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"The Golden Egg!" is the 291st episode of SML Movies and the 2017 Easter special.


It's Easter! And there is a golden egg hidden somewhere in the house!


The episode opens with Bowser Junior, Chef Pee Pee, Mario and Jeffy painting Easter eggs. While Junior and Chef Pee Pee show each other's eggs (the latter's egg is just painted white with the word "ASSHOLE" on it).

Jeffy paints his face on one but denies it when Mario points it out. Mario tries to tell him but gets frustrated trying to get it through his head as usual. As a result, Mario throws an egg at the wall, breaking it.

This releases the Easter Bunny Genie, who tells the four that there's now a golden egg hidden in the house. Whoever finds the egg is granted one wish (which can't be for more wishes), while also setting the genie free. It's every man for himself from there.

Mario and Jeffy make it into the living room, frantically searching for eggs. Jeffy flips a table over, which gets Mario to encourage him to engage in his reckless behavior for once since it'll get them closer to finding the egg.

Chef Pee Pee and Junior head into the kitchen, where they fight among each other on who will find the egg. The two begin to search everywhere until the doorbell rings. They both know it's Jr.'s friends, so Pee Pee tells Jr. to go get it, much to his chagrin.

Junior answers the door, all out of breath. Cody asks him why he's so tired, so Jr. explains to him and Joseph all about the Easter egg hunt going on inside the house. They then burst in, each one wanting the egg for themselves.

Mario and Jeffy are still disheveling the living room when Black Yoshi walks into them. Mario explains to him about the Golden egg situation, so he goes off to find the egg for himself.

Chef Pee Pee is sick of looking in the kitchen, so he decides to go into the bathroom since no one will go there cause of its filth. Of course, he walks into Shrek using it. Pee Pee tells him about the egg hunt, and he joins in as well.

Then the scene cuts to Bowser got back from the weekend but he is busy moping in his room about no longer being the Easter egg hunting champion ever since his son beat him and made him go to Canada three years ago, as well as having lost a blue egg, so he watches Charleyyy & Friends to cheer himself up. It does, and his day gets better when he finds the aforementioned blue egg right beside him. Bowser realizes he's back in the game and runs off to find some Easter eggs.

He walks into the game room and notices his son and his friends, still searching for the Easter egg. Bowser tells Junior he's ready for a rematch. Junior plays along, telling his dad whoever finds a golden egg wins. Bowser and Junior fight over who's gonna find it, putting yet another contestant into the egg hunt.

Back in the room, Jeffy claims he's found the golden egg. Mario is shocked and excited at first but sees that Jeffy's mistaken golden for yellow. The doorbell rings for some pizza that Mario ordered, so Mario tells Jeffy to go get it.

Jeffy answers the door, where Does Bad Things Guy (still masquerading as Brooklyn T. Guy) just throws the box at the door, still billing them. Jeffy tells him about the egg hunt, and Brooklyn joins in too.

By this point though, everyone has searched everywhere for the golden egg, with nowhere left to find it. Everyone decides to take a break and bring this up to the Genie.

They arrive at where the Genie is, and everyone starts to complain about the whole competition, begging for at least a hint. Jeffy starts to complain too, saying all he found is a certain egg.

He holds up an egg, "the" golden egg that is. Being Jeffy, he is completely unaware that he found the golden egg by himself, and he wishes he had found it. Since Jeffy "did" find it, all it does is let out a little flash, making his one wish meaningless.

Jeffy then tries to give Mario the egg, but everybody infuriated and devastated that Jeffy of all people wasted the one wish, all get ready to beat him up in their anger.

They do just that off-screen, and the Genie wishes everyone a Happy Easter as the video ends.


  • Elsie the Cow (cameo on milk jug)
  • Kool-Aid Man (cameos on powder canister and Jammers box)
  • Nesquik Bunny (cameo on powder canister)
  • Aunt Jemima (cameo on pancake mix box)
  • Punchy (cameo on punch bottle)


  • In the thumbnail, Jeffy is in his pose from the Nintendo Switch thumbnail but without the Joy-Cons.
  • Bowser is still upset that he lost to Junior at Easter egg hunting, even though it was three years ago.
    • However, He wants revenge on him for stealing his championship title.
  • This was uploaded exactly two years after the last video in the old house.
    • It also marks exactly one half-year after the last video in the apartment.
  • This video marks Charleyyy's second appearance in 2017.
  • This is the first time that Joseph, Cody, Black Yoshi, Shrek, and Brooklyn T. Guy appear in an Easter special.
  • This is the first time that Does Bad Things Guy is seen delivering pizza. It's not specified if he works for Long John's Pizza like his brother.
  • This is the second episode that Junior does the Savage Dance.
  • Several characters stated what they initially intended to wish for:
    • Chef Pee Pee wanted money to get out of the house and escape Bowser.
    • Joseph wanted a new mom.
    • Cody wanted every male in the world to be homosexual. (which was also in the lamp)
    • Junior wanted a beard.
    • Shrek wanted a lifetime supply of cheesecake.
    • Mario, Black Yoshi, Does Bad Things Guy, Bowser and Jeffy were the only characters trying to find the egg who didn’t say what they wanted to wish for. Bowser was never told the egg could grant a wish, and Jeffy was told to find the egg for Mario.
  • The egg that Jeffy made was from a fan, as well as Mario's egg.
  • This video marks one of the rare times Junior interacts with Mario
  • As of August 22, 2019, this video along with 24 other videos got deleted for violating YouTube's Terms of Service possibly because of the main characters destroying the furniture, Charleyyy eating an uncooked egg and Jeffy gets beaten up at the end or Shrek’s crap was seen in the toilet.
  • This video got age-restricted due to Shrek’s Crap being seen and possibly child abuse.
  • According to Logan in the Reaction some of the video was thought of by JJ.
  • This is the 6th video deleted in the New House.


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