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"The Death of Black Yoshi" is the 20th episode of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


Black Yoshi is far from dead...and so is Mama Luigi...


The video starts with Black Yoshi talking to Mario about his court trial then suggests they play call of duty black ops. Then Mario kicks him out. After that, Mario receives a call from Bowser telling him he survived his injuries from the last episode then appears in front of Mario and Black Yoshi and shows them a video of Bowser making Luigi eat cat litter. After that, Mario said he was going to kill Bowser before a clone of Peach appears then eats up Mario before Black Yoshi gets his glock then shoots at the clone in the head before Bowser pulled out Darth Vader's lightsaber then stabs Black Yoshi in the neck which kills him. Mario in enraged as a result and tries to kill Bowser but gets knocked out of the desk then Mama Luigi appears then fights Mario. Mama Luigi then killes Mario who shoots Bowser just before his death.



  • This is the first video to be uploaded on Leap Day. The next video to be uploaded on Leap Day was "Cody's Birthday!".
  • This video reveals that Bowser has kidnapped Luigi while Mario was trying to rescue Peach from Bowser Junior in Baby Mutant Turtles.


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