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"The Prison Break" is the 6th episode of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


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Yoshi drinks lemonade and gets drugged by an eagle meanwhile Mario and Mama Luigi steal a car and in the process Mario gets arrested put into prison and raped by an individual called Bubbles and plans to escape with some of his inmates meanwhile Mama Luigi opens up a Lemonade Stand to get the money to bail Mario out of jail.



  • This video marks the first appearances of Officer Goodman and Bubbles.
  • This episode was given a copyright claim due to containing copyrighted music. It also was muted. It was eventually unmuted afterward.
  • In the note in the description, Logan says he was 13 when he made this, but he turned 13 in 2007.
    • Although he may have made this video when he was 13, then uploaded it in 2009.
  • The scene where Mama Luigi thinks Mario is a car is a possible reference to the Simpsons episode Bart Gets Famous where Homer thinks Bart has turned into a box.


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