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Not to be confused with Taken.

"Taken Away!" (stylized as "TaKEN Away!") is the 464th episode of SML Movies. And the 10th episode in the Ken pun series


Ken gets taKEN away from Cody!


The video starts with Tyrone and Judy getting back together and talking. Then, they watched the news and found out that Ken was a dangerous doll because small pieces could fall off from it, making it a choking hazard. Judy and Tyrone thought Cody had Ken, so they told Cody to come to the living room to get Ken taken away from him, even though Cody already knew Ken is choking hazard. Cody went to bed crying, thinking that his parents hate him.

While Judy and Tyrone were discussing why Tyrone always cheats on her, Cody was sneaking behind the couch to get Ken back, but he ended up getting caught by his parents, so Judy decided to put Ken in the safe, so Cody ended up crying again in bed. Judy came into his room to bring him a new doll, Topher, even though Cody didn't like him mainly because he was fat.

Cody came into Junior's house with Topher, introducing to Joseph and Junior his new doll, Topher. Junior and Joseph didn't like him either. Junior asked where are Ken and Cody explained that he was a choking hazard on the news. Cody wanted to bring Ken back, but he couldn't since he is locked in the safe, so what they had to do was bring the safe together, then guess the 3 digit combination code in only 3 guesses, otherwise, the safe would be locked up forever.

Basically, what they were doing was trying to guess the three combination code. The first time, Junior tried 111, leaving to 2 guesses then Joseph tried 222, leaving to only 1 guess. Cody decided to ask his mom what would be the passcode she would use when she was discussing her headache, which she thought was a brain tumor with Tyrone, and it would be 444. Meanwhile, Junior and Joseph tried one more time by putting 333, then Cody came in and Joseph and Junior were sarcastically saying that they didn't try one more guess. Moreover, when Cody heard all the beeping, Junior told the truth, then Cody yelled at them, calling them the stupidest people ever.

Alternatively, Junior thought of another way, which is breaking the safe with a mallet. Junior tried hitting it 8 times, but it didn't work. Next, Junior thought of jet fuel which could melt steel, but the problem is that he had no jet fuel. So, another solution was to call the doctor to open the safe just like in "surgery", so Brooklyn T. Guy came in and was told to do surgery to the safe, when really, it was basically opening a safe, which was not the job he would be doing at the moment, since he has a doctor uniform on. Junior said that the safe wasn't theirs, but the property, the Ken doll, was theirs, and they were getting a bit off-topic. Brooklyn T. Guy thought Topher was Ken, but really, it was a different doll that he didn't like either. Brooklyn T. Guy thought hitting it with a mallet would work, but it didn't.

His solution was to throw it out of the window so that it opens. So, that is what they did, and it worked with Ken being freed, but Ken was missing his leg, so Brooklyn T. Guy fixed it for him. Once again, Junior and Joseph thought it was just a doll and Cody threw Topher away. Junior and Joseph thought it was a bad idea to bring Ken back home because his parents would find out, so Cody decided to leave Ken here.

A doorbell rang, and it was Cody's parents. They thought someone broke into their house, stole their safe and kidnapped Cody, so they went into the house and Junior told them that Cody is all fine, so they went upstairs to pick him up and found Cody with Ken, so Cody admitted that he stole Ken from the safe, so Tyrone grounded him for life and Judy asked for their safety, so Cody yelled at them to tell them that Cody loves Ken and that he is his boyfriend. Judy told him that he should've thought this way and if he didn't choke on Ken, he would keep it. Tyrone was weirded out and said that he isn't his kid anymore. Cody and Judy went back home with Ken. The video ends with Junior asking that if he loves a happy ending, but Joseph said he didn't because he feels like his life is sad.



  • This is the third Ken pun video of 2019. This is also the very first Ken pun video to have more than one word in the title.
    • This is also the first Ken pun video to have a reused word from another Ken video in the title.
    • This is also the first Ken pun video to be uploaded on SuperBowserLogan.
  • Tyrone and Judy are officially back together sometime prior to this video. It is unknown what will happen with Boukisha and Sprinkle currently.
    • Junior isn't the only person who calls Judy fat, as Tyrone is concerned about her weight as well. However, Junior makes fun of her obesity while Tyrone is more encouraging about getting her to lose weight.
    • Boukisha however, later appeared in Officer Jeffy!. It is possible that she had moved on with her life and forgot about Tyrone. However, it is unknown what happened to Sprinkle.
    • Sprinkle however, moved on with her life and thinks about dating Joseph.
  • Junior and Joseph have shown that they are dumb enough to not know how expressions such as "Knock yourself out" work.
  • When Junior said the jet fuel will melt steel, it is a reference to the 9/11 attacks.
  • This got #2 on trending for gaming, even though it has almost nothing to do with it.
  • This is the first time in a long time where Joseph doesn't go away/die early in the episodes and stays until the end of the episode.
  • This is the second time Ken "dies". The first was Broken!.
  • It is revealed that Cody lifts weights. However, he struggled to be able to lift the safe and had to get Junior and Joseph to help because he hurt his back while weightlifting.


  • Despite the news saying a recall on all Ken dolls, Topher is a Ken doll himself. He just has a different style and design.
  • Tyrone tells Cody to "Go to his room" despite being in Junior's House. This could be because he was telling Cody to go to his room immediately and didn't want to wait until they got back to their house.
  • The news claims Ken is made by Hasbro, but he’s actually part of the Barbie line, and therefore is made by Mattel.


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