2019, after a year of no updates, Logan said he would upload the movie on SuperBowserLogan once it is finished.


The video idea was originally suggested by a fan named King James in the comment section of Jeffy's Stupid Home Video! Logan even responded saying "I will if I hit a million subscribers!", which was obviously stated before he got a million subscribers. When Logan officially announced the production of the movie at the post-credits scene in Bowser Junior Gets His Nose Pierced!, there were many positive reactions as fans even commented their excitement for the upcoming movie. Lance, on April Fools' Day 2017, while Logan, Chilly and Tito were in Chicago, did an April Fools video, which claimed to be the SuperMarioLogan Movie, but it ended up being Jeffy watching paint dry for 58 minutes, as an April Fools' Day prank. The video was later renamed Jeffy's Fun Day, in order not to confuse that with the real one.

This is a rare occasion where many of SML's fans were very good and supportive of Logan and the crew. They were able to watch the Logan vlogs on Chilly's channel and could understand his recent stress with demonitization and the drama, and therefore were very easy on Logan and Lovell, allowing them to take their time with the movie.

Because the hype is so big for the Movie, fans were willing to wait until September for the movie just so the ending could be perfected with Lovell's characters. This contradicted what Logan thought his fans would want.



  • The reason Zeke came to visit was to help film the movie and to voice Mama Luigi and other characters.
    • Luke, the brother of Zeke, is not going to be in this movie. It is most likely because Luke didn't voice any famous characters as Zeke portrayed the popular Mama Luigi.
  • This is the fifth of many highly anticipated SML videos, with the others being Bowser Junior Goes To Military School!, The New House!, Jeffy's Parents!, and The Secret Door!
  • In one of the Chilly vlogs, Logan bought a $4,000 ice-cream truck specifically for the movie from a family off of Craigslist. The ice cream truck also appeared in The Magical Button!
  • Logan claimed that this movie would be "the best plush video of all time".
  • Logan also claimed that every character that has had a notable role in his past videos would appear in this video, not as a cameo, but having to do with the actual plot.
  • This will be Mama Luigi's first canon appearance since The Loss of a Retard, due to Toad's Mistake! merely being a remake.
  • This will be Nancy's second appearance since Jeffy's Parents!.
    • This will also be her fourth and possibly final appearance overall.
    • Because Nancy and Jeffy will appear, it is possible that Feebee or Jeffy's real sibling(s) might appear.
  • In the teaser trailer, the music the ice cream truck is playing is called "It's a Small World."
  • The only five characters that were most likely heard/appeared in the teaser trailer were Jeffy, Mario, Nancy, The Brooklyn Guy, and Screwball.
  • The Movie was first revealed while videos were still taking place in the apartment. Logan later announced it on October 10, 2016, after Bowser Junior Gets His Nose Pierced! which was 1 year before the original expected release of the movie
  • Logan did a fake supposed release of the movie on April 1, 2017, only for it to be an April Fools prank. The April Fools video in question was subsequently renamed to Jeffy's Fun Day! after the fact.
  • According to SuperMarioLogan on Instagram, It was revealed that Bubbles Dunlop also known as Wario would be returning for the movie.
  • The movie has been delayed a total of more than five times, as of writing.
  • Logan claimed in 2018 that a proper trailer was going to come out in July 2018, but it never released.[1]
  • The movie most likely happened as a way to start up traction for his channel, since nor Logan or any of the SML crew have made any substantial updates about the movie's status of being done or not for months.
  • In The Lamp!, Bowser Junior and his friends go to Fort Pickens, the same place Logan was planning on using for the movie.
  • The SuperMarioLogan Movie! is filmed at Fort Pickens

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  1. Tweet from Logan. He has also stated in a few videos as well.

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