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"The Final Battle" is the 21st episode and the original series finale of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


The final ending to the Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures series.


The episode picks up from where we last left off as Mario is about to kill Bowser with a gun but Bowser has the power to make it disappear. He also has the power to summon Luigi and kills him in the process.

Depressed, Mario wants Bowser to kill him, but Bowser doesn't want to kill him while he's powerless so he gives Mario some of his power so they can have a fair fight.

As the fight ensues, Mario gets pinned to the ground by Bowser but Mario resurrected Mama Luigi and lies that Bowser touched his nickel.

Angered, Mama Luigi attacked Bowser before proceeding to draw a mustache on the Koopa's face with an exploding marker which explodes and kills the two of them.

With Bowser dead, Mario realizes that he lost his powers. Yoshi shows up and Mario tells him that he lost everyone. Yoshi says that there is a time machine they can use to bring everyone back to life but it would cost Mario's memory and it's guarded by a monster, but Mario does not care.

They arrive at the time machine where they get attacked by the monster, who has been hiding behind it. Yoshi gets Mario to say the number '13' and a time portal opened. Mario is forced to enter it without Yoshi and he returns to 'A Retarded Beginning.'



  • This episode was written with the likelihood that it was originally the last SuperMarioLogan video since Logan had a major SMAS surgery the same day the video was uploaded, and it was possible he would die. He, therefore, ended it in such a way that Mario travels back to the start of the series, effectively putting it in an infinite loop. When Logan's surgery was successful, he wrote Season 3 as a way of getting Mario out of this loop two years later.


  • At 3:29, Shrek can be seen in the background when Yoshi appears.


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