"The New ShamWow" is the 4th episode of SML Shorts.


The new ShamWow, brought to you by Mama Luigi!


The video begins with Mama Luigi advertising the new ShamWow, which can clean up some bad mess. He said that the regular and cheap cleaning products are inferior to the ShamWow. Mario asks in the advertisement what is that and Mama Luigi explains that it is a cool cloth that cleans up every mess. He also said that it's like a sponge and a washcloth combined, which made Mario fascinated, but he asked for demonstration, then Mama Luigi did so. He wants to make the plate as messy as possible, then prove to Mario that it would suck up every mess in the plate.

The plate had water in it and the ShamWow sucked up most of the water from the plate, showing that it was all dry. Mario thought it was awesome, but he asked if it could suck up only water, then Mama Luigi said no because he said that it could suck up a lot more stuff. For example, he stabbed Toad for the bloodstains on the floor, then he wanted to clean it all up before the cops see it, but the ShamWow didn't work in that case.

Mama Luigi was disappointed by the fact that it couldn't clean up this mess, so he stabbed it, turning it from the "ShamWow" to the "ShamDie". Mario asked for the price and Mama Luigi said that it costs $49.95 dollars. A free watermelon would also be offered, along with another ShamWow.




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