"The Button!" is the 30th video of SML Shorts.


Chef Pee Pee is tired of always having to tell Junior NO! So he decides to make a button to do it for him... and it doesn't work out too well..


The video starts with Candy twerking and with Toad throwing money at her. Junior realized she was someone's daughter too, but Toad didn't care. Toad also said she made her thirsty, making Junior go to Chef Pee Pee to get something to drink, even though Toad didn't mean he was literally thirsty.

Junior went to the kitchen and told Chef Pee Pee to give him and Toad some drinks, then Chef Pee Pee showed him the "NO!" button he invented. Junior asked a question, then press on it, saying no, which made Chef Pee Pee laugh. Junior tried asking a few more questions and it always gave the same answer, which is "no". Junior cried.

Toad was also seen crying because Candy took all of his money and left him. Junior explained why he was sad too, and it was because of the button, explaining about it. Toad told him to reword the question so that it would say "yes", like instead of "Can I go to the park?" and it would say "no", they would say "Can I NOT go to the park?" and it would still say "no". Junior thought it was a smart idea.

Meanwhile, Chef Pee Pee bought a pineapple, then he put it in the kitchen. He bumped into Junior and told him to use the button.

While Chef Pee Pee was showering, firstly, Junior asked if he could NOT hammer the pineapple, then Toad hammered it. Next, they asked about Bowser's jello, then they asked if they could NOT throw it in the cabinet, then they did so. Finally, they asked if they could NOT play with water guns, then they did it.

After Chef Pee Pee's shower, he saw the mess in the kitchen and displayed absolute terror presumably realizing that if Bowser finds out about this he was going to get the blame. Moreover, he saw Junior and Toad playing with water guns. Chef Pee Pee was mad by the fact that Junior and Toad tricked the button. Furthermore Chef Pee Pee angrily yanks the gun away from Junior and goes to tell Bowser about what he did. Thinking his father was going to punish him for his actions Junior began to quickly panic. Him and Chef Pee Pee entered the room but Bowser who was busy watching Candy twerk yells at both of them telling them to get out. Chef Pee Pee upon realizing this and further realizing that he didn't want to be a tattletale anyways decides of a better way to get revenge on Junior to which he does by making lick the entire floor with his tongue.

The episode ends as Candy's father walks in to the apartment and angrily scolds her for what is believed to be an earlier manner she previously did to Junior and his father.



  • This video ends the 14-month hiatus of the discontinuation of SML Shorts.
  • This is also the first SML Short of 2015.
  • It is also the first SML short to be filmed and uploaded in the new apartment.
  • In a Dabhdude livestream, Logan revealed some behind-the-scenes trivia stating that a scene with Chain Chomp was supposed to be appear (where Junior and Toad feed the dog chocolate with the button's permission). However, Logan cut the scene out feeling that it would drag the video on too long.
  • This is the first video to revolve around a button, the second being "The Magical Button!".
  • This is the first SML Short to end with an exclamation mark.


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