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The New House is the third and current house that Logan lives at. The New House! was the first video filmed here. It is located at Pensacola Florida!


Canon characters who live in the house

  1. Mario (co-owner) [1]
  2. Bowser (owner) [1]
  3. Jeffy [1]
  4. Rosalina [1]
  5. Bowser Junior [1]
  6. Chef Pee Pee [1]
  7. Shrek [2] [3]
  8. Black Yoshi [4] [3]
  9. Toad (assumed) [5] [3]
  10. Chompy [6]
  11. Woody [7] [3]
  12. Terrance [8]
  13. Tony The Tiger (assumed) [3]
  14. Mama Luigi (Visited In Toad's Mistake!)
  15. Shitass [9]
  16. Margaret [10]

Characters that lived there at one point but not anymore

  1. Joseph [11]
  2. Melvin [12] [9]
  3. Joseph's Mom (fake skeleton) [11]

Characters that lived there but died

  1. 26 Unknown People [1]
  2. Pee Pee Suck [12]
  3. Does Bad Things Guy [13]
  4. Gumbo [14]
  5. Robot Chef Pee Pee [15]
  6. Drawing Jeffy [14]


These are the characters that visit the house, either frequently or rarely


First Floor

  • Living Room - The large main room with a TV and white couches. 
  • Kitchen - Chef Pee Pee cooks and people eat there. There are many cabinets with various kitchen utensils and food. There is also a pantry with lots of food in there.
  • Dining Room - Another room where people eat. Mostly on special occasions, Thanksgiving for example. It Also serves a front entrance room and a hangout area.
  • Office - The primary room that Logan uses to edit or watch TV while  drinking soda, also used for a business room or recording studio in videos. There are lots of Rubik's cubes in the room along with Apple Desktops and a Signed Emmitt Smith Jersey.The room however does not seem to exist in any SML Movies Or Shorts.
  • Downstairs Bathroom - This bathroom is one out of the 4 in the house, and is the only bathroom  in the house without a shower.
  • Master Bedroom - A blue painted bedroom that Logan and Chilly sleep in and hang out in. Logan keeps his most important characters in there. There is also a TV that has some consoles hooked up. Logan's other favorite place to edit videos and watch TV is on the bed in this room. This room also does not seem to exist in any SML Shorts or Movies thus far.
  • Master Bathroom - Has a shower, sink, bathtub, and private toilet room, where Shrek usually takes his trademark craps. Most common bathroom used in videos.

Second Floor

  • The Game Room - A room with a TV and a green screen. This is where many SML videos start and primarily take place and fan mail opening takes place in here too. There is a Nintendo 64 table, and a Spiderman toy from fan mail there. It is directly above the kitchen and looks out into the backyard and the lake.
  • Bowser Junior's Room - A blue painted room with a Thomas bed where Junior sleeps, however Jeffy's crib is also in there and he sleeps there. It isn't seen that much in videos except when Junior sleeps.
  • Bowser's Room - A red painted room where Bowser lives and watches Charleyyy. In real life, this is Tito's Room.
  • Playroom - Junior & Jeffy's playroom. The most common room in videos where they play with toys. The Playtime series took place in here. There are containers with toys and a Doofy-O's box. There is also a magnetic board with letters, that, when shown, have a message on it.
  • Bowser Junior's Bathroom - A Thomas based bathroom. Bowser Junior was shot and killed by Black Yoshi in here after he wanted him to wipe him in Black Yoshi The Assistant!. Logan also once had to rush in there to wash off Junior after he got lasanga on him during the filming of Bowser Junior's Big Spill.
  • Classroom- this room is being used currently as the classroom for the Days of School Series. The room has also been used as Jeffy's bedroom in the first few videos in the house. This room has sense been treated as a seperate building apart from the house during SML Shorts And Movies.
  • The Secret Door Room - Where Does Bad Things Guy used to live and kill people in. It was the room where the Powerpuff Girls scene was filmed in, as well as a scene with clowns in the 2016 Halloween video. After The Secret Door video, the SML crew turned it into a storage room. It has a window that faces the front yard. Originally, it was an attic, but when Logan moved in, he turned it into a room and added the door. The entrance, located in the garage, is still there, however.
  • The Unknown/Multi Purpose Room - a room with grey walls, containing a red brown couch, a closet with puppets and plushes, and The Secret Door. It was used as a movie theater cinema in Bowser Junior Sneaks Into A Movie! and in Jeffy Sneaks Out!
  • .


  • All three filming locations for SML have had the office at the front entrance, to the left (when walking in.)
  • There is a secret door in this house which was revealed in the secret door episode, containing the first 25 dead bodies.
  • Ken was the 28th person to die in this house, considering that he did die.
  • The Game room is the main room that videos take place in, and has also become a secondary Living room.


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