SML Movie The Couch!

SML Movie The Couch!

"The Couch!" is the 290th video of SML Movies.

Logan made this video private for an unknown reason.

NOTE: This video has been reuploaded by SML Reuploaded here:


Shrek has an accident on the couch.


The video starts with Shrek opening a box from when they moved inside the house. The box has a toilet seat cover from 2004 that's broken, used toilet paper, an old corn dog, jars of farts, and an expired cheesecake that is almost 10 years old.

Shrek eats the moldy cheesecake and accidentally takes a big poop on the couch. Shrek tries hiding it and tells Mario, and Mario kicks Shrek out of the house along with the dirty couch. Mario then eats a PB and J, but Black Yoshi comes in telling him that the peanut butter is expired. Black Yoshi asks where the couch is. Mario says that Shrek took it with him and says he kicked out. Black Yoshi says he can't help it and that he can poop wherever he wants.

Mario asks Black Yoshi how did he payed for KFC and Kool-Aid. Black Yoshi said he used Mario's wallet to pay for KFC and Kool-aid. Mario asks him if he was gonna pay him back. Black Yoshi responded saying he will pay him back in 2030. Black Yoshi asks if he has any hot sauce and Mario leaves him. Mario sees Shrek at the lake, and catches cheesecake from there. Shrek and Mario then get into a big argument.

Mario tells Rosalina about it, and Mario poops on the couch from the peanut butter. Rosalina sees that the poop flew out of Mario's overall, making it an accident. Mario thinks that this is what happened to Shrek as well, and Rosalina poops on the couch from the expired milk she drank. Mario then apologizes to Shrek and he gives Mario a hug.



  • The cheesecake at the beginning is shown to have expired in December 2007, which is a reference to when Logan started making videos.
  • As of 2018, this video has been deleted. It is unclear whether it was deleted by Logan or if it was deleted by YouTube for being “inappropriate”.
    • In an update video on Chilly's channel when Logan announced SML got its ads back (link), at 9:42 you can see Logan made the video private.
  • This is Rosalina's first appearance after a two-month hiatus.
  • This is the first SML video where Mario appears without Jeffy since Black Yoshi The Assistant!, and the first SML video of 2017 to do so.
  • Shrek's cheesecake expired the first month SML was on YouTube. The Cheesecake had already expired or was in the fridge at that time. This means it was likely in there when Mario got milk in Super Mario Got Milk.
  • Black Yoshi was the only character not to poop on a couch.
  • It's revealed that Shrek refers to his enemies as "Lord Farquaad", the main antagonist of the movie, just like he calls his friends "Donkey."
    • In a similar manner, he quotes himself from the movie when he says, "What are you doing in my swamp?!"
  • Shrek, Mario and Rosalina's poop is actually chocolate, similar to Shrek's crap in The Ring!.
  • Shrek refers to the backyard pond as his swamp, just like his in the original movie, "Shrek."
  • This is the second time a couch was destroyed, the first time being The Koopalings Part 2.
  • Shrek saying "Hug me, Donkey!" is possibly a reference to Drake and/or Josh's catchphrase, "Hug me, Brother!" from the show Drake and Josh whenever they want to hug each other for doing each other a favor or by helping each other.
  • This is the second time where Shrek acts like himself from the movie, the first was Shrek The Babysitter!
  • This is the first SML video since Black Yoshi's Blank Check! not to include Jeffy OR Bowser Junior.
  • This episode was Age-Restricted on YouTube due to the crap on the couch. However, it was actually chocolate.
  • This is the fourth SML video to be Age-Restricted.


  • Lance's face could be seen at 8:22.

    Lance's face.


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