"Super Bowl Commercials" is the 99th episode of SML Movies.


Mario and the gang watch Super Bowl commercials!!


  • Cookie Crisp: A kid (Patrick) eats boring cereal until he tries Cookie Crisp.
  • Life Uhlert: This is a parody of the Life Alert® commercial
  • Crazy Craig's Car Dealership: It's an car commercial which reveals that Craig sells cars (Only Red and Black since those are considered to be evil colors) but for the soul of the buyer (or $666, or rather the number of the devil).
  • Bowser Juice Extreme: It's a commercial with a better version of Bowser Juice.
  • Doritos: It's a commercial where a guy (Lovell) is taking a shower, but a girl comes and sees the bag of Doritos on his crotch, then another guy (Lance) comes in the bathroom and says he "wants that in his mouth". (The commercial made Shrek never eat Doritos again).



  • This video is a followup to Dorito's Super Bowl XLIV Commercial "RARE" Super Bowl XLIV Com video and Bowser's Doritos.
  • The phone number shown in the Life UhLert commercial is the real phone number for Life Alert. It is 1-800-661-2332
  • Although the previous fact can be deluded for Junior's TV, as it is implied that Bowser owns a separate house as Mario is forced to travel 8 worlds to get to it during The Big Thanksgiving.
  • When Shrek comes into Black Yoshi's room with his cheesecake, he is seen holding Sara Lee New York Style Cheesecake rather than his normal Sara Lee Original Cream Cheesecake.
  • It is possible that Bowser Juice Xtreme is Bowser's period blood though Bowser is a male.
  • The picture of the dealership in the Crazy Craig's commercial is a real Ford dealership, but modified.


  • In the video's thumbnail, the word "Commercials" is misspelled as "Commerials".
  • Mario claims that Black Yoshi's TV is the only one in the house he can watch the Super Bowl on; however he is mistaken since there are TV's on their home, there is a TV in the living room (seen in Shrek's Nightmare) and one in Bowser's room as well as the one in Charleyyy and Friends (Bowser Junior's Cellphone).
  • In the Cookie Crisp commercial, the announcer mistakes Chip the Wolf (The wolf on the cereal box.) to be a dog. Ironically, Cookie Crisp once had a dog mascot with the same name.
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