"The Big Thanksgiving" is the 85th video of SML Movies.


All of the characters come together for the biggest thanksgiving ever!


The episode starts with Bowser, Bowser Junior, and Bowser's Mom celebrating Thanksgiving. Chef Pee Pee gives them a turkey Lunchable, but Bowser's Mom complains because they have a Lunchable, but they need a full-grown cooked turkey so, they decide they should have a big Thanksgiving feast with friends. Bowser and Bowser Junior ask Chef Pee Pee to make turkey so he orders one from Amazon Prime but, it was still alive.

Then Woody comes and notices Chef Pee Pee trying to catch the turkey. He says that he has a gun which will turn the turkey into a cooked thanksgiving one, so he shoots it and helps Chef Pee Pee prepare the dinner.

Meanwhile, Bowser wants to invite Mario so he kidnaps the princess and calls Mario to save her then, and decides to invite the devil.

Then Joseph and Cody come and they decide to play House and make a Thanksgiving special. Mario and Toad arrive at the house only to run into the devil and decide to attack him.

Bowser greets them and explains that he actually wanted Mario to join him for dinner. So Mario invites all his friends and then, everybody prays (except Jackie Chu and the devil). Bowser is about to carve the turkey, but the Mine! Bird steals it and throws the turkey on the road and so, they catch and eat the bird.



  • Bowser Junior breaks the 4th wall by mentioning Logan's other videos.
  • This is the last appearance of Mine! Bird because he was served as dinner after stealing a Turkey.
  • This video marks Mr. Pig's last appearance to date.
  • Many people are mentioned in this episode.
    • Bowser mentions a "weird person" and an old stalker, Craig mentions someone who invited him to the 2012 Aurora The Dark Knight Rises shooting, Woody mentions two old woman, and three old men, and Joseph and Cody indirectly mentioned Tyrone Calvin, Judy, Joseph's Mom, and Joseph's Dad.


  • The plush used for portraying Mama Luigi can be seen hanging on Shrek's chair.
  • At 13:32, the S-word is uncensored.
  • Despite the description stating that "all of the character come together," several characters including Officer Goodman, Tyrone Calvin, Screwball, Judy, Pink Yoshi, Paulina, Tanner, Cecilia, Chef Poo Poo, Paul, Chef Pee Pee's Family, Kung Pow, Taco Bell Chihuahua, Tanner, and Yoshi don't arrive at the house for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • If you look closely at Luigi, (not Mama Luigi) you can see that he has the Poltergust 5000 on his back.
  • It is nearly impossible for Amazon to deliver a package in a day,however, this has been proven to be false, since an Amazon user says he got an Mew code for use in Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in less than an hour.
  • The thumbnail says "Happy Thanksgiving" instead of the video's name.