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This is the page for checking the status of unblock appeals.

If you want to be unblocked please fill in the application.

All rejected appeals are eligible to reapply after a month unless stated otherwise in the comments.

You will receive a message on your message wall if you have been unblocked.

Page log

Last updated User Comments
24th September 2018 Trikkiboy Added user


Status Information
Processing We are in the process of reviewing your appeal. Check back later on for a new status.
Denied Your application has been denied.
Approved Your application has been approved.
Invalid Your request was invalid.
Redone You've decided to make a new application.
Other Please check the comments for information.


Troll appeals will not be added

User Status Date of Receipt Date of Latest Update Reviewer Comments
GodScrub1738 Denied 7th August 2018 8th August 2018 Trikkiboy Giving account to GirlPlayerXXX, insulting over Discord.
GirlPlayerXXX Denied 7th August 2018 7th August 2018 Trikkiboy I tried to talk to you today. You decided not to. Unfortunately, I will be denying this application. Thank you very much for your request.
Red The Red Bird Processing 29th August 2018 1st September 2018 Trikkiboy and Agonzo7988 N/A
God100 Other 31st August 2018 1st September 2018 Trikkiboy You aren't blocked. Please get your brother to file the appeal, not you.
Andrej Lazarov Denied 2nd September 2018 2nd September 2018 Trikkiboy You are told to read the rules in the default message in your message wall.
brooklyn survivor Denied 3rd September 2018 3rd September 2018 Trikkiboy Lacklustre appeal. Harassed one of our former admins to be unblocked.
This article is a stub Denied 9th September 2018 9th September 2018 Trikkiboy You created your account literally only for vandalism.
ArtsAndCrafts Denied 9th September 2018 9th September 2018 Trikkiboy Wikia rules say you need to be over 13 years old.
SuperMarioLoganFan2014 Processing 24th September 2018 24th September 2018 Trikkiboy I don't know anything about your ban.