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"Thank Ken?" is the 626th episode of SML Movies.


I don't know what to title this video.


Junior and his friends summers is boring and decided to watch TV, and a commercial for Funville came up and it has water slides, video games, cock fighting (with chickens) which disappoints Cody, and shirtless hunky lifeguards, and it's for $400 per person, but they can't go. Soon Lil' T shows up and invites them to his party at Funville but they can't afford it. Then Lil' T starts to make fun of them for not having enough money to buy tickets to Funville. Junior and his friends desperately prayed to God to give them the money to go to Funville but he says no because they aren't praying correctly. Then a news cast comes on and says that Ken dolls are worth a lot of money because they're a rare collectible. Junior and Joseph try to convince Cody to sell Ken but Cody says to save up their money and in a month they should be able to go to Funville Then the commercial comes back on and said that the forgot to mention that Funville only opens for 1 day then they will nuke the place. Then Junior and Joseph keep begging Cody to sell Ken but he still won't do it and takes Ken o hide him in his house.

Cody came back to his house and ask his mom to hide Ken for him and don't give it to anybody but him and Judy hides Ken. Cody came back and told him that he told his mom to hide him and give them to nobody but him. Joseph is watching videos of people having a snowball fight with cotton candy, and Junior begs Cody to sell Ken but Cody doesn't want to. so Junior decides to question him on where he gets his stuff from, and Junior goes to plenty of stores to dress up as Cody to go to his house. and Junior in disguise gone to Cody's house to get his Ken doll and Junior tells her that he needs him and Judy picks him up in the couch cushion and gone to the Pawn Shop and claimed his 2,000 dollars.

Junior came back and Cody wondered why he took so long in the bathroom and told him that the toilet paper was sticky, and asks if they're ready to go to Funville and Cody wondered on how they can afford to go into Funville and grabbed his 20,000 grand and Cody and Joseph wondered on how they got that much money and told sold that he sold Ken but Joseph forgot. and Junior lied to Cody by saying that his dad gave him money, and go home to get Ken, Cody asked his mom if he can have Ken back and Judy called him a silly goose because she thought that Cody already has his Ken doll, and Cody started to have some beef with his parents and they call Cody a silly goose but Cody is being a regular goose, but her silly gooseness is pissing her off. and Cody said that she didn't do it. and came back to Junior's house.

Cody came back to the house and told them that his mom Gave Ken to somebody that looks like him, Junior told him that he's safe between the couch cushions. and Cody became suspicious cause he knows where his mom hides things and Junior told him that everybody hides there stuff in the couch cushions and Junior decides to go to Funville but Cody refuses to go without Ken and Joseph told Cody that if he's at Funville but Cody says that he wouldn't go without him. Junior tries to convinces him that he's at already at Funville but Cody denies it until Junior said that he sold Ken at the pawn shop which makes Cody panic and told him why he did that and Junior said that they can go to Funville but Cody want's Ken back and Junior says that they can get him back after they go to Funville but Cody wants Ken back. they came back to get Ken back and the Loan Dolphin gave Ken back which was easy and he gave the money back.

Cody's glad that he got Ken back but Junior isn't and then the news came on, and the nuclear bomb accidently detonated an hour early killing everyone there, and Junior worried about Lil' T but luckily he came back early cause he got sick from eating a lot of Cotton Candy and they're both lucky that they didn't go to Funville and the video ends with Cody saying Thank Ken with Junior, Joseph, and Lil' T being confused.



  • Logan didn't know what to title this video.
  • This is most likely the episode with the 2nd highest death rate besides Jeffy's Coma! due to the 1-hour early nuke detonation.
  • This was the second time Junior dresses up as Cody, the first time was in Cody's Mistake
  • This episode was uploaded 3 years after the Australian release of WarioWare Gold.
  • This is the first episode since "No Crust?" that the title includes a question mark.
  • Excluding "Cool Cody! (remake)", this is Lil T's first appearance in a new SML Movie in 2021, and his first appearance since "Mr. Chef Pee Pee Head!".
  • This marks the return of the "daddy" joke.
  • Running gag: Junior and Cody breaking the fourth wall by trying to find a title to the video.
  • This marks the second time Junior and Judy kiss. The first time being in "Bowser Junior’s Girlfriend!".
  • If one were to look at the SML Question you can infer that Logan will most likely change the video title soon.
    • This is the first SML Question on the current channel to feature changing the title as the reward.


  • The scene where God reacts to Joseph, Junior, and Cody praying for tickets, could be based on the 70's comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


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