"Super Big Red" is the 21st episode of SML Shorts.


Big Red is tired of being a useless bird! He wants to help people and be useful! So when Toad needs help getting the mailbox open, Big Red decides it's his chance to be useful!


Big red starts off on the grass being really bored and wishes he could help someone but has no wings. Toad come out of the house and is about to get the mail. But when he tries to open the mailbox it won’t open. He screams HELP!!! hearing the scream big red wants to help and says he is super big red.

Big red throws himself up in the air and ends up rolling on the grown and lands on the curb. He gets back up and he tries to pull and it won’t open. Big red tells toad to help they both pull and fail. Big red tells toad to stand back as he will use his laser vision. The mailbox opens only for their to be no mail. Big red gets mad at toad for doing that for nothing. Toad than says that it’s Sunday and the mail doesn’t run on Sunday. The short ends with big red screaming in agony



  • This video marks Super Big Red's first and only appearance.
  • Super Big Red is actually the Red Bird from Angry Birds Space.


  • At 1:31, when the mailbox opens, Big Red's regular plush can be seen in the background.


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