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"The Fender Bender" is the 315th episode of SML Movies.


Mario accidentally rear ends Mr. Goodman!


The video starts with Jeffy eating his shoe. Mario asks Jeffy why is he eating his shoe in disgust, Jeffy then says that he's hungry and wants McDonald's. Rosalina explains that he needs to eat healthy food, and Jeffy yells in response and calls her a bitch. Rosalina whimpers and Mario is furious and tells him to not talk to her like that and Jeffy apologizes by saying that he gets mad when he's hungry.

When they go to McDonald's, Mario asks the others what they want. Rosalina doesn't want anything and Jeffy asks for chicken nuggets. When Mario tries to order them Jeffy takes that back and instead asks for roast beef, but Mario says they don't have that.

Jeffy changes his order yet again and asks for pizza, and Mario says they don't sell pizza either and he says they have chicken nuggets or cheeseburger. Jeffy then wants a milkshake, and Mario says he's not getting one. Mario then asks for chicken nuggets, but Jeffy throws a tantrum and yells that he wants a milkshake instead of nuggets and calls him a whore.

When they are going back home, Jeffy gets his Happy Meal and is still having a fit that he didn't get what he wanted and says he's refusing to eat his Happy Meal. Mario is distracted by the fight and turns around, telling them to stop fighting. When Mario turns back around, he finds a red Lamborghini in front of the car and applies the brakes, but its too late. The car slightly hits the red Lamborghini. Mario gets out of the car knowing he's in big trouble. It happens to be Goodman's Lamborghini and he is seen overreacting about the slight hit they did to his car, saying his neck and back are broken even though he's completely fine. When Goodman realizes Mario doesn't have any insurance for him to sue, he flips out and threatens to take everything from him. Mario then invites him inside to talk about it.

Goodman forces Mario pay him 50,000 dollars for the slight tap on his car, and for his fake injuries. Mario states he didn't even do 50,000 dollars worth of damage, but Goodman states otherwise and makes him come outside so he can show him. Outside, he show's Mario a slight scratch on his car bumper, and says Mario f**ked it up. Mario tries to say he can just wipe it off and ignore it, but Goodman flips out even more and says if he doesn't pay him 50,000 dollars by tomorrow, he will sue him for all his fake injuries.

Back inside, the trio wonders how they'll pay the money as Mario and Jeffy complain about who caused the incident. Mario yells at Jeffy, "JEFFY I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE YOU WERE BOTHERING ME IN THE BACKSEAT I WOULDN'T OF HIT THAT CAR!", and Jeffy saying Mario should've got him a milkshake, and that he needed to learn how to drive. Rosalina then brings over a newspaper to look for jobs, and finds an ad from Domino's about a Pizza Delivery contest giving out a 50,000 dollar cash prize.

Mario and Jeffy then leave to enter the contest. Later at Domino's Brooklyn T. Guy is tossing dough in the air when Mario and Jeffy enter. Brooklyn T Guy accepts their offer to enter the contest, and then leaves to get their uniforms, Mario and Jeffy are left to watch the phone for customers. When Mario leaves to use the bathroom, Jeffy does his usual shenanigans, and picks up the phone whenever it rings, and saying the incorrect pizza place to the customer. But when one last customer calls and asks if Jeffy was there, he replies with "Who the f*ck's asking?!!". Mario and Brooklyn T Guy return with the uniforms, and Mario and Jeffy leave to go deliver pizza.

When they arrive at their first house, Mario makes Jeffy go and deliver the pizza thinking that since he's a kid, he might get a tip. Jeffy goes and knocks on the door, and it turns out it's Craig The Devil's house. The bill is 14 dollars, but Craig instead, gives Jeffy $6.66 and no tip, obviously because he's the devil, this really pisses Jeffy off, and he starts swearing again, saying that he's "delusional as f*ck".

He goes back to the car and angrily tells Mario that the job sucks, and that Craig didn't pay the whole bill. Mario leaves to go talk to him. Mario knocks on Craig's door and asks him for the rest of the payment, and a tip. Craig then gives him a "tip", never walk in front of a moving train, and shuts the door on him. Mario gets pissed and goes back to the car.

Mario begins to drive again, but Jeffy wants to go back and teach Craig a lesson. They both argue, but Mario somehow accidentally hits Mr. Goodman's red Lamborghini again with the slightest tap, he nervously goes to check on him. He finds Goodman complaining about how Mario couldn't see the red Lamborghini, and that his neck hurts and he's "paralyzed as f*ck". Goodman then realizes that Mario works for Domino's, so he hit him with a Domino's car. He takes this advantage, and sues Domino's for his injuries.

Back at home, Jeffy told Rosalina that Mario needs to learn how to drive. Mario suddenly hears him and this pisses Mario off. He told Jeffy that he was going to hit him, but when he was about to, he hears the doorbell ring. At the door, Goodman says thanks to Mario for paying him more than just 50,000 dollars by letting him sue Domino's, and that he now own's Domino's and Walmart. Despite all these things, Goodman still states he's "Paralyzed as f*ck" and that he has a robot arm now. He then leaves to go deliver pizza.



  • The scene involving Rosalina screaming "MARIO LOOK OUT!!!" is a reference to AnimatedJames' cancelled cartoon series "C Students" mainly its pilot episode which follows August telling Kevin about Nicole not being able to sit with them, with Rosalina herself parodying his trademark quote.
  • This video is another that features Goodman, and is going in the same direction as a few recent videos. This is likely an experiment by Logan to build up Goodman and make him a regular character due to success of The Bet!, being a new change to SML.
  • When Jeffy answers the phone at Domino's, it is a reference to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Big Pink Loser", where Patrick answers Krusty Krab calls saying "No, this is Patrick."
  • Mario crashing into Goodman's Lamborghini is similar to a scene from the 1997 comedy / buddy film Good Burger where high school student Dexter Reed crashes into his teacher Mr. Wheat's car after Ed's rollerblading gets him sidetracked.
  • Goodman's uncensored-cuss-filled rage returns from Bowser Junior's Painting!, Bowser Junior's Credit Card!, The Koopalings! Part 2, Nintendo Switch, Jeffy's Piggy Bank! and The Bet!.
  • Logan asked the fans in the comment section of this video if they wanted his videos to become family friendly, but was deleted by Logan himself for unknown reasons, likely because Logan had been doing videos for young adults (15 and up) for a while.
  • This would be Craig's "last" appearance until The Costume Contest! a year later in November 2018. Logan initially removed him due to being portrayed as The Devil and being offensive to "Christian" and "Catholic" viewers. He figured that most videos that featured him got demonetized by YouTube for that reason.
  • Chilly and Tito can be heard on the phone at Domino's.
  • This is the second time Goodman switches from his $100000 "elephant a**hole" suit to his normal blue suit, the first time being The Bet!.
  • Goodman's license plate reads as follows:
    • Logan had a video on Chilly's channel from a few months ago showing him getting this plate.
  • This episode was uploaded 2 years after "Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! Part 1".
  • The scene with Craig the Devil was filmed at Pablo's house.
  • The cast intentionally swore as much as possible to see if it would get demonetized.
  • Barring 2 locations, McDonalds does not serve pizza. The pizza was called "McPizza" on these 2 locations.


  • Jeffy saying that he gets mad when he is hungry it may be a reference to the Snickers ads, where the person is not themself until they eat a Snickers.
  • Craig giving Jeffy $6.66 is a nod to the number "666" being widely considered the devil's number.
  • When Jeffy answers the phone and says something else, is may be a reference to the old Patrick meme in SpongeBob SquarePants.


  • At 8:11, Logan and Lance are seen.
    Reflection of the Stick Shift

    Reflection of the Stick Shift


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