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"The Perfect Plan!" is the 151st episode of SML Movies.


Bowser is trying to think of a way to finally kill Mario!


Bowser is brainstorming ideas and keeps throwing them out. He lands on an idea to feed Mario an orange mushroom to blow him up. He thinks that it's stupid and calls his minions. He asks for their plans to kill Mario. First, Bowser asks if his minions like his. They ask what it is and Bowser tells them. Kamek says it looks ridiculous but quickly says it's a good idea. He then sees everyone's ideas: Koopa's idea is to drop steel beans on his head and make him say "ouch", Bowser says that they want to kill him and says the idea is bad. Shy Guy's idea is to drop a bomb on Mario but Bowser rejects because Shy Guy is incorrectly pronouncing the final b in bomb. Kamek's idea is to drop Mario in a bowl of acid and pull him up with a crane. It is the idea that wins. Paul shows Bowser a paper with scribbles and Bowser pretends it's good because of Paul's disability. They need to get the materials and his minions move. They are next to a bowl of acid. Bowser is about to add the poison but Paul shows up and asks to do it. Because he has no arms, he knocks it over. Bowser gets mad but pretends not to be. Paul starts crying. Bowser adds the poison. The minions go to get Mario. Mario is climbing a tree to get a ? block and falls. Paul distracts Mario and Koopa grabs Mario's hat. Mario chases Koopa to the acid. He gets on the crane and is about to fall into the acid. Luigi throws a bomb at the crane and Mario is safe. Bowser gets really mad. Mario asks why Bowser wants to kill him and Bowser says it is because Mario can grow a better mustache. They are about to kill Bowser but Bowser leaves.



  • Luigi and Koopa were voiced by Lovell Stanton in this video, rather than Logan. This goes the other way with Bowser being voiced by Lance. Koopa in this video was also talking like Joseph likely due to Lovell playing the role of Koopa in this video.
  • This is the first video in which Bowser appears as a puppet instead of a plush.
  • This is the only video in which Paul is an antagonist.
  • As stated in the description, this video takes place in an alternate continuity, that more closely resembles the main Super Mario Bros games. Logan says this was to give a new experience for old fans. He has also confirmed that this does not affect his main universe, and that Lovell would continue playing Bowser.
    • He also stated that they are still making original Bowser, Chef Pee Pee, and Bowser Junior videos.
    • Logan also said that if fans liked this idea he would make this idea permanent but people wanted it to stay the same way as before.
  • This marks Paul's first appearance since "Bowser Junior's Summer School 7," Shy Guy's first appearance since "Luigi's Mansion Episode 4," Koopa's first appearance since "Bowser's Dinner Date" (the plush used is recycled from Joseph), and Kamek's overall first and only appearance (the plush used is recycled from Cody).
  • An old clip of this video was first seen in "Bowser Junior's Playtime 2."
  • This video marks Luigi's first appearance in an SML Movie since "The Big Thanksgiving."
  • The thumbnail background is a level from New Super Mario Bros U.
  • At 4:36, Fuck is uncensored.
  • Since the filming of this video, the Bowser poster wasn't taken off yet, and so it made an appearance in future videos such as "Bowser Junior's 7th Birthday!" and "Mario's Thanksgiving Problem!."
  • This is Chris Netherton's least favorite video.
  • This video was uploaded on Lance's 22nd birthday.
  • During the scene where Mario and Luigi beat up Goomba, his voice sound different, This is because somebody else (possibly Lance) voices him because Logan voiced Goomba and Mario and it would be hard for him to voice 2 characters at the same time.


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