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"The Koopalings!" is the 194th episode of SML Movies, and a remake of The Koopa Kids!.


Remake of the Koopa Kids.


Junior is excited for his friends to come over. Joseph and Cody come to Junior's house. Junior is excited to play but Joseph and Cody can't because they're going to a hockey game. Junior can't go with them because they only bought two tickets and it is sold out. Joseph and Cody leave and Junior angrily leaves. Chef Pee Pee takes cookies out of the oven and Junior asks Chef Pee Pee to play and Chef Pee Pee strongly says no and that he would rather lick a cactus. Chef Pee Pee literally licks a cactus and leaves. Junior runs to ask his dad, but he says that he wants to take a nap. Bowser gives Junior money instead of playing with him. Junior watches TV and Junior sees an ad of a girl wanting a "friend" and she is in bed. Junior thinks she really means friend and calls the girl. The girl asks Junior's name and Junior asks the girl, her name is Chrystal. Junior asks Chrystal if she wants to be his friend and Chrystal says yes. Junior asks Chrystal if she wants to play with toys. Chrystal tells Junior it costs money. Junior mentions he's 7 and a half and Chrystal hangs up. Junior is mad. Junior goes to the park and plays by himself. Hansel and Screwball give Junior a box. It is a "cloning machine". The cloning machine creates the Koopalings.

Junior is introduced to each Koopaling. Junior repeats their names and gets it correct. Junior is excited he has 7 siblings and will always have someone to play with. Junior realized Bowser doesn't want to take care of them. Junior explains to Bowser what happened, but first he lies a lot. The Koopalings reveal themselves with their voices. Bowser finds them and he gets mad.



  • Unlike the original version, all of the Koopalings have their actual names instead of just Wendy having her original name. Lemmy also appears in this video while he wasn't in the original.
  • This marks the first appearance of Crystal.
  • At 9:14 in the video, if you look very closely in the background you can see Joseph or a random Koopa Troopa in the apartment.
  • The hockey game Cody and Joseph were going to was most likely a game with the Pensacola Ice Flyers, a Minor league hockey team of the Southern Professional hockey league.


  • Bowser Junior references World War II by mentioning the bombed cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


  • At the beginning of the video Bowser Junior said Joseph and Cody were his only friends, which is untrue as he is also friends with Patrick, Felipe, Jeffy, D-Money, and Toad. Either they weren't available at the moment, or it likely because they busy or something, Toad might be doing some rap muisc and Jeffy is hanging out with Mario, Rosalina and possibly Luigi.
  • Also junior didin't ask one of Mario friends like Black Yoshi, Shrek and Woody to be his friend.
  • When Bowser gives Junior the $100, it is actually $60.
  • At 10:52, Bowser Jr pronounces Ludwig's name incorrectly. (lood-wig is pronounced lud-wig).


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