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"The Drone!" is the 31st episode of SML Shorts.


Cody invented a Drone and wanted to show his friends!


Bowser Junior and Joesph are playing with a Lite Brite and have created the message "BUTT HOLE" on it. Joseph questions why Cody is not with them, to which Junior replies that he didn't want to invite him.

Just then, Cody knocks on the door. Joseph answers and, after a failed attempt to pretend that Junior is not there, they let Cody in.

They are both amazed by what he has brought to show them: he has built a drone. He begins flying it. Junior wonders what would happen if he put his tongue on one of the propellers, which Cody advises against.

Junior ignores him and does it anyway; the propeller slices Junior's tongue off. Junior asks why his tongue was cut off, Cody says it was cause he touched it to the blades which was very sharp.

He asked if Junior wanted to go to the hospital, Junior says he feels okay, he just lost his tongue.

Junior then decides to play a prank on Chef Pee Pee by taping his severed tongue to the drone and showing it to him. The three sneak into the bathroom where Chef Pee Pee is showering. They fly the drone into the shower and film him with the built-in camera. He is terrified and the boys run out of the room.

Chef Pee Pee chases the boys out, with only a towel around his waist. He asks who's tongue that is. Junior says it's his, and that he can't talk anymore. When they tell Chef Pee Pee that he was being filmed, he tells them to delete the video.

Junior agrees as long as Chef Pee Pee catches the drone. However, he gets too close and the propeller rips his left eye out. Cody feels guilty for both incidents. Junior, however, is amazed and says he'll give Cody anything (aside from Thomas) for the drone. He offers his tongue, saying it can "lick anything". Cody agrees, as long as he also receives Chef Pee Pee's eye. Junior agrees and begins flying his new drone; however, it crashes into one of the kitchen cabinets and explodes. He says he wants his tongue back, but Cody leaves with both body parts, saying "no backsies".



  • This is the second SML Short of 2015, the first being "The Button!".
  • This video marks Cody and Joseph's 1st appearance in an SML Short.
  • This was originally labeled as an SML Movie but was changed due to the video being 6 minutes followed by an update.
  • This is the 3rd time Chef Pee Pee says "I have to go to the hospital!" The first being "Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 1", and The second being "Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!". 
  • This was the goriest SML video to date until "The Gun!".
  • Bowser Junior's tongue was actually a piece of gum.


  • When Cody says "Watch out, guys. You don't wanna get hit by those blades." the BriteLite stops blinking, and we never see anyone tunring it off.
  • At 6:29, Lovell can be seen in the reflection of the microwave.
  • At 1:42 you can hear Joseph accidentally called Junior "Cody".
  • Chef Pee Pee's eyes are brown. But when the drone rips one of his eyes out, it is red.
    • However, this could just be Chef Pee Pee's eye being bloodshot.
    • Also, his eye is much larger than it normally is.
  • A major error was used in which he pretends to have a dog. This is false because, in "Bowser Junior's Dog!", he gets a dog.
    • However in the reaction video, Logan said this episode was before Bowser Junior had a dog, it's a possibility this episode takes place before "Bowser Junior's Dog!".


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